5, APRIL 2015 - St. Teresa of Avila



5, APRIL 2015 - St. Teresa of Avila
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Pastoral team
Rev. Saint Charles Borno, Pastor
Email:[email protected]
Rev. Killick Pierrilus, Parochial Vicar
Octavia Willis, Administrative Assistant
Sandra B. Joseph, Receptionist
Patrick David, Carolyn Jack, Music Ministry
Social Ministry / St. Vincent De Paul
Guerlyne Bernard, Dir. of Religious Ed
Theresa Whiteman, Youth Ministry
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Mission Statement
We, the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Teresa of Avila,
are a community rich in diversity. We are committed to
the Gospel of Jesus Christ and centered in the Celebration of the Eucharist. Our love of God inspires us to be
people who pray for all people and serve our sisters and
brothers in the local and world community.
Catholic Charities
(718) 722 6000
Catholic Migration Office
(718) 236 3000
St. Vincent de Paul Society
(718) 625 1400
Nearest Catholic schools
Brooklyn Jesuit Prep
St. Francis of Assisi Academy
St. Francis of Xavier Academy
St. Gregory the Great Academy
(718) 638 5884
(718) 778 3700
(718) 857 2559
(718) 774 3330
April 5, 2015, Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord —B 2
8:00 pm: Easter Vigil (Celebrant: Fr Saint Charles Borno: Concelebrant: Fr Killick Pierrilus)
9:00 am: Fr Killick Pierrilus & Family (Personal Intentions) by: The Parish
10:30 am: Vincent Zuleta (B’day Blessings & Thanksgiving to God)
by: Mrs. Zuleta & Family
Sunday, April 5, 2015 Rejoice and Be Glad
Acts 10:34a, 37–43; Psalm 118:1–2, 16–17, 22–23 (24);
Colossians 3:1–4 or 1 Corinthians 5:6b– 8; John 20:1–9,
or, at an afternoon or evening Mass, Luke 24:13–35.
As we sing alleluias once again, as we hear of Christ’s rising
from the dead, it seems that our lives have pointed to this day.
Indeed, our lives are focused on the Resurrection. This is the
major feast day of the Church, for Christ came to die and rise
from the dead for us. From that dying and rising, we have new
life in Christ; we are united with God. Our churches, then, are
decorated in gold and white, colors of new life and rejoicing. In
the Responsorial Psalm, we sing, “This is the day the Lord has
made; let us rejoice and be glad,” for our lives are centered on
this day. It is the day that provides hope for us. We are not
dead because of our sin but forgiven because of God’s mercy.
In the reading from the Acts of the Apostles, St. Peter summarizes what he has witnessed. Jesus was anointed, hanged, raised
from the dead, and made visible to his followers. These followers preach, continuing to tell the story of the one who forgives
sins. It is clear from this reading that Peter’s life has been
changed. He now traces events and sees their culmination in
the Resurrection. What meaning does the Resurrection have in
your life? Are you open to its giving you a new perspective?
Do you revolve your life around Easter?
12:00 pm: (1) Enmanuel Erminio Lantigua (D) de: La Familia Lantigua
(2) Lucia Batista (D) de: La Familia Batista
6:00 pm: Fr Saint Charles Borno & Family (Personal Intentions) by: The Parish
8:30 am: Mary Mullen (D)
8:30 am: Sharon Fernando & Family (Special Intentions)
by: Elizabeth Remy & Family
8:30 am: Marie Natacha Borno & Family (Personal Intentions) by: Fr Borno
8:30 am: Kasandra King (Healing & Blessings) by: Elizabeth Remy & Family
8:30 am: (1) Rev. Msgr Cornelius T. Kneafsey (D)
(2) Jean Mario Donnay (D) by: Nirva Decopain
8:30 am: For the Sick, Homebound and Hospitalized (God’s Healing)
5:00 pm: For Peace and Justice
Daily Mass Readings Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
Acts 10:34a, 37-43 Ps 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23 Col 3:1-4 or 1 Cor 5:6b-8 Jn 20:1-9
or 41: Mk 16:1-7 or afternoon or evening Mass 46: Lk 24:13-35
Acts 2:14, 22-33 Ps 16:1-2a, 5, 7-11 Mt 28:8-15
Acts 2:36-41 Ps 33:4-5, 18-20, 22 Jn 20:11-18
Acts 3:1-10 Ps 105:1-4, 6-9 Lk 24:13-35
Acts 3:11-26 Ps 8:2ab, 5-9 Lk 24:35-48
Acts 4:1-12 Ps 118:1-2, 4, 22-27a Jn 21:1-14
Acts 4:13-21 Ps 118:1, 14-15ab, 16-21 Mk 16:9-15
Second Sunday of Easter or Sunday of Divine Mercy
Acts 4:23-31 Ps 2:1-9 Jn 3:1-8
Predicaccion de la Pascua por Padre Carmelo Mele, O.P. (Una Parte)
La viuda llevó a su familia al cementerio. No era un viaje sencillo.
