Infospot 34, 2015 - Daystar University



Infospot 34, 2015 - Daystar University
BSc Nursing Graduates Posted by
the Ministry of Health
Seated - from left to right, Mrs. Susan Njuguna. Mr. Ongeso, Mrs. Serah Wachira
with the graduates of the class of 2015 after their graduation in June 2015.
The second direct entry BSc Nursing graduates of the
class of 2015 have been posted by the Ministry of Health to
ISADU FESTIVAL Nov. 2 - 5, 2015
SSEH - SEMINAR Nov. 2 - 5, 2015
ten different County hospitals in Kenya, with one graduate
leaving for the US where she is due to join Bethel University
for a Master’s degree in Nursing.
The class of 2015 had 14 students three of whom were
upgrading from diploma to degree. The three were already
Philip Gitahi - Wildlife Clubs of Kenya - How
to prepare a nature trail.
working at Kenya Defense Forces Memorial Hospital, MP Shah
Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital respectively, hence did
not require to be posted by the Ministry.
The 4 year nursing program at Daystar has been organized
in such a way that it allows the students to integrate theory into
ATHI RIVER FUN DAY Nov. 14, 2015
practice. Daystar University has Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) with a number of hospitals where the students spend the
prescribed period of clinical placement. The main teaching
“In Africa, it takes a village to raise a child” said Mrs. Susan
hospital is AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital, where the foundation in
Njuguna adding that it has taken Daystar University family,
nursing skills is laid.
and a dedicated team of Nursing lecturers, among them Mr.
The students also get to have specialized experience from
Kenyatta National Hospital (ICU, Renal Unit and Accident and
emergency departments), Mathari Mental Hospital (for Mental
Health Nursing), Pumwani Maternity Hospitals (for Midwifery)
and Kiambu County - Githiga Health Center for Community
Health Nursing experience.
The BSc Nursing program at Daystar started in 2010 for
direct entry students and in 2011 for the Upgrading (Diploma
to Degree) students.
Abednego Ongeso and Mrs. Serah Wachira, to tirelessly follow
up the students in the hospitals to make sure that they excel. “We
are grateful to the staff in the partnering hospitals for walking
with us to raise a Daystar nurse who can be absorbed by the
Ministry of Health,” said Mrs. Njuguna.
Last year the graduates of the class of 2014 were absorbed
by the Ministry of Heath immediately after graduation, with
some of them being absorbed by various organizations among
them Medicens San Frontiers.
DUSA Nairobi holds
Entrepreneurship Forum
Dennis Muyoga and Felix Gizuri (Daystar University students) showcase their merchandize during the entrepreneurship
“Taking an idea that is on paper or in your head and
moving it forward into real, tangible action is the true spirit
of entrepreneurship” This was said by Ms. Njeri Rionge,
Co-founder of Wananchi Online. Ms Njeri was speaking to
Daystar University students during an entrepreneurship forum
held at the Nairobi campus on October 28th 2015.
The theme of the forum was Step up and Shine s there is no
competition in the extra mile.
The forum which was organized by DUSA Nairobi Campus
aimed at providing a platform where students with passion
for business and those already in businesses can interact with
entrepreneurs in various fields. The event involved showcasing
of ideas and business products by students, who turned up in
large numbers. Later there was interactive session with guests,
drawn from various professions, among them economists, media
practitioners and bankers.
Invited guests cut a cake during the entrepreneurship forum. They are assisted by the DUSA officials, Nairobi Campus. Looking on is Ms. Irene
Kimani, Students Counselor (extreme left)
Speaking to the participants, Ms Andia Chakava, the Cofounder and Managing Director of Alfa Africa Asset Managers
called on the students to embrace high personal values such
as integrity and honesty, and to develop unique ideas. “If any
entrepreneur embraces such values they are on the right track,
said Ms Chakava. “Do not start business as a way of getting an
extra coin because it will not have future,” she said.
