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Volume 13 Issue 5
October/November 2012
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Community Connections
Message from
The Mayor
Dear Citizens,
At this hectic time of returning to the
office for many after summer holidays,
and back to classes after an exceptional
summer break for others, I wish you all
a pleasant return back and a very
colorful autumn ahead.
Back to School
The beginning of the new school year is
already well underway and generates a
much higher traffic flow than in
summer. I urge motorists to exercise
extreme caution in school zones and
near bus stops. I also urge parents to
cooperate in this regard by respecting
school corridors in order to reduce
traffic and the risk of collision. I would
like to remind you that some changes
were made to the road signs on rue
Saint-Jude last September to ensure
better safety of school children. Please
be careful!
Fleurir Deux-Montagnes – 2012
It was last September 17 in the evening
that awards were given out to the
winners in the Fleurir Deux-Montagnes
competition. This year marks the 25th
edition of this competition that is
enjoyed by the population. Just like last
year, all homes were automatically
registered. The landscaping of three
homes per district was selected by the
jury that is composed of passionate
horticulturists. Other winners have also
been honored in the categories of
Page 2
October/November 2012
Commerce ou institution (Business or
Institution), Jardin vert de l’avenir
(Garden of the Future) and Coup de
cœur des horticultrices (Straight from
the Heart of Horticulturists). Madame
Gina and Monsieur Robert Yuzwa have
taken top honors in this last category
while Madame Johanne Bergeron has
won in the category: Cours avant et
arrière en harmonie avec la nature
(Before and After in Harmony with
Nature Course), a specially added
category to mark the 25th edition of
the competition. Congratulations to the
winners who enliven our territory
through their talent, originality and
care. Congratulations to the organizers
of the event, members of the jury and a
special thank you to our generous
partners who have contributed to the
success of the 2012 edition of Fleurir
Deux-Montagnes! Thank you as well to
all the citizens who help make our city
so beautiful!
Mrs. Lowry celebrates her 100th
Celebrating her 100th
birthday on September
9th, Mrs. Georgina
Lowry was born in
1912 in Nova Scotia,
later moving to
Montreal and after
that to a house on 18th
Avenue in DeuxMontagnes. She later Mrs Georgina Lowry
became a teacher, presented with Roses
wo rking
Our Lady of
Peace School
for 30 years.
retirement, she
keeps herself
busy, traveling
cooking, Georgina Lowry
enjoying preparing to sign Deuxherself with her Montagnes Golden Book
friends, especially Mrs. Doris Macmillan.
They travel together visiting other parts of
Canada and Florida, sipping a cup of tea
and enjoying life, which seems only to be
getting better and better as time rolls by.
Back to Culture at the Municipal
A very nice program awaits the citizens
of the city this autumn at the library.
Both young and old will be extremely
pleased by the return of several
popular workshops and art exhibitions.
It is safe to say that something new this
year will be of interest to many.
Indeed, a new book club for
Anglophones titled The Reading Loop
will now meet every first Wednesday of
the month beginning September 5.
For more information on activities,
please contact the library at
450 473‐2702 or visit the website at
Left to right daughter Jennefer Webb,
Georgina Lowry and Doris Macmillan
Table of Contents
Message from the Mayor
Lions Den
School Matters
Church Mouse
Sue Chef
Ron’s Corner
Letter to the Editor
On that note, I wish you a beautiful
Mayor, Marc Lauzon.
A look at Rosemère
Birthday’s, etc
Sports Rap
Page 3
October/November 2012
‘The defibrillators bought are safe and
easy to use. They are in fact equipped
with a voice protocol, enabling a novice
The monthly verification of the
defibrillators will be performed by the
Deux-Montagnes / Sainte-Marthe-sur-le
-Lac Intermunicipal Fire Service,
trained especially for this, to guarantee
the good working order of these
machines and the follow up after use.
Community Connections
Deux-Montagnes, August 20, 2012 –
The City of Deux-Montagnes has
acquired five ZOLL automated external
def i br i ll at or s ( AED) , al l owi ng
employees, emergency and rescue
service professionals and the general
public to intervene quickly and in
complete safety during a cardiac arrest.
Rescue training including the use of an
AED has been given to several City
Installed August 17, there is now a
defibrillator at the City Hall, the
recreation and library building, the
municipal court, the public works
department and in the Deux-Montagnes
regional police department building.
The five machines are in wall boxes.
Instructions on how to use the device is
attached to it.
rescuer to hear and perform the required
steps to resolve an emergency.
Identical to those used by paramedics in
the region, the defibrillators selected
create cardiac stimulation and
defibrillation as well as the circulation
or ventilation of cardiac arrest or trauma
victims’, stated the mayor of the City of
Deux-Montagnes, Marc Lauzon.
Easing the Move to High School
By Gordon Wetmore
The first of three workshops to
minimize problems that students can
develop as they grow from pre-teens to
young adults took place August 22 at the 4K Family
Resource Center in Deux-Montagnes.
This initial workshop aimed to ease the transition
from elementary to high school and was attended by 13
parents and nine students about to enter Lake of Two
Mountains High School. Animated by social worker
Alexandra Verrecchia of the CSSS Lac des DeuxMontagnes, the workshop covered social, maturation
and academic challenges facing students and families.
The interactive evening dealt largely with fears of
moving to the high school, physical and emotional
changes associated with adolescence, and the role of
The boys and girls would move from
dependency in childhood through the illusion of
independence in the teen years to eventual
Remember that the Deux-Montagnes /
Intermunicipal Fire Service has had for
the last few years, two defibrillators in
the pump trucks one of which is based
in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac and the
other in Deux-Montagnes. It is also
planned for the City to buy more
defibrillators over the next few years,
including one next year.
In case of a cardiac arrest, the speed
of the response is important in ensuring
a higher chance of survival. Having
automated external defibrillators in the
main public areas of the City can truly
contribute to saving lives.
For more information on this subject,
contact the Deux-Montagnes / SainteMarthe-sur-le-Lac Intermunicipal Fire
Service on 450 473-2730.
interdependence in adulthood, the parents and children
Issues such as bullying, drug problems and sexuality
were touched on briefly.
Parents were given seven guidelines for raising an
adolescent: parental consensus, clarity of rules,
predictability, consequences (both positive and
negative), consistency, and warmth and compassion.
The principal elements of their role were summed up in
the letters “L,” “T” and “R” – Love, Respect and Trust.
School nurse Jocelyne Aquin and behavioural
technician Kate Baldwin from LTMHS provided
additional insights, and Lisa Agombar of PANDA and
Rola Helou of the 4K also lent support.
The workshop series was originally proposed by a
committee from LTMHS. The next workshop, for
parents and guardians only, is scheduled at the 4K at
7:00 p.m. on November 20 and will deal with sexuality.
The third workshop, also for adults and focussing on
drugs, will take place in January.
Community Connections
Page 4
Fifth Ride for the Cure Aids Juvenile
By Gordon Wetmore
Rick Hoger was hot, tired, and happy. If he was
pleased with himself, he did not say, but he certainly had
the right to be.
October/November 2012
The four who rode the entire seven hours and 170
kilometres from Ottawa were Rick, Carla and Andrew
and Alex Green. Anthony Boyce joined them in
Hawksbury, and Mike Parr and Danny and Irene Gagnon
finished the journey from Oka. Nora Hoger, Rick’s wife
and Carla’s mother, drove the support car and got
“everybody organized and helped us along the ride,”
Carla said. “This year we raised $2700. WOW!”
A second support car was driven by the Green
brothers’ Aunt Anne from Ottawa, accompanied by
Andrew’s son Jared, who also was a big help.
Carla, Rick and Nora Hoger.
The recent recipient of that special card from the federal
government that anoints a person as a senior citizen,
Rick with three others bicycled from Ottawa to the
Hoger home in Deux Montagnes to raise money for
research toward a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.
He could not hide his pride in his daughter, Carla,
who organized all five of the annual Ride for the Cure
excursions. “She wanted to do something for diabetes
when she found out she had this problem. I would never
have believed it, five years ago, if someone had told me
that we would raise over $12,000 (from the rides). I am
very proud of Carla.”
The riders nearing the finish line.
Mike Parr, Alex and Andrew Green,
Anthony Boyce, Rick and Carla Hoger,
with Jared Green in the front.
At the completion of the July 6 ride, Rick said that this
would be his last one. A month later, he confessed, “I
should listen to the people who say, ‘Never say never.’”
Carla, a teacher with the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School
Board, contracted juvenile diabetes in her early 20s.
Despite its name, a person can develop it at any age, and
the cause is not connected to lifestyle, she said.
Community Connections
Page 5
October/November 2012
Sponsored by Ville de Deux-Montagnes assisted by
Maison des Jeunes volunteers
Photos by: Cookie Smith
The annual corn roast at Manoir Grand Moulin took
place on September 7, 2012. A great time was had by
After undergoing a triple bypass surgery in 2009, Hélène
Lamarre swam no less than 1,000 pool laps over 25
training sessions this summer. The 68-year-old resident
of Deux-Montagnes, who leads by example, completed
this athletic feat at the Deux-Montagnes outdoor pool.
After achieving her goal, Hélène Lamarre (centre) is
congratulated by fellow swimmers Pierre Bourdon of
Saint-Eustache and Louise LeBlanc from DeuxMontagnes.
Honored Guests: Mayor Marc Lauzon,
Suzette Bigras and Fabienne Cote
By Gordon Wetmore
The Mohawk communities of Kanehsatake and
Kanawake have rallied to help a single mother in her
battle against leukemia.
Two clinics to identify potential bone marrow donors
for Brenda Gabriel, a single mother from Kanehsatake,
were held in early September, one in each community.
A special healing dance by
women and girls in jingle dress
regalia was performed at the
Kanehsatake powwow August 2426. At the powwow, a raffle raised
more than $800 for Ms. Gabriel and
her family.
“It means so much for the
family to have your support!” said
Robin Skye, a friend and one of the
spearheads of those rallying to Ms.
Gabriel’s aid. She said that Ms.
Gabriel’s spirit is strong and that “she rocks a bald
For more information, please call Ms. Skye at 450479-8743 (evenings) or 450-479-8353 (day), or Wanda
Gabriel at 514-209-2078.
Manoir Grand Moulin 1-2 and Les Cascades
residents enjoying the day
Community Connections
Page 6
By Lion Nancy Ryder
While we Lions have taken a break
during the summer, we donated a
bicycle and helmet to the day camp held
in July. We congratulate the winner of
the bike and wish them many years of
happy riding.
