2014 Program - The Canadian Badlands Passion Play


2014 Program - The Canadian Badlands Passion Play
21st Season • July 11-27, 2014
(staff only)
Site Map
If you have any
questions at all please do
not hesitate to ask one
of our many volunteers
in blue shirts. Enjoy
your time with us!
(staff only)
Water Tap
On warm days, please drink
plenty of water. Bottled
water can be purchased at
the Concession or Snack
Market and bottles can be
refilled at the taps at the
back of the amphitheatre.
Cart Entry
Only at this
& Snack Bar
There is no ATM
on site but you
may use your
debit card to get
cash at the gift
shop. Some of
the Concession
lines are cash
Shops Conc
Rest Area
(no stopping)
Please Do Not
Climb the Hills
Smoking Area
Car Parking
/ Entrance
Parking Lot
If you read nothing else…
For your safety and to ensure the play is enjoyable for
yourself and others, please follow these guidelines:
• Turn off all cell phones.
• Because of the great acoustics please remain as quiet as
possible throughout the play.
• Remain seated until the intermission and conclusion
of the play. If you must move, go up to the centre
aisle, not down in front of the audience. If you need a
washroom during the play, please go past the Forum to
the washrooms in the office building.
• The concession is closed during the performance, but is
open before and after the play and during the intermission.
• There will be one 20 minute intermission during which
concession carts (cash only) will enter the amphitheatre.
The main concession and booths in the Forum are also
• The Jerusalem Wall is wheelchair accessible and contains
public washrooms for use during the intermission.
• Protect yourself from the sun and drink plenty of liquids.
• Do not use umbrellas as they hinder the view of those
behind you.
• Pets are prohibited in the amphitheatre.
• Refrain from smoking except in the designated area at
the north end of the Rest Area.
• If a storm halts the performance, follow announced
• No video or photography is to be taken during the
performance. Photos may be shot prior to or following
performances, or at intermission. Downloadable
photos of the performance are available on our website:
• Please keep off the set and surrounding hills.
If you need assistance, just look for one of our volunteers
in a blue shirt.
Weather Policy
A performance is considered
complete following the arrest of Jesus.
In a storm we do not use the crosses
for the safety of our actors.
As an outdoor performance the
Passion Play is performed in wet
conditions. There are times when
we may need to pause the show
for a short time but if it appears
that dangerous conditions (lightning,
wind) will develop, we will cancel the
show and advise you to move to your
vehicle. For the safety of all, please
exit in a controlled manner.
If the show ends up being cancelled
before the trial of Jesus you have the
following options available to you.
1. Request ticket vouchers for
another performance this season.
To do this you will need to fill in
the envelope in the center of your
program and hand it to one of
the parking attendants. We will
do our best to contact you as
soon as possible to accommodate
your request. If we do not call
you then we have been unable to
fit you into the current year and
will work to get you tickets for
next season.
2. If you know you cannot return
this season you can request ticket
vouchers for a performance next
3. If you would like you can donate
the cost of your tickets to the
Passion Play in return for a tax
If you choose the second or third
option you may mail your envelope
to us at a later date.
Please note that if you choose to
leave when the show is paused and
the show does resume you may
not request vouchers for another
n behalf of the Town of Drumheller, it gives me great pleasure
to welcome you to our Valley. I wish to congratulate the Passion
Play organizers and volunteers for all their efforts and dedication in
bringing this wonderful production to our community for 20 years.
Drumheller is indeed fortunate to have this tremendous event in our
community and it is an opportunity to show our community spirit.
—Mayor Terry Yemen
office: 403-823-1306
cell: 403-823-1922
e-mail: [email protected]
Welcome to the Canadian Badlands Passion Play
As the Member of Parliament for Crowfoot, I welcome you to
the Drumheller Badlands. This is the perfect setting for the
Passion Play, which makes the life of Christ come alive and
challenges us all in our spiritual journey.
I salute all involved in this awesome production: the organizers,
actors, production staff and all other dedicated volunteers.
Hon. Kevin Sorenson, M.P.
Crowfoot Constituency Office
4945 - 50 St., Camrose, AB T4V 1P9
Phone: 1-800-665-4358
Fax: 780-608-4603
e-mail: [email protected]
Rick Strankman
MLA Drumheller
Drumheller Office
#22, 170 Center Street
P.O. Box 1929
Phone: 403-823-8181
Fax: 403-823-6586
[email protected]
Connect with us on FaceBook and YouTube to keep up with
happenings at the Passion Play as well as contests we have running.
You can also email us at [email protected] or write us at
Canadian Badlands Passion Play, Box 457, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0.
Welcome to the 2014 Canadian Badlands Passion Play. Since first
presenting the idea of a Passion Play as a tourism initiative to
community of Drumheller in 1988, I have watched with gratitude as the
telling of the story of Jesus has been embraced, turned into a reality and
continues to grow today. The name “Canadian Badlands” seems to be
an auspicious title for this Passion Play. But it has laid the groundwork
for the branding of the Canadian Badlands as one of Canada’s largest
tourism initiatives.
This should come as no surprise since Jesus influence has inspired all
aspects of our culture. However, some of the most enduring influences
have been in the area of the arts with the creation of great paintings, sculptures, music, and literature…
Today you are sitting in an amphitheatre watching a theatrical performance inspired by Jesus.
Theatre patrons know that the best way to enjoy a theatrical experience is to suspend their disbelief
and enter into the story being presented. The outside world can wait: now is the time to be transported
into another time and place. What you are about to experience is transformative. See through us,
look beyond us, let your imagination soar and let your heart race.
—LaVerne Erickson, Founder
Are all the actors volunteers?
