June 2014 newsletter - The Lutheran Church of Our Savior


June 2014 newsletter - The Lutheran Church of Our Savior
Being rooted and established in the Word of God, we seek to
love the Lord and make disciples, so that all people may be
filled to the measure of the fullness of God.
The Lutheran Church of Our Savior
If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you
are there. 9 If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the
sea, 10 even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. 11
If I say, "
Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around
me," even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the
day, for darkness is as light to you. [Psalm 139:8-12]
Greetings in the name of the Risen Lord!
Summer is quickly approaching – and in summertime people end up going on vacations,
breaks, extended stays in other places, etc…and unfortunately sometimes people leave Jesus at
home….or so they think. While I would never have logically concluded this in my head, as a
college student I often did not take, “Jesus with me” where I was going on the weekend. I put
the Lord in a box. I had my, “church” box, my, “Bible reading” box, and then my, “other life”
box. I did not want the Lord to interfere in my, “other life” box. I wanted the Lord to be neatly
compartmentalized within my church and Bible reading box.
But the Lord is not content staying in only one aspect of my life. The Lord will not rest until
He has all of us. We must remember that the worship of the Lord does not simply exist for one
or two hours on Sunday morning. The Lord is not satisfied with a pittance - He is interested in
having all of us, not simply some of us. It was He who said, “whoever wants to save His life
will lose it, and whoever loses it will save it…” [Luke 9:24]
We must remember that Jesus is forming us into who He wants us to be for eternity – and He
will not stop at conforming only part of us; He demands all of us. Now, at first this seems harsh;
however after a small bit of reflection we see that this process of conforming the whole person is
really an act of love. If we are infected with sin [and we are] then is it not an act of love to abolish all of us? Indeed! And that is what Jesus does. When we admit our guilt and we confess our
sins, He creates a new us. [2nd Corinthians 5:17] He killed the old us filled with sin and nailed that
us to the cross – and when we were brought to faith He created a new us – an, “us” that loves
God and desires to accomplish His will. That new us should live everywhere we go – on vacation, on the weekends, in our offices, in our homes, and in our churches.
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 2
Most people read the passage of Psalm 139 above as a kind of warning – God is watching!
However, when we read the above passage with new eyes – Christ eyes – we do not read warning – but words of promise. Wherever we go, He is with us. We have no reason to fear, no reason to walk in shame, no reason to walk timidly – for no matter where we go, He is with us!
So this summer as we all go different places, please remember – Jesus is with us wherever
we go. We can be free to take Him! Amen.
Your pastor and friend,
Pastor Christopher Ogne
Issue No. 2014-6
Notes from Editor:
Betty Ellis
Page 3
Christian symbols
an ark, or boat, often shown with pairs of animals, recalls
the story of Noah and the “Great Flood” in Genesis 6–8. The floodwaters represent
God’s judgment on sin, while the ark reminds us of God’s gracious power to save
and redeem. Christians see in this account a foreshadowing of Jesus and baptism
into the life he brings: “And baptism, which [God’s rescue of Noah and his family]
prefigured, now saves you …” (1 Peter 3:21, NRSV).
Noah’s Ark—The image of
Seasoned Citizens met May 8th for dinner at Genghis Grill (Mongolian BBQ Grill)
in Waldorf. Eighteen folks attended. It was a first time dinning experience for a
Mongolian BBQ for many of us—lots of fun. On May 17 the group journeyed to
George Washington & Robert E. Lee’s birthplaces in VA for a tour. The group enjoyed an exceptional lunch seated on a porch among giant, green, lush trees at The
Inn at Stratford Hall Tavern. What a wonderful day.
Some up-coming events are:
Thursday, June 12th at 6pm. Dinner at Red Lobster.
Thursday, June 19th. Trip to Lancaster, PA to see the production of MOSES.
A Smorgasbord Lunch is included in the price of the ticket. Meet at the
church at 6:45am. Return to church 7/8pm.