Thank you to everyone
purchased items from our tent during the soccer tournament
held Labour Day weekend. We congratulate the winners of
the most sportsmen like boy and girl.
We appreciate all of those who came out to our semiannual garage sale held September 15, All the money earned
will go to assist those in need in our community.
On October 20-21, we will be holding our
annual Book Fair. For information contact Lion
Martin Hensen at 450-473-1932.
On November 24, we will be holding our
annual bowling event to raise money for
scholarships. If you are interested in
participating or have any questions contact Lion
Lorraine McKenna at 450-472-0070.
October/November 2012
youngsters from nine years and older. The Lions Club
has a mission to help people in need. They respond to
the needs of their community and are a worldwide
organization. The redistribution of used glasses to
people in need is one of their goals, amongst others.
The novel I Hate Glasses!, published by Editions du
Phoenix, is more than an inspiration to help with her next one.
It describes the problems many children who are bullied live
with. This is a sad phenomenon which poisons the lives of
students from primary to secondary school, that takes root in
intolerance to differences. As remarked by the protagonist in
this novel for children, “We are all different.”
The author is on her 23rd book with more than eight Quebec
and French editors. Isabelle travels from north to south and
from one ocean to the other to promote reading for young
people. A member of the l’Association des Auteurs des
Laurentides, Isabelle Larouche is part of Culture at School in
partnership with the Quebec ministry of education .
Lion Nancy Allen Ryder becomes Canadian Citizen
My name is Nancy Noelle Allen and on August 22, 2012, 50
people, including me and my guide dog Kleopatra, were
sworn in at Montreal as Canadian citizens.
Don’t forget that in mid-November and December we will
be selling our famous Christmas cakes and shortbread
cookies. We hope to see you there.
Isabelle Larouche launches 23rd novel
On September 1 at the Librarie Fortier in Saint
Eustache , author Isabelle Larouche launched her most
recent book I Hate Glasses!
For this occasion members of the Deux Montagnes
Lions Club joined the author with a box to collect used
eye-glasses. Other boxes can be found at the DeuxMontagnes Library, the Optometrist Farhat in the Saint
Eustache shopping centre or at Dr. Lionel Pascal’s office
at the corner of 20th Avenue and Oka Road. This is like
the dream of the heroine of the novel, directed to
Court Clerk Oscar Cabrera, Judge Barbara Sears,
Nancy Allen Ryder and Kleo
That day and date will remain etched in my memory forever.
We represented 25 different countries and there were many
families who shared in this honour. While I have become
Canadian, it has not quite sunk in. I guess that is because I
was so focused on the process and couldn’t relax and enjoy
the fruits of my labour. Although the road to citizenship was
long and difficult at times, it was well worth the effort. I left
behind my family and friends and bonded with my new
country, even before I had become a citizen. I felt right at
home. During the whole process I always had the support
and love from my husband, Owen, and his family.
I am very proud to call myself Canadian and all it implies.
While I don’t see in the normal sense of the word, Kleopatra
and I have lots to give to our new country and will do so on a
daily basis.
Community Connections
By Laurin Liu
Pictured on the new
Canadian $50 bank
note, the Canadian
Coast Guard Ship
icebreaker dedicated
to research. The Amundsen can house a
crew of up to 40 people and has a pool
of state-of-the-art scientific equipment
valued at $28 million. Researchers from
22 Canadian universities and 11
countries participate in the
multidisciplinary research program
jointly managed by the Canadian Coast
Guard and Laval University.
One of the reasons for its success is that
it has received $2.8 million in total
federal funding from the Major
Resources Support Program. It made
sense for the project to receive financial
support from the federal government, as
it was a resource that was used by
researchers from across the country.
The MRS grant was the main funding
source for the maintenance of the
Amundsen’s scientific equipment, and
when funding ends in early 2013, seven
of ten core technical positions will be
terminated – a tragedy for Canadian
scientific excellence.
The announcement comes in the wake
of the Conservative government’s
moratorium on the Natural Sciences and
Engineering Research Council of
Canada’s (NSERC) Major Resources
Support Program (MRS). The main
objective of the program was to support
national Canadian scientific facilities
which are unique nationally or
internationally, meaning much of the
data gathered was shared by Canadian
scientists with their counterparts
The NDP recently discovered that
Conservative cuts to the program,
which were brought forward without
Page 7
October/November 2012
consultation, may force as many as one
third of the facilities receiving MRS
funding in 2011 to close, mothballing at
least $80 million in unique scientific
equipment. The NDP found that an
additional investment of $1.3 million
per year would have kept these facilities
open. Mere pocket change: considering
that it cost the government $1.64
million to air commercials
commemorating the war of 1812 during
this year’s summer Olympics.
cuts will eliminate 700 jobs in Quebec
and about 5,000 across the country.
A l e a d i n g C a n a d i a n s c i e n t i st
commented on the cuts to the MRS
program: “…[What] also came as a
shock to us was the manner in which
these cuts were announced.”
described the axing of MRS as being “a
bullet to the head” for scientists who
must now desperately, and at the very
last minute, search for funding sources
to replace it.
Facilities receiving MRS funding house
unique resources used by Canadian
scientists and which attract users from
outside of the country. As such, many
facilities represent Canada’s leadership
role in diverse fields such as climate
and deep-ocean science. Major
consequences across the scientific and
research community caused by the
MRS moratorium include reduction in
services and access, and the closure of
Without the tools it needs to keep it
thriving, Canadian research excellence
will suffer. But in addition to this, the
2012 federal budget had attacked the
people who make the science happen.
In the budget, the Conservative
government announced the layoff of
hundreds of scientists responsible for
protecting the environment and health
of Canadians, from Environment
Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
and Statistics Canada. In June,
Environment Canada informed the
Montreal Biosphere’s 25 employees
their jobs would be affected by the
latest round of federal budget cuts. The
This government’s science and
technology problem is also a democracy
problem. The New Democratic Party
believes that science should play a
central role in governance. However,
whereas other jurisdictions, such as the
UK, have appointed a chief scientific
advisor to advise government on issues
related to science and technology, the
Conservative government seems intent
on stifling dissent. On numerous
occasions, the Conservative government
has prohibited its scientists from talking
to media, trying to hide important
information from the public in order to
avoid accountability on climate change
or environmental monitoring.
During the summer, Canadian scientists
and supporters covered Parliament hill
in white lab coats to protest cuts to
science and the muzzling of scientists.
Professor David Bryce of the University
of Ottawa and 46 other scientists, who
signed a joint letter to protest the
elimination of the MSR program, have
made a passionate plea for the
Conservative government to reverse its
cuts to scientific research:
... this action will have drastic and
irreversible effects on fundamental
science and engineering research
across Canada and internationally ...
There are now no funding streams
dedicated to the purchase of scientific
equipment or to operate nationally and
internationally unique resources.
The loss of the MRS program in
particular means that resources built up
over many years could be lost or
made… As well, millions of dollars of
equipment purchased through
taxpayers’ money will sit idle and
gather dust due to a lack of operating
Cont’d on p. 26
The opinions expressed by Ms. Liu, Member of Parliament for Riviere-des-Mille-Iles, do not necessarily reflect those of the Community Connections
Community Connections
Page 8
LTMHS Goes Out With A Splash
October/November 2012
New at the Lions Club Book Fair this year
By Rhonda Gibson
When another school year came
to a close in June, Lake of Two
Mountains High School students
certainly ended it on a high note.
The second annual June Fair was
held June 8, the last day of classes,
on the LTMHS grounds and featured
carnival-type inflatable games
including the very popular
Gladiator, a Test-Your-Strength
station, and, of course, what no proper fair should be
without: a dunk tank!
Tickets were purchased
to play games, and prize
tickets were won. These
could be traded in at the
prize booth for a variety of goodies.
A modestly priced BBQ lunch was
also available to all who attended.
The festivities began prior to
lunch with the annual Grad BBQ
and carried through the afternoon
until the clouds and
rain rolled in around
4:00 p.m., when the
fair had to close.
Mountainview and
St. Jude students were
invited to share the
fun, and the
youngsters had a wonderful time
with the teens.
Organizer Sarah Gibson did an
excellent job putting the day
together, and the Leadership group
manned the games and booths
with enthusiasm. Teacher, parent,
and student volunteers also pitched
in to make the day not only
successful, but also evidently clear
that this school acts with the spirit
of co-operation and teamwork.
Over the past 8 years that the Deux Montagnes Lions
club has held the book sale a portion of the funds raised
was always donated for Christmas baskets, and purchase
of non-perishable foods for the emergency cupboard.
In the same spirit they have decided to combine the
Annual Giant Book Fair with a food drive. On Saturday
and Sunday, October 20 and 21, we will have a van
supplied by the City of Deux-Montagnes at the front of
the Veterans’ Hall to accept any non-perishable items
that people coming to the book fair care to donate.
Volunteers of the Maison des Citoyens will staff this
This is an excellent way to purchase your reading
material for the coming winter months and give yourself
a warm feeling by donating food items to the needy in
our community.
See you at the Book Fair!
Community Connections
Page 9
October/November 2012
Marlene is married and is
the mother of three - her
daughter is 26; her sons are 24
and 20 years old.
I asked
Mme Cordato what made her
decide to run for mayor of
Boisbriand. She answered that
she had served as a town
councilor from 2002 to 2009
and had been in charge of
several local projects.
observed how the work was
being carried out in her
municipality and decided that
there was "room for
improvements." She felt that
disharmony in local politics
had to change and that her easy
-going style of negotiation
rather than confrontation was a
better way to move forward.
She tells her adult children and
her friends that “if one does not
like the way things are being
done, then get up and make
Boisbriand is one
of the fastest growing areas in
Canada. It has three main auto
-routes passing through its
borders, Route 13 North/South,
Route 15 North/South, and
Route 640 East/West.
This municipality has a
larger commercial/industrial
base than other towns that run
along the Mille-Iles River. In
the last 10 years, the former
General Motors plant has been
dismantled and the modern
complex of Les Faubourgs has
replaced the GM plant. This
residential /industrial area was
designed in keeping with our
French heritage. To my eye it is
aesthetically quite pleasant.
When the industrial section is
completed, it should bring
another 4,000 people to work
and live here.
What the
Mayor likes the most about her
town is the closeness one has
to the neighbours and to all the
needed amenities that make for
a good quality of life.
One very special project that
she was particularly proud to
see from its initial stage to its
completion is the ROSA
BLANDA housing apartments
for slightly intellectually
deficient young adults. There
are seven units for this clientele
and one for the social worker
who will assist those wanting
to live more independently.