Join the Cast
Combine a fun summer vacation with a fantastic group of friends and an amazing experience
performing in a theatrical event unlike any
other while sharing the incredible story that
changed the course of history. Regardless of
past experience, from veteran actor to those
who have never been on stage, we want you to
be involved.
Of the 200 actors on stage only a few are
professionals. The rest are people such as
yourself who join up each year to rehearse and
perform the Passion Play. Our volunteer actors
travel many thousands of kilometers to attend
10 weekend rehearsals. Some drive more than
12 hours each weekend.
Sponsor a Performer
While participating in the Passion Play, volunteers can stay in our beautiful riverside campground at no cost. It is a sanctuary of rest and
a hub of social activity. Refresh your spirit and
renew your soul with a Sunday morning worship service.
The Passion Play is an incredible experience for
all ages. Come and participate by yourself or
bring your whole family.
Some of our volunteer actors lack the resources
For details visit canadianpassionplay.com and
to pay for their travel costs so we have created a
click “Get Involved” or use the envelope in this
fund to help them. If you would like to contribute
program to indicate your interest and drop it
to our “Sponsor a Performer Fund” you can
in a basket on the way out. If travelling from a
use the envelope in the centre of your program
distance, we also have a Sponsor a Performer
or make a cash donation at one of the collection
program which helps defer some of your travel
baskets after the show. All proceeds from this
fund go to our volunteer actors. They greatly
appreciate your support and encouragement.
You’re about to meet the One...
our school was built around.
from pre-school to grade
Located in Three Hills, Alberta
full service dormitory program
Fully accredited alternate status with Alberta Education
missions, chapel, sports, arts & more
available in our vibrant community!
Prairie Christian Academy
Christ-centred education since 1938
On-Site Services
Our concession serves a variety of hot and cold drinks as well as snack foods. Menu options include
hot dogs and there are healthy snacks such as fruit or veggies and dip.
During the intermission golf carts will come into the amphitheatre with drinks and ice cream. Please note that these mobile
units can only accept cash. One of the stations at the main concession out front has a debit machine. All concessions close five minutes before the start of the show and 5 minutes before the end of
intermission in order to give our guests time to return to the seats.
Gift Shop
Come rediscover Martha’s Gifts, the Canadian Badlands Passion
Play’s gift shop. This year we have brought in new souvenir items,
giftware lines, children’s items, and a collection of handmade
items from local and regional artists and artisans. Be sure to come
see the new lines of Passion Play branded merchandise. Here are
some of the ways you can…
Bring the Passion Play Home
This 20 track CD contains all the main compositions from the show and
features the voices of the cast. The musical backdrop of this story comes
from the sounds and instruments of the Middle East, Africa and China. The
melodies were inspired by traditional songs such as “Gabriel’s Oboe,” and
“Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”.
Photo Book
Our Commemorative 100 performance photo book is available in
the Gift Shop and the Welcome Booth ($40 plus gst). The hardcover
book is 9 X 12 inches and features over 100 full size photographs
that lead you through the gospel story as seen through the eyes
of Matthew the tax collector. 10 pages of historical photographs
illustrate the past 20 years of the society. This book is a pictorial
representation of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and makes a great
gift for those who were not able to see the Passion Play this year.
Documentary DVD
Filmmaker Philip Spink has produced a three part award winning documentary mini-series on the making of the Canadian Badlands Passion
Play. The film follows the artists, craftsmen and the production staff as
they craft the production. Philip says “It’s fascinating watching these professionals and volunteers work together to overcome significant obstacles
and craft the show”. The documentary aims to capture the tapestry of this
world-class event - from an artistic, cultural, and spiritual point of view.
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Our Story
The Canadian Badlands
Passion Play is an unique
theatrical and spiritual
combining a stunning
natural location with
an engaging portrayal
of Christ’s life to tell the “greatest story ever
told.” It is the world’s only Passion Play which
intentionally breathes new life annually with
a new script, cast, and set­­
—all purposefully
designed so that each audience member might
encounter Jesus within the cultural, geographical
and historical setting of his life.
Deep in the Canadian Badlands­
—a location
famous for its pre-historic attractions—lies a
hidden valley where the events of a not-sodistant past echo, a place where ancient Israel is
reborn and a dramatic portrayal of the life, death,
and resurrection of Jesus Christ is performed.
Produced each summer by a nonprofit society
and hundreds of volunteers, the Canadian
Badlands Passion Play is the product of
determined storytellers. The production is the
result of countless hours offered by dedicated
artists, and the support of a community which
came together to nurture and care for it.
In the beginning, the community of Drumheller
and surrounding area rallied to see through
the endeavor. Countless hours were invested
to transform the valley into an amphitheatre
capable of holding thousands of people. The
premiere season drew thousands of spectators
and every show sold out. Plans were made
to increase the seating capacity of the natural
Around the world, a good story always draws
a crowd, and this is the greatest story ever told.
Word of the unique setting and a passionate
troupe of dedicated storytellers and musicians
has spread out from the Badlands like a prairie
wildfire, attracting people from towns near
by and countries far away. People come away
declaring both the setting and performance to
be heart-grabbing, regardless of faith or religious
affiliation. For believers, it is often part of an
annual pilgrimage tradition.
As the audiences grew, so too did the facilities
that welcomed them and drew them into an
ancient world: a massive wall reminiscent of
the gates around Jerusalem eventually sealed off
the valley and formed a gateway between two
worlds; Bedouin tents sprang up; a tomb was
carved into the set; and the backstage area was
developed to hold a growing cast of actors and
animals. The stage was developed to meet the
growing needs of a flourishing script. With more
room to work, new scenes could be added and
new stories became ripe for exploration.