Friday, July 18th. Boat trip from Point Lookout to Smith Island. Tickets are
$38 each for a group of 15 or more. Meet at church at 8am.
July 11-August 2--Music Man by the Port Tobacco Players in La Plata
Visit: Ingleside Winery; three remaining covered bridges in Maryland; the National Zoo; Monticello; Wolf Trap, Smithsonian; and the Spy Museum.
Catherine Foundation Baby Bottle Boomerang - The Catherine Foundation Pregnancy Care Center offers help to women and babies in crisis. They have several volunteers who are devoted to sharing their love for others and to meet the needs of clients. They are committed to saving lives on a daily basis. The Baby Bottle Boomerang is an excellent opportunity for families, employees and individuals to honor
the sanctity of human life. This fundraiser is a practical way for everyone to support
a local mission that helps save the unborn and at the same time offers support for
young women in need. Your support of this fundraising effort will be greatly appreciated. Your participation in the past has blessed the center and helped to save
lives. Please take a bottle home and fill it with change, bills or a check made out to
the Catherine Foundation. Return the bottle on Father’s Day June 15th.
Lutheran Mission Society Compassion Center of So. MD
Currently, we are unable to have the Center here due to no available driver. If anyone knows of a driver with a current CDL with proper endorsements, please call
Donna Ellis at (301)283-3751. The Driver will pick up the trailer from the Grace
Lutheran in La Plata and bring it to our church before 10am on the first Thursday of
the month. The trailer will be taken to the next church after 2pm on Saturday. Betty
has the schedule. Days of pick up & return are flexible.
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Page 4
Congregational Meeting Minutes
Lutheran Church of Our Savior
Bryans Road, MD
May 20, 2014
Council Attendees: President:
V. Pres:
Head Elder
Member at Large
Andrei Sapsai
Keith Tregoning
Paula Tregoning
Lynn Wells
Pastor Ogne
Michael Ellis
Sean Donaldson
Shea Gronau
Steve Holton
The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm and opened with prayer by Andrei Sapasi.
Devotions were led by Pastor Ogne from 1 Thessalonian’s Chapter 4 verses 1-12
Secretary: The minutes were approved electronically by the council on May 22, 2014.
Treasurer's Report for LCOOS (As of April 30, 2014)
Cash Accounts
• Operating Fund 1: $48,164.26 *
• Operating Fund 2: $119,680.65
• Savings: $59,561.98
• Memorial Fund: $1,319.74
Budget and Revenue Estimates for 2014
• 2014 Yearly Operating Budget: $383,191.00
• 2014 Yearly Revenue Estimate: $383,988.00 ( 5% increase over actual 2013 income)
• Operating Revenue thru week 18: $124,323.50
• Operating Expenditures thru week 18: $118,637.53
• Net Operating Income (Loss) thru 4/30/14: $ 5,685.97
Operating – Averages
• Average giving per wk thru week 18: $6,906.86
• Average Expenditures per wk thru week 18: $6,590.97
• Average Budget per wk: $7,230.01
Fund Raisers
• Aluminum Cans thru week 18: $185.00
• Thrivent $ thru week 18: $209.00
LWML - Balance $269.10
• Balance carried over from 2013: 81.95
 Income
• Mites thru week 18: $175.34
• Other income thru week 18: $167.15
 Expenses
• Mites thru week 18: $77.67
• Donations to:
 Brandywine Mission thru week 18: $ 77.67
Memorial Fund -Balance $ 1,319.74
• Balance carried over from 2013: $2,328.74
 Income
• Memorial Fund Donations thru week 18:
◦ Undesignated $100.00
 Expense
• Memorial Fund designated banner thru week 18: $1,109.00
* The excess from 2013 will be deposited into savings. Pending finalized 2013 books.