Mr. Guy and Mrs. Marielle
Bérubé advocated strongly to
have it built.
Cont’d p. 19
By Emily Barber
On a hot rainy afternoon in
August, I was granted the
privilege of sitting and chatting
with Marlene Cordato, Mayor
of Boisbriand, Quebec.
Mayor Marlene Cordato
As I mentioned in my previous
articles, I have enormous
respect for women who are
busy wives and mothers but
still have the courage and
a b i li t y t o s e r v e t h e i r
communities in the role of
mayors and councilors. Mme
Cordato is a lovely woman
with bright brown eyes and a
radiant smile, and she
converses easily in the English
She is third
generation Italian- Canadian on
her father's side and her mother
descends from the first French
settlers in Québec. Needless to
say, she is fluent in French,
English and the Italian
Community Connections
4 Korners Family Resource
Center is ready to welcome
everyone to our new (and old!)
fall programs. The center has
returned to regular schedules and
hours of service. We are also
happy to say that Mrs. Sylvia
Schatrowski is back and looking
forward to seeing you again or
meeting you for the first time.
As always, we work on
promoting health and social
services in English to better the
lives of Anglophone speaking
people in the region. Would you
like to contribute to the objectives
of the center? You can offer your
support by purchasing a yearly
membership of $25.00.
What’s going on at the center that
may be different?
 In order to accommodate
the needs of some of our
groups, we’ve spent the
summer undergoing some
exciting renovations.
Special thanks to the New
Horizons for Seniors
Program for providing us
with a grant that allowed
us to make these
improvements possible.
We’re just about finished
creating a newly renovated
daycare room to
accommodate the many
children that pass through
our facility and participate
in our programs.
Page 10
 Our Open House on
October 4 will be held
during national “Family
Week.” Come in and visit,
take a tour, sign up for a
program that you always
wanted to try, discover
resources available to you
or learn about other
organizations that will be
on location.
 The theme for this year’s
National “Family
Week” (October 1-7) is the
Grandparent Connection.
We will be hosting special
activities daily to celebrate
families. Are you alone?
Why not sign up and help
with some of the activities!
We are always looking for
an extra pair of hands!
 The Caregivers six week
workshop is waiting for
yo u to reg is ter ! A
specialized series of
workshops were created
and evaluated by
caregivers in hopes of
supporting them while
they are caring for another
person (wife/husband,
child, neighbor, friend,
grandparent, etc.) The
workshops run weekly for
a duration of one hour and
are a source of information
October/November 2012
and support. Workshops
are available to you in
your area. (DeuxMontagnes, Kanehsatake,
Lachute, or Rosemere)
 Each month the center
offers an ongoing support
group for caregivers. This
allows caregivers to take a
needed break from their
daily routine, exchange
ideas, support one another,
have a coffee and recharge
a little. Keep your eyes
and ears open for our five
fall and winter conferences
for caregivers. More
inf or ma ti on w ill be
available soon!
 Has your life or the life of
someone you love been
touched by cancer? A
cancer support group is
now available in English
in the MRC Deux Montagnes area.
Registration for all familiar and
new programs is now open!
Come in for more details or visit
o u r
w e b s i t e
a t for all
program information that is
reasonably priced with your
yearly membership.
information is also available by
phone at:
450-974-3940 or
Community Connections
By Gordon Wetmore
At the time I was writing this, the
provincial election was only a few
days away. Each of the main parties
had taken significant positions on
education, and I have my thoughts
about them.
The Parti Quebecois promised to
cancel the planned tuition raises and
call a summit to discuss higher
education in Quebec within 100
days of being elected. That would
reward the students for their massive
and unjustified disruptions AND
ensure that no real action would be
taken until God knows when.
The agony and angst of the
student protests are well known.
Their cause was muddied by
violence and vandalism, bad
legislation, and political and
individual agendas. Even the United
Nations mixed in ineptly.
The uni v ers i t y educ at i on
available in Quebec is world class.
It is also enormously expensive and
absolutely essential to our society,
and we must pay through taxes to
ensure its future. Nevertheless, the
principal beneficiaries of university
degrees are the students who receive
them. Students should directly pay a
share of the cost, and that share has
to be relative to the cost, not frozen.
Dr. Joe Schwartz, in a radio
broadcast in June, noted that the
increases would amount to less than
a dollar a day and that the students
are paying the same fees today that
they paid in the 1960s. The protests
have cost workers, store keepers,
consumers, commuters and tax
payers far more than the increases
the students would be charged.
Rewarding the protesters would not
only be wrong (in my opinion); it
Page 11
October/November 2012
would also invite more such
disruptions by other groups.
The ruling Liberal Part y
countered with Bill 78 and its
assaults on freedom of assembly and
other rights. So where was the
Government’s anticipation of and
preparation for the students’ reaction
to the fee hikes? No party or group
seemed to occupy the high ground
The PQ’s other plan is to expand
Bill 101’s restrictions to English
language instruction to the CEGEP
level. Insidious and invidious.
The Coalition Avenir Quebec
(CAQ) had two proposals to change
the face of education in Quebec.
First, the CAQ would eliminate
elected school boards and replace
them with half as many
administrative centres. That would
save about $300 million a year, it
There would be parent
committees to govern the spending
in each school. I think this is a
horrible idea, especially for the
Anglophone population. First, I
have seen parents, teachers and even
students influence changes in
school board policies. Influencing a
non-elected administrative body is
another challenge entirely.
English boards have had an
influence on the education
ministry’s policies about what is
taught in English schools, who can
attend and so forth. Who would
speak for us as a body? Who will
look after the small schools in the
isolated pockets of English
speakers outside the cities?
Who will listen to the nonelected, non-appointed
person with an inconvenient
but valid suggestion/
The CAQ’s other major
proposal, to start secondary
schools at 9:00 a.m. and add
an hour to the day, has
merit. I have already written how a
later start meets the physiological
and psychological needs of teens
and reduces their unsupervised free
time in the afternoon.
In the CAQ’s vision, the added
hour would be for supervised
homework, tutoring, extra-curricular
activities, and so forth. Participating
teachers would be paid volunteers.
The extra-hour idea would be
difficult to sell to the students and
others, and how it could be
administered is a big question, but
there is value in it.
The cost of the CAQ’s extra hour
would be $291 million, according to
page 7 of the August 16 issue of the
Montreal Gazette. The Liberals
promised $45 million a year to
defray family spending on school
supplies at the primary level by $100
per child. That is a much-needed
help. The PQ pledged to spend $37
million to hire professionals to help
teachers and fight the dropout rate.
Whoever has won the election also
will have to foot the bill for the
overtime pay for police, extra pay
for teachers/professors, and added
security resulting from the student
No matter who that winner is, the
teachers, professors, administrators
and support staffs will resiliently
and diligently look out for the best
interests of our elementary,
secondary, vocational, college and
university students.
Community Connections
Page 12
La nuit du peinture/Painting night
Photos by Gordon Wetmore
This event took place on Saturday and Sunday, August 11 and
12. It was scheduled to start earlier than usual this year so
that artists who needed to take the last train were still able to
participate. The hours were 8:00 pm till midnight. The
reason why it was
spread over two nights
was that a huge storm
arrived and was so
severe that it was
impossible to continue
painting in the rain.
When we arrived on
Sunday afternoon
Nuit du peinture artists start work
some of the artists
were still working on their
creations, while others had
already finished their works
of art. There were many
interpretations of the
central theme “fete foraine”
meaning fun or street fair.
The coordinator was
Sylvie Nadon who has been
an illustrator for about 15
years. The selected artists Designs grew increasingly intricate
for the professional part of
the event were: Naomi
Bellos, Claude Bolduc,
Rachelle Burelle, Martine
Lacourse, Ingrid Lanteigne,
Julie Lessard, Stephane
Lauzon, Mar i e -Pi er r e
Some subtle shading and designs
October/November 2012
Summer and The Little Yellow School House
By Gordon Wetmore
Photos : Martin Hensen Rick Painter
The Deux Montagnes Cultural Association enriched the
summer with three major projects while dealing with loss and
The first project was the splendid Cite des Arts July 14
and 15 at Central Park. There have
been many excellent art
symposiums in our area over the
summer, notably in St. Eustache
and Rosemere, but this one was
different. Besides the arresting
paintings (oils, watercolours, acrylics, mixed media, portraits,
landscapes, abstracts, etc.), there were sculptures, pottery,
jewellery, and fine woodwork,
theatrical presentations, jazz and
f o l k
music –
workshop and a Zumba class. This
truly was a symposium of all types of
art, and was a dazzling work of art in itself.
Sadly, the creator of the vision of the Cite des Arts,
Association president Ronald St. Charles, died after a long
illness just before the event opened. The members of the
Community Connections extend their sympathies to his wife
and children, his family, his many friends and to the
Throughout the summer until September 3, the
Association ran an art gallery, the second of the projects, at
The Little Yellow School House,
its headquarters. The third project
was the annual Artists Trail with
10 local artists opening their
houses/studios to the public on
August 18 and 19. Again, the
variety and quality of the art
impressed. There were brilliant
Gaudreau and Isabelle Hetu,
Francine Methee, Sandra
Michaud, Simon Provost,
The participating artists and
Liette Rousville, Jonathan
organizers of the Artists Trail
Sandelis and Lucette
Tremblay. These artists also
had their work displayed at Progress from ‘What is it? to WoW!’ abstracts, landscapes and
portraits, watercolours, oils, and
the Deux-Montagnes mixed media, pottery, and gourd
Library from July 19 to sculptures.
The Association is attempting
August 19.
Some information to raise $40,000 for renovations to
was taken from an The Little Yellow School House.
article by Valerie Treasurer Nicole St. Charles told
Maynard, published the Community Connections
August 3, 2012 http:// that they are well short of that
target but hope to have enough
to redo the roof this autumn.
Winner of the Artists
Trail prize Josee
Boisvenue (center) with
her canvas by artist
Micheline Dumoulin
(right) and Cultural
President Nicole Menard
Community Connections
Kanehsatake Pow Wow 2012
Wow what a year this was! Despite having
only two of us as the organizing committee,
Leo parent and I worked our tails off to get
this show running as well as we possibly
could! Thank goodness for the handful of
helped us out,.We
really couldn't have
done it without
Once again, it was
another scorcher
for our Pow Wow,
but the moods were
still high and there
were smiles all
around despite a
few major setbacks! As I mentioned before
this year's committee consisted of myself
and Leo ... we weren't sure if we were going
to be able to pull it off, as our fundraising
didn't fare well at all. In years past we'd had
much appreciated help from the Health
Center who funded our port-o-potties,
cleaning of the units, and water truck. That
alone was in the
thousands of dollars.
