Spotlight City - AmeriTel Inns


Spotlight City - AmeriTel Inns
Spring 2007
A Quarterly Newsletter for InnClub Members
Spotlight City
Volume 10 Issue 2
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Olympia is the capital city of Washington State and has
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many events and attractions to see. Visit the historic
1000 extra InnClub points
downtown and see their eclectic arts scene and diverse mix
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of shops, eateries and businesses. There is also the westside
mall district, the waterfront Farmers Market and the
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Capitol Campus.
Don't miss the northwest's natural beauty, the rugged
Olympic Mountains, snow-capped Mt. Rainier and
The Special Number ~
the occasional grey whale that finds its way to the
What is special about the
tip of Puget Sound.
number 854917632?
The annual Arts Walk is held downtown on April 27 & 28th.
You can experience visual and performing arts with
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over 300 artists. The Olympic Air Show performs at the
AmeriTel Inns, Inc.
Olympia Regional Airport in mid-June and the
Attn: Tracie VanDehey
Dixieland Jazz Festival is in early July.
The AmeriTel property is located near the southern most 10200 W. Emerald St.
Boise, ID 83704
tip of Puget Sound with easy access to the I-5 corridor.
With 125 beautifully appointed rooms, our complimentary Remember to include your
hot continental breakfast, 24 hours pool, spa and
name, address and InnClub #.
fitness room and so much more, you aren't going to be
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comfortable anywhere else. Call 800-600-6001 for room
information or visit the website