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 5
Treasurer's Report for The Brandywine Mission (As of April 30, 2014)
Cash Accounts
• Capital One Account: $16,968.51
Budget and Revenue Estimates for 2014
• 2014 Yearly Operating Budget:
• 2014 Yearly Revenue Estimate:
• Operating Revenue thru week :
• Operating Expenditures thru week :
• Net Operating Income (Loss) thru :
Operating – Averages
• Average giving per wk thru week :
• Average Expenditures per wk thru week :
• Average Budget per wk:
I will be out of town on vacation to Michigan from June 27th to July 12th. In my absence on June 29th,
Gary Pomrenke will be preaching and Andrei Sapsai will be doing Adult Bible study. On July 2nd Jim
Ammons will be preaching. On July 6th Pastor Paul Liersemann will be preaching and Andrei Sapsai
will be teaching Adult Bible study. On July 9th Michael Ellis will be preaching. On July 2nd and July
9th Bryan Mays will be taking the confirmation age youth.
Jordan Wells and Joseph Poindexter were married on Thursday, May 15th. We rejoice with their union.
Hanson Kannie joined the church May 25th – praise God!
Confirmation is June 8th – Pentecost Sunday. The service will be at 3pm. Brandon Quick, Madison
Turner, Katie Donaldson, Layton Schuyler, Isaac Null, and Jacob Donaldson are being confirmed. The
choir will be singing – if you are available, please come out to rejoice with the confession of our confirmands.
The video equipment to video tape the sermons and place them on video streaming has been purchased.
The goal is to be ready in June to begin this. Thank you to Lynn Wells and Jake MacAulay for doing
this. Jake MacAulay has agreed to video the sermons and to have this be his ministry.
I have spoken to our neighbor Jack Adkins this week. He is going to put his property up for sale in September. He said that he would give the church priority if we would like to purchase this property.
Please pray. Much ministry could be done if we purchased this but it will take supernatural action.
The praise team continues to look for instrumentalists that can fill in during absences; if there are any
interested parties, please speak with myself or Scott Wells.
The confirmands are going to Kingsfest Thursday, June 26th. This is an annual celebration of Christian
bands. I believe it is important to introduce youth to bands that have a particular sound but still confess
Sunday Bible Studies
 Sunday School led by Dianne Bicknell - Avg. weekly attendance 8-14 kids from grades PreK
– 12
 Adult Bible Study led by Pastor Ogne - Avg. weekly attendance 25 currently studying the
book of Revelation.
 Defending Your Faith on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. Starting a book series titled
How to Respond discussing how to effectively share your faith with people from different religions and beliefs.
Constitution Course led by Jake MacAulay will start back up at some point around June as a future
segment for the Defending Your Faith class.
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 6
Wednesday Bible Studies
 Ladies Afternoon Bible Study led by Bev Linde. Currently studying the book of
Isaiah with the aid of a book titled "Be Comforted" by Warren W Wiersbe. Avg.
weekly attendance 4-6.
 Children’s Bible Study led by Donna Simonton – Avg. weekly attendance 6 -8.
 Confirmation led by Pastor – Avg. weekly attendance 6. Confirmation Service will
be held on June 8 at 3pm.
 Youth Group led by Bryan Mays – Avg. weekly attendance 8-12 - Studying Romans
11 & 12 in the coming month.
 Young Adult Bible Study led by Sean Donaldson – Avg. weekly attendance 2-3 Studying Romans 11 & 12 in the coming month.
Adult Women's Bible Study led by Doris Simmons. Currently going through the
book of John – Avg. weekly attendance 2-3
Adult Bible Study led by Graham Bartholomew – Avg. weekly attendance 10 - 11
In the coming month Bible studies will be focused on the Gospel of Luke.
Friday Bible Study
 Stay At Home Moms Bible Study 9 am coordinated by Jordan Wells - currently doing a book study called "Help Meet" Avg. weekly attendance 18.
Women's Bible Study 7-10 pm led by Heather Rinn. NOTE- This group will be
meeting sporadically throughout the summer and will reconvene their weekly meetings in September. Avg. weekly attendance 6-10.