However this year
they weren't able to
help us and we were
completely stuck,
barely any money
raised by slow selling
fundraising tickets
and this big blow ...
generosity of some of
our shops here in
Kanehsatake, First Line Services, and my
attempt at sweet talking a good deal from
Sani Vac (that happens to do a lot of
business here on the territory) we were able
to secure some port-o-potties and a
cleaning! That was our major concern and
top priority for the weekend. The Health
Center was, however, able to help us with
shelter for the elders and picnic tables for
the weekend, which was another money
saver! Now the only thing we really needed
was the water truck for sanitary reasons
after using the port-o-potties. Walter and
Lise David of Moccasin Jo Coffee Roasters
right from here in Kanehsatake, lent us their
watering trailer. A HUGE THANKS goes
I did a radio interview on
K103 ,Kahnawake’s radio station, and
mentioned that we were low on funds and
Page 13
October/November 2012
we desperately needed water and any kind
of donations that could be offered I was
quite surprised when I finished the
interview, I walked out of the studio and the
told me I
Pow Wow
Co mmittee
had 30 cases
of water to
us! Things were looking up! I was able to
bring 15 cases down and Washontanoron
Nicholas and her boyfriend helped us out
and brought the other 15 cases for us! We
knew we were working on a very tight
budget and things were looking grim, but
that is when we saw real community spirit
shocked and upset when they told me Big
Train had lied to us. There was no family
emergency, they had decided to go to
another pow wow.
They went to a
competition pow wow instead of honouring
their agreement with us. Sadly, I assume
that it is because they would get a better
honorarium than we could give them.
Not sure what we were going to do, with
no host drum, with only a handful of
singers, we used the Kanehsatake Warrior's
a n d
up, the
H a t
Yea! So
Leo and I decided not to allow ourselves to
get too stressed out or upset that things kept
falling apart. We had a lot of support from
our friends and family who helped us as
well, and all turned out as it was supposed
to. We had a lot of dancers despite the
extreme heat. They danced in full regalia,
and everyone's spirits soared. Though we
had so many setbacks and disappointments,
there was one thing in the back of my mind
that rang true. Don't give up hope. When
all seems lost, things will work out in the
We would like to give a huge thank you
to our MC (Master of Ceremonies) Lance
Delisle, and our Arena Director, Ray Deere,
and another huge thank you goes to
EVERYONE who had a hand in helping us
with donations of food, money and
volunteering their time to help make this
happen! Nia:wenhkowa, thank you! We are
starting to fundraise again soon for next
year's Pow Wow! For any information
please contact me: Karonhienhawe Nicole
come true when we needed it the most!
Friday the 24th came and vendors were
starting to set up, but still no host drum. I
was asked several times if I had heard
anything from them and my answer was the
same every time, no! I didn't want to worry
and hoped they would show up soon. But
as the daylight hours grew dim, I still had
no word on Big Train from Six Nations, our
Host Drum group. Around midnight Alan
Harrington received a message from the
lead singer that there was a family
emergency and regretfully he couldn't make
it down. A couple of ladies were down
from Six Nations and needed a place to stay
for the night
so I decided
to open my
soon found
out that they
w e r e
cousins of
Big Train
w e r e
Community Connections
Page 14
October/November 2012
The Church Mouse
By Norma Painter
Message from the
Church Mouse
Old Fashioned Service Meaningful
This month our message from the
Church Mouse is something
personal, and yet has something to
do with the Church. While sitting
quietly on a Tuesday morning, I
looked up and almost fell over, as
there stood my son in shorts and a
sport shirt and obviously ready to
fall on his face from exhaustion. He
and his gorgeous wife, Sherry, had
driven for 11 hours from Moncton,
NB. The thought of them driving
nonstop just scared the life out of
me. Only a mother could realize
what I felt at that time.
I was so happy to see him
because the visits are so few and far
between. He has four churches
along with another minister to look
after, so he is really a busy, busy
Later on, my son surprised my
husband and me by saying, “We
shall pray,” and then continued with
a beautiful communion service that
we were brought up with. It is an
old one, believe me, and we all had
the service down pat from
childhood. As my son poured out
his heart in the service, I think it was
the most wonderful communion
service I can remember. He knew
that we never ever hear this now,
and we both feel it is a terrible loss.
It is something that the whole
Church in the whole world once
used at the same time. It was a
wonderful time for the Church; it
was a wonderful time for people
who really felt so united in their
Perhaps it would be an idea for
some of the churches to have just
one day of the old services for the
people who are still with us
remember and love. I think the
young ministers would be totally
surprised at the feelings they would
evoke in the older people. It would
be lovely to have such a day for
those who have worked all their
lives for the Church.
This is a very personal thing, I
guess, but I thought I would share it
with all the peoples of the churches
and see what they thought.
Sometimes you hear, “If it’s old,
let’s get rid of it,” but because things
are older doesn’t mean that we
should dump them. I feel that’s true
for church services, the feelings they
give when you remember your
childhood, the feeling of being
closer to God. I hope that you didn’t
mind me telling you the story of my
silly but wonderful son who drove
11 hours to get here for a very short
visit. I hope you all understand. I
think that the older members
certainly will. Blessings to you all,
God’s faithful people.
Tel: 450-473-2163
Sunday service 10 am
Who is eligible?
First Communion- you must be in grade 2
or older (Sunday classes)
Confirmation (2013)- you must be in
grade 6 or older (Wednesday classes)
Preparation for Confirmation
(2014) will be a mandatory 2-year
preparation -you must be in grade 5
(Saturday morning classes)
Where: Holy Family Parish Hall
Cost: $50
You will need a clear photocopy of
the certificate of Catholic Baptism if
your child was not baptized at Holy
-Catholic Worldview Lector on
Saturday, October 13, 2012 in the
Church Hall
from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
-Flea Market on Saturday, October
27, 2012. Come One, Come All.
There will be baked goods for sale,
also hot dogs; chips, soft drinks etc.
will be sold on-site.
All Saints
248-18th Ave.
Deux Montagnes
Priest: Reverend
David Hart
Tel: 450-473-9541
All are welcome to the services and events!
Sunday services with Sunday school
and nursery at 11:00 am
1st Sunday – Morning Prayer
2 / 4 Sunday – Holy Communion
3rd Sunday – Family service (Morning
Cont’d p. 15
Community Connections
The Church Mouse
Cont’d from p.14
All Saints
By Norma Painter
cont’d from p. 14
10:30 – 11:00 am: Time to Connect
(coffee, tea, juice, snacks and friends)
Youth Group: Friday nights, for all
high school-aged youth nights in the
church hall 7:30 - 9:30. Another year of
fun and fellowship for all high-school
aged teens. Oct 6.
”Food for Body and Soul” monthly
Parish breakfast 9:00 am – church hall
Oct.13 “To A Tea” Afternoon Tea in
the church hall 2:30. Oct. 25 & Nov.
Holy Communion service at Les
Cascades 10:30 am Nov 2 & 3
9th Annual Christmas Craft Fair
Friday 6 pm-9 pm - Saturday 9-2
*Newly renovated rental space (kitchen
and hall) available for group meetings
and activities contact
Patrick Beaulieu Tel: 450-491-6279
[email protected]
[email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
450 491 6873
We are thankful to God for his many
blessings upon our mission here in
Deux-Montagnes as well as for his
blessings upon the Church of God
throughout the world.
International General Assembly of
the Church of God was held in
Orlando, Florida in July and Rev.
Mark Williams was elected to lead
the 8,000,000 member denomination
for the next four years. He is
married to Sandra Kaye and they
have two boys, Ryan and Austin.
We are excited about the prospect of
Page 15
October/November 2012
working with Dr. Williams as we
carry the Gospel to the whole world,
including the province of Québec.
On Sunday, August 5th, Rev. Ricky
Ramjitsingh was with us for a
wonderful time of prayer and
preaching and those attending were
blessed and encouraged. We hope
that you also will join us on Sunday
evenings at 6:30 for a time of
prayer and fellowship. We meet at
815 Rockland St. in DeuxMontagnes and a hearty welcome
awaits you there.
Pastor John
(9h30 to 11ham) meeting for parents
and children, Parish Centre.
Ste. Francoise
210 Rue de
(Corner Grande Cote) 450 621 2150
Fax 450 621 9080
Parish Centre: 555 Lefrancois
Sunday services 9:30 am
Faith Ed. Registration 2012-13
Registration for First Communion
(children entering grade 3) and
Confirmation (children entering grade
6) will be held on-line via our web site
from August 1 to December 30, 2012.
All information regarding schedules,
fees and documents required is
available on our website.
Faith First Program of Studies:
Faith First Level 1 - October 14 and
November 11 meeting for parents and
children, Parish Centre 10h45 to 12h15.
 Faith First Level 2 - October 27
9h30 to 11h) and November 25
(10h45 to 12h15) meeting for
parents and children, Parish Centre
9h30 to 11h.
Faith First Level 4 - October 28
(10h45 to 12h15) and November 10
Sacramental Program of Studies:
November 3 – General Information
Meeting for parents of children
registered in First Communion and
Confirmation programs, Parish Centre,
9:30 am.
November 4 – Annual Parish Bazaar,
Rosemere Community Center 10 am – 2
Christ Church
214 14th Avenue,
Deux Montagnes
450 473 4784
New Worship time: Sunday services
are now at 11:45 a.m. Please join this
lively community of faith - for song,
prayer, and praise. Come and explore
your faith in a welcoming, dynamic
The choir resumed Sept. 9.
October 7
11:45 Thanksgiving/
World Wide Communion
October 13 Buddy Jacobs Memorial
Corn Beef supper to benefit the
ministries of Christ Church.
quickly as tickets are almost sold out.
“Out to Lunch” for all residents of the
area. Come and join us for a free lunch
every Tuesday .noon until 1:30 pm.
N.B. Children must be accompanied by
an adult. All donations will be greatly
appreciated. Volunteers welcome. For
more info please contact Christ Church
450-473-4784 or Stella Cox 450 6235192
Each month we have a “first Sunday”
lunch after worship. It will be Sunday
October 7, so bring something to share
after service.
We wish you a happy, healthy and
blessed time as we approach the
Christmas season.
Cont’t p. 27
page 16
Community Connections
Two past members of the DeuxMontagnes Soccer Association
attending the 43rd Tournament
Dick Hensen , Bill Lawrence with Mascot
Gathered for the official kick-off for the 43rd Soccer
Deux-Montagnes Tournament are the referees, coaches
and captains of the U13A boys of the Shamrocks and
Boisbriand teams, Shamrock club mascot Steve Smith,
tournament president Sasha Ghavami, club president
Jamshid Ghavami, Mayor Marc Lauzon, and various
representatives from the tournament committee,
dignitaries and sponsors such as Metro Ste. Marthe-surle-lac.
U16 Boys
U12 Boys
U18 Boys
U16 Girls
October/November 2012
U16 Girls
Friday, August 31, through Monday,
September 3, Soccer Deux Montagnes held their 43rd Soccer
Tournament at the Deux-Montagnes’
Olympia, Central, Lake of Two
Mountains High School, and
Polyvalante Deux-Montagnes parks,
and at the Parc Centrale in Ste.
Opening ceremonies were at
Central Park Friday with DeuxMontagnes’ Mayor Marc Lauzon in
attendance. The weather was
incredible throughout the Labour
Day weekend.
Here are some of the scores of the
tournament: In the Boys Category
(U12ma) Dollard Dragons (5)Shamrocks FC U11-D2- (0);
Shamrocks FC U11 -D1- (2)
Terrobonne Jets-(1); Rimouski (5)Shamrocks FC U11-D1-(0); Les
Phenix (6)- Shamrocks FC U11-D2
In the (U13ma) category
Fabrose Fusion 1 (1)- Shamrocks FC
-D2 (1); Shamrocks (6)- FC
Boisbriand (0); FC Anjou-(2)
Shamrocks (1). In the (U14ma)
category Shamrocks (3)- St.Eustache
(1); Shamrocks (1)- Ormstown- (0),
Shamrocks (1)- CSLP Avalanche (1).
In the (U16ma) category, the two
Shamrock FC Teams played in the
Final with the team coached by
Russel Hughes winning 2-0. In the
(U18ma) category Shamrocks FC (4)
- Rimouski Fury (1),Monteuil (2)Shamrocks FC (1). In the (U18maa)
category Shamrocks (1)-ASRPP-(2);
Shamrocks FC (2) - St-Hubert
Spatial (1); Shamrocks FC (2) Olympique MHM (0).
Community Connections
page 17
October/November 2012
Soccer Tournament
By. Bob Fordham
The Final was a great game as our Photos by Martin Hensen
Shamrocks claimed the Championship 1 and Gordon Wetmore
-0 over Monteuil,
Now over to the Girls: (U13fa)
Blizzòr (2)- Shamrocks FC (1);
Shamrocks FC (2)- Chomedey (1);
(U14fa) Shamrocks FC (0)-Rimouski
Fury (0); Riviere -du-loup (1) Shamrocks FC (0); (U16fa)-Brossard (1)
- Shamrocks FC (0); Shamrocks FC (2)Home Hardware (0); Shamrocks FC (0)CS Terrbonne (5). In the (U18fa)
U18 Boys
category, Shamrocks FC (4) -Bois-desFilion (0); Shamrocks FC (1)A.S.Mascouche (0); Fabrose Fusion (1).
There was very good all round play
by our Shamrock teams. Many thanks
go out to all of the generous sponsours
such as Metro, DiVolio Restaurant,
Dagwoods, iFoot Sports, Paravie, Cafe
Lola, Le Poulet Dore, Breton GMC,
DQ, Giant Tiger, Construction A.I.E.,
and Vitro Plus. Thanks also to all of the
volunteers, security, referees, coaches,
players and the fans; and a big thankTom Whitton and Dick
Hensen addressing the
you to this year’s Soccer Committee of
Tournament President Sasha Ghavami,
Registrar Matthew Bleeker;
Sponsorships Sasha Ghavami ; Facilities
M a n a g e r A l l ys o n L e b o e u f ;
Tournament Branding Steve
Menard; Head Referee Steve Doe;
Chief of Security Alfred Weippert;
Head of Consessions Sarah Leboeuf;
Treasurer Alfred Weippert; Statistics
Benoit Marcotte; and Head of
Volunteer Dispatching Myriam
Angers and Bianca Dumoulin.
Great job by you all and
congratulations. See you all next
year for our 44th edition.
U16 Girls
U16 Boys
Dick Hensen awarding medals to
October/November 2012
We were fortunate enough to have
Repti-Zone and Zamya the clown
come and join us to entertain the
children. They were able to get their
faces painted and pick which
balloon animal they wanted as well
as being able to hold an iguana or
even a snake if they dared!
Corn was the main item, but there
was a large assortment of food
including hot dogs, chips, veggies
and the kids went crazy for the
cotton candy that was made on-site.
A fun time was had by all and it was
a great way for all of our families to
interact with one another as well as
with the staff here at C.E.S.A.M.E.
We would like to thank all of those
who came to celebrate the start of
the new year with us as well as give
many thanks to our staff and all of
our incredible volunteers that took
time out of their busy schedules to
help us with this event. We would
also like to thank our generous
sponsors who made our big day
possible. Every family was able to
go home with great gifts and smiles
on their faces. We thank you all for
making this day a true success and
we look forward to seeing everyone
here again next year!
This event was also an opportunity
for everyone to say their final
goodbyes to Marsha Baxter, who
retired from C.E.S.A.M.E. this past
June. Marsha had been with
C.E.S.A.M.E. for 14 years and we
would just like to thank her for all of
her years with us and hope that
retirement treats her well.
For more information about the
services that we offer at
C.E.S.A.M.E. feel free to contact us
at 450-623-5677.
who has difficulty waiting their turn
and listening to others. Excessive
talking, bossiness, strong emotional
responses and quirkiness are a few
characteristics that cause people to
pull away; the opposite can be
someone who is excessively shy and
finds it painful to even talk to
someone else.
Community Connections
328 Grande Cote
St. Eustache, Que.
J7P 1E7
By Jennifer Works
Corn Roast
The start of our fall stimulation
session is upon us and to celebrate
the start of a new year we had our
annual C.E.S.A.M.E. corn roast.
New families, returning families and
families that would be moving on
were all in attendance. We started
off the afternoon with our King and
Queen corn shucking contest. Boys
and girls had to shuck through large
bags of corn to find the one that was
painted either blue or pink. This of
course helped us as all the unpainted
corn was for the families to enjoy.
Once the King and Queen of the
event had been announced and their
crowns had been given, the party
had officially begun!
The Art of
Friendships provide a sense of
belonging and that we matter to
others, they fill an essential need we
have, and they remind us we are not
A friend can be many things to
different people, but if I had to
define what a true friend is, the
following characteristics come to
The tendency to desire what
is best for the other
Sympathy and empathy
Honesty, even in situations
where it may be difficult for
others to speak the truth
understanding and compassion; ability to go to each
other for emotional support
Enjoyment of each other's
Trust in one another
Positive reciprocity — equal
give-and-take between the two
The ability to be oneself, express
one's feelings and make
mistakes without fear of
For some people friendships form
easily, and for others it may require
Symptoms of Attention
Deficit Disoreer with or without
hyperactivity (ADHD) can be a
significant culprit in forming or
maintaining friendships.
People don’t always react positively
towards someone who impulsively
says whatever is on their mind or
Is your child struggling with
 Do they have a huge heart;
they will give anything, even
if that means a loss to them?
Are their actions perceived
as buying affection?
Do they tell you they had no
one to play with at school,
they didn’t get invited to the
birthday party, or the phone
doesn’t ring?
Cont’d p. 19
Page 19
Community Connections
Cont’d from p.18
Regardless of the
situation, when your
child tells you he or
she is lonely, your
h e a r t
a c h e s .
As humans we hope to live a life
filled with meaningful relationships;
by supporting and guiding another
we can fulfill this.
As a parent, you can help guide
your child towards developing
friendships by following some of
these strategies:
 Keep play dates short
Plan out activities that both
children will enjoy
Help children begin a
conversation and then let it
unfold between them, step
away while still being
available to guide if needed
It’s not uncommon for a
child with ADHD to play
with younger children;
encourage friendships that
include common interests
Ask your child how they
would like to celebrate a
birthday, including how
many friends/guests they
would like to invite – a
celebration doesn’t
necessarily mean a large
group, it can also be an
intimate gathering of two or
three people
Set limits and boundaries for
children whenever possible
with the understanding this
can be more difficult to
impose on someone who is
impulsive by nature.
If the relationship goes astray
 Acknowledge feelings
Encourage your child
Help put things in
perspective, a disagreement
doesn’t mean the end of the
Focus on the issue, what
went wrong; try role play to
explore alternative solutions.
Friendship skills can begin at home
so model what you’d like your
children to learn as they are always
Friend versus Acquaintance What’s the difference?
I’ve talked about what in my opinion
defines a friend, so what is an
An acquaintance can be someone
you say “hello” to, discuss the
weather with or general topics. You
have yet to determine if you can
share intimate feelings and thoughts
with this person or trust him or her
with your inner self.
Social media sends a message that
“MORE” is better when it comes to
“FRIENDS” and falsely associates
that number to someone’s worth,
when in reality, its ONE true
friendship that is worth
A relationship
takes time to build and is based on
trust; it becomes a friendship when
we feel comfortable sharing
ourselves with them.
“The desire for friendship comes
Friendship does not.”
~A r i s t o t l e ~
For more information about our
services at PANDA BLSO contact
Lisa Agombar at 514-713-5353,
October/November 2012
[email protected] or visit our
website at under
“English” for our 2012/2013
calendar of exciting conferences and
guest speakers!
Woman in Public office
Cont’d from p. 9
The Town of Boisbriand sold the
land and gave a subsidy of $73,850,
depending on the Committee
Métropole de Montréal to pay back
$144,000 when the building was
Rosa Blanda also
received $25,000 donated by the
Fonds Entreprises d'économie
the Société d'habitation du Québec.
Rosa Blanda is the name of a rose
that has no thorns; therefore Mr.
Bérubé thought it would be an
appropriate name for this special
home for adults with the average age
of 40 years.
As our interview came to a close, I
asked Marlene Cordato if she had in
view any other housing programs for
her area. She mentioned she would
like to see more seniors housing for
middle-income people whose total
revenue is above the amount
required to settle into low-income
places like the HLM. Because 50
percent of the land in her
municipality is zoned for
agricultural use, making it a scarce
commodity, then very, very careful
planning will be a necessity for her
and her team.
I did not want our
interview to end. I would have liked
to discuss many other topics with
her, for I knew there was so much
more I could learn from this
gracious woman. However, supper
time was approaching and we had to
head home.
Community Connections
Page 20
October/November 2012
Letter from Benoit Charette
to his fellow citizens
alternative in the Coalition avenir
The provincial Liberal
Party do not have a real base in this
area, and I sincerely hope that the
federalist voters who reside in the
Deux-Montagnes riding are now
looking to the Coalition to end the
virtually unchallenged reign of the
Parti Quebecois.
Across Quebec, the Coalition
Avenir Quebec did very well for a
party not having existed for one
year. It is indeed a good third party
choice, receiving only a few
percentage points short of the first
and second political parties, which
are almost equal. This young party
consequently has a real future. M.
Legault’s willingness to put aside
the national question that has
divided Quebec for many years, to
focus on the real priorities of
Quebecers is definitely a winner.
For that reason I will continue to be
The ultimate reason that permits me
to rejoice in the results of the
election is that the Parti Quebecois
did not win a majority government.
In the last days of the campaign, this
was indeed my main concern. This
scenario scared me more than the
possibility of my own defeat.
Indeed, this party has been
thoroughly radicalized during the
last few years. Its program (popular
initiative referendum, strengthening
Bill 101, Quebec citizenship, etc.)
has only one goal, to generate the
most conflict possible within the
federal government, to forward its
sovereignist agenda. In short, we
have avoided certain chaos in
partially blocking this route. The
next time, I hope that it will be
completely barred so that we can
discuss what really matters: health,
education, the economy, public
finances, culture, etc.
I will say that I will always be happy
to meet you in the street or at one or
more of the many events that take
place in our beautiful community.
Functioning as your MNA was for
me a way to get more involved in
this community. Now there are
many others! See you soon then!
their neighbour’s roof crashed onto
their front lawn. Those neighbours
were on vacation at the time. When
they rushed home to assess the
damage, they found that the rain and
wind had completely ruined the
house’s interior. They would be out
of their home until the interior could
be rebuilt and furniture replaced.
The husband and children made it
home safely, but everyone was very
Tree and property damage were
widespread and serious. There were
serious but non-fatal injuries that did
not make the news, and many
people’s health and properties have
not yet recovered.
Back on May 26, twisters hit the
St. Benoit region, felling trees,
decapitating silos, collapsing barns
and damaging homes. Many
livestock were lost but no human
T u e s d a y ,
voters in the
riding made their
choi c e,
t h us
represent them in
the National Assembly. I take this
opportunity to express the joy I felt
in recent years to act as your
representative. I tried to discharge
this important responsibility with
dedication, dignity and respect. To
achieve this, I worked with a strong
team, whom I cannot thank enough.
I am naturally disappointed not to
have won the riding in this election.
However, I see in the results,
numerous elements that I rejoice in.
Firstly, in our constituency, the
number of votes that I received
allowed me to nearly equal those of
the Parti quebecois, a party which
has been in power here for too many
years, in my opinion.
constituents now have a viable
By Gordon Wetmore, Photograph by
Carol Wetmore
Summer 2012 in our area has
been bracketed by two tornadoes.
The latest hit Rosemere August
28. The major press outlets
concentrated on the death of that
poor 18-year-old man crushed by a
tree at the Rosemere Golf Club, but
there were other stories that show
the range of impact in less deadly
but significant ways.
For instance, there was the
mother alone at home and worried
about her two young children and
husband, who were out together in
the family car. That was just before
Benoit Charette,
Former MNA for Deux-Montagnes
In September, in a one-kilometer
stretch along the La Freniere road,
the remnants of two barns and the
historic Anglican Church are still
Community Connections
By Ron Kesseler
As we have all witnessed, Quebec
has just gone through another
election. This time it seemed shorter
than usual, plus we had very little to
listen to! Same old idle promises
from the same players, very few
attention grabbing subjects, just the
same rhetoric from, once again, the
same players! We have a minority
government who will now speak
loud enough that everyone will be
intimidated … NOT … especially
since the opposition can veto just
about anything they put on the floor.
My problem is the following, should
you be for or against those in power,
let it be said that WE … the people
voted them into power. Yes, we can
get frustrated when our candidate
doesn’t achieve his or her goals of
grandeur and be given some sort of
powerful position, helping us ALL
by proposing great laws to improve
our social and financial standings …
ha.-ha-ha …
I, like many of you, wanted to jump
through the TV screen and grab the
sometimes overzealous candidates
and some of his or her followers …
BUT … to feel that way is our right.
We do not have to agree with what
the people’s choice was, yet through
our democratic procedures, we have
no choice but to accept it.
Last week, a deranged man
attempted to enter the Metropolis
theatre with the goal of killing as
many as his guns would allow him.
WOW, where are we going? We
have speed limits forced upon us, we
have taxes taken from our earnings,
we have laws shoved down our
throats, but all are created by people
we have voted into power.
Page 21
October/November 2012
Voting should not be taken lightly.
There are some of us who don’t
want to be bothered to visit a polling
station. After all, what difference
would my vote do? Well, folks, if
you gain one pound this week, it
doesn’t seem like much, but gain
one pound a week for 30 weeks and
presto – it is a big deal. Well, the
same goes for voting! One vote
times the number of people who
think their vote won’t change much
amounts to thousands of voices
My article this week is not about
who won or lost the elections. It is
one which I hope will make you
think of the lighting technician who
lost his life and the stage-hand that
got shot with an AK47. We have a
democratic system which is a
privilege and an earned, not given
right. Just ask someone who lives in
Cuba! Lose that, and we would see
lots of changes … be assured!
So as we all get ticked about hearing
the rants and raves of some
extremist political party, just think
how many times the same scenario
has played out around North
America, one of the most civilized
places in the world to live! My
thoughts go out to the victims and
families of the Metropolis shooting.
It is proof that it only takes one to
change many lives! These are my
thoughts, what are yours?
June 16 – A mixed softball tournament
was held at Olympia Park. Eight teams
took part in having a lot of fun. The sun
was shining,; the food, beverages were
all good, a big thank you to all the
volunteers who gave a big hand in the
July 28 – 4th Annual Golf Tournament
was held at St. Andre’s East. The
weather was a little hot, however
everyone enjoyed the day. It started
with breakfast at the course and finished
with a BBQ Dinner at the Club. Chef
was Gary Mitchell and the kitchen staff
headed by Darlene Gargul, along with
many volunteers prepared and served
the dinner to 90 people. A big thank
you to Sandie Spackman, Paul Barnett
and Mike Neville, who organized the
tournament, and especially the many
sponsors who supported us, All money
raised is to help the operations of the
August 17 – A CORN ROAST
followed by Karaoke, many people took
part, and maybe we will have some of
our singers on Canadian Idol one day!
August 25 – Another mixed softball
tournament was held at Olympia Park.
Eight teams in the heat, it all turned out
great- lots of good
Cont’d p. 27
Community Connections
A Look at Rosemere
By Marge McCord
Happy Thanksgiving to all and a
Happy Halloween as well
This past summer on August 11, an
unbelievable storm hit Rosemere
around 5:00 pm with gale-force
winds and pouring rain. It did
damage to some of our streets with
falling trees, etc.
The worst hit
place was Rosemere Golf Club
where numerous trees were
destroyed. The very sad part was
about the young man playing golf
making his way into the club when
the siren was blown. (When the
siren goes off, it means leave the
course). He was hit by a large tree
and died. His name was Matthew
Daesa, a Rosemere resident.
Deepest sympathy goes to his
family. The course was closed for a
week while clean-up was taking
place. Members volunteered; people
from outside courses and many
others did a great job of clearing up
the mess. Some people called it a
mini-tornado, some a mini-hurricane
and others a squall. In our area, we
were without power for a day.
On July 5, past, officials of the
Towns of Rosemere and Lorraine
unveiled a commemorative plaque
for a former Rosemere resident who
pioneered amateur soccer during an
era when sport was largely the
popular activities like baseball,
football, and hockey.
involvement with soccer dates back
to 1955. That was pre-autoroute
days when the town was a rural stop
on Route 17, the main road to the
Laurentians. Jim Hubay sowed the
seeds of soccer mania in Rosemere
before serving 10 years as founding
president of the Laurentian Foothills
Athletic League.
On the 100th
anniversary last year of the
Page 22
October/November 2012
Federation de soccer du Quebec, he
was awarded a medal by the
Association regional de soccer des
Laurentides in recognition of his
major contribution to the
development of the sport in
Rosemere and the North Shore
region. Apart from Jim’s soccer
efforts, his wife Violet was a key
player in setting up Rosemere’s first
municipal library. The Hubays left
in 1966 when Jim was transferred by
Bell Canada to Ottawa, where they
now live, and are enjoying
retirement. Jim went on to promote
soccer at provincial and then
national levels.
A well-known name in Rosemere
is “Tylee.” In 1874 Charles David
Tylee purchased some lots. Later he
purchased more land to enlarge his
Shortly after World War I, he and
his wife Martha bought a house from
Mr. Beauchamp that was already
150 years old. They named the
house “Fairfield” (the English for
Beauchamp). It is a heritage house
in our community and is located on
Tylee Road. In 1913 Charles David
and Martha were sailing aboard the
Empress of Ireland when the boat
sank while on the St. Lawrence
River due to an accident. They both
perished. Their son Charles became
a farmer and married Ida Gilmour.
His sons and daughters resided here
for many years. Later properties
were sold.
In 1922 with the
Gilmours, they sold property to
Rosemere Golf Club, which opened
its doors in 1922. Some of their
land was given to Rosemere
Memorial Church. The Rosemere
Curling Club is also on Tylee land.
Today, except for Ann Alan (nee
Tylee) there are no other family
members. Ann lives here with her
husband and family.
In May past, the Rosemere
Volunteer Services held its Annual
General Meeting with president
Marge Costello in the Chair. After
regular business, reports and
introduction of new members they
had a speaker – Debbie Brown, who
had just published a book entitled
Amethyst Eyes, a work of science
fiction. If you would like to read
this book, the R.V.S. purchased a
copy, which they donated to the
Rosemere Library in memory of the
late Joan Forrester, who at one time
was secretary of the R.V.S. After
Debbie’s most interesting talk, lunch
was served and everyone was
wished a good summer.
boutique is now open again with
new merchandise and they hope you
will drop in to browse and have a
coffee or tea. Location: Rosemere
Community Centre, opposite Val
des Ormes School on Grande Cote at
the rear entrance. There is lots of
Apologies go out to you on
behalf of the Community
Connections regarding the mix-up of
the last two items in this column in
the last issue, due to printing errors.
No one knows the day their life could
turn over and they could need a little
extra help; this is where we could make
things easier for you.
