Annual Report 2015 - Opportunity Council



Annual Report 2015 - Opportunity Council
Five Decades of Community Action
Changing lives. Helping people. Since 1965.
A Community Action Agency Serving Island, San Juan & Whatcom Counties.
Message to our partners
This annual report celebrates our 2015 accomplishments and
also recognizes our agency’s 50th anniversary.
Thank you to everyone who played a role in our history and to those who
continue to support this work moving forward.
The Opportunity Council is a private, non-profit Community Action Agency
serving homeless and low-income families and individuals in Northwest
Washington. Community Action programs work with partners in our
communities to address local emerging needs. The Opportunity Council offers services
that address immediate and crisis-oriented basic needs such as food, emergency shelter,
and eviction-prevention. We also provide programs that promote self-sufficiency in our
community by delivering early childhood education, home weatherization, and energy
conservation education.
Despite some remarkable indicators of a recovery, overwhelming structural challenges in our economy continue to make
life difficult for many families and individuals in the communities we serve. Still, strong partnerships with you – our donors,
community leaders, and allied organizations – made it possible to guide many people in need toward pathways to stability and
prosperity in 2015. This report summarizes the many ways we accomplished this important work.
Here are some example highlights of important events and achievements made possible by
many teams of talented Opportunity Council professionals and volunteers in 2015:
• 50th Anniversary Celebration: Throughout 2015, we proudly celebrated 50 years of service to our communities, culminating
with an end of year event at Mount Baker Theatre where we were joined by 600 supporters and guests of honor (see the
historic timeline at the bottom of pages 6 through 15).
Island, San Juan, Whatcom Prosperity Project community needs assessment: people from 900 low-income households
shared their experiences living at or near the poverty level. We used this information to develop our new three-year strategic
plan (see the Prosperity Project report at ).
Completed a total of 101 low-income weatherization and Community Energy Challenge projects at homes and business
in Island and San Juan counties.
Early Learning and Family Services (ELAFS) programs honored: Bellingham Public Schools awards Opportunity Council as
Community Partner of the Year.
Fresh Bucks program launched: This new program allows food stamp participants to purchase fresh, local fruits and
We are eager to share with you a revised reporting format this year: much of
the information on the following pages is organized in alignment with our new
strategic plan, which is inspired by five aspirational goals:
• Housing: Everyone in our communities has access to safe, healthy and
affordable housing.
• School and work readiness: All children and adults are ready to succeed
Opportunity Council is a private nonprofit
Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of
community action agency that acts as a catalyst
hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to
for positive change, both in the community and
live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to
in the lives of the people it serves.
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helping people help themselves and each other.
in school and life.
Financial stability: Families and individuals achieve long-term financial
Whole person health: All individual, families and communities will be
supported to attain comprehensive (physical, dental and behavioral) wellbeing within healthy environments.
Social justice: Our communities provide equity of opportunity and treat
all persons with compassion, dignity and respect.
We are grateful for your support as we work to
attain these goals for the communities we serve.
Greg Winter
Celebrating 50 Years of Community Action
Our History
Our Future
In 1965, the Opportunity Council began as a grassroots group of volunteers and staff, working with
a borrowed typewriter and furniture out of a small corner in the Whatcom County Courthouse. This
Community Action model was a product of the “war on poverty” and the Economic Opportunity Act signed
by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964 to help low income people.
Today, the Opportunity Council is one of 1,000 Community Action Agencies nationwide. Our 225 full and
part-time employees serve over 20,000 people a year.
For the past 50 years, Opportunity Council has provided resources and services for people in the
Pacific Northwest. Our success, and the success of all community action agencies, is due to community
involvement, people caring and individuals willing to take action.
“Each community and neighborhood has its own
We’re up for the challenge. With 50 years in the rear
view mirror, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank
you — our community partners — who help do this
Dave Finet
Opportunity Council Executive Director, 2006-2015
We were proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary throughout 2015, with community promotions, editorials,
anniversary t-shirts — and a celebration event at the Mt. Baker Theatre in Bellingham Thursday, November
12. The celebration was attended by over 600 people and featured speakers and videos celebrating the
beginning of “community action” and its accomplishments and partners over the last 50 years.
