On the wrong track


On the wrong track
Danger to
Lorries using a
road in
On the wrong track
Kampung Bersatu folk do not want heavy vehicles using their roads
[email protected]
ESIDENTS of Kampung
Bersatu, Batu 13, Puchong,
want heavy vehicles to be
barred from using the roads in the
A resident, Wong Sai Ming, 39,
said the number of heavy vehicles
using the village roads had
increased recently.
"The roads are too narrow and
not designed to cater to heavy
vehicles. Some are driven recklessly.
"The increased volume of vehicles has also resulted in residents
now taking about 20 minutes to
exit the village compared with
only five previously," he said.
According to residents, motorists use the village as a shortcut to
go from Puchong to USJ and bypass
the Puchong Barat toll plaza on the
Explaning the problem: Loo (left) speaking to a truck driver plying Lorong 12 in
Kampung Bersatu, to head to the LDP as villagers look on.
Damansara-Puchong Highway
(LDP) or to get to other areas in
Puchong such as Taman Puchong
Permai and Taman Puchong
Besides the traffic jam, the residents have to put up with noise
and air pollution.
Wong said the heavy traffic also
posed a danger to residents, espe-
1 IUN 2012
cially children.
Puchong parliamentary liaison
officer Datuk Loo Yeng Peng said
he would highlight the matter to
the Subang Jaya Municipal Council
"The roads in Kampung Bersatu
are designed to cater to light vehicles only.
"The residents also complained
that the pothole-riddled roads
have not been repaired by the
council," he said.
Loo said MPSJ should conduct a
traffic study and come up with
solutions to prevent heavy vehicles
from using the village roads.
"One effective method would be
to install a height barrier to limit
access to light vehicles only.
"I will write to MPSJ on the matter and I will follow up with the
residents a month later to see if
any action to address the problem
has been taken," he said.
to keep
tabs on
Move to ensure garbage is
collected and area kept clean
Not a welcome sight: A file picture of rubbish left uncollected outside a house in US12/2C.
he said.
Subang Jaya
Hannah Yeoh said having residents
keep tabs on cleaning and waste
collection services was a welcome
move, especially for the cleaning of
"We can immediately see if rubbish is being collected but it takes
a bit more monitoring where
cleaning of drains is concerned,"
she said.
However, she cautioned that not
every area had a residents' association or Rukun Tetangga.
OON garbage and cleaning
contractors in the Subang
Jaya municipality will only be
paid after their services have been
evaluated by the residents.
Councillor Chang Kim Loong
raised the issue at the Subang Jaya.
Municipal Council (MPSJ) full
board meeting last month after a
suggestion from Bandar Puteri residents in Puchong.
Chang said councillors had
received many complaints after
the state government took over
the public cleaning and garbage
collection services last year.
"Of course, we expected teething problems but the situation was
getting so bad that we had to
arrange for the council's Town
Services director to meet the residents.
'That is when the suggestion
came up to have a residents' representative endorse the cleaning
services before MPSJ pays the contractor," said Chang.
Bandar Puteri 8 Residents
Association chairman Datuk
Samson David Maman, whose area
falls under MPSJ's Zone 16, said the
idea was first suggested for Zone 1
(SS12 to SS19 in Subang Jaya) two
"The council can start applying the procedure in problematic
areas until there is an improvement.
Listed out: The cleaning schedule for Bandar Puteri 8 has already been displayed
at one of the fields in the area.
years ago but was shot down.
"The contractors are being paid
with taxpayers' money, so we
should make them accountable."
Samson said residents faced a
lot of problems after the change of
contractors and garden waste
started to pile up in front of houses.
"There has been tremendous
improvement in services this
month but we want to make sure
the services are up to the mark,"
he said.
Chang said the proposal would
be tabled at the Town Services
committee meeting before being
endorsed by the full board.
"We are still working out the
mechanics of the system and we
will try it out in Zone 16 first,
before implementing it in other
"If the proposal is approved,
then MPSJ will be the first in
Selangor to have such a practice,"
un BUZ
"Areas such as SS18 definitely
needs a system like this. For areas
without an association, residents
can appoint a street representative
instead," Yeoh suggested.
She said the system should be a
temporary one because it was ultimately the responsibility of MPSJ
supervisors to ensure contractors
were carrying out their work effectively.
Councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran
said such a system should not be
mandatory but rather an option if
the residents' association or Rukun
Tetangga was willing to take up
the task.