Porque no tenían coche, tomaron buses: dos para llegar al fin de la línea urbana y
uno para transitar por los suburbios. De la parada de bus la familia caminó a pie
otra milla para llegar a la fosa del padre de la familia y su hijo. Llevaron herramientas para trabajar el suelo de la fosa. Como esta familia, las tres mujeres se
dirigen al sepulcro de Jesús en el evangelio. Las mujeres llevan perfumes para embalsamar el cadáver una vez que lo tengan limpio. Pues como San Marcos cuenta
la historia, no tenían tiempo para lavar la sangre del cuerpo el viernes antes de anochecer. A lo mejor las mujeres piensan que van a demostrarle a Jesús su cariño por
la última vez. Después de todo, piensan ellas, es muerto y no pueden hacer nada
acerca de eso. Tal vez muchos acudan a la iglesia con una resignación semejante
esta Pascua. ¡Aunque sólo fuera como antes – dicen entre sí mismos – con todos
los hombres llevando corbatas y las mujeres sus sombreros nuevos! Hace cincuenta
años en muchas partes del país el domingo de Pascua era como un desfile de
modas. Después de asistir en los servicios religiosos la gente pasaba por las calles
llevando su ropa nueva con saludos para uno y otro. Se suponía que los vestidos
representaran el ser humano nuevo que fue recreado por las gracias de la resurrección. Pero había algo de alarde en el comportamiento de algunos. Muchos acudían
la iglesia sólo ese día. Era como si la Pascua fuera para mostrar la ropa en vez de
que la ropa era para mostrar la Pascua. Se puede comparar esa desgracia con la
dura realidad que enfrenta a las mujeres en el evangelio. Pensando en la piedra
cubriendo la entrada del sepulcro, preguntan: “¿Quién nos la quitará?”
April 5, 2015, Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord —B 2
Acts 10, 34 +37-43; Psalm 118; Colossians 3, 1-4; John 20, 1-9
Happy Easter! He is alive the cr ucified man
of Good Friday! He sprang out of his tomb and
proved to be more powerful than his torturers!
“Death and Life have contended in that combat stupendous. The Prince of Life who died,
reigns immortal! Alleluia!” (Easter hymn)
The thrilling scream of Mary Magdalene to
Peter:”HE IS RISEN!” resonates in the believer’s heart today with the same
freshness and power of the first Easter. Jesus is not simply an ordinary man;
He is the FIRST BORN; the NEW ADAM, the Lord of a new Creation,
the HEAD OF THE CHURCH. His victory over death is our victory. A
new day has begun, a new era. Too wonderful for me, this knowledge!
Because of this we cannot live as in the time of ignorance. We can no
longer allow ourselves to celebrate this feast with the old yeast of malice and
wickedness! He is risen! We also must rise to newness of life and be the
witnesses of love, unity and peace in today’s world.
Some still pretend that in the postmodern world Christianity is obsolete and
gradually crumbling down. Yet, who will provide the answer to the inevitable quest for meaning that haunts the human heart? Will the modern
man push aside the ONE that alone gives dignity, worth and splendor to
our humanity? Blessed are they who know that a glorious eternal life is
granted to “those who believe” and that love for God and neighbor is the
supreme law of human existence. Praised be the lamb that was slain and
made of us a kingdom of priests who will reign on the earth! Wash your
robe in his blood!
May the Lord grant you the grace of FAITH! Rediscover your eternal destiny, the power and the splendor of one saved by the blood of the Lamb! Believe and LIVE TO THE FULL!
