Saints` 2013 Annual Report


Saints` 2013 Annual Report
2 | 2013 Annual Report
Annual Meeting - January 26, 2014
• Call to Order
• Invocation
• Appointment of the Meeting Clerk
• Minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting
• Vestry Nominating Committee Report
• Vestry Election
• Financial Report
• The Rev. Steve Huber – State of the Parish
• Adjournment
All Saints’ Parish
2013 Annual Report | 3
Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting
January 27, 2013
The annual meeting of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
was called to order at 12:32 p.m. by senior warden Robert Barna.
There were over 120 people present. The Rector Steve Huber led
the opening prayer. Carol Potter was nominated and elected clerk
for the meeting. The Annual Report, including last year’s minutes,
was distributed and the minutes were approved.
Joe Becci, co-chair of the Vestry Nominating Committee and committee member Karen Smits, presented the new vestry nominees:
Colleen Dodson-Baker, Brian Ide and Steve Fleenor (who just completed a year filling out another vestry member’s term). Pam Morrow and Gary Roberts, who are leaving the vestry, were thanked for
their service and presented with a gift of appreciation. Nominating
committee members Josh Paget, Jacque Hom and Nan Williams
were also present and thanked.
Peter White, chair of the Finance Committee, gave his report. All
Saints’ is changing from a cash system, which attributes income and
expenses as they come in or are spent, to an accrual system, which
allocates them to the year and month for which they are intended.
This has resulted in a shortfall for 2012, which would have been addressed by pledges for 2013 paid in December, but in future years all
pledges will be counted for the pledge year, no matter when they are
paid. Other expenses have been re-categorized, which accounts for
some of the budgetary discrepancies from 2012 to 2013.
The focus has been working to live within our means, stabilizing our
finances and then looking for how to support growth. The projected
increase in pledged income accounts only for inflation and doesn’t
represent any real growth. Additional expenditures in building and
grounds are meant to address several leaks, and we are developing
a funding mechanism to anticipate large maintenance expenditures
so that they don’t have to be addressed in the yearly budget. The
financial report was approved unanimously.
The Rector Steve Huber reported on the state of the parish. “The
Holy Spirit is alive and vibrant in this place,” and pointed to the
lengthy list of volunteers that was included this year in the Annual
Report. He noted that our former presiding bishop, Frank Gris-
wold, was very moved by his visit here, and called All Saints’ “the
Episcopal Church at its best.” Though we face challenges, they are
also doorways into great opportunities. Stewardship will be expanding as a ministry, and will be exploring other sources of income,
although pledges will continue to be the core of our support; financial support is part of membership in this community.
We are fortunate to have both traditional and contemporary services, and these times when the community gathers need to continue being vibrant and alive. We recognize the challenges posed by
the change in schedule: little interplay between the congregations
at different services, and severe parking challenges, especially for the
11:15 service.
Finding a new priest who will be responsible for liturgy, fellowship
ministries and reinvigorating our small groups, is a top priority, and
the Rector hopes to have someone in place by June. He also went
through the restructuring of staff responsibilities. Glynis Horton
has “hit the ground running” taking over the bulk of Sam Williamson’s responsibilities as Parish Administrator. Debbie Gauer will
now be overseeing our program life, as well as the Mercy and Justice
ministries. Andy Carmichael has been hired as a part time communications consultant, and Debbie Winchell will be handling the
front office, new member integration and the Wednesday night formation program also on a part-time basis. Karlyn Johnson-Brown
has expanded duties as the Director of Family Ministries, and will be
working closely with Christal Ellis to unify the Children’s and Family programs. We said goodbye to Sam Williamson and Les Farris,
and welcomed our new controller Joan Manning.
Several questions addressed priorities for growth, which include
finding an assistant for Craig and expanding both Family and Small
Group ministries. There were also expressions of unhappiness about
the change in service times, and a plea was made to bring back the
book sale, as an opportunity for community gathering.
Steve also talked about the Parish Survey and encouraged everyone
to respond. The results will be discussed at the Vestry retreat in February, and then communicated to the Parish.
Steve then acknowledged the contributions of Barry Taylor, and
of David Miller and David Norgard who with Maryetta have been
helping out on Sundays.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:38 p.m.