 E-72 occurred on the 12 and the 26 of April. On the 12 the group took a break from
Simmons Acres and went to Strawberry Hills and passed out Easter Eggstravaganza fliers. On the 26th they went back to Simmons Acres, both days resulted in speaking with 9 different people. Praise God!
 Easter Eggstravaganza. On April 19 , 119 children came for the event. The cost of the
event was $565.38. Will probably need to increase our budget for next year if we want to
continue serving lunch and if we need more eggs (1128 were hid this year)
 Harvest Party Game Planning Meeting was on April 26th, at 1pm. Four people attended.
Decisions were made to start the construction of 7 games—Bean Bag Toss, Tic Tac Toe,
Velcro Throw, Football Toss, Plinko, Ring Toss and Strongman.
 Events for May 2014
 E-72 will be going out on May 10th and May 24 .
 Harvest Party Planning on May 24 at 1pm.
 Upcoming Events
 E-72 will go out on 14 and 28th of June
 Harvest Party check-in meeting on the June 28 at 1pm
 September 27th Mission U 101 course 9am-2pm (http://www.whatsmissionu.com/
Property: No Report
Old Business:
Property Projects: Assessment has begun
Fire inspection schedule and records.
Positions requiring replacement: Council Secretary
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 7
New Business
Reports review
Excellence in Worship – Pastor Ogne led a discussion on various topics on how the council believed we could improve our worship services. The following list of topics was discussed. If you have a suggestion on how to improve our worship experience please let
Pastor Ogne or any of the council know.
 8:30 Sunday Service - annotate singing versus speaking congregational response
 Recommended to try to incorporate a variety of music at 8:30 am service with possibly a cantor to help with directing music.
 Special choir music will be sung at the Traditional Service only.
 Have our youth participate in worship by being acolytes - training, schedules and
commitment (parents and youth).
 Communion prayer warriors (Individual prayer provided by volunteers during the
time of communion.)
 Spoken confession incorporated at the Wednesday evening and Sunday 1130 worship services.
 Limit the time spent on going over the announcements each Sunday.
 Being respectful to others by not talking during service and prayer.
 Be mindful of bringing food and drinks into sanctuary. If there is a need for such
items, please clean up before leaving the sanctuary. Some of the pews have been
soiled and need to be cleaned.
 Thermostats will now be control by ushers or elders – (We hope to find that happy
medium where most are comfortable)
General Topics and Announcements:
 Pastor made a motion to allow the gathering of signatures, in order to place the
“Bathroom Law” on the ballot in November. Michael seconded the motion and the
council unanimously approved. The goal is to put the “Bathroom Law” on the November ballot so that we have an opportunity to vote for it to be removed from law.
 The “Bathroom Law” simply stated is if a man, believes he is a woman,
then he is allowed to use the woman’s bathroom.
 Betty has the petitions.
 Signers must follow the directions carefully on the petition to ensure
Respectfully submitted,
Paula Tregoning,
Council Secretary
Issue No. Issue 2014-6
Page 8
Minutes for the Circuit 8 Mission Church Planting Task Force Meeting
May 10, 2014
Attendance: Pastor Brent Smith (SED), Pastor Liersemann, Dwight Collins, Donna Simonton,
Rose Briggs, Twhanna Green, Michael Ellis and Andrei Sapsai.
Purpose: Brandywine mission task force to meet the Executive Director of Mission Development for the SED, Pastor Brent Smith, to status our efforts to date and discuss our
next steps.
Pastor Brent Smith opened the meeting simply by just trying to get to know each of the task
force members in attendance. Pastor Smith also shared his background with the group.
Andrei Sapsai opened the mission church meeting with prayer.
 Status of Covenants approved by Circuit 8 congregations:
 (AI) Pastor Paul Liersemann to discuss finalization of the remaining covenants at the Circuit 8 Pastor’s meeting to be held 20MAY14.
 Received the signed covenant from Oxon Hill Lutheran Church.
Thank you.