Guest speakers included Bellingham Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Greg Baker, Director of Washington
State Dept. of Commerce Brian Bonlender, City of Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville, and a keynote address by
Ron Sims, former King Co. Executive and former deputy secretary of HUD. Emcees for the event were Bonnie
Southcott, a Senior Digital Producer and Content Strategist at Toolhouse, Inc., together with Whatcom
County Executive Jack Louws.
Lyndon B. Johnson
March 16, 1964
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Our Services Make a
Difference for Families
Increased Budget & Job Skills
Families and individuals achieve long-term financial stability.
13% Healthy
32% Warm, Safe
34% Information
& Referral
7% Preschool &
11% Income &
Job Skills
3% Health Care
Healthy Food Resources - 4,546 Services
Basic Food Assistance, Maple Alley Inn, Child Nutrition program, Fresh Bucks
Information & Referral - 11,467 Services
Community Resource Centers in Bellingham, Oak Harbor, Kendall, Lopez Island,
Orcas Island and San Juan Island
Income & Job Skills - 3,720 Services
Tax preparation, Basis Food and Employment Training, Financial Education,
Weatherization technician training, Computers for Kids, Early Achievers
Changing lives.
Helping people.
Since 1965.
Page 6 |
Health Care Access - 992 Services
Single Entry Access to Services, Health Care navigator support in Island County
and East Whatcom
Preschool and Child Care - 2,547 Services
Head Start, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, Early Head
Start, Child Care referrals and resources
Warm, Safe Homes - 10,937 Services
Homeless housing, energy assistance, Weatherization, home improvement,
Conservation Education, Healthy Homes, Community Energy Challenge.
President Lynden B. Johnson
signs the Equal Opportunity
Act to eliminate conditions
and causes of poverty and
begin community action
agencies across the county.
Whatcom County
Opportunity Council
(WCOC) is established by
Whatcom County Board
of Commissioners.
San Juan’s “Journeys” program
helps young adults succeed
People received free tax prep
People gained job skills and work
Individuals graduated from financial
People improved energy and tech job
skills at BPC
People could apply for jobs or do
homework with computer from
Computers 4 Kids
Number of early child care providers
enrolled in Early Achievers Program serving 8,237 children
Making the transition to living independently is
challenging for many teens and young adults. With
high schools increasingly focused on academics and
college readiness, basic life skills are often overlooked.
San Juan Island Family Resource Center’s new
“Journeys” program is a free eight-week class for
young people ages 17 – 28 who want to develop
practical skills for successful independent living. The
course leads participants through the Opportunity
Council’s Financial Literacy and Renter Education
curriculum and also provides weekly hands-on
learning activities ranging from meal planning and
grocery shopping to obtaining health insurance and
setting up a household filing system for keeping track
of important personal documents.
WCOC begins
offering Head
Start in Lynden
OC staff in our Vocational
Lab help people with job
searches, resumes, job
applications and related
Community Action Agencies agree
one third of board will represent
the low-income community.
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Healthy Food and Meals
Access to Health Care
All individual, families and communities will be supported to attain comprehensive well being within
healthy environments.
Households signed up for Basic Food
People enjoyed hot, nutritious meals at
Maple Ally Inn (19,622 meals)
Children received healthy meal and snacks
at child care each month (20,420 total)
Children with special needs served by
Single Entry Access to Services (SEAS)
People used Fresh Bucks to purchase fresh
fruit and vegetables
Individuals enrolled in health care
programs (Island Co., EWRRC)
Ways we provide healthy, local food
Family’s son gets health care — for first time
Fresh Bucks helps SNAP-eligible (food stamp) households
purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Through a UDSA
National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant, we
expanded this program that helps families purchase
produce at the Bellingham Farmers Market and Community
Food Co-op stores in Bellingham. Over 2,000 SNAP users
accessed this program, averaging $20 in incentives.
