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Kawai K3 Piano
No. 2
Kawai K3 Piano
September 2014
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A Brief Editorial
You will be well aware that I
have not previously included an
editorial in this magazine. But,
on this occasion, there are
matters which I believe warrant
First, it was a pleasure to receive
Clare Lind’s contribution to this
issue all the way from Wales.
She was in Pembroke about to
head for Aberystwyth. We all
pray she enjoys her break and
returns to us in a few weeks fully
refreshed and with plenty of
stories to tell.
Second, as mentioned in Lois
Hill’s contribution, the church is
fortunate to have received a
bequest from the Lambie family
with instructions that it be used
to advance music at Tawa Union.
It has proven to be an
opportunity to purchase a
Kawai K3 piano for the church.
As Lois notes, it is a lovely
instrument with a tone befitting
its new location.
Since some may not be aware of
the contribution that Dorothy
Lamble made to the church,
particularly for music, an item
that was included in the Easter
2007 issue of The Link is
republished in this issue. For
those who did know her, the
item will be a gentle reminder.
Third, but not least, is that the
positive tone of Lois Hill’s
contribution belies the stress the
whole of the Hill family is under
as Hugh struggles with his
Let us take this
opportunity to remind Lois that
the thoughts and prayers of us
all are with the Hill family at this
stressful time.
The Link___________________________________________________The Link
bad, because winter
without its pluses.
I've been thinking about how a
change in circumstances or
season can make the same thing
appear quite different. These
changes might be all sorts of
things - an unappreciative new
boss, a move, the arrival of a new
grandchild, unwelcome news,
the start of a new job, the easing
of a strained relationship, the
loss of someone we loved.
Minister’s Comments
We arrived safely in the U.K. two
days ago. It is warm and I am
beautifully green and leafy it all
is. It really is a 'green and
pleasant land'!
Some changes colour life with
hope and possibility and others
sensitise us to its harshness and
pain. But whether we are caught
in the creative currents of spring
or the grip of a bitter winter of
loss and hardship there is one
circumstance that has the power
to make things seem different.
awareness of God's presence
where we are. Our faith that
God is somehow with us has the
power to deepen cheerfulness
and optimism into joy, gratitude,
generosity and courage. It also
has the power to comfort us in
our grief, and to gift us with
wisdom and to grow our
appreciation for the love and
care of others and for the beauty
and grace of life.
That won't be at all surprising to
some of you, but to me it is. Up
until now we have had to take
our children with us and we
have travelled in the long
Christmas holidays. I have only
ever been here in the winter.
That, of course, has influenced
my picture of the U.K., in the
same way that someone who
only visited Wellington in winter
Clare Lind
impression of the place - not all
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Message from the Chair
Hymnary IV” after over 30 years
of valuable service.
At the end of June we had a very
nutritious mid - winter pot luck
lunch – with three varieties of
soup available and other lovely
food besides.
Lois Hill
Hello to everyone! I am writing
this on a beautiful sunny day
from the inside of a warm room
with the heater going well beside
We have had two historical
moments lately at Tawa Union
Church. We were grateful to
receive a bequest from Dorothy
Lambie’s family which enabled
us to buy a “New” piano for the
church. We purchased a Kawai
K3 which sounds just lovely and
will definitely stand the test of
time. We have had positive
comments from the congregation
and other church users. We
sincerely thank Dorothy’s family
for enabling this to happen.
On the 15th July, our minister,
Clare Lind was inducted as the
Wellington Regional Moderator
for the Presbyterian Church.
This is an honour for Clare and
for us and I’m sure we will all
support her as she adds the tasks
of this position to her ministry.
More fun times have been
happening with the Hop In
parents and children during the
school holidays.
Our “family time” evenings have
been using imaginations and
The July meeting
examined the uses of the humble
Our buildings host many groups
and activities and I’m sure you
could find something to interest
you if you are looking for an
extra activity to be part of.
Perhaps you have a really good
idea to begin a group of like
minds. Tell us about it.
Look after yourselves
Also, we have replaced the
“With One Voice” hymn books
,Lois Hill.
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A Mother’s Prayer
Judith Peitsch
Thank you Lord for dirty hands that touch my stove and fridge;
For sticky little fingers that try to build a bridge.
For careless hands that go astray in search of something new;
For hands to hold and show the way as mothers often do.
For precious little hands in which great faith so abounds;
For silly little hands that reach to touch a mother’s frown.
And thank you for your guiding hand that leads me to the light;
That lifts me when I stumble and points me to the right.