The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
4 | 2013 Annual Report
The State of the Parish
The Rev. Steve Huber, Rector
I think when we look back over this new era at All Saints’, 2013 will
be seen as a defining year. The traditional measure of a church’s progress is how many people show up on Sunday morning. I’m glad to
tell you that attendance at all three services is up over the last two
years. But today, being the church that Jesus calls us to be is about
much more than Sunday mornings and I think we made some great
strides in 2013 in expanding several ministry areas, in overall parishioner engagement and in equipping ourselves for the future.
In February, we held a Vestry and Staff Retreat. One of the main
action items to come out of it was to cast a defining vision for All
Saints’. There was a feeling that as the church enters a new life stage
we need to take stock of who we are, what we stand for and how
we define ourselves. As you know, that priority was quickly acted
upon and the defining statement has been up on the website, in each
Sunday’s bulletin and very much part of our conversations here since
What we didn’t expect was that two newly minted vestry members
would use their creative skills to further define our church in an incredibly entertaining and quintessentially Los Angeles way. Brian
Ide and Colleen Dodson-Baker made a movie! Well, actually they
made a short video with help from lots of talented parishioners,
most especially editor Eric Jacobson. I can’t think of a better way to
communicate what we’re all about than ‘This is All Saints’!
I’m convinced that if there were an Oscar for best church video,
‘This is All Saints’!’ would win it by a landslide!
An expression that we’ve heard a lot this year is “I LOVE All
Saints’!” It seemed to reach a whole new level in May when - completely out of the blue – we received a matching gift of $100,000. It
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All Saints’ Parish
2013 Annual Report | 5
“We have much work to do in 2014 and I believe we are
well positioned to continue to grow in response to God’s
call and purpose for All Saints’ Beverly Hills.”
came from a parishioner, who was so grateful for All Saints’ that she
wanted to make this gift to the place she loves in the hope that other
parishioners would be similarly moved to demonstrate generosity. It
certainly worked. Within six weeks, we received over $138,000 in
new and increased pledges and individual gifts.
May was also the month of ‘Experience All Saints’!’ We created a
fuller-than-usual calendar of events, many of them centered around
Pentecost. We encouraged parishioners to invite friends to experience All Saints’ and suggested they may experience All Saints’ anew
by stepping out and doing something different. It was widely promoted, especially via social media, and we offered an opportunity
for people to take videos with their smart phones and upload them
to the All Saints’ YouTube page. In June, several members of the
11:15 Contemporary Service congregation organized a Friendraiser, a wonderful Saturday evening summer party with music by Barry
and the 11:15 band. This summer also saw the launch of Ethos, All
Saints’ quarterly journal of ‘faith, culture and living intentionally’.
2013 was notable for major events among the staff. In April, we celebrated Craig Phillips’ 25 years of service to this parish as Organist, Director of Music and Composer in Residence. The concert of
Craig’s marvelous music and the numerous accolades from visiting
guests provided another reminder that All Saints’ is truly blessed to
have Dr. Craig Phillips, who is widely acknowledged as one of today’s leading composers in church music.
In July, we welcomed our new Associate Rector, Allison English. As
the person who works most closely with Allison, I can report that we
made a very good decision! In an extremely busy first six months, she
has seamlessly and sensitively taken charge of the Worship, Life Care
and Fellowship ministries. She has revitalized the 20s/30s group
and is working on the Women’s Ministry. Allison has also taught
several Dinner Series sessions; she has introduced a well-attended
class called ‘Encountering Christ Through Mystical Prayer’ in that
challenging Sunday evening time slot and is currently leading a Centering Prayer class on Thursday mornings.
I’m pleased to announce that we have contracted with parishioner
Jason Franklin, a very talented graphic designer. Jason replaces Steve
Williams, who for the last five years has produced all printed materials at All Saints’. We are already seeing evidence of Jason’s design
skills and are delighted to have him on-site three days a week.