Behind every great production, and at the root
of the tree of creativity and opportunity, lies
inspiration. That inspiration drew amateurs
and professionals from around the country,
prompted choirs to begin dedicated rehearsals
to the music, created a summer school for teen
actors and mobilized a large volunteer force
ready to host the annual event.
Like the tree that thrusts its gnarled roots into
the rocky edge of this valley, the Canadian
Badlands Passion Play is an unlikely miracle.
It has been named one of North America’s Top
100 Events, as well as Alberta’s Top Cultural
Attraction, won the Alto Award for “Alberta
Pride” and has become a highlight of Western
Canadian cultural tourism. In 2014, the event
has been expanded to offer a third weekend for
the first time, as it will continue to do to meet the
need of a loyal and loving audience.
Evening Celebration Concerts
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Afternoon Showcase Spectacular
Jubilee III - “Christmas in July” (Friday)
“At Home with Triumphant Quartet” (Saturday)
Greater Vision
Morning Chapel with
Mark Trammell Qt (Friday)
Old Paths Qt (Saturday)
Booth Brothers
Canadian Showcase
Trade Show
Legacy Five
The Browns
Persons 18 Years
and under
“Free Admission”
Old Paths Quart
Triumphant Qt.
Mark Trammell Quartet
Next year’s Dates: July 9-11, 2015
Directors’ Note
The heart of dramatic action in the story of the Fourth Gospel is an exhortation to believe. The appeal
is uttered by Jesus on nearly every occasion he speaks. Jesus does not discriminate—government officials and blind beggars, religious leaders and common peasants, disciples and teachers and tradesmen
and common-law housewives all come face to face with this single-word command. It is an interesting
incitement that still resounds into our amphitheatre from across the millennia. Why would Jesus be
willing to die for this message? Why would he also knowingly ask others to suffer for the same message?
To believe is to reject cynicism for optimism. Belief furthers empirical evidence with deeper ways of
“knowing.” Belief requires acceptance and relinquishing of control. It alters our very decisions and
transforms our life choices. “This area of your being”—Jesus seems to be saying—“is the key to who
you really are. You must examine, rather than simply accept what you believe.” His words are direct and
his actions are theatrical. They stir the crowds and cultural leaders of his time (and ours), leaving them
with questions and choices to ponder.
Belief is a high-risk proposition in a world filled with war, greed, suffering, corruption, and every kind
of human depravity. Few today seem to have the stomach for the necessary vulnerability belief demands. Similarly, the writer of the Fourth Gospel gives us many examples of unbelief from his experience, including a lame man healed by Jesus himself. However, the Fourth Gospel account also persists
in promulgating a message of belief. It paints a picture of Jesus that glistens, flows, and nurtures. Light.
Living Water. The Bread of Life. The Good Shepherd. These poetic and literary images spark the imagination and draw the reader toward hope.
And what of the Fourth Gospel’s claims that belief reaps benefits: Can belief make us children of God?
Can belief cause us to grasp infinity in the present moment? If seeing is believing, than perhaps this
visual presentation will initiate your own ruminations on the subject.
The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is an environment of belief. Each year hundreds of volunteers and
professionals endeavour to re-enact an epic story on an epic scale. There are always obstacles. The process requires infinite acts of charity and community from people who
go unrecognized. The undertaking can be daunting and the weather
can be uncooperative. I have learned through the process that belief
is, at its core, hope enacted. I am convinced that the optimism of belief
is an essential part of bringing this production together each summer.
And, in the spirit of Jesus’ own invitation to his fledgling disciples, I
hope you get to personally experience this hope during the performance: “See for yourself. Come.”
Enjoy the show.
2014 Golf Tournament
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Maurice & Val
So many people are involved in
bringing this production to you that
naming them all would be impossible!
Our thanks to the many individuals,
organizations and businesses who
support this production.
Our thanks to the 500 volunteers
who donate 45,000 hours each year
to make this production possible. If
you would like join us as a volunteer
usher, car parker, or concession
worker in 2015, please indicate your
interest on the included envelope
and place in a box as you leave or
mail it in.
Special Thanks to:
Dan & Denise
Steve Benson
Tim Berlando
Liz Birnie
Bob Boyce
Dan & Jean
Country Cousins
Bistro and
Bakery by Benz
Steve Ellerbeck
Larry Heather
Elsie Kozak
Travis & Alannah
John McIver
Jean Millions
Northstar Doves
Liana O’Buck
Lora Peterson
Rick Renington,
Ted Richard
SMR & Theatre
Chris Stockton
Teen Challenge
Cindy Urban
Randy Van Dyke
Dustin Winter
Gerry Wolfson
K. Shane Young
Gene Zacharias
Everett, Matt,
John, David,
Dax, Piotr,
Annual Fund
The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is a world-class
presentation that fills a critical need in our country
and in our world. We are constantly working to make
sure that we present “The greatest story ever told” to
the best of our ability. During the past five years we
have developed a new script, added a sound system,
constructed the forum, made significant changes to
the set and have purchased the ski hill property. We
also acquired a riverside campground for our volunteer
actors and have added power and washroom facilities.
Additional staff have been hired to work year-round
so that proper preparations can be made for the spring
when our 40 contract staff arrive to work through the 3
month performance season.
A production of this size and quality requires resources
beyond what we can raise through ticket sales alone.
Fifty percent of the yearly budget comes from sales
(tickets, gift shop and concession) and the remainder
comes through grants and donations.
Funding Sources
If you would like to support ongoing development of
the Canadian Badlands Passion Play through a donation
please use the envelope in
the centre of this program
and either drop it the
donation buckets on the
way out or mail it in a later
date. You can also call our
office any time if you wish
to donate over the phone.
Thank you for your support.
—Vance Neudorf
Executive Director
All donations over $10 are tax deductible.
