Marlies Skills Challenge (On-Ice) • Targeting minor


Marlies Skills Challenge (On-Ice) • Targeting minor
The Toronto Marlies have created
The Game is Fun! A FREE program
where the goal is to place the
emphasis on fun while ensuring
a positive hockey experience.
Our primary mission is to provide
minor hockey players the chance
to develop hockey skills in a
fun and exciting environment.
Marlies Skills Challenge (On-Ice)
• Targeting minor hockey teams and associations in the GTA and surrounding area.
• Running on-ice skills events that not only challenge the minor hockey players,
but also show them how much fun hockey really is!
• Bringing elements to a minor hockey practice that they wouldn’t have access
to on a regular basis.
Marlies Minor Hockey Events Team (Off-Ice)
•Focused on attending minor hockey festivals and tournaments in the GTA and surrounding area to enhance the quality of their events.
•Inflatable interactive games.
To register,
please complete
the registration
form below.
Contact Information:
Contact Name:
Phone #:
Team Information:
Hockey Association:
Team Name:
Age Group:
# of Participants:
Level: House League q Rep. q
Start Time: ‘A’ q ‘AA’ q ‘AAA’ q
End Time:
*Sessions are (1) one hour in length.
Has your Hockey Team/Association ever been to a Marlies game?
Yes q No q
If yes, when?
NOTE: All requests must be submitted with a minimum of (4) four weeks prior to the event.
Please return completed form to:
Ian Meagher
email: [email protected]
fax: 416 263 3901

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