Maple Alley Inn, Opportunity Council’s hot meal program,
partners with local growers and maintains a large garden at
Faith Lutheran Church. The garden and the donations from
local growers allow MAI to serve thousands of pounds of
local produce during the growing season and beyond.
Food Lifeline Mobile Food Pantry visits the East Whatcom
Regional Resource center on the second Saturday of
every month to provide fresh vegetables, meat, and
non-perishable items in this geographically remote area.
Community volunteers have been instrumental in helping
organize and distribute this food monthly.
program begins
Page 8 |
By helping people access health care, our staff have been involved in the nation’s largest effort so far to improve
quality of care and contain costs through the Affordable Care Act. While people continue to debate the success of this
program, we see first hand how this program is making a difference for families like John, Grace and their son.
“Awesome is a badly overworked word, but
in this case, I am tempted to use it to describe
the produce we delivered this week. We sent
259.5 lbs to the kitchen. The haul consisted
of beans, beets, cabbage, chard, cucumbers,
summer squash and tomatoes.” WCOC staff compile a
resource directory of
239 agencies.
August email from Volunteer Ed Wood,
Maple Alley Inn Garden Director
As parents, it was both frustrating and heartbreaking for John and Grace to have health insurance for themselves and
not for their son who has autism. As a last resort, they
went to the Island County Opportunity Council seeking
“(Opportunity Council’s) efforts to assist health
help. Staff helped them navigate the Health Plan Finder
and they were able to enroll their son in a plan that
care enrollment have been greatly appreciated.
covered therapy for their son’s autism — for the first time
Staff helps so many of our patients - some of
whom cried when they were told they qualified
Opportunity Council staff are involved in making these
stories happen in Oak Harbor and at the East Whatcom
Regional Resource Center in Kendall where they help
people access health care.
Congress creates the Low
Income Energy Assistance
for health coverage.”
Marcia Fort,
North Whidbey Community Clinic
WCOC receives a $8,000
federal grant for emergency
housing – 48 families helped
Page 9 |
A Warm, Safe Home
Everyone in our communities has access to safe, healthy and affordable housing.
Households learned how to conserve
Homes were weatherized
Families improved in-door air quality
through Healthy Homes
Home improvement projects ensured
home safety, efficiencies
by Amy Meredith, Employment Case Manager
When I first met “Tina,” she and her three children were living in a farmhouse with no running water. She had recently
separated from her husband and had not worked outside of the home for several years.
Tina enrolled in our Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) program which gave her access to employment
case management support, help creating a resume and conducting job searches, as well as classes to help her in the
After one month in the program, Tina was hired for an agricultural position -- a great fit for her passion for farming.
Through the BFET program, we were also able to purchase a pair of work boots, which were a requirement for the
position. Tina and her children moved into an apartment the following week!
Energy assistance grants helped families
keep heat and lights on
Households participated in the
Community Energy Challenge
Families housed in Whatcom (590), San
Juan (28), and Island (304)
Marjie’s House
celebrates 10 years.
OC programs help families secure housing, employment.
A Bellingham outreach
program started in January
as part of an intensive
effort to reduce local street
homelessness, thanks
to funding from the city of
Bellingham and support
from private organizations.
The “Homeless Outreach
Team” members build
relationships with people to
help them access housing
and health services.
Two members of the team
are Kate Robertson (l) and
Theresa Meurs.
Marjie’s House, a 16-unit housing complex in Oak
Harbor, celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2015.
Through community support and a joint effort of
the Housing Authority of Island County, Citizens
Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse and the
Opportunity Council, this program has provided
shelter and support services to help women and
children. Families also have access to advocates
and counselors who help them through difficult
Ribbon cutting at Marjie’s House 2006
WCOC becomes
Opportunity Council
Page 10 |
OC opens Interfaith
Community Health Clinic
OC begins operating the
Maple Alley Inn
First OC School Supply Drive
held in Whatcom County
Page 11 |
Helping Kids Thrive
Volunteers in the classroom
All children and adults are ready to succeed in school and life.