 Status of Finances:
 Currently 16,968.51 in the Brandywine Mission Church Account
 Pledges total of $23K for three years from Circuit 8 churches
 Ablaze Funds from SED $11,384.84 (Fiscal Year14 only)
 Mission Grant: LWML 2014 drive Resolution for $5,000 submitted
 Reviewed the demographic study conducted for the Brandywine zip code. Of note
from the Story View page was the fact that Religiosity in the target area was “Very
Pastor Smith brought a new perspective into discussion with regard to our next steps. In
summary his discussion centered on developing a core group (20 – 40) of people who would
start to build a relationship with the community of Brandywine while sharing the gospel of
Jesus Christ. After there is an established relationship with a core group of people then we
would look to call a mission pastor and start the three year clock to attain a self-sustaining
 Determine the availability of Elders or other Lay-leaders who would be able to facilitate Worship services.
 Establish an evangelism effort in the Brandywine area. LCOOS intends to send a
small group into this area. If other churches are interested in joining this team please
contact either Michael Ellis or Andrei Sapsai (Home:301-645-3237) or leave a message at the Office Manager Betty Ellis at 301-375-7507.
 Provide Vacation Bible School in the Brandywine area.
 Each of the circuit 8 churches are requested to look at the feasibility of conducting a VBS event. This would be a great way of connecting with the
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 9
The Mission of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is to assist each woman of the LCMS in affirming her relationship with the Triune God so that she is enabled to use her gifts in ministry to the
people of the world.
Minutes of The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
of the Lutheran Church of Our Savior
May 12, 2014
Attendees: Betty Ellis, Jennifer Young, Beth Ogne, Pat Sammons, Lorraine Bartholomew,
Rosa Ammons, Doris Simmons, Shea Gronau, Jacqueline Renner
The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Jennifer Young
Opening Prayer: Given by Doris Simmons
Devotion: Given by Betty Ellis from Mustard Seeds
Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read. Motion to approve minutes by
Betty Ellis. Second by Beth Ogne.
 LWML - Zone Rep Doris Simmons
 upcoming District Convention for September 26-28 , 2014 was discussed.
 Yard Sale June 7 7am. Pricing is on Friday the 6th.
 Discussed using Yard Sale profits to help with convention costs. Motioned
by Pat Sammons. Second by Rosa Ammons. Motion passed.
 Altar Guild – Wanda Welch
 In need of volunteers.
 Angel’s Watch Women’s Shelter – Rhonda Piegols
 Barb and Lee DeVoe provided the meal on Friday, May 9 . Thank you Barbara and
 The shelter has a new number, it is 301-274-0680.
 Shut-ins/Homebound Ministry: - Jenn Vermaak
 Meals may be needed for the week of June 9 for the Bartholomew family. Lorraine
will let us know if she needs our help.
 Also, the Jennes Nelson family will be asked if they would like meals.
 Lutheran Mission Society Compassion Center of So. MD: - Donna Ellis
 Currently, we are unable to have the Center here due to no available driver. If anyone knows of a driver with a current CDL with proper endorsements, please call
Donna at (301)283-3751.
 Driver will pick up the trailer from the previous church and bring it to our
church before 10am on the first Thursday of the month. The trailer will be
taken to the next church after 2pm on Saturday. Betty has the schedule.
Days of pick up are flexible.
Post Card Ministry: - Shea Gronau
 Shea will be sending out post soon for VBS which is scheduled for July 14 -18 ,
2014 from 9:00am to noon.
 Cradle Role: Bev Linde - no new babies.
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 10
Bethesda Lutheran Home: (Campbell’s Labels for equipment) – Dorothy Piegols – no report
St. Jude’s Hospital/Ranch: Dorothy Piegols – no report
Events Coordinator: Lorraine Bartholomew
 Ladies Tea Party in celebration of Mother’s Day was May 3 , 2014. Thank you for all
who attended and helped!
 Ladies prayer breakfast scheduled for May 17 at 9:00a.m.
