Mama Pig: Peggy Lee Junior Pig


Mama Pig: Peggy Lee Junior Pig
Mama Pig: Peggy Lee
Junior Pig: Maggie Smith
Piglet: Ireland Kopsch
Little Wolf: Drew Fris
Big Wolf: Paul Dorset
Red/Goldie/Miss Muffet: Molly Dorset
Narrator: Mairo Towle
G&D Director Search!
Have you been trying to think
of ways in which you can get
more involved in St. D’s? Have
you always loved the Greek
and wish you could spend
more time there? Do you love
musicals? If so, you may be the
perfect candidate to direct our
June show, “Guys and Dolls”!
For questions or for director
submissions, contact Susan
Holmes at [email protected] or call her cell at
Please reply by November 17th.
Where's my Roster?
We are finally getting close to
mailing this season's Roster. If
haven't already sent us updates
to your personal information or
committee preferences please take
a look at your listing in last season's
Roster and e-mail Susan Holmes at
[email protected] with the
changes or call her at 248.310.4685.

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