Pelican 1900 MityLite


Pelican 1900 MityLite
Pelican 1900 MityLite
Light Source
3x ‘AAA’ Cell (included)
Weight w. batteries
Weight w/o batteries
10.4cm (4.09”)
0.05kg (1.6oz)
0.02kg (0.75oz)
Light Output
Runtime (Hrs/Mins)
Safety Approvals
11 Lumens
1Hrs 30Mins
IECex certified
Waterproof Rating
Beam Distance
Peak Beam Intensity
IPX7 (Waterproof & Submersible)
45 metres
571 candela
Unlike conventional flashlights that have a yellowish beam, the
MityLite 1900 flashlight uses a hi-intensity Xenon lamp that
produces a powerful, bright beam. Use this compact flashlight
to cut through thick smoke, fog and dust. It is submersible and
comes with a twist-on shroud. The 1900 MityLite is ideal for any
situation. Powered by 2x AAA cell batteries
High Intensity Xenon Lamp
Trademark Faceted Body
Tough Pocket Clip
What makes a PELICAN Flashlight safe?
The switching mechanism in flashlights can emit a tiny spark. In a
hazardous environment, this spark can ignite flammable vapours
and gases. Even high temperature can ignite flammable gases
and vapours.
A PELICAN safety-approved flashlight limits electrical energy to
prevent spark ignition and to prevent high temperature, so that
no vapours or gases can be ignited.
*A flashlight with Class 1, Div. 1 approval is safe for use in situations rated Class 2 or 3. Likewise, a Class 3, Div. 1 approved flashlight is not safe to operate in
situations rated Class 2 or 1.
Division 1:
Where volatile substances can exist of the time or some
of the time under normal operating conditions.
Division 2:
Where volatile substances are not likely to exist under
normal operating conditions.
Available from:
Ph: 0800 255 482
Email: [email protected]