Eden Pure Heater


Eden Pure Heater
Bob Vila: America’s Favorite
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EdenFLOW™ is a patented technology that uses
Sylvania infrared heating elements to heat
3 copper exchangers that gently warm the air
without burning out oxygen & humidity... the
result is an extremely energy-efficient process
that produces healthy, soft, penetrating heat –
while using less energy – saving you money!
infrared heating elements
Your furnace heats the whole house – even
though you may only be “living” in just a few
rooms this winter. Result: you channel warmth
to unoccupied rooms – and that costs you
money. Today, it pays to be smarter. And
EdenPURE® helps you do it.
5 Year
Here’s how:
The EdenFLOW ™ system provides more uniform
warmth and complete zone coverage than
traditional space heaters.
Thermal Image Test
Get an EdenPURE® heater, close the duct vents
and doors leading to the unused rooms, and
dial down your furnace... even as low as 50
degrees! That saves money right away. An
EdenPURE® heater helps you save even more
by heating the objects in a room. They absorb
the warmth and act like a heat bank.
Bottom line: You spend a lot less money!
The Original
Made In
Heats up to
sq. ft.
USA1000 U.S. Patents Pending
Foreign Patents Pending
Thermal image of typical space
heater limited coverage
Save Money
• Uses less energy than other heat sources
• Heats evenly, wall-to-wall & floor-to-ceiling
• Only heat the rooms you actually use
Safe & Healthy
Thermal image of EdenFLOW ™
complete coverage.
• No carbon monoxide produced – maintain healthy air
• No exposed heating elements that could cause a fire
• Cozy warmth through unique copper heat exchangers
“We started saving
money right away...
“Lower Your
Thermostat and
Save Money...”
Trust America’s Favorite
Home Improvement Expert
the difference
was amazing”
The perfect heater
Bob Vila
Heat Only The
Rooms You Use
No exposed heating elements
Strong &
Evenly heats up to
Metal cabinet
for longer life
1,000 sq. ft.
(approximately 5,000 BTU)
Easy Operation
Don’t waste money heating
unoccupied rooms –
the efficient EdenPURE® Heater
costs less to operate
Plus, it’s
Safe & Healthy
Cool to the touch – safe around children & pets
No carbon monoxide is produced
No exposed heating elements that
could cause a fire
User-friendly front panel
push-button controls
Energy Saving
Precise electronic
thermostat reduces
energy consumption
Easy Mobility
Ultra Reliability
IR remote control included
Infrared bulbs (20,000 hrs.)
Recessed casters make
moving unit a snap
Made In