"The checking and reporting
mechanism should be spelled out
"The council should also publish
on its website the cleaning schedules of each area for easy reference," he said.
Councillor Ng Sze Han, who
oversees the Seri Kembangan area,
said while the waste collection
services in his area had improved,
it would be helpful for residents to
be roped in to help monitor the
"The RAs and RTs in my area
might not be as active as the
ones in Subang Jaya but they will
gladly be involved in this because
cleanliness is always a big concern among residents," said Ng.
Selangor MCA Youth vice-chairman Lee You Hin said the proposal for residents to be allowed
to evaluate the services of garbage and cleaning contractors
was a good idea.
"At this moment, I believe if a
representative from each zone is
allowed to evaluate the services,
this will make the contractors
buck up," he said.
Lee added that a short drive
around Subang Jaya would show
garbage bags at road corners anti
Subang Ria light industrial
KUALA LUMPUR 21 Jun Kaki pancing dipelawa
menyertai Kamiv
Memancing Majlis
Perbandaran Subang
(MPSJ) 2012 di Taman
Tasik Puchong Perdana,
pada 30 Jun dan 1 Julai
MPSJ memaklumkan,
hadiah menarik men
para peserta dengan
pemenang tempat
pertama akan me
pulang wang tun
RM3,000, kedua,
RM1,500 dan ketiga,
Tidak ketinggalan
hadiah wang tunai turut
disediakan bagi tempat
keempat hingga keenam
iaitu wang tunai RM500,
RM250 dan RM100.
"Pelbagai aktiviti
menarik disediak
kepada pengunjun
sepanjang dua han
kamival berlangsung.
Antaranya gerai jualan,
pameran, pertandingan
karaoke dan perlumbaan
kayak,"kata MPSJ dalam
kenyataan akhbamya di
Pada 1 Julai pula
aktiviti yang disediakan
termasuklah senamrobik
berirama, pertandingan
mewarna, pertunjukan
silap mata.
Bagi yang berminat
boleh menghubungi
talian 03 80632410 atau
0129245235 untuk
n1 1ct.9
m arl
Dog owner to be charged
[email protected]
THE owner of a crossbreed
American Bull Terrier dog
which mauled a 74-year-old
man to death in Subang Jaya
last month will be charged in
court on Monday.
In a text message to The Malay Mail, Subang Jaya district
police chief ACP Yahaya Ramli
said the 25-year-old accountant will be charged at the
magistrate's court here under
Section 289 of the Penal Code
for negligence with respect to
any animal.
We have received the medical report and investigation
paper from the deputy public
prosecutor (DPP)'s office. The
owner will be facing court
charges this Monday," he said.
While the breed was not on
the list of prohibited canines
in Malaysia, council records
showed the dog's licence only
allowed for it to be kept indoors.
2 2 JUN 2012
Dog owner
to be
charged with
Post-mortem confirms
victim died from bites to the neck
[email protected]
HE owner of the dog which
savagely attacked and killed
an elderly man here last
month will be charged with animal
negligence on Monday.
The 25-year-old female accountant will be charged at the Petaling
Jaya magistrate's court.
If convicted, she could be sentenced to a jail term of up to six
months and a fine not exceeding
RM2,000, or both.
Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Ramli
confirmed this latest development.
He said the post-mortem report
revealed that the victim, Yip Sun
Wah, 74, died from dog bites to the
Yip, a retired signboard maker,
was jogging on the morning of May
8 when he was attacked in Jalan
SSI9/5B by a dog that answered to
the name "Beacon".
It was reported that Beacon had
broken loose from its owner's compound, ran out through the
garbage chute door and attacked
Two people had come to Yip's
rescue. One of them, a woman, hit
the dog with an umbrella until it
broke, while the other person used
a stick, but the dog would not let go.
Beacon only retreated after Yip
stopped struggling. It was believed
that Yip died at the scene.
The dog owner had a valid licence for the animal.
The dog, a cross between a
miniature bull terrier and an American Staffordshire terrier, is now
under the care of the Selangor Veterinary Services Department.
The incident sparked a public
outcry, with many calling for stiff
action to be taken against the dog
The dog owner and her family
visited the victim's family during
his funeral to apologise and pay
their last respects.
Beacon being taken away after it mauled to death an elderly jogger in
Subang Jaya on May 8.