 Yard sale scheduled for June 7 , 2014 from 7:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
 Volunteers are needed to help price items on Friday, June 6 and for the yard
sale. Gently used donations are also needed. A sign-up sheet for volunteers
will be in the narthex soon.
 Confirmation Service is June 8 at 3:00p.m.
 LWML provides the reception. Betty will purchase the food. Paper products are
already purchased.
 Volunteers are needed for set-up and clean-up.
 Church picnic was discussed tentatively for August 23 , 2014 or September 13 , 2014.
New business:
“Stephens Ministry”: Jenifer Young and Jim Ammons will attend “Stephens Ministry” training/convention the weekend of August 3rd, 2014.
Mite Boxes:
 Mites are due May 18 .
Newsletter items need to be submitted by May 20th to Betty Ellis.
The next meeting is scheduled for August 11th, 2014 at 7pm.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with the LWML pledge and the Lord’s
Prayer at 8:12p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Beth Ogne
Recorder for Janet Morris
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 11
6th Annual Vine and Branches
From the German Lutheran Church,
to the Lutheran Church Today
Presenter: Dr. Larry Rast, President of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN and Professor of History
When: Saturday, June 14 from 9:45-3:30
Where: Zion Lutheran Church, 209 N. Main St., Accident, MD 21520
Who: Lay people, pastors and church workers
Cost: Nothing! (A Free-will offering will be taken to help offset the conference cost)
Registration: Please register by Friday, June 13th; Phone: 301-777-1800; e-mail: [email protected]
Any questions contact Pastor Eric Ruble at 301-777-1800 or via e-mail at [email protected]
9-9:45- refreshments & registration
9:45-10:00- Opening Prayer
10-11:30- Session 1
11:30-12:30-Lunch (free-will offering will be taken to help offset the conference cost)
12:30-2:00- Session 2
2:15-3:15- Session 3
3:15: Closing Prayer
Make a weekend of the conference, come and stay for a night or two in either historic Cumberland or in the scenic
Deep Creek Lake region. Cumberland has live music downtown Friday and Saturday nights, hotels and restaurants are close by. For more information on things to do, places to stay and eat in the Cumberland area check out
www.mdmountainside.com . Deep Creek Lake is surrounded by scenic mountains and is located about 45
minutes west of Cumberland. There are many restaurants on the lake with hotels nearby, for more information on
things to do, and places to stay and eat in the Deep Creek area check out www.visitdeepcreek.com .
Mountain Maryland Association of LCMS Pastors
Rev. Eric Ruble - Trinity, Cumberland, MD
Rev. Ken Stottlemyer - Saint Paul's, Hancock, MD
Rev. Jim Oester- Saint John's, Accident, MD
Rev. Robert Riebau - Zion, Accident, MD
Deep Creek area is about a 3 hour drive from the Baltimore/ Washington area. It is a very easy drive to make and it
will be well worth the trip.
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 12
The lesson of the burnt biscuits!
When I was a kid, my mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work.
On that evening so long ago, my mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned
biscuits in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed! Yet all my dad did
was reach for his biscuit, smile at my mom and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on
that biscuit and eat every bite!
When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad
for burning the biscuits. And I'll never forget what he said: "Honey, I love burned biscuits."
Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his biscuits
burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said,
"Your Momma put in a hard day at work today and she's real tired. And besides - a little burnt
biscuit never hurt anyone!"
Life is full of imperfect things.....and imperfect people. I'm not the best at hardly anything, and I
forget birthdays and anniversaries just like everyone else.
But what I've learned over the years is that learning to accept each others faults - and choosing
to celebrate each others differences - is one of the most important keys to creating a healthy,
growing, and lasting relationship.
And that's my prayer for you today. That you will learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly
parts of your life and lay them at the feet of God. Because in the end, He's the only One who
will be able to give you a relationship where a burnt biscuit isn't a deal-breaker!
We could extend this to any relationship. In fact, understanding is the base of any relationship,
be it a husband-wife or parent-child or friendship!
"Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket - keep it in your own."