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A Sky Blue Robe
To the contemplative traveler, the expanse of
Alberta’s treeless prairie offers uninhibited
views of stunning blue summer skies. For the
directors and designers of the Passion Play, the
vast blue sky hanging over the kilometer wide
set produced another kind of inspiration. Directors Barrett
Hileman and Royal
Sproule tell us that
the Gospel of John
says of Jesus that
“The Word became
a human being,
and lived among
us.” For Hileman
although the statement is simple, the
expression is incredibly profound. Jesus emerges in the poetic
Fourth Gospel not as a collection of words,
but as the Word; not as a composite of facts,
but as Truth. The Fourth Gospel writer offers
a Jesus that is bigger than man—He is the very
elements that give mankind existence: Living
Water, Bread, Blood and Light. The idea of Jesus as “Light” began to resonate
with the directors as a fitting representation of
Jesus in a Gospel filled with imagery, but what,
if anything, could visually represent the Light
coming to earth in a theatre space with no controlled lighting? The production team needed a
visual metaphor to tell the story of John’s Jesus.
directly from the earth and green grasses. The
erudite Teachers of the Law would be connected
to the blacks and browns of stone buildings and
urban industry. Roman warriors, well-versed in
bloodshed, would wear their historic red. And
for the title character, the team needed only
to look up. In the broad expanse surrounding
the Passion Play, sky blue emerged as the most
alive and vibrant colour to represent the light of
Christ. The vast sky supplied a colour unique
to anything else on set and clothing Jesus in
it makes him visible from anywhere on stage.
From Jesus’ first entry into the world of the play
until His final ascent, associating Jesus with the
sky is a monochromatic reminder of Jesus’ claim
that his home resides elsewhere. The directors have woven that blue thread throughout
the script and when the light of Jesus touches
lives, the blue permeates individual characters
or filters through the crowd symbolizing Jesus’
impact on the world around Him.
Drawing inspiration from the natural landscape
around them, specific colour palettes began to
emerge in association with different groups of
the play’s characters. The villagers would be
clothed in the colours of the hills, as if sprung
Just 40 minutes
north on Hwy 21 in
We’ve got
it all!
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Our Staff
Director - Barrett Hileman
Assistant Director/Script Coordinator - Royal
Assistant/Crowd Director - Jessica Hickman
Assistant/Fight Director - Kevin Robinson
Directing Assistant - Samantha Showalter
Directing Intern - Sharilyn Poole
Head of Wardrobe - Melissa Mitchell
Wardrobe Assistant/Cast Facilitator
- Devon Hunter
Wardrobe Assistant - Lyndall Cave
Wardrobe Assistant - Shannyn Dowsett
Wardrobe Assistant - Amy McIver
Executive Director - Vance Neudorf
Ticket Office Manager - Colette Oman
Ticket Sales - Kevin Cambridge
Company Liaison - Ailsa Birnie
Child Chaperone - Sienna Holden
Volunteer Coordinator/Food Services
Manager/FOH Manager - Meg Thatcher
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator/Concession
Manager - Elly Krogman
Gift Shop - Geraldine Lee
Show Design Coordinator - Randall Wiebe
Composer/Sound Designer - Luke Ertman
Music / Sound
Musical Direction - Bill Hamm
Head of Sound/Sound Engineer - Tim Uniac
Sound Assistant/Playback Operator - Chloe
Sound Apprentice - Linden Dahler
Stage Management
Stage Manager - Steph Link**
Assistant Stage Manager - Jenn Best**
Assistant Stage Manager - Alana Freistadt
Jr. Assistant Stage Manager - Laura Cheverie
Apprentice Stage Manager - Moriah Ohlhauser
Production Director - Adrian Young
Production Manager - Justin Born
Production Advisor - Tuled Giovanazzi
Production Facilitator/Design Assistant Denise Lines
Head of Set/Props Build Team - Stephen
Carpenter Assistant - David Imiolo
Armoury Supervisor/Props Assistant - Frances
Props Assistant/Scenic Artist - Jenna Purnell
Carpenter - Ian LeMaistre
Animal Wranglers - Jody & Marlies Ohlhauser
Volunteer Team Leaders
Cast Chapel - Bob Clarke & Greg Lammiman
Head Usher - Donna Kruse Tessier
Parking Captain - Graham Griffin
First Aid - James Snell
Volunteer Stitchers
Vicki Friesen, Elsie Kozak
Kitchen Volunteers
Teara Burgess, Darryl & Vicki Friesen, Elsie &
Micah Kozak, Travis & Alannah Lammiman,
Alex Mackie, Delhia Shah, Sandra & Ted
Shippelt, Angela & Patrick Spiller, Elaine
Tracz, Alyshia VanKannel, Gene Zacharias,
Elizabeth Zook
** Appears with the permission of Canadian
Actors’ Equity Association.
Names in all lists are accurate as of June 15,
2014, before all volunteer positions were filled.
We are thankful for many others who helped
this year during performances.
Complimentary New Testament - If you would like to have your own copy of the
historical account of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection as recorded in the New
Testament, please stop by the gift shop and ask for your free copy.
An Actor’s Story
I was in a play at Rosebud School of the Arts in the 1980’s
when I decided to quit the theatre because I knew in my
heart I was just onstage just to feed my ego. The next nine
years were an extremely rocky road for my family and I. It
wasn’t until I finally hit rock bottom that, by God’s grace,
I reached out for help.
During those 9 years I had avoided the stage and
pretended I did not have to feed my ego but that’s exactly
what I was doing through my addictions. Then one day I
got a call from a friend of mine, Royal Sproule, who had
taken on the position as the director of the Passion Play.
He said, “ I need you to come and play Pilate for me, and
I know I don’t need to audition you, because I’ve seen you
in the morning!” As I thought about the offer I realized
that God had not only delivered me from my addictions
but had also set me free to pursue my love of acting. I
knew that the Passion Play was a story where I could
glorify God with the gifts He had given me. God had set
my feet on a straight path and had also given me back my love of the stage.
As I play the role of Pilate I have learned that we all have false images of God in our hearts and
minds. It seems that every performance season another one of those false images gets smashed to
pieces. Watching it, acting in it—it doesn’t matter—a scene will happen and it will give me a new
glimpse into the Father’s heart, and it will wake me up—many times it will make me weep, and it
always brings me closer to Christ. Every time I act in the Passion Play it feel’s like I am meeting Him
for the very first time, and the moment that you thought you knew Him before is dim in the wake
of his new smile, or hug, or compassion for that day.
—Gene Zacharias
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The Animals’ Story
Animals have always been an important part of
creating the reality of the world of the Passion Play,
but their role has not always been a success. One
year we tried a group of goats but they ate everything
in sight. Another time a rooster was brought in for
Peter’s denial but he could never crow on cue. Then
there were the local critters that decided to join the
cast without an audition. Once when Jesus called for
Lazarus to come forth from the tomb, a gopher decided that was the best time to come out of the
entry. It took quite a while to get the crowd (and actors) to stop laughing. At another performance
one of the released doves decided to land on a Temple Guard’s helmet. The guard took a while to
realize he would have to move from attention to shoo it away.
In today’s performance we will include birds (that return for each performance), a few sheep, two
horses and a donkey. Jody and Marlies Ohlhauser are our animal wranglers and are also part of the
the cast so that they can coach the animals and take care of them throughout the rehearsals and
the performances. Marlies tells us that Zeke the donkey
looks forward to going on stage for the triumphal entry
scene but he is even more excited to get offstage and get
his tasty reward for a job well done. Our horses, Zarbo
and Diesel, know their roles so well that if the directors
change their placement they try to go back to their
original place. When we switch from an afternoon to
an evening performance they get impatient waiting for
the show to start. And just like our human actors they
respond to the appreciation they receive at the curtain
call. Our animal actors are an important part of our story.
The Man Born Blind
Creating a three hour play from a gospel with almost 16,000 words was a
challenging task. The aim was to remain true to the text while fitting as much
of John’s writings into the performance as possible. In his final words to his
disciples Jesus said, “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time
is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to
God” (John 16:2). The cost of being a disciple of Christ has always been great
and many have suffered terribly from that time until now.
Being thrown out of a synagogue was much more than forbidding one’s
attendance at the local church. The act was one of emotional, spiritual,
relational, and economic violence, as it was a cutting off of all ties to a person’s community.
The severity of being a social and religious outcast can
be difficult for a contemporary audience to culturally
comprehend. The beating of the man born blind visually
represents the violence that Jesus said may result from the
choice to “follow me.” The first half of the play closes with
the words “though God made the world though him, the
world did not recognize him.” Being a disciple of Jesus is a
commitment of a person’s entire life, and indeed, for many
over the last 2000 years, it has cost them their very lives.
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“Embrace the greatest story ever lived”
2014 Canadian Badlands Passion Play
The Creator Comes to His
Arrival of John the Baptist
Disciples Join Jesus
The Wedding at Cana
Jesus Cleanses the Outer
Jesus Performs Miracles
Nicodemus Confronts Jesus
The Pharisees Monitor Jesus
Samaritan Woman at the
Healing of the Government
Official’s Son
Healing of the Invalid
Persecution of Jesus Begins
Feeding of the 5,000
“I Am the Bread of Life”
The Authorities Look for
Jesus Goes to the Feast of
Tabernacles in Secret
Water Libation Ceremony
The Crowd Divides
The Adulterous Woman
Jesus Heals a Man Born
Death of Lazarus
Pharisees, Sadducees &
Levites Combine Forces
Jesus Raises Lazarus from
the Dead
Abner Tells About Raising
the Dead
The Triumphal Entry into
The Play’s Locale
The setting of our play is, by
Canadian standards, small.
Only 450 kilometres long by
120 kilometres wide (the size
of Alberta south of Lethbridge)
Israel contains a surprisingly
wide variety of geography, some
of which looks amazingly like
the site of our play.
Jesus Washes the Disciples’
Judas Betrays
Jesus in the Garden /
Arrest of Jesus
High Priests Question Jesus
Peter’s Denials
Jesus Before Pilate
The Crucifixion
The Empty Tomb
Arrival of the Bridegroom
Portions of the Passion Play are based on scripture taken from the Good News
Translation in Today’s English Version- Second Edition Copyright © 1992 by American
Bible Society. Used by Permission. Also scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW
INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International
Bible Society. Used by permission of International Bible Society. All rights reserved.
Timothy Contos - Temple
Carol Abbot- High Rank Temple Katelyn Crier *
Servant/Temple Thug Katelyn Davis *
Starla Albrecht - Villager
Johanna DeVries - Villager
Walter Albrecht - Laban
Blair Dickie - Temple Servant Saralea Andrichuk *
Hector ayala Garcia - Greek
Jacinda Dickie - Temple Servant
Male #1/Sadducee #2
- Passover/Villager
Susan Backs - Samaritan
Thompson Duff - Jesus
Freddy Bahr - Villager
Matt Dyck - Temple Guard/
Tanis Bahr - Villager
Roman Soldier
Violet Bahr - Villager
Stephen Ellerbeck - Judas
Brooke Bamfield *
Michael Fletcher - Nicodemus
Carter Banks - Passover Levite/ Rachel Fletcher - Crippled girl/
Roman Solider/Simon the
Keith Forrest *
Luke Banks - Temple Guard
Nick Frere - Passover Levite Coryna Bartsch - High Rank
Temple Servant/Temple Thug
Darrell Friesen - Enosh’s Father/
Nicole Beaver *
James Alphaeus/Roman
Jeffrey Bell *
Noah Bend *
Vicki Friesen - Carbus/Enosh’s
Tim Berlando - Caiaphas/
Passover Singer
Grace Fullerton *
Vicki Black - Adam/Villager
Lilli Furfaro *
Rick Borger - Annas
Amie Gartner - Bride/Villager
Emily Boyle - Shoshana/Eden
Jeurgen Giebler - Jesus Father/
Norma Bricker - Adva/Singer
Temple Guard/Roman Soldier
Dylan Burden*
Michael Giebler - Temple
Debbie Burgess - Villager
Guard #3/Roman Solider
Sam Burgess - Villager
Spencer Groenenboom Travis Burgess - Invalid/
Thaddeus/Passover Levite #4
Emmett Hanly *
Kevin Cambridge - Young John Samuel Hanly *
Aly Carrigan *
Alex Hart - Lazarus
Peter Church - Dark Pharisee
Chantal Hartman *
Bob Clarke - Josiah of Bethany/ Larry Heather - Villager
Zach Hebermehl - Andrew
Kathy Clarke - Villager
Elaine Hileman - James Joseph’s
Russell Clarke - Enosh
Wife/Villager/Mary, wife of
Barry Coggins - Marius/
Ella Hileman - Salome, James
Christine Coggins - Villager
Joseph’s Daughter/Villager
Charmaine Contos - Jesus’
Mayra Hileman - Little Miriam,
James Joseph’s Daughter/Child
Elizabeth Contos - Singer/Soloist
in Blue/Villager
Harry Contos - Simon Peter
Brian Jensen ** - Old John
Robin Contos - Young Jude/
Bob Jesse - Sadducee #1
Debbie Jesse - Pilgrim #2/
Mariana Jesuino - Villager
Jacyanne Jones *
Shania Kapay *
Laura Knihnitski *
Micah Kozak - Joseph of
Elena Krivoruchko - Slavic
Woman at Passover/Villager
Aaron Krogman - Jesus
Charissa Krueger *
Adam Lammiman - Bread Boy/
Greg Lammiman - Philip
Lisa Lammiman - Temple
Servant - Passover/Villager
Shalayne Lammiman - Adara/
Shauna Lammiman - Villager
Frances MacDonald *
Heidi MacDonald * - Mary of
Isajah MacDonald *
John McIver - Head Temple
Guard/Fight Captain
Braeden Meckelborg - James
Andrew Merrigan - John the
Baptist/Roman Soldier/James
Sarah Meyer *
Carrie Morrison - Adena/Edna
Chistina Muldoon - Libi/
Adulterous Woman/Villager
Timothy Nickle - Temple
Guard/Roman Soldier
Grace Nimco *
Hayley Noel *
Rod Northcott - Rueben
Helen Northcott - Old Bina/
Kieran O’Connor *
Emmelia Ohlhauser - Villager
Jody Ohlhauser - Royal Official
Marlies Ohlhauser - Royal
official’s servant
Monroe Ohlhauser - Villager
Rachel Paulos *
Gillian Payson *
Donovan Penner *
Kate Peters - Villager
Samuel Petkau - Villager
Susannah Petkau - Villager
Kamryn Pliva - Villager
Katelyn Pliva - Villager
Keaira Pliva - Villager
Shawna Pliva - Villager
Jennifer Poppe - Mary
Faith Pogoda *
Leanne Post *
Laura Quartel - Temple Servant
Blake Regehr - Young Jesus/
Nick Regehr - Villager
MacKenzie Richard - Villager
Stanley Riegel - Sadduccee #3
Joy Robinson - Martha
Robert Rollingson - Drummer
Sarah Anna Rottier - Mor/
Temple servant #1
Bronwyn Roy - Villager
Danielle Roy - Pilgrim #1/
Paul Santos *
Hannah Schultz - Villager
Delhia Shah - Villager
Sandra Shippelt - Villager
Shayleigh Sihlis *
Melissa Smart *
Angela Spiller - Palsy Child’s
Anjala Spiller - Villager
Billy Spiller - Palsy Child/
Daniel Spiller - Palsy Child/
Joseph Spiller - Messenger of
Bethany/Roman Soldier/
Patrick Spiller - Passover Levite/
LeAnn Spreeman - Woman with
Kealey Stors - Abner/Roman
Steve Tabert Watson – Malchus,
Temple Guard
Damaris Tonner - Marni,
Temple Servant #2
Jacinda Tonner - Villager
Dennis Tracz - Villager
Shawn Tracz - Roman Soldier/
Thomas Unrau - 2nd Temple
Oliver Van Deipen - Temple
Act in the Passion Play and
Receive High School Credits!
Join with 70 other high school students. Learn
performance skills, physical self-awareness, stage
presence, and servant leadership skills.
Alyshia Van Kannal - Villager
Jon-Jacob Van Oosterwijk *
Petronella Van Tondeer *
Glenda Warkentin - Villager
Joel Washington - Nathanael
Gianna Romano Widmer *
Hannah Willman - Flute/
Beautiful Woman
Simone Willman - Violin
Raina Wilson - Villager
Dustin Winter - Lemech
Kristy Winter - Mya, Temple
Dorcas Wittman - Villager
Claire Zacharias - Temple
Gene Zacharias - Pilate/Master
of the Banquet
Seth Zacharias - Passover Levite
#3/Roman Solider
Elizabeth Zook - Villager
* Denotes students and staff
from the Canadian Badlands
Summer School.