,N57, „(,(
Ali pledges to eng age with all
New chief secretary calls on
all to work with him to boost civil service
be on a par with the prime minister's inspiration to turn Malaysia
into a developed nation by 2020 via
EWLY-appointed Chief Secretary to the Government the Government Transformation
Datuk Seri Dr All Hamsa Programme, Economic Transforpledges to engage with all levels of mation Programme and Rural
the society, including the non-gov- Transformation Programme platforms.
ernmental organisaAli, who is the ditions, Cuepacs and the
rector-general of the
media, in discharging
Public-Private Parthis responsibilities.
"I want to
nership Unit in the
He said it was crucial
Prime Minister's Deto access the various
the civil service
partment will assume
stakeholders to gather
human capital,
the chief secretary
their views that would
position effective
help him in planning
especially the
from Sunday.
and implementing inisupport staff and
Ali, 56, has held
tial efforts towards
the professionals."
several other senior
transforming the civil
Datuk Seri
positions in the civil
Dr Ali Hamsa
service, including as
"I will also work with
director of the disthe Special Review
bursement division
Commission on Civil
Service Transformation to ensure in the Economic Planning Unit and
balance political and administra- deputy director-general of the National Transformation and Adtion interests.
vancement Programme.
"I want to strengthen the civil
Ali, who holds a Bachelor of Ecoservice human capital, especially
nomics (Honours) from Universiti
the support staff and the professionals, as well as give priority to Malaya and a Master in Economics
the welfare of the civil servants," he as well as a PhD in Environmental
Science and Economics from Oksaid after receiving his appointlahoma State University, began his
ment letter as Chief Secretary from
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib career in the civil service as the
Trade and Industry Ministry asRazak yesterday.
All also urged all those in the sistant secretary in the Adminispublic services to work with him in trative and Diplomatic Service on
boosting the sector so that it would Jan 5, 1981.
(left) as he hands the letter
of appointment as chief secretary to the government to him at a special ceremony at Parliament House yesterday.
Prime MinisterDatuk Seri Najib Razak congratulating Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa
Bemama pic
Discard silo mentality, says PM
servants urged to
work beyond
'ministry borders'
to raise efficiency
[email protected]
HE old approach where civil
servants worked only within
the boundary of their respective ministries or agencies is
no longer relevant.
They must discard the silo mentality and work with other ministries for efficiency and increased
productivity, said Prime Minister
Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday.
They needed to embrace the
government's call as
the old approach was
no longer relevant.
"The old approach
"It is for us to
made civil servants
break the wall
territorial in their atbetween
titude by working only
Datuk Seri Najib Razak signing a plaque during his visit to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry at
in their own turf. They
ministries and
Menara KPWKM, Dewan Perdana Nur, Putrajaya yesterday. On his right is Deputy Women, Family and Community Development
need to change this by
Minister Datuk Heng Seai Kie. Bernama plc
working beyond borRatak Seri Nalit,
ders and across agenRatak
reality so that we can help more
On women's contributions to the
April 8 after her three-year term as
and since then, we
cies as through this,
country, Najib said in 2004, the
people in need."
have achieved quite a
senator ended.
we can produce not
Najib cited a taxi driver whom he
percentage of women working as
"Today is my first visit here.
lot of successes."
only higher output but
met during a visit to Sandakan.
policy makers stood at 18.8 per
Before this, I have dealt with my
also get higher outcomes," Najib,
He also said the Women, Family
He said the man was not eligible
cent and last year, it went up to 31.7
deputy, Senator Heng Seai Kie, the
and Community Development
who is also Women, Family and
for aid because on paper, he had a
per cent.
ministry's secretary-general
Ministry had been given a big role
Community Development Minishouse.
He also called on ministry staff
Datuk Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur
ter, said this at the ministry's
to play in the National Blue Ocean
"Yet, upon further checks, the
not to be too rigid in their judgeas well as other officers. I feel my
monthly assembly here.
man had used all his savings to buy
ments when processing aid apwork is not complete without my
Najib expressed confidence that
Najib added that this was the
house which had been transplications.
visit to the ministry itself."
reason he launched the National
ministry's staff would help him in
ferred to his child's name.
"In coming out or drafting a
Najib thanked Shahrizat whom
implementing the initiatives.
Blue Ocean Strategy initiative
"Now, the child no longer loves
policy, there is nothing like one
he said had done a great job as
This was Najib's first visit to the
through the National Blue Ocean
him and tried to kick him out of
size fits all. There must be an
minister. He said he would make
ministry after taking over from
house. He applied for aid beexception to the rule to include
sure that all projects planned by
Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil,
"It is for us to break the wall
reality. We need to be in touch with
cause he was desperate."