AmeriCorp volunteer Keegan Cobb was asked to spend
time with a student who needed help with letter and
number recognition skills.
Kids participated in Head Start and Early
Childhood Education and Assistance
Program preschool
Kids participated in Early Head Start
Families found child care
Kids in a safe place thanks to emergency
child care vouchers
“It was tough!” Keegan said. “He wanted to play with
dinosaurs and talk about the Flash and Batman and
didn't want to learn about numbers or letters. Counting
rubber animals wasn't was frustrating.”
Then Keegan “hatched a plan.”
“Instead of trying to get him to look at numbers, I got
him to look at superheroes, at dinosaurs, at things he
wanted to learn about. How many Batmans are there?
What letter does Flash start with?”
Over the next two weeks, Keegan said the child began
to look at letters and identify which ones meant
Spiderman, Batman, Flash, Catwoman, and more. He was
soon very “kindergarten ready.”
“That's why I'm here,” Keegan said. “I'm here to promote this exact kind of thing in every classroom, with every child
that needs it.”
“It has been quite a year for my
family… I wanted both of you
to know how much I appreciate
everything that your organization has
done for my family. It all means more
to me than I will ever begin to be able
to thank you for…”
Email to Early Support for Infants and Toddlers
From parent of highly impacted twins
Dorothy Place opens
in Bellingham
Page 12 |
First Dine Out for
Maple Alley Inn is held
Interfaith Community Health
Center becomes an independent
non-profit agency
Marjie’s House
opens in
Oak Harbor
Information and Referral
Working in Partnership
Our communities provide equity of opportunity and treat all persons with compassion, dignity and
Our partners and advocates support a safe and healthy community for all our families.
Number of people who accessed
information, referrals, or resources:
Bellingham office
Oak Harbor office
Bellingham School District
honors OC partnership
Bellingham Public Schools honored the Opportunity
Council’s early learning programs in 2015 with a district wide
Community Partner of the Year award.
Resource center in Kendall, East Whatcom
Resource centers on Lopez, Orcas and
San Juan islands
OC staff were surprised with the award presentation at
Birchwood elementary school in Bellingham on March 18.
(L-R) OC Staff Pam Head, Kim Walbeck, David Webster
“Every part of this department has deep connections with
with Dr. Greg Baker from Bellingham Public Schools.
Bellingham and all of our school districts. To be honored as
the Partner of the Year is a huge compliment,” said David
Webster, director of Early Learning and Family Services at the Opportunity Council.
Presenting the award, Superintendent Dr. Greg Baker said, “The Opportunity Council is known for providing high
quality programming at both the state and national level. It is their dedication to children and families in the
Bellingham community and their commitment to excellence that allows them to stand out.”
Helping people connect
with resources
East Whatcom sees growth
Attendance nearly doubled this year for the annual
Community Connections Fair at the East Whatcom
Regional Resource Center in Kendall. The center hosted
service organizations and provided information, crafts for
kids, free gifts, snacks and a raffle for attendees.
Other services growing in popularity at the center
include employment support to help people gain both
confidence in looking for work and specific skills.
The Whatcom Homeless
Service Center is
established at the OC
Page 14 |
The Building
Performance Center
opens weatherization
training center
The boards of directors of the Opportunity Council and
the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County announced in
November 2015 that they were transferring the Volunteer
Center programs and services to the Opportunity Council.
East Whatcom
Regional Resource
Center opens
OC provides Child Care
Aware in five counties:
Whatcom, Skagit,
Snohomish, Island
and San Juan
Island County and East Whatcom
County offices help people
access health insurance through
the new Affordable Care Act
Island County hosted several fundraisers in 2015,
including this event to pledge support for families
at Marjie’s House.
Opportunity Council
celebrates 50th anniversary
2015-16 Board of Directors
Citizen participation is essential. The Opportunity Council, like all Community Action Agencies, is locally managed by a
volunteer board of directors which includes equal representation of public officials, the private sector and people who
represent low-income communities.
