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The Story of JCB
AV Presentations Illustrate
the History of a Brand
World-renowned construction and agricultural
equipment company JCB opened a new brand experience
at its headquarters in Rocester, England. The 25,000
square-foot installation, which combines a museum,
a showroom and an immersive exhibition, is housed in
the former JCB Design Centre. Electrosonic continued
a long association with JCB, which goes back some 40
years, by providing AV integrated presentations to help
visitors interpret “The Story of JCB.”
JCB’s origins date back to 1820 as Bamfords
Agricultural Engineers. Joseph Cyril Bamford (Mr. JCB)
brought the company into the modern era after WWII.
The Early Years exhibition includes a corrugated iron
“barn wall” and stacked bales of straw, which act as
projection surfaces for content about the early years
in the post-war era. The next part of the exhibition
features one of the celebrated “Dancing Diggers,” a
The Seminal JCB MK1
famous aspect of JCB’s product introductions; a digger
in mid-dance frames a screen presenting a video on
brand development. Exhibits also include a localized
soundtrack fed through four overhead loudspeakers
triggered by a break-beam sensor.
In the Global Expansion zone, JCB’s international
activities are projected onto a hemisphere set into
the floor. Individual exhibit tables with built-in LCD
screens detail the activities of some of the principal
units. A full-size wireframe model of the JS200
tracked excavator acts as a striking introduction to the
exhibit “Our Largest Vehicles for the World’s Largest
Projects,” where a nearby screen displays a video on
JCB’s heavy equipment. Opposite the JS200, a threeton JCB Fastrac chassis is suspended over a ninescreen videowall located in a raised bed on the floor,
displaying a video about the pioneering chassis design.
Global Expansion Zone
In another exhibit, a curved wall comprised of crates of
spare parts acts as a projection surface highlighting the
company’s worldwide parts and service organization. A
panoramic screen behind a JCB Dieselmax car displays
the vehicle’s record-breaking run on the Utah salt flats.
“The Story of JCB” concludes with the Wonderwall,
which is formed by a line of four 46-inch LCD screens.
In interactive mode, the displays perform like an
animated card index of JCB products.
Visitors typically take a guided tour of the exhibits with
guides using handheld devices to trigger installations.
The shows can also run automatically in sequence or
“Dancing Digger”
play as continuous loops. The entire AV system can
be controlled via simple touch panels at the exhibition
entrance and exit.
Electrosonic opted to standardize the AV equipment
throughout the installation as much as possible.
The entire AV system is controlled by an integrated
controller; all devices are connected to it through a
LAN. In addition to the small control panels previously
cited, full control and monitoring of every device is
available from a master control built into the main AV
rack and from a wireless control panel.
JCB Dieselmax Car
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