By +Guy Sansaricq
George Romano, Kerry. Lisa & Lawrence Griffith, Monique D. Una Wignal, Mardanne
Arther, Susheela Varghese, Marina Agard, Merlyn Griffith, Evernes Boxhill, , Lyndon
De Silva, Norma Darby, Ionie Muir, Emelie, Terry & Dianne, Janet Pierre, Ganet Price,
Francisco DeLeon, Audrey Williams,
Bernadette Smith, ,
Melva Scarborough, Nancy Conigliaro,
Smith Jr. L., Bob Mathews, Marva
Gittens, Violeta Polard,
Carlos Jones, Marva Jones, Pamela
Jimenez, Clyde Wilson,
Lynette Alexander, Ramon Baez,
Denise Maggio, Wilfrid
Gaby, Geralde Jean-Claude, Marlyn
Hospedalas, Edith JB Moise, Monica
Fletcher, Marther Parris,
Elaine Demonte, Sandra Ramos, Drucilla Huffin, Wilfred
Zanders, Olimpia Sanchez, Frederique
C, Michael Harris, Sr.
Huyen, Annette Boldeau, Ameque
Clesca, , Yazmine Sutherland, Carlos
Dure, Kendell Bourne, Kenson Mesidor, Kelly, Rosena Blanc, Rose Coquillon, Mavis Samuel, Kenneth Sales, Merle
Clarke, Gilbert Joseph, Angelina Lin, Annette Noziles, Bob Conigliaro, Tom Martin,
Vaudreuil Mendes, James Sullivan, Hiram Barrientos, Joseph Boateng Cati, Theresa
Bain-Louis, Anthony Briggs, Anthony Jean-Louis, Annie Arenny, Robert C., Rev. Jean
Dumas, Urline, Rev. Freshnac Antilus, Marissa Carter, Divina Nuñez, Rev. Saint
Charles Borno, Mary Bumbalow, Vilma Nunez, Clyde Wilson, Carmen Casiano, Nelson
Casiano, Julio Castillo, Doris Pichardo, Perla Mac Pherson, Gena Laferiere, Jeanne
Ferrier, William Smith, Greta Lopez Smith, Paul Piconni, Sonia Lochard, Karene Scott,
Carol Thomas, Barbara Dowie, Norma Compas, Edith Prophete, Germy Saint-Aman,
Yanick Francois, Linda Moore, Fulvia Christie, Marie Ange Sanon, Carmene Joseph,
Marie Rose Victor, Ralph Larrieux, Lucille Taylor, Rhonda Johnson ….
— English Legion on Mary
— AA Meeting
— Yoga
— 4:00 pm - Rectory
— 7:00 pm - Hall
— 6:30 pm— Rm 2
— Spanish Prayer Meeting
— Haitian Prayer Meeting
— 7:30 pm - Hall
— 7:30 pm - Rectory
— N/A Meeting
— Haitian Legion of Mary
— English Charismatic Group
— Adoration 9:00 am & 7:30 pm
— 7:00 pm- Hall
— 7:00 pm - Rectory
— 7:00 pm - Rectory
— St. Vincent de Paul
— Youth Legion of Mary
— EPIC Youth Group
— 7:00 (2nd & 4th) Rm 1
— 12 noon - Rectory
— 3.00 pm - Rectory
— Haitian Legion of Mary
— Spanish Cursillista
— N/A Meeting
— 11:00 am— Rectory
— 1:30 pm - Rm 2
— 5:00pm - Hall
— Church (1st Friday)
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
"They have taken the Lord from the
tomb, and we don't know where
they put him." This must have felt
like adding insult to injury. Mary
Magdalene had stood faithfully by
Jesus up to his last moment on the
cross. She had seen him laid in the
tomb and she had already visited his
body there to mourn and pay her
last respects. But today, on her arrival, she finds the body missing.
Wasn't it enough to torture and crucify her innocent Lord? Why did
they have to take away her one last
bit of consolation? Why did they
steal his body?
Imagine the despair she must have wrestled with at this moment.
As if the events of Good Friday had not been enough, now she
faced another tragic moment. From Mary's perspective, things could
not have gotten any worse. Every bit of evidence around her converged to make her feel completely powerless and afraid. Her eyes
could only see the darkness of the empty tomb. Here now, into this
rock-bottom moment when no human hope remained, here burst in
the risen Christ. Just when there was no possible solution, when
everything was far beyond repair, suddenly Jesus appeared, glorious, victorious, and completely and utterly unexpected. His triumph
over death was more than that: it was also a triumph over human
hopelessness and despair. It was proof that God is bigger than our
biggest problems. He is more powerful than the most threatening
evils and all the fears that lurk around in our lives.