2015 Revenue
l Federal $11,744,643
l State$2,355,884
l Local Government
l Fee for Service
l Donations & Foundation Grants
l Interest & Other Income
Total Revenues
Executive committee:
President: Mamie Lackie
Vice President: Rick Hughes
Secretary: Ramona Menish
Treasurer: Steve Jones
Past President: Stan Snapp
At Large: Sandy John
April Barker
Rebecca Boonstra
Dan Hammill (2015)
Jill Johnson
Ken Mann (2015)
Lisa McShane
Frank Parker
Paul Stermer
Mark Tompkins
Carl Weimer
Faith Whaley –
ELAFS Policy Council Chair
2015 Expenditures
l Early Learning & Family Services
l Community Services
l Home Improvement
l Economic Development
l Island County
l The Energy Project
l Whatcom Homeless Service Center
l Agency Services
l Administrative & Overhead
Total Expenditures
Revenue in Excess of Expenditures
2015-16 Staff
Approximately 225 employees work at the Opportunity Council to bring
services to people in Whatcom, Island and San Juan Counties. Some
programs have expanded to include Skagit and Snohomish counties.
Executive Director: Greg Winter
Associate Director: Sheri Burgler Emerson
Community Services and Energy Services: Debbie Paton, Director
Early Learning and Family Services: David Webster, Director
Island County Opportunity Council: Lisa Clark, Director
Home Improvement: John Davies, Director
Whatcom Homeless Service Center: Mike Parker, Director
The Energy Project: Shawn Collins, Director
Fiscal: David Foreman, Chief Financial Officer
Human Resources: Kathy Washatka, Organizational Development Director
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Our Donors
Steve & Deborah Adelstein
Jo Ann Albers
Philip and Judith Andress
Herb and Vicki Barker
Ron and Cynthia Bauleke
Ann Beck
Brandon Bork
Jed and Lindsay Brewer
Christina Byrne and David Flanagan
Robin and Yuki Caldwell
Brandi Civico
Jollefern Cole
Joann Collinge
John Collinge
Gary Dolin and Martha Vernier-Dolin
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John and Brenda Riseland
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Suzannah and Tyler Schroeder
Karen Sloss
Susan and Loch Trimingham Fund of The
Whatcom Community Foundation
Teresa Thornberg
Amy Van Pelt and Joseph Jarzembowski
Mary and John Vorlicky
David Webster
Stephen and Diane Woods
$100 - $499
Blake Allen
Edoh Amiran and Veronica Wisniewski
Edwin and Anne Anderson
Michele Anderson
Jeff and Carol Arvin
Greg and Lisa Aucutt
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Jessica Gould-Hilburn and Jeff Hilburn
Mary Grimes
Lee Grochmal and Tom Fryer
All efforts are made to accurately compile our list of supporters who made a financial contribution of more than $50 in 2015.
If you feel an error has been made, please contact our office.
Sean and Julie Hall
Walter and Linda Hardy
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Scot Harkins
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Margot Schenet
Dick and Judy Schmitt
Thomas Schneider and Kellie Jacobs
June See
Carol Smith
Derek Smith
Kelvin Smith
Leslie Smith
Lisa Sohni
Cynthia Stentz
Paul and Becky Stermer
Barbara Sternberger
Paula Tarleton
Cecelia Thomas
Larry Thompson
Tom and Cheryl Thornton
Karen Tracy and Robert Bruntil
Rick Unick
Lawrence and Patricia Van Wanseele
Carletta Vanderbilt
Kim vonSee
Dawn Wefer
Gretchen White
Daniel and Holly Whittle
Dustin Wilder
Veleta Young
Faith Based
Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle
Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
Christian Reformed Church
Congregation Beth Israel
Evangelical Lutheran Church In America
First Christian Church
First United Methodist Church
Garden Street United Methodist Church
Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. James Presbyterian
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
United Methodist Women
Whidbey Presbyterian Church
Whidbey Presbyterian Church Women
Women of North Puget Sound Presbytery
Women of St. James Presbyterian
Businessess & Organizations
Alcoa Intalco Works
American Legion Post No. 7
Anderson Paper & Packaging
Arrow Insulation
Aslan Brewing Company LLC
Avamere Bellingham Health & Rehabilitation
Avenue Bread
Banner Bank
Barron Heating Air Conditioning
Barron Smith Daugert, PLLC
Bayou On Bay
Be of Service Club
Beach Store Cafe
Bellingham Bar & Grill
Bellingham Cold Storage
Bellingham Farmers Market
Bellingham Friends (Quakers)
Binyon Vision Center
Black Drop Coffeehouse
Boundary Bay Brewery
Bramble Berry Inc
Brandywine Kitchen
Bruton & Schellberg, Inc. P.S.