So many of us are quick to argue, get angry, or even end relationships over
petty small things. It is more important to appreciate people for who they are
and not focus on their mistakes. You would not want someone to point out
your every mistake so why do it to others? In fact when someone makes a
mistake it is more important to show your love in that moment then to criticize. Not only will that expression of love stick out and always be remembered it will help to further deepen the bond of your relationship. So let the
burnt biscuits of life go and be grateful for what you do have. So Please pass
me a biscuit, and yes, the burnt one will do just fine.!.!.!.!
For teaching
me love!
Issue 2014-6
Page 13
Bible Quiz
Which of the following is an accurate father-child
match from Scripture?
A. Saul and David
B. Zechariah and Joseph
C. Abram and Ishmael
D. David and Boaz
Answer: C (See Genesis 16:15.)
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 14
Leadership Directory
Phone Number
Christopher Ogne
(H) (301) 375-7182
(O) (301) 375-7507
Pastoral Assistants
Jim Ammons
Michael Ellis
Gary Pomrenke
(301) 743-3931
(301) 743-3688
(240) 424-2451
Head Elder/
Michael Ellis
(301) 743-3688
Andrei Sapsai
(301) 645-3237
Vice President
Keith Tregoning
(301) 932-5123
Lynn Wells
(301) 645-1605
Financial Secretary
Carol Nelson
(301) 743-5651
Paula Tregoning
(301) 932-5123
Member at Large/Prop. Steve Holton
(301) 375-6036
Sean Donaldson
(301) 283-2008
Shea Gronau
Diane Bicknell
(301) 653-9154
Jennifer Young
Altar Guild
Wanda Welch
(301 375-7457
Youth Group Leader
Bryan Mays
Sean Donaldson
(301) 848-5659
Seasoned Citizens Fellow. Bev Linde
(301) 283-3248
Praise & Worship Leader
Scott Wells
(301) 645-1605
Van Manager
Graham Bartholomew
(Call to arrange a ride.)
(301) 717-2048
Patty Stine
Bulletin Publication
Joan Lane
(301) 743-3115
Office Manager/
Organist /Choir Director
Betty Ellis
(H) (301) 743-3688
(O) (301) 375-7507
Art Bicknell
Bo Bohlmann
Paul deHoll
Yanni Gardner
Pat Sammons
Lorien Wells
11 Joe Bailey
13 James Stine
15 Heather Rinn
Blake Tregoning
16 Rachel March
18 Christopher Tregoning
20 Kevin Satterfield
22 Leyna Sapsai
Peggy Gross
Gary Pomrenke
23 Layton Schuyler
24 Lynda Bullock
Norman Quick
Dominic MacAulay
26 Jake Bullock
27 Diane Bicknell
28 Patty Davis
A little girl who’d grown up in the city spent some of her
summer vacation out in the country. One starlit night, she and
her dad stood gazing up into the sky without any harsh streetlights
The girl, amazed by the sparkling view, exclaimed, “If
heaven is so pretty on the wrong side, I wonder what it looks
like on the right side!”
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 15
8:30am Traditional
9:45am Sunday Sch.
11:00am Praise Serv.
12:30pm Defending
Your Faith
6-8pm Fellowship Rm
in use by Rev Goodall
Spanish w/Rosa
resumes Sep 8
6:30pm Praise
Team Prac.
8:30am Traditional
9:45am Sunday Sch.
11:00am Praise Serv.
2:00pm Srv. Charlotte Hall Vets Hm
3:00pm Confirmation Service
12:45 Reflections
at Sr. Ctr in
Indian Head
7pm Choir
7pm Girl Scouts
7pm Victory in the
Word Bible S. w/Rev
Goodall (comm. class- 8pm Sat. Night
Alive (AA)
Luther Rm)
10am Mom’s
Bible Study
9am Prayer
10:15am E72
Sep 9
6-8pm Fellowship Rm
in use by Rev Goodall
6:30pm Praise
Team Prac.
