Tripod – How to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch STAND UP



Tripod – How to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch STAND UP
A Token Event
Tripod – How to Train an Attack Dog from
There are many who would like to see Tripod fail. Let’s face it, they are almost annoyingly
good. I mean, doesn’t it sometimes grate when their voices come together on a chord and
you get taken to heaven and then they stop singing and you realise that, no, you’re still on
earth and now that you’ve tasted heaven, you look at this world and a dull sickness sets in?
And Tripod must really shit you when comic premise, melody and musical arrangement come
together so seamlessly that you’re just jealous - jealous that you’re not their girlfriend or that
you’re not them.
Yes, to get them back for all this pain they inflict, you might like to make Tripod fail by not
going to their shows anymore. But wait. Before you do anything like that, take a second and
think “What would Tripod do?” The answer is, they would probably try to sink someone that
shat them that much. But you’re not Tripod, are you? You’re you. And don’t you think Tripod
deserve to be treated better than they would treat others?
Tripod are one of the most popular and prolific comedy acts working in Australia today. In
2006 alone they released their very first DVD Pod August Night, a brand new Live CD Songs
from Self-Saucing, a mini album Perfectly Good Songs, toured the nation relentlessly and
debuted their live act at the NZ Comedy Festival.
In their latest show How to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch, the Tripod boys examine the
history of that most crucial of art forms, the funny song. Were the Jewish Mafia really behind
the suicide of promising Disney hopeful Frank Treeble? How did English poet Laureate
Gander Stubbs survive a three-year stint as a prisoner on the "Billowing Mariah", the most
feared pirate ship on the Spanish Main? How would the Boer War have ended had General
Snuffy "Michael" Spanks not penned the revolutionary rallying-cry "What's with the Hat, Your
Tripod feel comfortable that there will be plenty of surprises in this onstage documentary,
mainly because they plan to make the whole thing up.
“These guys are good. These guys are great. These guys are jaw-hang-wide-open,
drool-slowly-drip-out brilliant” The Herald Sun
Venue: Comedy @ Trades, Trades Hall, Cnr Victoria & Lygon Sts, Carlton
Room: New Council Chambers
Preview: 5th – 8th April
Dates: 10th – 29th April (No Mondays, no shows 19th or 26th April)
Tickets: $29.90 Full and all tix Saturdays, $25.90 Concession & Laugh Pack, $22.00 Tightarse Tuesdays, $20.00 Previews
Times: 8.30pm (7:30pm Sundays)
Bookings: ticketmaster - 1300 660 013, OR 9659 3569
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