Buri Funston Mumford
Busara Siamese Cuisine Corp.
Cascade Pizza
Catholic Daughters of America Ct 243
Chrysalis Inn & Spa
Ciao Thyme Catering
City Of Bellingham
Coconut Kenny’s of Ferndale
Community Food Co-op
Copper Hog
Cornerstone Strategies Inc.
Daisy Cafe, The
D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano
Dawson Construction Inc
DeWaard & Bode, Inc.
Diamond Jim’s Grill
Dos Padres Restaurant & Cantina
Ebright Wight, Inc.
Electric Beet Juice Co
Energy Specialists, Inc.
Erik Dyrland Insurance
Fairhaven Lions Club
Fat Pie Pizza
Fiamma Burger
Fidelity Charitable
Five Columns Restaurant
Good Time Tours Bureau Of Historical
Haulin’ Ash Chimney Sweeps
Hilltop Restaurant
Historic Fairhaven Association
HNN Associates, LLC
Hotel Bellwether
HUB NW/The Unity Group
IMCO General Construction Inc.
Innovations, Inc.
Island Thrift Inc.
Jay Shilhanek, Inc. P.S.
Ketchup + Mustard
Kulshan Brewing Co
La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza
Law Offices Of Peter Arkison
Leaf & Ladle
Les Schwab
Liberty Mutual Group Inc
Lowell Elementary PTA
Make It Rain
Mambo Italiano Cafe
Metcalf Hodges and Company
Mills Electric
Mt. Baker Foothills Visitor Center
Mykonos Greek Restaurant
Nancy Leavitt Agency
North Coast Credit Union
North Whidbey Lions Club
Northwest Energy Systems Of Washington,
Northwest Youth Services
Oak Harbor Emblem Club #450
Old Town Cafe
Old World Deli
On Rice Thai Cuisine & Spirits
Orcas Power & Light Cooperative OPALCO
Overhead Door Company of Bellingham, Inc.
Pacific Continental Realty
Pacific Northwest Roofing
Peoples Bank
Pepper Sisters Restaurant
Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery
Pilchuck UniServ Council
Pok Pok Pok Asian Bistro
RMC Architects
Robin Holcomb Family Trust
Robinson Hardwood & Homes LLC
Rock and Rye Oyster House
Rocket Donuts
Rofmann, Inc.
Saturna Capital
Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching
Shew Design, Shew, Eric
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Skagit Speedway
Sunnyland Properties
Table, The
Taco Lobo Inc.
Thai House Restaurant
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Jewelry Gallery
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable
Trapeze Cafe & Deli
U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank Foundation
U.S. Bank, Bellingham
Umpqua Bank
United Way Of Island County
United Way Of Skagit County
United Way Of The National Capital Area
United Way of Whatcom County
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Wander Brewing LLC
Whatcom Artists Of Clay and Kiln
Whatcom County Bar Association
Whatcom County N Rotary Club
Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU)
Windermere Real Estate, Hilton, Susan
Women Sharing Hope, Milligan, Natalie
Woods Coffee
Yorkston Oil Co.
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Whatcom County
1111 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225
360-734-5121 | 800-649-5121
Island County
1791 NE 1st Ave., Oak Harbor, WA 98277
360-679-6577 | 800-317-5427
Building Performance Center, Home Improvement Department
3406 Redwood Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225

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