Every week, Monday and Friday
volunteers are delivering meals for an
amount of 4.00$ each meal. This
service is offered to anyone who has a
permanent or temporary physical
disability, due to a variety of reasons
such as: recovering from an accident,
surgery, illness, handicapped or being
senior citizens. Regardless of your
financial situation, this service is
available to individuals of all agesFor
further information call Alet Bossé at
450-621-9179, Annie G’sell at 450-965
-9233 or Nicole Roy at 450-621-9313.
Community Connections
Page 23
Sue Chef
By Susan Sanders
Tangerine Walnut Salad
Beef Strogonoff
Cognac Alexander Pie
Tangerine Walnut Salad
1 Head Iceberg Lettuce, washed, dried and cut into bite
sized pieces.
2 Tangerines, peeled and sectioned.
1/2 Cup Walnuts, chopped.
1 Tbsp Shallots, chopped.
1 Tbsp Orange juice
1 Tbsp Lemon juice.
3 Tbsps Olive oil
Salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar
Put lettuce into a serving bowl. Lay tangerine sections
on top. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Place shallots,
orange juice, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper in a
separate bowl and mix well. Pour over over salad, toss
well and serve.
Beef Strogonoff.
2 lbs Round steak cut into thin strips.
1/4 cup Olive oil.
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup Dry Red Wine, or to taste !!
1 cup Pearl onions, peeled.
2 cups Button mushrooms, washed, dried and sliced.
1/4 cup Tomato paste. (My favorite - Kyknos)
4 Tbsps Flour
10 ozs Condensed Beef broth.
2 cloves Garlic, minced
1 Tsp Mustard
1/2 cup Sour cream
October/November 2012
Broad egg noodles
Brown meat quickly in frying pan with olive oil. Place in
a large casserole dish, with salt, pepper and wine. In fry
pan drippings saute onions until golden brown. Add
mushrooms and cook until tender, approx. five minutes.
Mix in tomato paste, flour and condensed beef broth and
add to the mushrooms, onions, mustard and garlic. Mix
well, pour over meat and bake in a 350 degree oven for
an hour and a half.
Remove casserole from oven and stir in sour cream.
Serve over hot egg noodles.
Cognac Alexander Pie
1 1/2 cups Oreo wafer crumbs
1/3 cup Melted butter
1 Envelope gelatine unflavored
1/2 cup Water
2/3 cup Sugar
2 Eggs, separated
1/4 cup Cognac
1/4 cup Creme de Cacao
2 cups Whipping cream, whipped
Pre heat oven to 300 degrees. In a bowl mix together
crumbs and butter. Put mixture firmly into the bottom
and sides of a spring form pan. Bake for 15 minutes. In a
saucepan sprinkle gelatine over the water. Stir in 1/3 cup
of sugar, pinch of salt and egg yolks. Blend well. Heat
over low heat stirring constantly until mixture thickens.
Remove from heat and stir in the Cognac and Creme de
Cacao. Chill the mixture. Beat egg whites in a bowl until
stiff peaks form. gradually beat in remaining 1/3 cup of
sugar. Fold egg white mixture into the cool gelatine
mixture. Fold in 1 cup of the whipped cream. Place the
mixture into the prepared crumb crust and chill for at
least 2 hours. Top with remaining whipped cream before
As always, hope you enjoy.
Sue Sanders.
Community Connections
By: Glenda Esguerra
Individuals who want to lose weight
often don't eat immediately after a
This is a big mistake, particularly if
you want to lose some pounds.
Thirty minutes right after exercising is
the perfect time to re-fuel the body. Refueling immediately allows more fatburning and lean-muscle building. By
consuming carbohydrates and proteins,
muscle building and tissue repair will
occur more than stress hormone
If you wait to eat until later, your
body can break down muscles you
already have to use as fuel. Then the
food you eat a little later will most
likely end up only being stored as fat.
So eat as soon as you finish a
For ideas on good snacks with a good
ratio of carbohydrates and proteins,
please call me at:(514) 512-5600
Fifty Shades of Grey
A Review by Carol Wetmore
This is a review of a lurid book that
has a very deceptive title. The only grey
in this book is the name of the male
protagonist, Christopher Grey. A more
apt title would be 50 shades of blinding,
exciting and nauseating psychedelic
I first heard of this book on a talk
show and was curious and then
dismayed and somewhat put off by the
content. However, it was a best seller
and I was curious as to why so many
women and some men were reading
what was promoted as an S and M
porno book. I did not think it was a
book that would appeal to me on any
level, but I am a curious person and
fascinated by human behaviour and, of
course, also excited by the possibility of
reading something that could be kind of
Page 24
October/November 2012
dangerous to my mental health and
maybe a shock to my system.
The main character is obsessed with
and wants to be a dominant male and
wants and seeks out a submissive
female. He does not consider his
behaviour abnormal and he does not
consider it sado-masochistic. It is
merely something he likes to do and he
really does not think there is any harm
done because he requires his submissive
to sign an agreement with many rules,
and there are safety words she can use if
she is in real pain or distress.
The person he has chosen for his
pleasure is unbelievably naïve and a
virgin after graduating from university.
He is unbelievably wealthy, flies his
own helicopter and is a tycoon at 27. He
is also physically very handsome and
can usually have any woman he wants.
He pursues Anastasia Steele, not
knowing she is a virgin. She is not a
mousy or timid person, although she
blushes a lot, which he evidently finds
It would seem at first that she is
going to be a victim and that he is a
despicable, sick individual. I did not
want to read a book like that, being a
feminist and all, but again I was
Well, it was quite a ride and I can’t
say I enjoyed it. The innocent Anastasia
succumbs to his charms and physically
seems to enjoy a lot of sex which is
amazing for someone who was not
interested in sex before. She is surprised
by what she likes and doesn’t and
seems to enjoy giving control over to
Christopher in some ways and resisting
him and not letting him manipulate her
in others.
The author, E L James, writes
extremely well, and the lurid details are
vividly and graphically described in
such a way that some readers may be
very tired and sore just reading about a
day in the life of this couple. Besides
the unbelievably handsome, wealthy
and successful young man and the
incredibly innocent, beautiful young
woman there is an astounding amount
of sex of all kinds.
I admired the writing, which really
was a tour de force for a first novel. It
attracts the readers by the lurid content,
but really it is still a rather predictable
romance between a lonely, troubled
young man looking for what he thinks
is just another person to share his
“hobby” and a young woman who
reluctantly falls in love with someone
she does not approve of or thinks is
healthy for her.
So for regular romance readers who
are bored, this certainly has a lot of
excitement and may even enhance their
own uneventful lives. I am not a
romance reader, nor am I particularly
excited by the lurid details, but I was
afraid of what I would find out about
myself as I read the book. I found out
that I am a very boring individual and
have no desire to spice up my life. It
was exciting enough to read for the first
half but then it became tedious as, quite
frankly, I didn’t really care much about
the main characters and couldn’t
identify much with what they were
feeling or what they were doing
emotionally or physically to each other.
I still think the author was brilliant at
times and very competent in following
the romance genre, plus her descriptions
are very graphic, and so if you are an
average person who wouldn’t be caught
dead reading about sex this could be a
jolt to your system. However, because it
is a bestseller and “everyone is reading
it,” you can satisfy your prurient
appetite guilt free.
If you are sensitive about these
matters stay away from the book. If you
are curious it is quite a satisfying read
and answers some questions you may
have been afraid to ask. I don’t think
anyone could read it and say they were
bored, but I don’t know how many
people could read it and say they
actually enjoyed it. I felt kind of icky
after reading it and so I won’t read the
next two in the trilogy, but if you like
the unusual and have a lusty appetite for
sex, this might be good foreplay if you
have a safe partner or an interesting
substitute if you don’t. As for the
romance, well, it is very competently
written and you may want to continue
and find out what happens to these sex
crossed lovers.
Community Connections
22nd Annual Rocky Holt
Softball Tournament
Page 25
October/November 2012
They played again on Saturday at
both parks but finished early at 5:00
p.m. because of the rain, but those
games were added to the Sunday
Todd, O’neill, Uni-prix, RHC,
Randy and Club Piscine. Division
(2) had 10 teams as follows: Jubba,
Debbie, Gallaher, Les Viandes,
2mopub, Gauthier, Todd M, Ethan,
Adam, and Soccer DM.
The four chief umpires were
Brian Snell, Jamie Macdonald, Jim
Hilaker and myself.
photos by: Gord Wetmore
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
August 10-12, the Rocky Holt
Mixed Softball Committee
organized their 22nd Annual
Tournament at Central and Olympia
Randy Westman swinging for the
fence, strike one
There were numerous great plays all
weekend long in the field and at the
Phil Ramsay pitching. (STRIKE)
What a hit! Where is first base??
Ethan Salmon at bat
The tournament started on the
Friday at both parks at 9:00 p.m.
(My Opinion)
All of our Deux-Montagnes mixed/
slo-pitch softball tournaments have
a “Runs For” format, which means
that the Committee count the runs
for from the related teams tied for
first place, and these runs come
from the same teams that have won
the game but still play the bottom of
There were two divisions totalling
18 teams. Division (1) had eight
teams as follows: Trux, Brandon,
the home team inning and count the
runs for. So, if you win 12-6 and
score 10 runs in the bottom of the
seventh inning, now you won 22-6.
There is no need to play the bottom
of the inning; your runs for is 12, so
what is the reasoning behind that.
What you have done is embarrassed
the losing team and ruined the
game. What they should do is, if
there is a tie between two teams
with identical won/lost/tied records,
simply count the runs for. If the
teams are still tied, then check the
Let’s hope you can hit this pitch.
The finalists from Division (1)
were Trux and Uni-Prix, with Trux
winning. Division (2) had Jubba vs
Soccer DM, with Jubba winning.
The real winner was the MUHC
(McGill University Health Center),
as approximately $8000 was raised
for cancer research.
Many thanks go to the sponsors,
volunteers, umpires and the players.
A huge thank you to the Rocky Holt
Committee of Steve Hodge, Terry
Zwicker, Diane Lavallee, Donna
Lavallee, Carolyn Michaud, Robert
Michaud and the co-ordinator,
Margie Lavallee. Congratulations to
you all and see you all next year.
record between the teams in
question if they played each other.
If that still is a tie, you calculate the
runs against. Then you will have
the true champion and nobody has
been embarrassed, no compliants,
and teams will always want to play
in the tournaments. Remember
these tournaments are for charity,
so there is no need to run up the
score. That's my opinion.
W h a t ' s
y o u r s ?