At this meeting we say goodbye to three vestry members whose
terms expire, Robert Barna, Kerrin Clark Pulis and Jennifer Fain. I
sincerely thank them all for their faithful service and their love for
this parish. I want to say a special word of gratitude and indebtedness to our out-going senior warden Robert Barna. He has been tireless in his work on behalf of the health and wellbeing of this parish
over the past two years and in his support of me. At its best the Senior Warden and the Rector should have a close trusted partnership
where the Rector can count on wise counsel with nothing being held
back and that is just the role Robert has so generously provided. And
in the process he has become a friend I will treasure forever. Thank
you Robert!
We have much work to do in 2014 and I believe we are well positioned to continue to grow in response to God’s call and purpose for
All Saints’ Beverly Hills.
It is a great blessing to serve as your rector.
The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
6 | 2013 Annual Report
Adult Formation
Worship life at All Saints’ continues to be
dignified, vibrant, and rich with meaning.
Our Sunday mornings offer a variety of
services, with a contemplative Said Eucharist at 8:00 a.m., Choral Eucharist at 10:00
a.m., and Contemporary Eucharist at 11:15
a.m. each week. The 11:15 Contemporary
Service outgrew the All Saints’ Chapel and
on Pentecost Sunday moved into the main
church, its new home. There are regularly
scheduled Taizé and Evensong services, as
well as special Advent and Christmas Lessons and Carols. During the week, clergy,
staff, and volunteer lay people led regular
liturgies, including prayer at the Monday
Meal, Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer,
and Wednesday Evening Eucharist. In November, adult and youth Acolytes received
training and reviewed a new customary.
Over ten new adults and youth joined our
Acolyte Ministry.
Our popular mid-week Dinner Series continued to offer a varied menu of topics. In
the first part of the year we covered The
Gospel of John, Exploring Christianity, A
Lenten Journey into the Passion of Christ
and The Book of Acts. Following this, the
centrality of food in our lives was a recurring theme. In June, we explored new ways
to meet our challenge to ‘feed the hungry’
through a series entitled Guerilla Gardening: Changing the World Through Food.
Food, Inc., the acclaimed documentary, anchored our summer series called ‘Eat Like a
Saint’ and then in September, we discussed
how bread becomes communion – from Babette’s Feast to the Last Supper in Welcome
to the Table. As the year drew to a close, our
creativity was challenged by a series entitled
Ideas That Will Change Your Life.
2013 was another great year of music making at All Saints’!
In late October, over forty lay worship ministers gathered for a Worship Workshop, led
by Allison English, to gain deeper insight
into the principles, history, and theology of
These gatherings are – very intentionally –
based around dinner. It’s a central part of the
learning process: community, conversation
and engagement with life.
In April we celebrated the 25th anniversary
of Craig Phillips ministry at All Saints’. The
concert featured All Saints’ Choir, Parish
Choir, and Senior Choristers with the Modern Brass, in choral and instrumental works
by Dr. Phillips. Some very special guests
joined us for the occasion, including former
Directors of Music, Thomas Foster and Dale
Adelmann, and former Rector, Rev. Carol
We continued with our series of special evening services, including Evensongs, Advent
and Christmas Lessons and Carols, and services in the style of Taizé, which are spread
throughout the liturgical year.
Our concerts series, under the umbrella of
All Saints’ Music Guild, continued to thrive
with four chamber music concerts as well as
the Spring Concert, as part of our outreachto the greater Los Angeles musical community.
With sadness, we said farewell to Dr. Richard Marlow, who passed away in the spring.
Dr. Marlow, the former Director of Music at
Trinity College, Cambridge, had become a
great friend of All Saints’, and came to work
with and conduct the choirs on several occasions, beginning in 2009. He will be greatly
missed by all of us who knew and admired
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All Saints’ Parish
2013 Annual Report | 7
As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as
good stewards of God’s varied grace.
All Saints’ continued to bring God’s Love
alive in the world through its outreach effort
in 2013. The Monday Meal for homeless
and low-income guests completed its 21st
year of operation, serving an average of 140
meals each Monday. The Honduras Medical
Mission team traveled to Honduras for the
14th year, providing medical care to 1,200
men, women and children. Once again,
children were reunited with their mothers
in prison through Get on the Bus in May,
and we are proud to say that our first Imagine LA family graduated from the program
this year, stronger and more prepared to live
lives of possibility. We will begin working
with our next family in early 2014. Our Gay
& Lesbian Ministry launched a monthly
brunch program for homeless and runaway
teens at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian
Center, providing nourishment, hope and
support to scores of at-risk youth. And, we
ended the year, as we have for the last thirty years, by making Christmas possible for
children of incarcerated parents through
Project Angel Tree.