The joy of Easter is ours, today and every day. As Christians, we
can rejoice in belonging to a God who is ready and able to break
through the toughest barriers of sin and death, even when we least
expect it.
Rejoice always, for He is Risen!
It is an honor to share the news with
our community that Jassidy Mercado,
Sara Mercado, Maxine Williams and
David Applewhite are preparing to be
received into full communion with the
Catholic Church this Easter
Candidates for Communion & Confirmation
Jansen Andre
Keyna DeLeon
Amado Gomez
Marielle Milette
Maryse Bernard
Brandon Fraser
Alyssa McEachronSteven Wasembeck
Please remember them in your prayers.
These candidates will be welcomed into the Catholic
Church at the Easter Vigil Service.
Dimanche 5 Avril 2:30 pm
a l’Eglise - Venez en foule!
April 5, 2015, Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord —B 2
Réf : Qui nous roulera la pierre à l’entrée du tombeau
Qui nous roulera la pierre, pour être des hommes nouveaux !
ACCLAMATION: Alléluia! Alléluia! Alléluia! Amen (2x)
Soit loué Seigneur dans ton temple Saint, Soit loué dans le ciel de ta puissance
Soit loué pour tes actions d’éclat ; Soit loué Dieu d’amour et de bonté !
EVANGILE: De Jésus Christ selon Saint Jean (Il fallait que
1. Christ est vivant ! Christ près de nous ! Souffle inté- Jésus ressuscite d’entre les morts) (Jn 20, 1-9)
rieure qui nous habite Feu de l’Esprit qui nous habite ; OFFERTOIRE :
Au cours d’un repas entre amis, ce jour-là, Jésus prit du pain,
Christ est vivant, Alléluia, Alleluia
Le rompit, leur donna ! Il leur dit alors : Prenez et mangez
2. Christ est vivant ! Froment de Dieu ! Prêt à germer,
Ceci est mon corps qui sera livré pour vous amis !
corps de souffrance. Dans le soleil cri d’espérance ;
Réf : De semaine en semaine, que la fête revienne
Christ est vivant, Alléluia, Alléluia !
De dimanche en dimanche, avec sa nappe blanche !
la table devienne, le repas du partage,
3. Christ est vivant ! Face de Dieu ! Gloire immergée dans la faiblesse
Du bon pain de la vie, du bon pain de l’amour.
Glaise irradiée par la tendresse ; Christ est vivant, Alléluia, Alléluia !
Il prit dans ses mains vers la fin du repas, la coupe de vin,
Et leur dit cette fois : Vous que j’aime tant, prenez et buvez
Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison
Ceci est mon sang qui sera versé pour vous mes amis !
Christe Eleison, Christe eleison, Christe eleison, Christe eleison !
Plus qu’un souvenir et bien plus qu’un récit ; Il veut devenir
Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison !
Notre pain d’aujourd’hui ! Et son grand désir, c’est qu’à notre tour
GLORIA: (Glori- Glori-Glori)
Nous allions servir le pain de l’amour à tous ses amis !
Garçons : Glo-Glo-Glo, Gloria ! Viv Bondye nan Syèl la !
SANCTUS : Sen Granmèt la Sen, li menm sèl ki sen, O wi li sen,
Filles : Wololoy, Wololoy
Sen Granmèt la Sen, li menm sèl ki sen, O wi li sen !
Garçons : Glo-Glo-Glo, Gloria ! Viv Bondye nan Syèl la !Filles :
Tout tè a tranble, tout pye bwa souke, tout zwazo chante
Syèl ak tè a mete ansanm, pou yo fè lwanj pou Granmèt la ;
Di Glori-Gloria viv Bondye nan Syèl la !
Ozanaye ! Ozanaye ! Ozanna viv Bondye nou an.
1. Ann chante pou Bondye Papa nou : Ki kreye tout sa’k eksiste
Bravo pou sila k-ap vini, l’ap vini O non Granmèt la ;
Chante lwanj pou Bondye nan Syèl la ; Ki fè mèvèy esktraòdinè.
Ozanaye ! Ozanaye ! ozanna viv Bondye nou an !
(Wololoy– Wololoy)
ANAMNESE : Amen ! Alelouya Jezu Kri leve,
2. Ann chante pou Jezi gran frè nou ; Ki te vini pou-l sove nou
Li kraze lanmò, li leve byen vivan, li pap mouri ankò.
