Page 1 Page 2 । 2016 HAZIMA\T SWIMPOSIUM। The Fire


Page 1 Page 2 । 2016 HAZIMA\T SWIMPOSIUM। The Fire
1 :00 -3:00 pm
Case Study: Eastern Iowa Airport
Cedar Rapids Fire Department responds to an unknown powder at the Eastern
Iowa Airport. The presentation covers the response to a powder that had
leaked from luggage on the baggage carousel. This incident involved many
local, state and federal agancies working together to determine what the
substance was that was leaking from unaccompanied bags.
Presenters: Brent Smith, Captain, Cedar Rapids Fire Department; Curt Woode,
firefighter, Cedar Rapids Fire Department; and Mike Cheney, Captain, Cedar Rapids
Fire Department
3:15 -5:15 pm
Case Study: Nitric Acid
"Responders Pull a Frozen AII-Nighter": The Northeast Iowa Hazardous
Response Group responded to a leaky tote of Nitric Acid in a semitrailer that
turned into a 12 hour response, on one of the coldest days of January.
Presenters will discuss safe mitigation of an acid spill and proper managment
of resources, personnel and equipment.
Presenters: Mike Schipper, Team Leader with the Waterloo Fire Department, and
Kip Ladage, Emergency Manager for Bremer County

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