20s/30s Ministry at All Saints’ is experiencing revitalization. There were several
Saturday afternoon BBQs, bringing together parishioners in their 20s and 30s in a fun,
social setting. In September, we started
CrossBrew, a twice-monthly gathering over
appetizers and drinks, to explore various
ways to engage with Holy Scripture. This
ministry is a joint venture with First United
Methodist Church in Santa Monica. More
and more newcomers to All Saints’ are finding CrossBrew to be a low-key and fun way
to engage with other adults in their 20s and
Women’s Ministry - The Women’s
Ministry entered a season of discernment
and renewal this fall. This culminated in
a Saturday morning gathering with Bishop
Bruno’s wife, Mary, who joined the parish to
share her own journey of discernment and
development of her passions. The Women’s
Ministry plans to offer a “menu of options”
for the engagement of All Saints’ women in
2014, including an ongoing Bible study, day
retreat, and mom’s group.
Life Care
Life Care at All Saints’ provides pastoral
care and outreach to parishioners in need
of prayer and care throughout the course of
life and in the midst of significant life transitions. The Pastoral Care Team, consisting
of clergy and lay volunteer leaders, meet
weekly to review the prayer concerns and
pastoral needs of parishioners. This team
coordinates the need for visits, phone calls,
Meals Ministry, prayers, and pastoral outreach in our community of faith. Associate
Rector Allison English has begun to extend
Life Care and the scope of its ministries to
include new ministries, including a parking
ministry and spiritual care component.
Sages – The Sages Ministry continues to
meet on the second and fourth Thursdays
of the month for a fun afternoon of fellowship, terrific entertainment, great food and
an occasional field trip. No wonder we’ve
attracted many new members. Don’t wait
until you retire to check us out – everyone
is welcome!
Ministry – In January, The
Men’s Ministry hosted a parish-wide event
entitled ‘Understanding the Adolescent
in Your Life’. The speaker was former All
Saints’ rector, Rev. Greg Richards, and his
insightful presentation generated much
enthusiastic feedback for both content and
the topic of adolescence. This prompted the
Steering Committee to invite parishioner
and UCLA professor, Andrew Fuligni to
be our next speaker. In mid-October Andrew spoke on ‘Preparing for Adolescence
– What to Expect as Kids Progress Though
the Teenage Years’. Again, the response was
very positive. However, attendance was
disappointing and one of the initiatives for
2014 is a concerted effort to expand involvement among younger parishioners - particularly young fathers. We also plan to launch a
new initiative to support Brother’s Helpers,
an all-volunteer non-profit group that provides about 350 dinners a day to the needy
and homeless in Downtown Los Angeles.
On the fourth Sunday of each month we
will host a table on the patio in partnership
with Five Loaves and Two Fish selling bakery products from Homeboy Bakery and
other gift items. 100% of the sales money
will be donated to Brother’s Helpers.
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The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
8 | 2013 Annual Report
Family, Youth and Children’s Ministries
Parish Administration
In 2013, the Family Ministries team worked to help build God’s
kingdom by pointing out the sacred in the midst of adolescence,
wonder in the midst of play and a stronghold in the midst of
our busy lives. We offered the following Sunday programs: Tiny
Church for babies and toddlers, Explorers using the Godly Play
curriculum, The NEST (Next Exciting Steps for Tweens) and
The CAST (Community of All Saints’ Teens), both using the
Seasons of the Spirit curriculum.
Facilities - German Interiano, our Prop-
There were workshops for parents, pastoral care for families and
outings, overnights and mission experiences for our young people, in addition to outreach and fellowship opportunities for the
parish including the Pancake Supper, the first ever on-site Get on
the Bus Bear Building Project, the first annual St. Nicholas Food
Drive, Mother’s and Father’s Day photo booths, Easter treats for
our children and the ever-loved Christmas Eve Nativity Pageant.