Shahrizat would continue.
who stepped down as minister on
between ministries and agencies
Your input is welcome "l e 141f6
MBPJ and Malaysian Institute of Planners to hold conference on liveable cities
HE Petaling Jaya City Council
(MBPJ) will be organising the
second International Liveable
Cities Conference in collaboration
with the Malaysian Institute of
Planners (MIP) next month.
According to Petaling Jaya mayor
Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman, it
will be an opportunity for residents,
developers and building professionals to give their input on what makes
PJ a liveable city.
The seminar, themed City of Your
Choice, will be held on July 18 and 19
at the Royale Bintang Damansara.
"One of the main speakers is
Perth mayor Lisa Scaffidi. Of all the
top liveable cities in the world,
Perth is closest in several indicators
to ours, up even to the same time
"We look forward to Scaffidi sharing Perth's experience in development and specifically, sustainable
development for us to learn from,"
said Roslan.
To formalise the collaboration, a
memorandum of understanding
(MoU) was signed and exchanged
between Roslan, his deputy Puasa
Md Taib, MIP president Datuk Dr
Alias Abdullah and MIP council
member Zahiruddin Zainal.
Explaining that the seminar was
more than a leaming process, Dr
Alias said the most important thing
was to make Petaling Jaya a liveable
"This is where everybody differs.
The good thing is that the city
involves the public in the planning
"While some disputes with the
city or disagreements end up in
court, at least there is a process.
"If there is no dispute, then it will
not be a truly liveable city without
the local authority getting constant
feedback and opinions from residents," he said.
Additionally, a pre-seminar workshop on May 30 at the Sri KDU
school in Kota Damansara produced
a report that would be discussed at
the seminar proper on the future
image of Petaling Jaya.
"The suggestions include having a
well-connected public transport system and parks and gardens for the
"Using public transport as an
example, a good system is a key
indicator of a liveable city. We are
talking about 10 minutes from a
It's official: (From
left) Puasa and
Roslan exchanging
the MoU documents
with Dr Alias and
residential area to the workplace
compared with the 30 to 60 minutes
we take now," said Dr Alias.
Roslan said even though it might
take a while before Petaling Jaya
achieved a truly liveable status, it
was important to have vision.
Meanwhile, Roslan hoped Petaling
Jaya would be selected as a finalist at
the Commonwealth Association of
Innovation Awards in New Delhi,
The award recognises efforts in
improving local authorities' governance and services throughout the
international organisation.
TEGAS...penguat kuasa MBSA menanggalkan iklan
haram yang ditampal di tempat awam.
MBSA musnah 30,000 iklan haram
HAH ALAM: Majlis
Bandaraya Shah Alam mengenai pinjaman wang,
(MBSA) komited mene- kelas tuisyen, perubatan
ruskan usaha memerangi tradisional, sewa ion dan
iklan haram di sekitar ban- sewa rumah.
"Ia ditampal di tempat
dar raya ini dengan mengadakan Operasi Penu- awam seperti pondok terunan Iklan Tanpa Kebe- lefon awam, pokok, papan
naran di seluruh kawasan tanda jalan dan lampu
yang boleh mencacatkan
pentadbiran MBSA.
Timbalan Pengarah Kor- pemandangan di kawasan
porat MBSA, Shahrin Ah- sekitar," katanya.
Baru-baru ini, 762 ildan
mad berkata, sepanjang lima bulan pertama tahun haram ditanggal serta diini, MBSA sudah menurun turunkan dan aduan medan memusnahkan lebih ngenainya boleh dibuat di
30,000 iklan haram di se- talian 03-55105133 atau
kitar bandar raya ini.
Berkayuh tinjau masalah
Majlis Perbandaran
Jsanakan langkah
proaktif baJ Jasin (MPJ) terus melak-
Berbasikal MPJ kenal pasti
rnasalah masyarakat.
gi menyelami pelbagai permasalahan dihadapi penduduk dalam kawasan pentadbiran apabila mengambil inisiatif mengadakan Program
Skuad Berhasikal MPJ Turun
Padang, baru-baru ini.
Yang Dipertuanya, Murad
Husin berkata, inisiatif dilakukan itu sebahagian usaha
pihak berkuasa tempatan
(PBT) mengenal pasti kawasan, taman perumahan termasuk kampung mempunyai apa jua permasalahan.