Other guests present were Mr. Jacob Ouma, PR and
Marketing consultant at AD Media Limited (Kenya), Ms. Esther
Kagiri, Managing Director, Globetrack International, Mr. Jared
Osoro, Senior Economist, Kenya Bankers Association of Kenya,
Mr. Mukhalasie Metric, Regional Business Manager, Kenya
Commercial Bank, Mr. Cyrus Methu, Managing Director, Forever
Living Products K Limited, Ms. Andia Chakava, Cofounder and
Managing Director of Alpha Africa Asset Managers, Mr. Davis
Mkoji, Business Consultant, Real Image Africa, Ms Margaret
Njihia, Chief Executive Officer, Cakes and Beyond, Byron,
Security Systems and Mr. Kevin Adhere, Brandbiz Solutions.
Most of the speakers advised the students on the importance
of academics, as part of success in business. They were
against the wrong notion that one can succeed in the world
of entrepreneurship without formal education. “Without proper
education one lacks professionalism and integrity in their career.
Do not compare yourself to Bill Gates,” said Mr. Cyrus, Methu,
Managing Director, Forever Living Company. How many have
you seen around like Bill Gates?” he asked adding that university
education brings out self-realization which is very important.
The DUSA Vice-chair, Miss Claire Osoro was gland that the
event was successful as it was the first to be hosted by student
body. She promised to continue organizing such forum as a way
of nurturing student
New Health Show at Shine FM
Shine FM in conjunction with the Nursing Department of
health care field.
Daystar University has initiated a show that handles topics on
how to handle basic emergencies, reproductive health and
community health.
Tune in to the Health Tank every Tuesday from 3:00pm to
Shine FM 103.1- Radiating Life! Stream live on http://
4:00pm and know more from experienced professionals in the
Brave Falcons out of NBA
Falcons Captain Claire Muthusi tussles for the ball at a past match
Laura Makokha in action for the Falcons
The Daystar Falcons Basketball ladies team’s impressive
and Laura Makokha formed one of the most fluid attacks in the
unbeaten record in the Nairobi Basketball Association League
league this year. Their hard work was notably rewarded when
came to an end after they fell out to rivals Gladiators in a 3
Claire and Steffie were named in a ZUBL Kenya Select team
series semifinal fixture that saw the latter sweep 3-0.
earlier in April. The services of defenders June Ochieng and
It was a case of so close yet so far for the Falcons who had
been deemed favorites for the larger part of the season. The
ladies had gathered good momentum in their campaign as they
went unbeaten in 28 consecutive matches, 26 in the regular
conference fixtures and 2 in the playoff quarterfinals.
There are, however, a lot of positives to take home; what this
team has achieved in 2015 is no mean feat. Led by the able
counsel of Head Coach Peter Otieno and Team Manager Mercy
Anita were commendable as they ensured the Falcons conceded
the least points in their campaign. To add on to the depth of the
squad were Lucy Nyanjugu, Mary Muko, Juliana Siapai, Charity
Barasa, Laura Chebet not to forget newcomers, Garnette Perez
and Valarie Amala.
With strong passion and commitment to training, the ladies
team has brought great motivation to their fellow men’s team
whose game is more physical.
Mutuku, the team produced the top scorer in the league, Captain
Infospot salutes the brave Daystar Falcons Basketball ladies
Claire Muthusi. She along with teammates Steffie Ngabire
team for representing the University well and can only wish them
more success in future.
New books now available on our shelves
Poisoned Wells: The Dirty Politics of African Oil Paperback by Nicholas Shaxso
Each week, the oil and gas fields of sub-Saharan Africa produce well over a billion dollars’ worth
of oil, an amount that far exceeds development aid to the entire African continent. Yet the rising tide
of oil money is not promoting stability and development, but is instead causing violence, poverty,
and stagnation. It is also generating vast corruption that reaches deep into American and European
economies. In Poisoned Wells, Nicholas Shaxson exposes the root causes of this paradox of poverty
from plenty, and explores the mechanisms by which oil causes grave instabilities and corruption
around the globe. Shaxson is the only journalist who has had access to the key players in African
oil, and is willing to make the connections between the problems of the developing world and the
involvement of leading global corporations and governments
Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age: Social Media, Blogging and Activism in Egypt by David
During the Arab uprisings of early 2011, which saw the overthrow of Zine el-Abadine Ben Ali in
Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the role of digital media and social networking tools was
widely reported. This was also recognized by the very authorities fighting against popular pressure for
change, and the Egyptian government’s attempt to block internet and mobile phone access in January
2011 demonstrated the extent to which it was seen as powerful and potentially subversive tool.