We led our ministry with the help of 35 volunteer teachers, doorkeepers, youth leaders and facilitators. We celebrated 40 baptisms, helped form 60 children each week, shared our tween and
teen communities with 30 young people, sent 13 missionaries
to Navajoland and washed pets at the annual St. Francis Animal
Blessing we provided more than 155 monthly bag lunches, cookies and treats for the Monday Meal, fundraised at the CAST
Auction and the Advent Market, fasted for 30 hours to raise over
$2,000 to feed hungry children throughout the world and elected 12 teenagers to serve on the Youth Vestry. Summer saw Camp
Camden led by two enthusiastic CAST alumni and attended by
40 children.
All Saints’ Parish
erties Supervisor, and David McMilllan, our
sexton, continue to work hard on the upkeep
of the facilities, ensuring that our extraordinary campus is enjoyed by all. German also
oversees maintenance issues at the Rectory
and our leased property at Comstock.
The church was re-lamped for Easter and
a long-awaited new sound system was installed in time for Christmas services.
Human Resources – In July we were
delighted to welcome Rev. Allison English
as Associate Rector in charge of Worship
and Liturgy, Life Care and Fellowship ministries. At year-end we bid farewell and many
thanks to our Communications Coordinator for the last 5 years, Steve Williams. We
warmly welcome his replacement, parishioner and graphic designer Jason Franklin.
Financial Control - Joan Manning and
Azz Finley of The JEM Group have prepared
the year-end numbers for your review. All of
us work hard to make sure that the church’s
accounts are managed with competency and
integrity. A special thank you to the Finance
Committee, chaired by Steve Fleenor, and
to the Vestry, particularly Robert Barna who
steps down as Senior Warden at year-end
and Treasurer Steve Fleenor.
2013 Annual Report | 9
After prayerful consideration, the Vestry Nominating
Committee has recommended three gifted parishioners
as nominees to serve on the Vestry for a four-year term
beginning in 2014.
Joe Becci
Ruth L. Loomis
Jean-Marc Madelon
Joe has been a member of All Saints’ for eight
years. He sings in the Parish Choir, serves
on the Social Media Committee, assists in
program development, communications
and financial contract review, he is active in
the LGBT Ministry and is justly famous for
the food he prepares for parish events. He
was a DOCC Table Leader and an Imagine
LA budget mentor. Joe thinks he is called
to vestry service because All Saints’ is at a
point in its growth where his organizational
and innovative skills can help this church
increase its impact to both the parish family
and to the world outside. Joe is a recently
retired Corporate IT Sales Executive and is
married to Mark Denton.
Ruth has been a member of All Saints’ for
four years. She is active in the Stewardship
Ministry and the Altar Guild and handles
Lay Eucharistic Ministry responsibilities for
the 11:15 service. Ruth was closely involved
in organizing the Friendraiser party last
June and she is a regular attendee at the
Wednesday evening Dinner Series. Raised
an Episcopalian, Ruth is a consultant to the
non-profit sector with substantial relevant
experience and skills for a member of All
Saints’ vestry. She and her husband, Josh,
have a daughter Bella (16).
