Yokohama International Port Terminal


Yokohama International Port Terminal
Yokohama International Port Terminal
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Osanbashi Pier, late 19th century, expanded with landfill
One of the first ports open to the West
Japan’s second largest city
Docking for international cruise ships 25x per year
1400 x 200 ft (approx)
Key Figures
Architects: Foreign Office Architects (FOA)
Associate: GKK
Engineers: Structure Design Group, PT Morimura
General contractors: Shimizu; Kajima; Toda
Open design competition: 1995
Project completion: 2002
Cost: $195million
Retractable baggage consoles and immigration checkpoints
Interior and exterior plazas
Palette: Fireproof structural steel, glass, Ipe decking
Column-free design
Cantilevered up to 56 feet
Mixed structure: pleated roof and girder system
Computational Geometry / Questions
What do doubly-curved geometry represent?
“The challenge… is to try to understand these tools in a more sophisticated way
than as simply a new set of shapes…. Issues of force, motion and time… can now be
experimented with… [using] tools of gradients, flexible envelopes, temporal flows and forces”
Purported UV coordinate system for surface
Roof design iterations in conjunction with force/structural analysis
Move from spline to “complex” curves
Alternate competition entry
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