Adult NL Spring 14.pages


Adult NL Spring 14.pages
“Shoo Biz”
The Newsletter for Adult Students of Free House Dance Plus
WELCOME to our 2014 Spring Session Following is information on what’s coming up and answers
to questions you may have. Anything else? See your teacher or call our office at 403-282-0555.
Hot Dates
March 31- June 26
We will be offering two weeks of evening
classes starting Monday, AUGUST 18 th .
Registration begins June 2 and early-bird rates
will be in effect until July 19. Watch our website
for more details.
April 18-21
Easter Weekend
May 17-19
Victoria Day
June 5-8
Show Weekend (kids)
NOTE: Due to holidays & closures, spring session
end dates are determined below. Please note the
final date for your class.
During Winter
Session, some of
our Adult classes
were offered the
opportunity to
participate in our
PD/Adult show on
Friday, June 27 at
the Wright Theatre,
MRU. Tickets go
on sale in May at
our office. It's a great show - don't miss it!
Final Spring session class dates are as follows:
Tuesday classes - June 17
Wednesday classes - June 18
Friday classes - June 20
Saturday classes - June 21
Monday classes - June 23
Thursday classes - June 26
MISSED CLASSES If you miss class you can
make them up, but you must do it BEFORE the
end of the session. Speak to the office or your
teacher regarding suitable makeup classes.
Transfers into another session is a no-no.
You will notice that these classes now appear as
'rehearsal class' on the schedule. There are still lots
of class options for students choosing NOT to
participate in the show.
This 'n That
Put your name in your dance
shoes - every week they get turned in or
switched with someone else's - if we knew who
they belonged to we could call you.
Have you visited our website
It’s chock full of information
including this newsletter,
and a calendar of dates to
r e m e m b e r. F o r y o u r
convenience you can
register online.
!LOST & FOUND Located downstairs outside
the ladies’ changeroom.
WHAT DO YOU THINK? We’d like to know
what you like and suggestions for future
classes. Your input will help us give you more
of what you want!
Congratulations to our Spring Session students
for being the first group to use our new online
registration process! We are still ironing out
some details but over all, things went well. If
you have any feedback, please let us know.
PARKING Whenever possible, please use the
parking lots behind either the studio or the
buildings immediately beside the studio when
attending class. Please note: The parking lots
on either side of the studio are available
after 5 pm. You can also park all around the
park. The 15 min. zone in front of the studio is
for QUICK drop-off/pick ups. DO NOT park in
front or beside residential homes. Thank you
for helping us be a good neighbor!
MERCHANDISE Check out the great
merchandise we have!
Thank you for
turning it off when you come in the building.
DRINKING WATER Please feel free to bring a
water bottle with you. If you forget yours you
can help yourself to Calgary’s finest tap water
from the sinks in the washrooms - cups are
there as well. We also have water bottles for
NB: There is a buzzer if
you would like to enter via
the back door, as long as
someone is in the office.
Buzz once and wait for the
click which indicates the
lock mechanism is
released, allowing you to
open the door. You can
leave by the back door
anytime. If your shoes are
at the front please carry them through to the
WASHROOMS There are 4. One on each of
the 2nd and main floors, one to the left of stairs
on lower level and one in the ladies'
changeroom on the lower level.
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY Please acquaint
yourself with the exits - front door, rear door and
alarmed emergency exit at bottom of stairs at
front of building.
It doesn't matter how high you lift your
leg. The technique is about transparency, simplicity, making an earnest
taking off your shoes when you enter the
building. PLEASE - put them on the shelves
provided so they don't get tripped on as people
move through the entrance.
- Mikhail Baryshnikov