Jean-Marc has been a member of All Saints’
for twelve years. As a father of three young
children (ages 9, 6 and 18 months), it’s not
surprising that he is actively involved in
the Children’s Ministry and also in CAST
(Community of All Saints’ Teens). He
and his wife, Paula, believe in raising their
children with a strong spiritual foundation
including Bible education, daily prayer,
church attendance and involvement in the
children’s programs at All Saints’. Jean-Marc,
who is a Television Production Accountant,
believes he is being called to vestry service
to participate more deeply in his church
The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
10 | 2013 Annual Report
Thank You to All Our Volunteers
David Acosta
Claire Alger
Matthew Allana
Don Allison
Kathy Allison
Theresa Amy
Christian Anderson
Neville Anderson
Ken Anderson
Marilyn Anderson
Mary Andert
Richard Andert
Trudy Andrews
Tom Anzures
Hadley Arnold
Richard Arnold
Susan Arnold
Marianne Arreaga
Sarah Auda
Lauren Azeltine
Jack Baker
Ray Baker
Paul Balson
Phoebe Balson
Cathy Bando
Tara Bannister
Robert Barna
Kathleen Barry
Brian Bauer
Joe Becci
George Bender
Olivia Billingsly
Sophia Billingsly
Renne Bilson
Wendy Brogan Black
Timothy Blair
Jenny Blakeney
Burt Bluestein
Allie Boston
Elizabeth Brainard
Chrissy Brant
Tony Breeden
Kathy Bright
Lilla Brody
Annalie Brody
Sidney Brogan
Rachel Brookhart
Josh Brown
Jonathan Bruno
Jeff Bryan
Stephen Bullock
David Burke
Jamie Burns
Marianne Burnside
Ed Burnside
Alathena Byrne
Andrew Campbell
Meg Campbell
Ronald Cannan
Sandy Cano
Amanda Carmichael
Andy Carmichael
Judy Chase
Adam Chong
Hana Chop
Peter Ciarcia
Joseph Clapsaddle
Beverly Clarke
Julia Coffey
Randy Coleman
Ron Collier
Caroline Combs
Margaret Comer
Jerry Connell
Robert Cook
Will Cook-Healy
Laurie Cooney
Frank Cooper
Suzanne Cooper
Logan Cooper
Scott Cooper
Joseph Costello
Mollie Coulson
Robert Craft
Sydney Craft
Mary Creith
Eloise Creith
McClean Creith
Matilda Crockett
Nancy Daly
David Dastmalchian
Christie Davis
Desiree DeAscentis
Drew DeAscentis
Corinne Dekker
Mark Denton
Craig Deutsche
Mary Deutsche
Anne Devlin
Maria Diaz
Jocelyn Diaz
Jean Dillingham
Elizabeth Dinkel
Ted Dodd
Lynn Dodd
Maureen Dodson
Colleen DodsonBaker
Azie Dugay
Alexis duPont Jr.
Virginia Duvall
Soozie Eastman
Donna Ebsen
Brian Edwards
Cordelia Edwards
Deena Edwards
John Edwards
Shell Edwards
Chris Ellis
Erique Emel
Troy Erickson
Hannah Ettinger
Jennifer Fain
Meaghan Ferrall
Gabri Ferrer
Mickie Fisher
Steve Fleenor
Tom Fleming
Van Fletcher
Bryan Fong
Sang-Hee Fong
Stella Fox
Jason Franklin
Allison Fuligni
Ben Fuligni
Andrew Fuligni
Gabe Fuligni
Tina Gallier
Nelson Galloway
Debbie Gauer
Kathie Gauld
Anna German
Claire German
Glenn German
Caroline German
Todd Geyer
Pat Gillis
Bella Girouard
Ben Girouard
Haley Girouard
Bill Givens
Cynthia Glaze
Gary Glaze
Trevor Goff
Barbara Gomez
Anne Grausam
Karin Green
Nicole Gregory
Louise Griffith
Stephen Griffith
Martha Groves
Edgar Guess Jr.
Eli Gunnell
Roger Hall
Griffin Hall
Argus Hamilton
Nicole Haning
Lance Harding
Nancy Harding
Andy Harland
Lauren Harrington
Maureen Harris
Trent Hawkins
Brian Hays
Jeff Healy
Charles Herbert
Leonard Herring Jr.
Doug Hezlep
Nate Hicks
Chad Holley
Claire Holley
Jack Holley
Ted Hollis
Jeff Holmes
Jacqueline Hom
Philip Hom
Katie Hooten
Tim Hooten
Connie Horak
Gino Horak
Mark Horton
Christopher Hudson
Larry Hummer
Beth Hummer
Susan Humphreville
Mae Humphreville
Amanda Hunt
Norma Hunt-Allen
Nancy Hunt-Coffey
Sandy Hutchens, Jr.