What is yet to be examined is the local context that allowed digital media to play this role: Egypt, for
example, a history of online activism laid important ground work for the scenes in Tahrir Square. Here,
David Faris argues that it was circumstances particular to Egypt, more than the ‘spark’ from Tunisia,
that allowed the revolution to take off: namely blogging and digital activism stretching back into the
1990s, combined with sustained and numerous protest movements and an independent press.
Racism, Ethnicity and the Media in Africa: Mediating Conflict in the Twenty-first Century by
Winston Man
Since the colonial era in Africa, racism and ethnicity have largely led to serious conflicts – the
Nigerian-Biafran War, killings in Darfur, xenophobic attacks in South Africa - that have cost lives
and undermined efforts to achieve national cohesion and meaningful development on the continent.
This book sets about rethinking the role of media and communication in perpetuating, reinforcing
and undermining racism, ethnicity and other discriminations across Africa. It goes beyond customary
discussions of representation of racism and ethnicity to question the role played by specific media
institutions. Topics and issues covered include racism in South African newspapers, pluralist media
in Kenya, media discourses on homosexuality in Namibia, and the politics of ‘African News’ in
Nigerian newspapers.
Blue Labour: Forging a New Politics by Ian Geary
In the aftermath of the global economic crisis, and the worst recession for over seventy years, Britain
has witnessed one of the most turbulent eras in politics since the Second World War. The dominant
political and capitalistic system has come under close scrutiny; and the 2008 financial crash has
cast serious doubt on the economic and social liberalism of both Thatcherism and Blairism. The Blue
Labour movement addresses the fact that neither nationalization nor privatization has delivered lasting
prosperity or stability. Critiquing the dominance in Britain of a social-cultural liberalism associated with
the left and a free-market liberalism linked to the right, Blue Labour blends a ‘progressive’ commitment
to greater economic equality with a more ‘conservative’ disposition emphasizing personal loyalty,
family, community and locality.
Chapel Diary
.. Until the day dawn, and the day star arise
in your hearts,” 2 Pet. 1:19
Athi River Campus
“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are
wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by
day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving
for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we
fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For
what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”
—1 Corinthians 4:16-18 —
3 November 2015
Pastor Dorothy Odito
5 November 2015
Bible Study
Sunday Service
8 November 2015
Speaker: Pastor Ken Gomeri
Equipped by the word of God
(2 Timothy 3:16-17)
Nairobi Campus
3 November 2015
Worship Chapel - DCF Worship Team
5 November 2015
Bible Study
Evening Service
6 November 2015
Drama Chapel
Rhoda Lesmore, a 1st year International Relations Major and an international
student from Nigeria, has been bereaved. She has lost an elder sister, Mary.
Rhoda will travel home to join the family on November 4, 2015.
The funeral will be on Friday November 6, 2015 in Nigeria. Rhoda’s mobile
number is 0712313465. Let us keewp Rhoda and her family in prayer for
journey mercies, comfort and peace.
Message from the University Registrar,
Potential Graduates (Class of 2016) please fill an online form in your
Daystar emails with accurate details that will be used to prepare relevant
documents to facilitate your graduation.
This online form can only be filled once you have acquired your degree
audit showing you have less than 18 hours remaining to be registered in
Jan-2016 semester.
NOTE: If you have not requested your degree Audit, please do so through an
email to [email protected], clearly stating your details; your admission
number, your major(s) Concentration(s), Minor(if you have any) the emailrequest is open up to 30th of Nov. 2015

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