TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION: Energy-saving electric heater of


TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION: Energy-saving electric heater of
Energy-saving electric heater of negative pressure steam
"Konstruktor 2014" LLP
Background and unmet need
One of the topical areas of heating systems is the use of high-tech, low power consuming,
energy-efficient heating systems with high economic effect. Heating of remote objects is
accompanied by significant losses since the heat have to travel long distances, in some cases, the
connection of the objects to central heating is not possible due to technical problems or significant
material costs for installation of pipelines. In these cases, various heat sources such as heaters are
widely used for heating residential and industrial premises and can be used as an alternative source
of heat for high-rise buildings, or buildings that are not possible to supply centralized heating. This
type of heating is environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful emissions, such as boiler
units running on coal. One solution to this problem is the use of a highly reliable energy-saving
electric heater capable of producing comfortable heat, a fundamentally new design and has no
Description of technology
Heater is structurally similar to oil-fired radiator, but with the same electrical power it spends
4 times less time heating to a temperature of 80 C and it weighs 3 times less than analogues. Heater
consists of separate tubular heater with power ribs of 50 - 60 watts, whereby the total power can
be virtually unlimited. Heater comply with all regulations and requirements of GOST 31311-2005
pp 5.2,5.9 Republic of Kazakhstan. The main technical data are given in innovative patents RK
№27946; №28148.
To improve the efficiency of heater it is equipped with internal and external temperature
sensors connected to the semiconductor thermostat. This constructive solution allows you to
control the temperature of heating the working surfaces of the heater external and internal thermal
parameters and provides an economical mode of operation.
Advantages / useful properties
Design of the heater provides a zero probability of wear and tear of the hydraulic system and
the occurrence of leakage; defrost; airing, corrosion and clogging of the flow; no moving or
rotating parts, the circulating pump. The exemplary life of the electric heater is about 20 years.
Heater is fully automatic with a system of "climate control". Heater creates a comfortable warmth,
easy installation and operation as compared to conventional systems of heating. Comparison with
existing analogues heater has a high efficiency of more than 90% relative to air heaters and (40%)
to electric heaters and to oil heaters (60-70%).
Market potential / application:
The proposed project is competitive and has no analogues in Kazakhstan. There is the
possibility to supply high-tech products to foreign markets, reduction of technological dependence
of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the implementation of programs of import substitution and local
content in the energy sector, increasing international authority of Kazakhstan in the field of unique
high-end technologies.
The main consumers of heater are companies engaged in civil construction in areas where it
is difficult or impossible to conduct a central heating as well as private individuals. Autonomous
heating system of buildings and structures settlements, high-rise buildings, private homes, as well
as remote building away from the heating plants, garages, private homes, small businesses and
Stage of development:
Fully completed the entire volume of R & D carried out a series of field tests of the laboratory
sample, the conditions for carrying out works on the concept of justification and training
development to commercialization (R & D results published in scientific journals of Kazakhstan,
received two innovative patent RK).
Status of intellectual property protection:
Received the following documents of title:
1. Notwithstanding mobile operating electric heater Innovative patent the Republic of
Kazakhstan, publ. 21.01.14, № 28148
2. Radiator. Innovative patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan, publ. 18.12.13, № 27938
Opportunities for cooperation:
Company "Konstruktor 2014" examines the options for cooperation in the field of
autonomous heating, utilities, development of energy-saving energy, as well as the possibility of
import of heating radiators in the country.
Project manager
Almas Bakbergenov
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