Noel Hynd
Brian Ide
Ethan Ide
Karen Ide
Eric Jacobson
Linda Jacobson
Susan Jay
Beryl Jelley
Martha Johns
Heidi Johnson
Doug Johnston
Alexis Jolly
Barbara Jones
Hillary Jones
Tanya Jones
Deborah Juster
Peter Kallemeyn
Gretchen Karl
Pam Keehn
Jenna Keehn
Robert Keehn
Linda Keene
Kyle Kim-Hays
Kay Kinkaid
Marilyn Kizziah
Ron Kline
Daniel Koh
Madison Kovach
Beverly Kubik
James Kubik
Karen Kuchel
Bill Ladd
Elizabeth Ladizinsky
Justin Lam
Pat Lasater
Linda Lavagnino
Sheri Lawson
Marjorie Leary
Jay Lee
Lisa Lesniak
Henry Lide
Barbara Linder
Elizabeth Lindsey
Francesca Ling
David Littler
David Liu
David Logan
Ruth Loomis
Peter Lu
Nicola Lubitch
Larisa Lucaci
John Lundgren
Sarah MacDonald
Curtis Mack
Jimmy Mack
Jean-Marc Madelon
Paula Madelon
Damian Maffei
Gerrie Maloof
Micheal Mancinelli
Nancy Marr
Chris Martin
Neil Martin
Vicky Martin
Elaine Martinkovic
Alexandra Mason
Patricia Mason
Bonnie McClure
Diana McCulloch
Phillip McCulley
Bill McDermott
Brian McDonald
Basia McGilmer
Michele McGrath
Dennis McGuckian
Kara McNamara
Adrianna McPhee
Tony McQuilkin
Shannon Medlock
Colleen MedlockHodgson
Jen Menchaca
Sonia Mercado
Kim Meyer
David Meyer
Anneliese Meyer
Izzy Meyerson
Nicholas Meyerson
John Milan
Norman Molina
Don Monroe
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All Saints’ Parish
2013 Annual Report | 11
Alison Moore
Deborah MorganAlam
Clarke Morrow
Pam Morrow
Dick Motika
Joy Moyer
Katie Moyer
Oliver Muirhead
Christelle Nahas
Ed Napier
Mary Nelson
Marti Newbold
Sydney Nichols
Phil Nichols
Ana Noble
Charles Nutter
Kyle O’Leary
Kelly Okla
Matt Overholzer
Bill Owens-Smith
Josh Paget
Michael Painter
Brian Palmer
Lorie Palmer
Gregory Palmer
Sarah Parga
Joe Park
Mike Patel
Tim Patterson
Samuel Paz
Harold Peart
Meredith Peluso
Alina Perlstein
Jenna Perlstein
Lynn Pittenger
Rick Pittenger
Pierre Pleschinger
Carol Potter
Stephanie Potter
John Powers
Ivah Prentiss
Linda Price
Kerrin Clark Pulis
Greg Pulis
Margaret Pulis
Nellie Pulis
Laura Quenzel
Dustin Quick
Chad Quinones
Travis Reed III
Julianne Reeder
Maggie Reid
Jim ReifsnyderSmith
Sue Reimers
Austen Resolvato
Suzanne Rheinstein
Ray Ricord
David Ritchie
Jonathan Roberts
Gary Roberts
Dayna Roberts
Diane Rock
Jay Roewe
Jason Romaine
Jeff Roy
Pam Runkle
Ginna Rutter
Natasha Ryan
Mary Lee Ryan
Phyllis Sandifer
Dick Sandifer
Charles Schultz
Jocelyn Scofield
David Seck
Ginny Sekon
Sharon Sellstrom
Patricia Seltzer
Ron Shigematsu
Brandon Shim
Johnny Shyrock
Julie Simons
Annette Skinner
Patt Sklar
Charles Smith
Karen Smits
Jason Snyder
Carolee Snyder
Lisa Soltau
Steve Stanwyck
Matthew Staudt
Shauna Staudt
Liz Stepanek
Steve Stepanian
George Storey
Heather Stricker
Michael Stull
Ken Sulzer
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The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
12 | 2013 Annual Report
All Saints' Church ‐ Balance Sheets as of December 31,
$ 417,736
Unrestricted Endowment Fund
Operating Fund