** Appears with the permission
of Canadian Actors’ Equity
Summer School Staff
Jette Brown (Drama)
Bill Hamm (Vocals)
David and Joan Keim (Kitchen)
Sarah Penner (Piano)
Nathan Schmidt (Stage Combat)
Paul Sonsetby (Drama)
Tom Stolz (Administrator)
Jenelle Weller (Dance)
Life-changing Media.
Watch Weekdays on
11AM | 2PM | 9PM
Shaw 51 • Shaw Direct 355 • Bell TV Edmonton 648 • Bell TV Calgary 646 • ctstv.com
Jenn Best** – Assistant Stage Manager
Jenn brings her beloved rain gear and her leatherman from the City of
Champions where she is known as the go-to girl for technical shows and new
works. Favourite projects include: the Expanse Movement Festival, the Sterling
and Betty nominated, Jack Goes Boating, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and touring
the hiphopera Bash’d, and the 90’s punk rockumentary, Hard Core Logo: Live. In
addition to Stage Managing professionally for 10 years, she has worked in two
historical parks, an inkjet cartridge refill kiosk, as a carriage driver and tour guide,
and volunteered on numerous agricultural fairs. She can fix anything with an
electric drill, hammer, and twine. She has herded children, Shakespearean actors
and goats. Goats were the worst.
Peter Church – Dark Pharisee
Peter is a graduate of the Theatre Arts program at Mount Royal College and spent
the last eight years performing the plays of Shakespeare at The Classical Theatre
Project in Toronto. Newly relocated to Vancouver, he is thrilled to be returning to
the Passion Play and would like to thank this outstanding cast and crew for their
hard work and dedication. Up next, Peter can be found on stage at Pacific Theatre
in The Rainmaker and his own radio play adaptation of It’s a Wonderful Life.
Thompson Duff – “Jesus” Understudy
This is Thompson’s first year at the Passion Play and he is thrilled to be the
Jesus Understudy. Select acting credits include: The Three Musketeers, Henry
V(Stratford Festival); Consumed (Nowhere Theatre); The TrueYou Network (Arc
Media); The ‘Real’ History of Rush (Electric Company Art & Design); Scenes from
an Execution (UW Drama). Thompson would like to thank all of his family and
friends for their incredible support, and everyone involved here at the Passion
Play who have made this production so incredible.
Luke Ertman – Composer / Sound Designer
This is Luke Ertman’s 4th year with the Passion Play. Luke holds a B-mus from
the University of Alberta. He has scored over 50 theatre productions across
Western Canada for theatre companies such as Rosebud Theatre, The Arts Club,
Pacific Theatre, Burnt Thicket Theatre, and has had shows tour across Canada
and Internationally. Luke has written for TV and Film, and has had his music
broadcast internationally. Luke has been nominated for two Jesse awards (best
music) and an AMPIA award (best music). His group Fools Tongue’s latest album
entitled New World, has received international air time on many stations and
drawn comparisons to the likes of Peter Gabriel. And, there is a recording of the
Passion Play music this year available in the gift shop!
Alana Freistadt – Assistant Stage Manager
Alana is very excited be working at the Canadian Badland’s Passion Play this
summer! Select Credits: Apprentice Stage Manager: The Carousel (Nightwood
Theatre) Stage Manager: Killer Business-The Musical (Torrent Productions),
Where’s My Money, Ravenscroft (Sterling Studio Theatre), Jewel (Stephenville
Theatre Festival), Spring Awakening (Theatre Sheridan), Commercial Performance
Critiques (Musical Theatre Performance Program, Sheridan College). For
Grandpa Arnie.
Bill Hamm – Music Director
M. Mus.(U. of Ill.); B.A (U. of Wpg.); B.R.S. (Mennonite Brethren Bible College);
honorary F.R.S.A. (Rosebud School of the Arts); 2-Year Diploma (Winker
Bible Institute) Bill is in his 9th year as the Music Director of CBPP. He is
most impressed with the quality of musicianship represented in this volunteer
organization. Bill has been Rosebud Centre of the Arts’ Music Director since
1989. He conducts choirs, teaches voice and speech classes, and has directed the
music for numerous shows including Cotton Patch Gospel, Quilters, Amahl and
the Night Visitors, Godspell, and Fiddler on the Roof. Bill sings with the Canadian
Chamber Choir and Luminous Voices of Calgary. Bill and his wife Renita have
four children and two grandchildren. He enjoys running, mountain biking,
hockey, mowing the lawn, and shenanigans.
Jessica Hickman – Crowd Director
Jessica lives in Victoria, BC where she works as an independent director/
choreographer and teaches at the Canadian College of Performing Arts
(jessicahickman.ca). She also runs a devised theatre company in the Yukon called
Open Pit (openp.it). This was Jessica’s first time visiting the Badlands! The scale
of the show, the kindness and dedication of the cast, the support of the crew, and
the open collaboration amongst directors has blown her away—not to mention
the weather changes! Jessica would like to thank CBPP for inviting her to take
part in such an incredible show, and the cast for volunteering their time and then
doing whatever she asked (over and over and over again). She is happy now to
share this experience with you. Please enjoy the show!
Barrett Hileman – Director
Barrett has directed and/or acted in the CBPP since 2004. He received his MFA in
Directing from the New School University and acting training from the American
Academy of Dramatic Arts. Barrett was Managing Artistic Director of Alberta’s
Spread the Word Theatre for seven years, sat on the original board of Calgary’s
Fire Exit Theatre, and mentored under Ron Reed at Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre.
In New York he worked with Red Bull Theater, Firebone Theatre, and the Public
Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group (Ghostlight Productions). He chaired the
drama department at Rocky Mountain College for three years. Directing credits
include: Badger (Fire Exit Theatre, Theatre BSMT- Calgary Critics’ Nomination
for Outstanding Solo Performance); A Savannah Disputation and A Number (Fire
Exit Theatre); Agnes of God and The Making of Warriors (theatre@rocky).