Menurutnya, program di-
wujudkan beberapa tahun lalu bukan raja membolehkan
pihaknya mendekati rakyat
dalam daerah berkenaan,
malah bertujuan menyelami
permasalahan mereka di
samping menghulurkan
sumbangan kepada golongan
kurang berkemampuan.
"Selain menyelami permasalahan serta bertanya khabar, kita turut menyampaikan bantuan makanan asas
kepada keluarga serta golongan yang memerlukan.
"Penganjuran program seperti ini sejajar dasar MPJ
merancang, melaksana, mengawal perancangan dengan
baik seterusnya memberi
perkhidmatan adil dan telus
kepada masyarakat di daerah
ini," katanya selepas mengetuai Program Turun Padang
Bersama Yang Dipertua
Terdahulu, pada program
sama, MPJ turut menyampaikan bantuan makanan
asas kepada dua penerima
bantuan yang mengalami penyakit angin ahmar.
Dalam pada itu, Murad berkata, apa menarik, melalui
program itu, pihaknya berbasikal ke taman perumahan
dan kampung dalam daerah
Jasin untuk bersua rakyat.
awam MPig
KUALA LUMPUR 21 Jun Penduduk di kawasan
Majlis Perbandaran
Kajang (MPKj) terus
dialu-alukan menyertai
program publisiti dan
penyertaan awam Draf
Rancangan Tempatan
MPKj (Pengubahan 1)
2020 yang masih
berlangsung di Lobi
MPKj sehingga 20 Julai
MPKj memaklumkan
is berhubung cadangan
pindaan sebahagian
pengezonan gunatanah
Blok Perancangan Kecil
(BPK) 2.5, BPK 3.13, BPK
3.18, BPK 5.3 dan BPK
5.8 Rancangan
Tempatan MPKj 2020.
"Program bermula
dad pukul 8 pagi
hingga 4.30
petang,"kata MPKj
dalam kenyataannya.
Sebarang cadangan
atau bantahan boleh
diserah dengan mengisi
borang yang disediakan
dan dikemukakan
kepada MPKj di pusat
pemeriksaan laporan
atau Jabatan
selewat-lewatnya 20
Julai ini.
T USA2N211 14 gFA
q t-I4
iKUALA LUMPUR 21 Jun iMajlis Bandaraya Petaling
Jaya (MBPJ) mempelawa
penduduk di kawasan
menyertai aktiviti yang
,telah diatur sempena
sambutan ulangtahun
keenam Bandaraya
Petaling sehingga Julai
MBPJ memaklumkan
ntara aktiviti terdekat
yang bakal berlangsung
jalah Kejohanan Catur
'yang akan diadakan pada
abtu dan Ahad ini.
"Kejohanan selama
dua hari itu akan
berlangsung di Dewan
.11mu, Perpustakaan
omuniti Petaling Jay
ermula dari pukul 8
agi," kata MBPJ dalam
Turut mengisi jadual
isempena sambutan ialah
Karnival Santai, acara
berbasikal dan
pertunjukan fesye
2 Juil
KSN baharu sedia
dengar keluhan
penjawat awam
KUALA LUMPUR - Bakal Ketua Setiausaha Negara
(KSN) yang baharu, Datuk Seri Dr. Ali Hamsa berkata,
beliau bersedia mendengar keluhan dan masalah yang
dihadapi penjawat awam serta
membantu menyelesaikannya.
Beliau berkata, langkah itu merupakan antara inisiatif yang
akan diambil ketika turun padang dan pertemuan yang akan
diadakan dengan pelbagai pihak
daripada semua peringkat.
"Saya akan berhubung dengan
semua peringkat, daripada peringkat paling rendah hingga ke
peringkat paling tinggi dan is
akan menjadi proses berteru
"Objektif kita adalah bagi meningkatkan mekanisme penyampaian dari semasa ke
semasa dan memastikan rakyat mendapat manfaat
daripada program dan dasar kerajaan," katanya.
Beliau berkata demikian selepas majlis penyerahan
surat cara pelantikan dan nota serah tugas Ketua
Setiausaha Negara yang disaksikan Perdana Menteri,
Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak di sini semalam.
Selasa lalu, Pejabat Perdana Menteri mengumumkan
Ali yang merupakan Ketua Pengarah Unit Kerjasama
Awam Swasta, Jabatan Perdana Menteri dilantik Ketua
Setiausaha Negara baharu berkuat kuasa Ahad ini.
Beliau menggantikan Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek Hassan
yang tamat kontrak perkhidmatan esok.
2 2 JUN 2012