Diocesan Investment Trust
Reserve Fund
$ 1,092,807
$ 7,611
$ 715,762
$ 800,015
Church Complex
Expanded Campus
Church Rectory
Wilshire Comstock
$ 1,164,480
$ 15,435
$ 59,749
$ ‐
$ 2,616,195
$ 1,239,664
$ 2,306
$ ‐
$ 12,566,514
$ 2,387,500
$ ‐
$ 300,000
$ 823,489
Prepaid Expenses
Accrued Expenses
Wells Fargo Loan
Rental Security Deposits
Deferred Income
$ 132,736
$ ‐
$ ‐
$ 138,969
Designated Funds
Unrestricted Funds
Net Income
$ 20,377
$ 17,267,795
$ 1,602,236
$ 271,961
$ 12,547,720
$ 2,387,500
$ 870,782
$ 300,000
$ 823,489
$ 16,077,503
$ 16,929,491
$ 48,373
$ 19,162,113
$ 18,442,305
$ 47,543
$ 893,909
$ 12,800
$ 203,238
$ 271,705
$ 1,157,490
$ 20,377
$ 17,222,692
$ 41,746
$ 18,890,408
$ 17,284,815
$ 19,162,113
$ 18,442,305
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All Saints’ Parish
2013 Annual Report | 13
All Saints' Church 2013‐2012 Budget/Actual Comparison For The Years Ended December 31,
Pledge Income
Unpledged Income
Holiday Offerings
Special Gifts
Ministry Gifts
Building Fund
Program Base Support
Rental Income
Other Income
$ 1,589,610
$ 151,666
$ 16,929
$ 297,396
$ 10,461
$ ‐
$ ‐
$ 79,673
$ 54,158
$ 1,600,040
$ 153,910
$ 40,000
$ 60,000
$ 62,848
$ ‐
$ 45,000
$ 120,705
$ 12,000
$ 1,492,275
$ 110,509
$ 27,750
$ 52,735
$ 39,667
$ ‐
$ 114,876
$ 126,103
$ 36,443
$ 1,425,000
$ 175,000
$ 40,000
$ 45,000
$ 65,000
$ ‐
$ 176,280
$ 120,000
$ 2,000
$ 2,199,893
$ 2,094,503
$ 2,000,358
$ 2,048,280
Building & Administration
Worship & Music
Pastoral Care
Outreach & Evangelism
Family & Children
Adult Formation
$ 929,720
$ 423,576
$ ‐
$ 291,971
$ 201,551
$ 181,931
$ 935,875
$ 460,250
$ ‐
$ 331,304
$ 202,514
$ 188,560
$ 988,111
$ 425,517
$ 23,083
$ 294,353
$ 167,128
$ 182,526
$ 910,723
$ 458,644
$ 19,900
$ 294,758
$ 172,736
$ 191,519
$ 2,028,749
$ 2,118,503
$ 2,080,718
$ 2,048,280
$ 171,144 $ (24,000)
$ 17,857 $ 24,000
$ 144,565 $ ‐
$ (80,360) $ ‐
$ 25,445 $ ‐
$ 96,661 $ ‐
$ 333,566 $ ‐
$ 1,268,670 $ ‐
$ 41,746 $ ‐
$ ‐
$ ‐
$ 1,602,236 $ ‐
$ 41,746 $ ‐
*NOTE: Derived From 2012 Audited Financial Statements.
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The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
14 | 2013 Annual Report
All Saints' Church 2014 Budget
Pledged Income ‐ Current Year
Pledged Income ‐ Prior Year
Unpledged Income
Plate Cash
Holiday Offerings
Designated Special Gifts
Unrestricted Special Gifts
Rental Income
Other Income
$ 1,584,134
$ 30,000
$ 125,000
$ 48,000
$ 35,000
$ 120,000
$ 117,000
$ 55,720
$ 30,000
$ 2,144,854
Program Expenses
Building & Administration
Worship & Music
Pastoral Care
Outreach & Evangelism
Family & Children
Adult Formation
$ 1,402,131
$ 431,818
$ 34,300
$ 1,350
$ 205,200
$ 45,500
$ 15,200
$ 9,355
$ 742,723
$ 2,144,854
$ ‐
All Saints’ Parish
The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills in the Diocese of Los Angeles
504 N. Camden Drive • Beverly Hills • CA 90210 • (310) 275-0123 •
The Reverend Stephen Huber, Rector