Li te mouri sou bwa lakwa a ; Sou twa jou li leve byen vivan.
: Fete, fete wi, fete, repete mèsi Bondye
(Wololoy- Wololoy)
Nan kè nou Bondye klére, ala yon limyè ki bèl.
3. Fè konpliman pou Lespri Sen an ; Renmen Papa a ak Pitit la
Agnus Dei : Jésus c’est toi, qui portes nos péchés,
Li se fòs kap gide chemen n ; Pou mennen nou kot Papa a.
Prend pitié de nous, prend pitié de nous. (2X)
(Wololoy- Wololoy)
Jésus c’est toi, l’agneau immolé. Donne-nous la paix, mets en ta joie (2X)
PREMIERE LECTURE: Nous avons mangé et bu avec lui
après sa résurrection d’entre les morts (Ac 10, 34a.37-43)
PSAUME: R/ Le Seigneur est ressuscité : Alléluia !
1. Comme le printemps, sur nous se lève un jour nouveau,
Comme le printemps, le Christ est revenu !
2. L’homme des douleurs, qui sommeillait dans le tombeau,
L’homme des douleurs soudain est apparu !
3. L’arbre de la mort, où Dieu saignait comme un fruit mûr,
L’arbre de la mort, pour nous a refleuri !
4. Joie de l’univers, ô Christ ami du genre humain,
Joie de l’univers, nous sommes délivrés !
5. Dieu nous a rouvert tout grand, la porte du jardin,
Dieu nous a rouvert, et nous a dit d’entrer !
DEUXIEME LECTURE: Purifiez-vous des vieux
ferments, et vous serez une Pâque nouvelle (1 Co 5, 6b-8)
SEQUENCE: À la Victime pascale, chrétiens!
Offrez le sacrifice de louange.
L’Agneau a racheté les brebis;
Le Christ innocent a réconcilie; l’homme pécheur avec le Père.
Communion :
Le Christ est vivant ! Alléluia ! Il est parmi nous ! Alléluia
Béni soit son nom, dans tout l’univers ; Alléluia ! Alléluia.
C’est lui notre joie ! Alléluia ! C’est lui notre espoir ! Alleluia
C’est lui notre pain, c’est lui notre vie ; Alléluia ! Alléluia.
Soyons dans la joie ! Alléluia ! Louons le Seigneur ! Alléluia
Il nous a aimés, il nous a sauvés ; Alléluia ! Alléluia.
Le Christ est vivant ! Alléluia ! Allons proclamer ! Alléluia
La bonne nouvelle à toute nation ; Alléluia ! Alléluia.
Le Christ était mort ! Alléluia ! Le Christ est vivant ! Alléluia
Le Christ est présent, le Christ reviendra ; Alléluia ! Alléluia.
Action de Grâce :
Criez de joie, Christ est ressuscité ;
Il est vivant comme il l’avait promis
Alléluia ! Christ est ressuscité ; Il nous ouvre la vie.
Au milieu de notre nuit, la lumière a resplendi
La vie a détruit la mort ; Christ ressuscité !
Vous les anges, louez-le, exultez depuis les cieux
Tous les vivants louez Dieu ; Christ ressuscité !
Dis-nous, Marie Madeleine, qu’as-tu vu en chemin?
J’ai vu le sépulcre du Christ vivant, j’ai vu la gloire du Réssuscité.
Réf : Oui, le Seigneur est notre joie, Alléluia!
Il nous partage son amour, Alléluia!
Oui, le Seigneur est notre joie, Alléluia!
Il est fidèle pour toujours, Alléluia!
J’ai vu les anges ses témoins,le suaire et les vêtements.
Le Christ, mon espérance, est ressuscité! Il vous précédera en Galilée.
1. Il est le Sauveur, Alléluia! Il est le Seigneur, Alléluia!
Il est notre frère, Alléluia! Le libérateur, Alléluia!
Nous le savons: le Christ, est vraiment ressuscité des morts.
Roi victorieux, prends-nous tous en pitié! Amen.
Balanse, Balanse pou Jezu, balanse, balanse pou Jezu (2X)
Jezu se Wa, li se Granmèt ; Ozanaye ! Ozanaye
Jezu se Wa, non li pwisan ; Ozanaye ! Ozanaye.
La mort et la vie s’affrontèrent en un duel prodigieux.
Le Maître de la vie mourut, vivant, il règne.

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