6pm Elders
7pm Council
6pm Seasoned
Citizens meet at Red
Lobster, Waldorf
7pm Girl Scouts
7pm Victory in the
Word Bible S. w/Rev
Goodall (comm. class- 8pm Sat. Night
Alive (AA)
Luther Rm)
6:45am Seasoned
Cit. meet to go to
Lancaster, PA
10am Mom’s
Bible Study
9am Prayer
9am Ladies Prayer
5:45pm Meal
6:15pm Bible S.
7:15pm Praise Srv.
7pm Girl Scouts
7pm Victory in the
Word Bible S. w/Rev
Goodall (comm. class- 8pm Sat. Night
Alive (AA)
Luther Rm)
10am Mom’s
Bible Study
9am Prayer
10:15am E72
1:00 Harvest Festival
planning meet.
8:30am Traditional
9:45am Sunday Sch.
11:00am Praise Srv.
7:00pm Women’s
Bible S.—Waldorf
5:45pm Meal
6:15pm Bible S.
7:15pm Praise Srv. 7pm Girl Scouts
6-8pm Fellowship Rm
in use by Rev Goodall
6-8pm Fellowship Rm
in use by Rev Goodall
5:45pm Meal
6:15pm Bible S.
7:15pm Praise Srv.
8:30am Traditional
9:45am Sunday Sch.
11:00am Praise Srv.
2:00pm Srv. Charlotte Hall Vets Hm
7pm Youth Night
7pm Yard Sale
6-8pm Fellowship Rm
in use by Rev Goodall
1pm Ladies Bible
10am Mom’s
8am Men’s
Study (resumes
Bible Study
Prayer Breakfast
10am to 2pm Com- 10am to 2pm Com- 10am to 2pm ComSep 3)
passion Trailer
passion Trailer
passion Trailer
5:45pm Meal
6:15pm Bible S.
7:15pm Praise Srv.
8:30am Traditional
9:45am Sunday Sch.
11:00 am Praise Srv.
12:30pm Defending
Your Faith
7:00pm Victory in the
Word Bible S. w/Rev 8pm Sat. Night
Goodall (comm. classAlive (AA)
Luther Rm)
Issue No. 2014-6
Page 16
“God’s Man”
A fallen piece of work, I am!
8:30am Traditional Service
9:45am Sunday School for “all”
11:00am Praise & Worship Service
5:45pm Light Supper
6:15pm Bible Studies for all”
7:15pm Praise & Worship Service
I’m not the man God planned.
Yet he forgives me; so I stand,
a soldier for his Word so grand.
Sun 12:30 Defending Your Faith
(1st, 3rd Sun)
2:00 Charlotte Hall Veterans
Home (2nd & 5th Sun)
Wed 1:00 Women’s Bible Study (will
resume Sep 3)
6:15 Bible Study for all
Fri 9:00 Mom’s Bible Study (Call
Jordan Wells—301-645-1605
7:00 Women’s Bible Study
(Call Heather Rinn—
301-843-7017 ) meets periodically during summer—resumes
reg. schedule in Sep.
Designed by God above, I am!
—MaryAnn Sundby
Victory in the Word Bible
Study w/Rev Goodall (comm.)
The Lutheran Church of Our Savior
7365 Indian Head Highway
Bryans Road, Maryland 20616
[email protected]
Website: www.lcoos.org
When a teenager received his
driving permit, he asked his father,
who was a minister, if they could discuss use of the car.
His father said, “I’ll make a deal
with you. You bring your grades up,
study your Bible a little and get your
hair cut, and then we’ll talk about it.”
A month later, the young man returned to continue the discussion.
“Son, I’ve been real proud of you,” the father said. “You’ve
brought your grades up and studied your Bible diligently, but you
didn’t get your hair cut!”
The teenager replied, “You know, Dad, I’ve been thinking
about that. Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, Noah
had long hair and even Jesus had long hair ....”
“Yes,” the father said, “and they walked everywhere they
Jesus died to save: