Tripod Turnstiles



Tripod Turnstiles
Tripod Turnstiles
The Swift track Tripod Turnstile is a compact, cost-effective
Swift track tripod turnstile are available in three different
entrance solution with low power consumption and high
models SSTT 111 is compact and space saving option, whereas
reliability. From standard versions to custom-design solutions,
112 has bridge type shape with angular card mounting
the Swift track Tripod Turnstile is suitable for internal or
arrangement and 113 is Box Shape design with top indicator.
external use in areas where large and constant flow of people
Model can be conveniently chosen based on project &
with high level of security is required.
aesthetics preferences.
The Swift track tripod turnstile includes an anti-panic device,
which in the event of a power failure, unlocks the arm from the
standard secure horizontal position; and drops the arm
instantaneously to a vertical position. The result is a completely
UN-obstructed walkway for emergency egress and this
automatically resumes the original position when power
restores. (Fully automatic versions) This turnstile is designed to
be remote-controlled from an attendant's booth or reception
desk. Aesthetics preferences.
The high “wear and tear” exposed areas, such as the lid-cover,
front sections, and outer side panels are fabricated from
stainless steel, in order to withstand the rigors of high volume
throughput. The Cabinet front and rear end sections facilitate
the integration of card reader devices, coin/token acceptor’s,
ticketing systems, biometrics, etc., for use in one or both
Ordering Information
Features of Swifttrack Tripod Turnstiles:
Technical Specifications
Arms automatically drop when power supply is off
Operational Throughput
(In case of emergency)
Arms max length
Automatically resumes when power supply is on again.
Arms max stress endurance 80KG
Indoors and Outdoors Usages (IP 54 Protection)
Arms rotation driving force
High quality stainless steel 304 (default)/316 (optional)
Data input interface
housing with brush finish.
Data output interface
Processed for anti-rust, daintiness, safety. Easy cleaning
Motor Speed
850 RPM
and maintenance.
Power Supply
220V,50Hz DC 12V
LED counting indicators (both sides)
Electric Current
Passing indication LED lights (both sides)
Working temperature
ID card or Biometric readers (Optional) (both sides)
Relative Humidity
Reliable and stable automatic lockup design for the tripod arms
Smooth Rotation
TCP/IP - RS232 computer data transmission
Technical Specifications
250000 Operations
25-32 persons per minute
≤ 1KG
Dry contact for both sides
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