create a pipeline of talent… swiss turn operations and programming


create a pipeline of talent… swiss turn operations and programming
Funded by the TAA-Department of Labor
Red Rocks Community College, in partnership with Warren
Tech, offers a Swiss Turn Programming course to support
industry and employee advancement. Adult students enrolling
in class will enjoy small class sizes, curriculum designed by
industry professionals and new state of the art equipment.
The class is fast-paced, offers hands-on learning experience
and meets two nights per week for 7.5 weeks. Class begins
in January. The Swiss Turn Programming class is $454.16
Class size is limited to 12 students, so students should act
fast before classes fill up!
Accelerated Session II: January 19 – March 10, 2016
MAC 211-551, CRN 33189 | Swiss Turn Programming I
Tuesday & Thursday | 6 – 9:45 p.m. 3 credits
Dean Kent
Course Instructor
Dean Kent is an adjunct
instructor teaching
Swiss machining in the
Precision Machining
Department at Red
Rocks Community College. He received his
bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering
from Colorado State University. After
spending a decade working in the cycling
industry as a custom frame builder he
entered the machining business and began
a career in Swiss machining. Now, with
20 years of Swiss machining experience
working for numerous companies he is
the manufacturing engineer at Techniques
LLC, a machine shop in Louisville with
23 screw machines. He has experience
working on many brands of CNC Swiss
type screw machines as well as CNC lathes
and mills. Dean and his wife reside in
Centennial and have two daughters and a
rambunctious goldendoodle.
For more information on how to apply and register, contact
Laura Aycock at [email protected] or 303.914.6291
MAC 211 : Swiss Turn Programming I
3 Credits
Expands on operational techniques presented in Introduction to Swiss Turn Operations. Students will
design for and program a single spindle machine with live tooling. Students will expand their skills
using a Swiss turn machine by learning proper tool selection, feed and speed calculation, turning
programming basics, milling programming basics, and macro variable manipulation and programming.
Standard Competencies
1. Demonstrate effective shop and building safety procedures.
2. Demonstrate proper tool selection.
3. Demonstrate proper use of speeds and feeds.
4. Perform milling programming techniques and design.
5. Perform turning programming techniques and design.
6. Design programs for a single spindle screw machine.
7. Run programs for a single spindle screw machine.
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For more information on how to apply and register, contact
Laura Aycock at [email protected] or 303.914.6291