Summer, 10 - LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity



Summer, 10 - LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity
Building Houses
in Partnership With
God’s People in Need
Vol 14 #3
Summer 2010
Niccums and LCHFH Volunteers Bring House # 20 to Life
LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity
works in partnership with God and people everywhere
to develop communities with God’s people in need,
by building and renovating houses so that there
are decent houses in decent communities in which
people can live and grow into all God intended.
LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity
109 E. Central Ave., Suite 1, LaGrange, IN 46761,
Ph 260-463-8519
Executive Director - Mont Arnold,
President-Warren Patka
Vice President-Tom Atwater
Secretary-LuAnn Gage, Treasurer-Marjorie Noll.
Publicity CommitteeElaine Hostetler, Trish Boase, LuAnn Gage
Food for thought, and for the
stomach, too . . .
Quilts, furniture, a buggy, local wares of all
types, the gift certificate bulletin board . . . these
are probably the first items that come to mind
when we think of the annual LCHFH auction.
But, food services are also a huge component of
its success.
This year, Kellie Bontrager and Jolene Bontrager will again supervise the preparation of
the awesome fresh meals that auction patrons
Partner Family Gathering
All partner families are invited to
attend the 2010 Family Support Annual Ice Cream Social. It is scheduled
for Friday, September 24 at 6:30 p.m.
Updated homeowner information,
advice from guest speakers, and plenty
of ice cream and door prizes are on the
Because of our one-day format, breakfast will
not be served this year. Lunch will feature burgers
and pork burgers, and in the evening, LCHFH will
serve the annual haystack supper with an array
of pies for dessert.
Kellie and Jolene will need help, of course,
plenty of it. Kellie estimates that more than 75
volunteers pitched in to help in 2009. From set-up
to food preparation to food service to clean-up,
ready hands will be utilized.
Area church and civic organizations are encouraged to use the food-serving arena as a service
project. For further information about how you
can help, contact Kellie Bontrager--562-9384 (cell
574-202-1033) or Jolene Bontrager–562-2969.
2010 Auction: Friday, August 6
Lunch line opens at 11:00
Auction begins at 3:00
Haystack Supper starts at 4:00
Quilt auction opens at 4:00
Find us on Facebook
Now we’re on Facebook. Keep tabs of recent
build photos. Be “in the know” for LCHFH
activities. You can find us by Googling “Facebook LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity” or clicking the link on our website: www.
Return Service Requested
109 E. Central Ave., Suite 1
LaGrange, IN 46761
U.S. Postage Paid
Permit #120
LaGrange IN 46761

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