Brian Jensen** – “Old John”
This year marks Brian’s fourth playing “Old John” in the Passion Play and he
is thrilled and proud to once again be a part of this amazing experience. Brian
has been acting in stage, film and TV for over thirty years and has worked at
Theatre Calgary, ATP, Vertigo, Lunchbox Theatre, Ground Zero/Hit and Myth,
Shakespeare in the Park and many others around Western Canada. Some film and
TV credits include Passchendaele, The Sixth Day, Dark Angel, The Outer Limits,
and recent appearances on the locally filmed Hell on Wheels and Fargo.
Aaron Krogman – “Jesus”
Aaron is an actor, musician and writer based in Alberta. Selected acting credits:
Motel in Fiddler on the Roof, Danny Frank in Christmas on the Air, Dylan Thomas
in A Christmas in Wales, Charlie in Bright Particular Star (Rosebud Theatre);
Narrator in For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again (Leapkrog Productions); Bert Taylor
in Soldier’s Heart (Loudly Whispered Theatre); Jason in She Has A Name (burnt
thicket theatre); Richard in You Are Here (Schramm-a-lam Productions). This is
his second year playing Jesus and is excited for another chance to explore such
an important character. Aaron married his high school crush, Elly, this past
December and together they live in Edmonton.
Steph Link** – Stage Manager
Steph is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada. This is her first year
with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. Steph is the Resident Stage Manager at
The Keyano Theatre Co. in Fort McMurray. Selected credits include: Deathtrap,
Boeing Boeing, Les Miserables, Calendar Girls, Hometown…The Musical!, Bedtime
Stories, Chicago and The Farnsworth Invention (KTC) The Black Bonspiel of Wullie
McCrimmon (Globe Theatre Co.), Schwartz’s: The Musical, Paradise by the River,
Mom’s the Word 2: Unhinged, The Madonna Painter, Michel & ti-Jean, Death and
the Maiden, With Bated Breath, Doubt: A Parable (Centaur Theatre Co.), Mending
Fences (E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the Arts), As You Like It (Repercussion Theatre
Co.). She would like to thank family, friends and the Passion Play team!
Kevin Robinson – Fight Director
Kevin is very excited for his first year being part of such an epic production. He
is a certified Fight Instructor, a resident fight instructor at Rapier Wit Studios,
a founding member of the award-winning stunt team Riot A.C.T., and a stunt
coordinator and performer. Past Fight Directing credits include Evil Dead the
Musical (Starvox Entertainment), Night of the Living Dead Live (Nictophobia
Films), Hamlet Live (Live Stream Performance), Twelfth Night (Driftwood
Theatre), Duel of Ages: By the Sword (True Edge Productions), Two Noble Kinsmen
(Urban Bard). Kevin spent 4 seasons at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival as an
Assistant Fight Director on such shows as West Side Story, As You Like It, Peter
Pan, Henry V, Pirates of Penzance, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Cymbeline. (twitter:
@kevinfightguy web: www.kevinfightguy.wordpress.com youtube: riotactaction)
Royal Sproule – Assistant Director / Script Adapter
Royal is happy to be back in his 9th year. This summer Royal also directed the
musical comedy Chickens for Rosebud Theatre, a play he also composed music
for 20 years ago. To celebrate he and fellow composer Lewis Frere (Lewis & Royal)
have produced the 20th Anniversary Chickens Soundtrack which is available
for sale after each show in Rosebud this summer and on iTunes. Royal is also
excited to announce Carl’s Way, a movie he and Jesus actor, Aaron Krogman
wrote and produced with their company Smoke Signal Media. It was nominated
for seven Alberta Film and Television Awards and can be seen at the historical
park in Scandia, AB. If that wasn’t enough, Royal formed a new musical trio, The
Wheatland Band, with Lewis Frere and Travis Friesen. Look for them touring the
prairie provinces bringing love and laughter along the way.
Randall Wiebe – Design Coordinator
Randall has been with the Passion Play since its inception as actor, playwright,
director, artistic director, marketing director, graphic designer, photographer,
chaplain, and volunteer cart driver. After acting in the role of Jesus, to continue
telling the story, he toured his one-man passion play “Thomas: Confessions of
a Doubter” for eight years across western Canada and as far away as Malaysia
and Venezuela. He was the set and lighting designer during ten years of Rosebud
Theatre’s inception, but this is his first time designing at CBPP. He is currently
a graphic designer at Rosebud Theatre and visual art instructor at Rosebud
School of the Arts, but is moving toward expressing his own creativity in paint
and digitally. At the 15 Minutes of Fame Festival in Rosebud this fall he will be
publicly painting his 4th fast portrait of a volunteer. (randallwiebe.com)
Go to canadianpassionplay.com/2014cast to read bios of all of our cast
** Appears with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.
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reduced rates on special events that the society puts on. Members need to be
at least 16 years of age and be committed to the dramatic portrayal of the life
of Christ as told in the Scriptures and to further awareness and skill in the arts.
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2014 Performance Sponsors
Friday, July 11 – Maurice & Val Thevenaz (Drumheller, AB)
Saturday, July 12 – Elson & Pat McDougald (Drumheller, AB)
Sunday, July 13 – Tim & Susan Hearn (Calgary, AB)
Friday, July 18 – Linview Realty Inc. (Linden, AB)
Satuday, July 19 – Canalta Hotels (Drumheller, AB)
Sunday, July 20 – Crystal Springs (Carbon, AB)
Friday, July 25 – Battery World (Calgary, AB)
Saturday, July 26 – Elaine Antifaev (Whiterock, BC)
Sunday, July 27 – Inland Plastics (Drumheller, AB)
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