As little hands reach out to me to show them what to do,
I’m steadied, reassured and loved as I reach up to You.
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The following tribute to Dorothy Lambie
was contributed by Eddy Smith
and was first published in the
Easter 2007 issue of The Link.
The Link____________________________________________The Link
Dorothy was a key contributor to
Church life at St Aidans in
Linden and to the wider church
over much of her life.
involvement stemmed from her
youth when she attended Karori
Presbyterian Church and Bible
Dorothy and Ian arrived in
Linden in 1951 and were soon
congregation at St Aidans. After
Ian died in 1955, Dorothy took
over his role as church organist
and editor of the church
Dorothy was involved in several
women’s groups including the
Ladies Guild, formed in 1952 to
furnish the new St Aiden’s
church building. She actively
participated in and organised
activities of the Presbyterian
Women’s Missionary Union and
the inter-denominational group
in Linden, which included
providing entertainment and
afternoon teas for patients at the
Porirua psychiatric hospital.
Her St Aiden’s interests included
Scottish Country Dancing and
the Wellington Presbyterian
Bible Class Harriers Club of
which Ian had been secretary.
The club ran from Linden every
year and in the days before
running water, the Lambie baby
bath was filled with tank water
and was gratefully used by the
runners before afternoon tea.
Whenever a helping hand was
needed at St Aidans, there was
Dorothy in her unobtrusive way.
An example was the morning
and afternoon teas that were a
fellowship and outreach feature
and catered for many groups’
One of her main contributions
was as organist at St Aidans.
The old hand-me-down pedal
organ from another congregation
was on its last legs when she
took it over in 1955.
struggled with it until a small
electric organ replaced it. This
was in turn replaced by a
modern Allen organ in 1980.
The small electric organ went to
continued to play it for
communion services there.
Dorothy Lambie passed away on
1st July 2006. She is much missed
and is survived by daughter
Christine and her grandchildren.
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School Holiday Fun – HOP-IN
By Karen Harris
HOP-IN is held during the
Christopher’s Church during the
school term.
HOP-IN caters for pre-school
children by providing a safe
environment filled with toys and
activities including a ‘Thomas’
train set, doll’s house, cars and
tunnels and tents, many ride-on
vehicles, dress-up clothes, play
dough, puzzles and colouring in.
These are spread between the
Aidan Hall and Stephens Lounge
so there is plenty of room to
roam in the hall or sit quietly
with a game in the lounge.
Much enjoyed by children and
adults alike is the delicious
homemade morning tea served
with brewed coffee, a variety of
teas and juice.
The Link____________________________________________The Link
When the weather allows, activities can move outside
onto the deck and lawn –
gates ensure children can’t wander off the grounds.
While parents or caregivers must
be present, this environment
provides an opportunity for
them to meet and mingle with
other adults, whilst keeping an
eye on their children.
If you know of a family with preschoolers who would like
something different to do during
the autumn, winter and spring
school holidays, please invite
them along.
There is no charge,
donation is appreciated.
The next dates are Thursday
mornings 2nd and 9th October.
For more information please
contact Heidrun 232 2197 or
Karen 232 3436
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John Melville and student
Origami @ Hampton Hill School
On two Wednesdays in August
Clare Lind, accompanied by
Graham Ellett and John Melville,
visited Hampton Hill School to
help students try origami.
The sessions were held during
their lunch breaks with four or
five students at each of the three
tables. Many others would have
liked to get involved. They were
keen to attempt complex models
such as boats and birds, but
these required skills acquired by
plenty of practice.
But salt cellars (fortune tellers),
pots, boxes, dogs and fish were
made to the satisfaction of those
At the end of the sessions, more
complex models made by Clare,
Graham or John, were requested,
presumably to be taken home to
show their parents what could
be made.
It was a satisfying experience for
us all; something that should be
repeated – maybe next winter?
The Link ________________________________________________The Link
An Origami Model for You to Make.
I had intended to include instructions on this page so that you could make
your own Origami model.
But there were problems.
 Which one to choose.
 I had to be careful with Copyright.
 But the crucial problem was that whatever I chose, the diagrams and
text ended up too small to be easily read!!!!
So, in this day of modern communications, I recommend that you use the
Internet to find models to try. Just type “Origami” into Google and select
easy origami. This way you will get detailed instructions, often in full
colour. And you won’t need to worry about Copyright.
In some cases there are videos you can watch to see how it is done.
Give it a go …………….
Post Script:
Thanks to the contributors to this issue of The Link:
Clare Lind
Barbara Adams
Eddie Smith
Lois Hill
Karen Harris
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