Top 5 Apps for Pharmacy Technicians!


Top 5 Apps for Pharmacy Technicians!
J ul y/ Au g 2014
TECHS………………………..… 1
MOVIES ………………….. 2
RESUME TERMS ……….... 4
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Top 5 Apps for Pharmacy Technicians!
Certification Board
Exam Prep
Pharmacy Tech
Drug Guide &
Pill Identifier
Fun Family Happenings in Bridgeport!
Park City Movie Nights presents FREE movies and popcorn at the Baldwin Plaza in
downtown Bridgeport. Bring lawn chairs and blankets, and enjoy the show.
The Butler
—August 22nd @ 8:00pm
Hunger Games: Catching Fire
—August 29th @ 7:30pm
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Stacks of Summer Reading
Books on Resiliency to Bring to the Beach
Resilience: Discovering a New
Strength at Times of Stress
by Frederic Flach, M.D.
Fearless at Work
by Michael Carroll
Resilience: Why Things
Bounce Back by Andrew Zolli
by Alonzo Mourning
The Resilience Factor
by Karen Reivich, Ph.D.
and Andrew Shatte, Ph.D.
Feel free to stop by Morgan’s office to
check out one of these awesome reads!
Beacon Hall, Room 338
Blockbuster Bounce Back
If you haven’t seen this 2006 drama yet, check it
out! It’s an oldie but a goodie and demonstrates
what true resiliency looks like.
Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, co-star in
this biographical film based on Chris Gardner’s
real-life experience with homelessness.
Nursing Assistants on the Web
CNAs Empowering CNAs
Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts
An excerpt by Patti on March 11, 2012 in Advice for CNA's
You want to dress conservatively —you’re trying to sell YOURSELF so it’s very important to get
this right. You want to give a good first impression. You should dress neatly and appropriately:
No jeans and tee shirts; no short skirts and skimpy tank tops; underclothing mandatory
No open toed sandals or sneakers or Crocs
Limited jewelry and other accessories
Clean, wrinkle free clothing
Hair pulled up and kept out of your face
Fingernails neat, trimmed and CLEAN
While a suit is not called for in interviews for CNA work, a pair of black slacks and a blouse
would be appropriate. A really nice pair of black or dark blue jeans might be alright if they are
paired with a shirt that is buttoned and well fitting. Stay away from low waist-style pants; stay
away from dark colored underclothing as well. If possible, underclothes should not be visible to
anyone. There is no other way to put it: wrinkles are equated with laziness. Iron your interview
Clean shoes that compliment the outfit and fit well are always good choices. I advice against
wearing those Crocs to interviews; they are comfortable to wear at work but entirely not professional for seeking work. Sneakers are not recommended for job seeking activities of any sort.
The wearing of jewelry is a matter of personal preference. It’s a choice we all make. Other than
wedding bands, most of us can go without wearing most other pieces. Keep in mind a simple
bracelet and necklace are fine; stud earrings too…but ditch the spike pendants and eyebrow and
nose rings. Take them out. They serve to distract people and this is the last thing you want during
an interview. Also, remember that the work CNA’s do often leads to situations where jewelry can
get lost or damaged (along with the earlobe or nose).
Fingernails are what patents see first —trust me. So do interviewers. You want neat, trim nails
that are CLEAN. You don’t want polished, glossy shiny nails. You don’t want acrylic nails either.
Okay you might want them, but infection control experts tell us germs love the long fake nails.
Resiliency Blog...
Follow our blog on personal resiliency!
Check out the latest posts:
“Thankfulness & Gratitude” and
“A Snapshot of Happiness”
Hiring Managers Rank the Best and Worst Resume Terms
The Best Résumé Terms:
The following are terms
employers like best:
1. Achieved: 52%
2. Improved: 48%
3. Trained/mentored: 47%
4. Managed: 44%
5. Created: 43%
The Worst Résumé Terms:
The following are terms
employers like least:
1. Best of breed: 38%
2. Go-getter: 27%
3. Think outside of the box: 26%
4. Synergy: 22%
5. Go-to person: 22%
6. Thought leadership: 16%
6. Resolved: 40%
7. Volunteered: 35%
8. Influenced: 29%
9. Increased/decreased: 28%
10. Ideas: 27%
11. Negotiated: 25%
12. Launched: 24%
13. Revenue/Profits: 23%
14. Under budget: 16%
15. Won: 13%
7. Value add: 16%
8. Results-driven: 16%
9. Team player: 15%
10. Bottom-line: 14%
11. Hard worker: 13%
12. Strategic thinker: 12%
13. Dynamic: 12%
14. Self-motivated: 12%
15. Detail-oriented: 11%
16. Proactively: 11%
17. Track record: 10%
The national survey was conducted
online by Harris Poll on behalf
of CareerBuilder from November 6 to
December 2, 2013, and included a
representative sample of 2,201 hiring
managers and human resource
professionals across industries and
company sizes.
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Housatonic Community College
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Most professional associations offer an online Career Center
with access to the latest job openings in your area. Interact with
employers, post your resume, and sign up for job alerts.
 American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT)
 National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA)
 American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
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