[email protected]
Community Connections
Heritage Club Softball
Photos: Paul Goyetche
On Saturday, August 25, the
Heritage Social Club organized their
third annual mixed softball
tournament at Olympia Park in Deux
-Montagnes with eight teams
With great weather all day, the
beverage sales went well.
Many great games were played
which featured great defensive
plays. The last game of the day had
the host Heritage team vs the St.
Anne Veterans Hospital team. It was
a terrific game.
St.Annes Veterans Hospital Team
Mike Neville with the winner
of the Leo Broderick award
Line Savard
Page 26
The two teams played to a 2-2 tie
enabling St. Anne's to claim the
championship with a 2-0-1 record.
The real champions were our
veterans who fought for us, as
approximately $4000 was raised for
the hospital,
Many thanks go to the sponsors,
Heritage Club volunteers, umpires
and players, and a special thanks to
the co-ordinator, Mike Neville.
Congratulations to all for a job well
done. See you all next year.
Eddy Ewenson Memorial
Golf Tournament
October/November 2012
Laurin Liu
Cont’d from p. 7
The loss of these programs is
nothing short of a disaster for
science in Canada.
I would add that the loss of
these programs is also nothing
short of a disaster for
democracy and a disaster for
C a n a d a ’s i n t e r n a t i o n a l
scientific reputation. And every
time we see the Amundsen on
the new Canadian $50 bank
note, it will be a reminder that
Conservatives are willing to
talk the talk when it comes to
standing up for Canadian
interests, but not walk the
Laurin Liu is the Member of
Parliament for Rivière-des-MilleÎles and the deputy critic for science
and technology in Thomas Mulcair’s
NDP shadow cabinet.
Just before the heavens opened
up on the Eddy Ewenson
Memorial Golf Tournament
September 8 to aid the 4Korners
Family Resource Center, this
quartet paused for a picture.
From left to right are Peter
Andreozzi and Rola Helou of the
4K, Frank Siklay, and the
President of the CSSS Lac de
Deux Montagnes, Antonio
Please contact me at:
Ottawa: Rm 784, Confederation
Building, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6,
Tel.: 613-992-7330
Constituency: 172 St. Louis Street, St.
Eustache, Quebec J7R 1Y7
Tel.: 450-473-4864 Fax: 450-473-9043
Email: [email protected].ca
Community Connections
Church Mouse
Cont’t from p.15
370 5th Ave,
Deux Montagnes.
The fall season is now upon us and
with the change of season comes a
beautiful array of colours we call fall
foliage which is in full bloom. There are
many reasons to be thankful not only in
October but throughout the year and
one reason is to consider the beauty of
the Lord’s creation. Indeed as we
consider the work of His fingers should
our response not be the same as that of
the Psalmist who declared so long ago
“O Lord our Lord how excellent is
Your name in all the earth” Psalm 8:9.
Sunday service: 11am
Sunday school for children: 11am
Special evening of music and testimony
Tuesday October 23 at 7:00p.m with
the Josties Family
All are invited
Page 27
October/November 2012
Oct. 14th, during our regular service .
Pets must be leashed.
We are planning another Book
Fair but no date has yet to be
Our popular Pub Quiz will return
Saturday 3 November at
7pm....$10.00 admission, hosted by
Mr. Casey Ryan.
The Christmas Bazaar is scheduled
for Saturday Nov 10 from 10am to
Our Service of Remembrance will
take place on Sunday 11 November
at 9:30am...with AEternel
Ministries. For information please
call 450-621-6466.
on Saturday, November 17th from
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
200 Grande Cote.
Ste.Therese United,
24 rue Saint-Charles.
Kanesatake United,
209 rue des Anges,
Information for all
328 Pine St. ROSEMERE
[email protected]
Sunday services at 9:30 am
The St. James Drop in Centre is
now open. Winston & Becky Fraser
welcome you every Wednesday
from 10am to 2pm.
The annual Pet Blessing
Ceremony will be held on Sunday,
Services in October and November
- follow the three churches' regular
On the first Sunday of each month,
Communion is celebrated in each
November 11th, at 2:00 p.m., the
Town of Rosemere Remembrance
Day Service will be held in the
Community Centre lower hall.
Rosemere Memorial Church will
be holding a Christmas Bazaar in the
lower hall of the Community Centre
Dec 1 st Christmas Bazaar at
Kanesatake United, on the street to the
right, where you catch the ferry to
Cont’d from p.21
fun, food, and beverages. The winner
of the tournament was St. Anne’s
Veterans’ Hospital
team, and the
proceeds of the tournament will be
turned over to the Hospital. Thanks to
all the volunteers, and sponsors who
donated so many gifts.
September 19 – 3rd Wednesday of the
month – Bingo started at 1:00 pm, at
12:30 a lunch is available for the hunger
players, our bingo last year was well
attended and we look forward to
another great year.
September 26 – Registration for the
Senior Program took place at the club.
Frther information is available from
Darlene Gargul. Two Exercise classes,
pottery, wacky Wednesday are a few
things that will be going on.
Also beginning in September we have a
Monday Night Dart League, organized
by Dave Byers. If you are interested to
play, drop over to the club by 7:00 pm.
You can either spare or maybe join as a
regular player.
Line Dancing will take place on
Wednesday nights. For further
information contact Christine at 514827-1361
We are planning a Halloween Dance on
October 27. A poster will be out to
advertise this event.
Also in the plans is our Annual Grey
Cup Party – November 25.. As always
we will have some great food on sale.
Keep in mind December 31 – New
Year’s Eve at the Club.
Should you like to drop in to the Club
we are open every Thursday, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 pm.
On a closing note renewal of
Memberships will be due as of October
1, 2012. Take care and we hope to see
you at the Club.
Community Connections
Page 28
October/November 2012
Community Connections
Page 29
October/November 2012
Community Connections
Carol Wetmore, Oct 1
Andrew and Alex Green, Oct 14
Gord Wetmore, Oct 16
David Green, Oct 22
Phil Glover, Oct 24
Kennedy Family Birthdays
Darren, Nov. 6
Nathan, Nov. 15
Ryan, Nov. 28
Laura, Nov. 29
Passed away August
17, 2012
At The St. Eustache
In her 86th year.
Joan had been a
resident of Deux
Montagnes for over 50 years.
A special thanks to all the friends
and neighbours who came to
celebrate her lifenon August 23.
Arthur Ryder
Passed away on
July19, 2012 after
a long illness in
Dalhousie, New
Brunswick. He is
survived by Marie
-Rose, his wife of
62 years and his children: Arthur
Ryder and his wife Sandra, who live
in Kingston, On,
Marie Ryder and Mario, who live in
Deux-Montagnes, Derrick Ryder
Page 30
October/November 2012
and his wife Louise, who live in
Deux-Montagnes, Presilla Benard
and her husband Ghislain, who live
in Chateauguay, Darleen Ryder, who
lives in Rawdon, and Owen Ryder
and his wife Nancy, who live in
Arthur Ryder was an accomplished
engineer who supervised many
projects in Montreal, which included
Expo ‘67 Village, metro lines, and
other prominent buildings which are
still around today. He was a Lion
between 1970 and1980 in Rosemere
-St. Rose. He held every office in
the Lions club. When he moved to
New Mills, NB, he made keels for
boats for a while. He spent his
remaining years in retirement living
in the country where he enjoyed the
outdoors, and sitting on the porch
with his dogs. The Lions will be
giving a donation to prostate cancer
research in his name.
The items for sale are hand made
crafts, paintings, home baking,
jewellery. There will be a tea room
and raffle.
Gilles St-Marseille
Rhoda Robertson
Jack Zinn
Roger Summers.
Women’s Time Out Craft Fair
Saturday: November 17, 2012
Veterans` Hall
141, Grand Moulin
For information call Gertrude at
Legion softball tournament
On Saturday, September 8, the
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 185
held a mixed slo-pitch softball
tournament at Olympia Park in Deux
Montagnes. Six teams participated:
Legion 185, Pub Deux-Montagnes,
Rocky Holt Committee, Shields
Company, Baby Expos and Rick
Debonis DM/Laval.
Many great defensive and offensive
plays were performed by all of the
teams. We had a mixture of ages from
20 to 65 years young participating,
which made for a good softball
atmosphere. We had grandmothers and
grandfathers, mothers and fathers,
daughters and sons and friends playing
for our veterans.
The weather held up until almost
4:00 p.m. but the final between Baby
Expos and Rick Debonis DM/Laval
was delayed and then postponed due to
the rain, with the baby Expos leading in
the top of the third.
The real winners were our veterans, and
that's why we play, as approximately
$2000 was raised for them.
amount will be donated to the St.
Anne’s Veterans Hospital.
Thanks goes out to the Legion
Branch 185, volunteers, umpires,
players and co-ordinators Rollie and
Ross. Good job - see you all next
This publication (Community Connections) is made possible by a grant from: Fonds Régional de
Promotion de l’accessibilité aux Services de Santé et Aux Services Sociaux en la Langue Anglaise (CRASLA)
and our proud sponsors.
Community Connections
Page 31
October/November 2012
Dear Editor,
Your August September
issue has just reached
me through the good
offices of Marge McCord
in Rosemere.
As always, I enjoy reading about
the activities of the Anglo
element living on the banks of
our beautiful, albeit presently
very low Rivière des Milles Îles,
such as the article by Amanda
Kane and Kalina Mitchell, about
their 10-day European trip.
It must be very difficult to write
such a short article about all the
wonders of Europe that they got
to see, I'm sure they could have
written a book about it.
It would, however, be very useful
if someone, maybe one of the
tour leaders, had checked the
article before it went to press, it
would have made a good job
Only 2 little booboos: 1. They got
Venice mixed up with Vienna.
The latter is more than 400km
east of Innsbruck. The picture
does show Venice in Italy, it is
certainly not 'Classic Vienna' in
2. The mountain near Lucerne,
Mount Pilatus, is over 2000
meters high, the elevation at the
top gondola station could be
1919 meters, certainly not feet!
I hope you don't mind my nitpicking,
Helmut Hausknost
proof reader, I apologize to Amanda
and Kalina and to our readers. The
Community Connections appreciates
your calling our attention to our
oversights here.
Gordon Wetmore
Editors reply
Dear Mr. Hausknost
Thank you for
your letter regarding
the “A Trip of a
Lifetime” article. We
agree with you that
the girls wrote a
wonderful description
of the students’ eyeand mind-opening
European tour. The
mislabelling of the
photograph was not
their fault in any way,
and the “feet” for
“meters” was a proof
reader’s miss. As the
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