January FINAL:Filipino Star



January FINAL:Filipino Star
Vol. XXXI No.12 January2014
Aquino joins People Asia to thank foreign
dignitaries for continuing support
President Benigno S. Aquino III
once again expressed his gratitude to
foreign dignitaries who assisted the
Philippines following the devastation of
major calamities last year.
“Here, we have the ambassadors
and heads of mission who represent
countries that have proven to be friends of
the Filipino people—countries who have
shown their support and solidarity with the
Philippines in the wake of recent
calamities,” the President said during the
People Asia’s People of the Year Awards
2014 held in Makati City Tuesday night.
“I ask you to join me in
thanking them once more tonight.
Excellencies, may I ask you to receive
the applause—the gratitude and the
friendship of our country.”
The country was hit by major
disasters in 2013 most notably the
earthquake in Bohol and Cebu and
the super typhoon Yolanda that
devastated the Visayas region.
The President said that
Tuesday’s event is a celebration of a
During the awarding ceremony for People Asia Magazine’s People of the Year, President Benigno S. Aquino III presented the
Lifetime Achievement Award to National Bookstore founder Socorro Ramos, known as Nanay Coring (in gold).
Super typhoon victims flee again as
rains flood southern Philippines
Source: Reuters - Tue, 21 Jan 2014
07:59 AM
Author: Reuters
By Erik de Castro
BUTUAN CITY, Philippines, Jan 21
(Reuters) - Emergency workers evacuated
thousands of people across the southern
Philippines on Tuesday, including many
already made homeless by a typhoon in
November, after three days of rain flooded
towns and farmland.
Hundreds of survivors of Typhoon
Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever to
make landfall, were forced to flee by
tropical depression "Agaton" after
emergency shelters were damaged or
destroyed on the eastern central island of
Tents collapsed under the weight
of the rain and emergency plastic sheets
have been torn away, humanitarian agency
Oxfam said.
An average of 20 typhoons hit the
Philippines every year with Haiyan
slamming into central islands on Nov. 8,
killing more than 6,100 and wiping out
entire coastal communities in Leyte and
More than 200,000 people have
been taken to shelters over the last three
days as flood waters rose, but hundreds
were still marooned on the roofs of their
houses on Tuesday, said Eduardo del
Rosario, executive director of the National
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Del Rosario said 42 people had
been killed, 65 had been injured and
damage to property and farms had
reached 367 million pesos ($8.13 million).
"Our troops are trying to reach
them and bring them to safer ground," del
Rosario said.
Nenita Matuda, 45, and her
children perched on their neighbours' A girl pulls her brother on a makeshift raft along a flooded portion of a road in Butuan city in
roof as she watched the rampaging the southern Philippine island of Mindanao January 16.
Highlights of the CDN–NDG
Borough Council meeting of
January 13, 2014
On Monday, the Côte-desNeiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
(CDN—NDG) Borough Council held its
regular meeting, chaired by Borough
Mayor Russell Copeman. Here are the
main issues that were discussed.
New street garbage cans
In order to deal with the problem of
household waste bags being placed in
garbage cans on the street (reserved
for use by pedestrians and not for
household waste), Council authorized
the acquisition of new garbage cans.
These waste baskets will be attached
to posts on the borough’s commercial
arteries at a cost of $63,000 (taxes
5560, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Council granted an extension to
Cinéma NDG so that it could meet
various conditions, particularly in
regards to finalizing the financing
package, within the framework of the
revitalization project at 5560 rue
Sherbrooke Ouest. The building – also
known as the Cinema V and the
Empress Theatre – is the cornerstone
of a cultural revitalization project
stemming from a contest held in 2012.
Road repair
Council approved the list of
streets and sidewalks targeted for
repair under the Programme de
réfection routière 2014 (2014 Road
Repair Program). Repairs originally
slated for 2013 will be added to these
repairs, since they could not be
completed last year due to delays in
the approval of tenderers from the
Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).
Council meeting postponed
The next Borough Council meeting has
been postponed until February 10. It
was originally scheduled for February
Promotion of outdoor winter
activitiesCouncil adopted a motion to
set up a working group responsible for
proposing a winter policy that would
be aimed at doing more to promote
outdoor activities within the borough
during the wintertime.
contributions. Council authorized the
payment of a non-recurring financial
contribution of $3,000 to the Corporation de développement communautaire de Côte-des-Neiges for
purposes of organizing “L’hiver en fête
à CDN”, an activity that will take place
in parc de Kent on February 1, 2015.
contributions totalling $1,400 were also
made to La maison de la Barbade,
Bikur Cholim Chaya Mushka, the Black
Coalition of Quebec and HIPPYQuébec.
514 868-4231
Cette activité mobilisatrice, qui en est à sa
troisième édition, invite huit secteurs de
l’agglomération de Montréal à participer à
un exercice d’évacuation supervisé par le
SIM. Cet événement permet de rappeler à
la population toute l’importance que revêt
le plan d’évacuation en cas d’incendie et
l’avertisseur de fumée.
Huit secteurs de l’île de Montréal vivront La
Grande Évacuation sous la supervision du
Arrondissement de L’Île-Bizard—
Rue de Jouvence (Boul. Gouin)
Arrondissement de Lachine
33e avenue et la rue Ivan-Franko, entre les
rues Victoria et Saint-Antoine
Arrondissement de Mercier—
Rue Baillargé, entre les rues Saint-Donat et
Ville de Montréal-Est
Avenue Lelièvre, entre les rues Sainte-
Catherine Est et Victoria
Le coup d'envoi de la cinquième édition
du Relais de la Tribu est donné
DesÉquilibres, organisme à but non
lucratif basé à Montréal, à Laval et en
France, organise, pour une cinquième
année, le Relais de la Tribu.
Le Relais de la Tribu est une course à
relais de 250 km sur 24 heures, partant
de Montréal pour se conclure à Québec.
Jusqu'à un maximum de 45 équipes de
5 à 8 coureurs se relaient sur des
distances de 5 à 10 km sans arrêt avec
une pause de deux heures à TroisRivières. . La course est ouverte aux
débutants comme aux coureurs
confirmés et aura lieu les 11 et 12
octobres 2014.
«C’est une course hors-norme dans
laquelle jeunes et moins jeunes se
retrouvent dans un esprit de partage et
d’aventure. Nous attachons beaucoup
d’importance au lien personnalisé avec
les coureurs durant toute la phase de
préparation et l’aventure. C’est toute
une Tribu qui court! » de dire Luk
La période de pré-inscription est en
cours, et les équipes s'inscrivant avant
le 1er février bénéficieront d'un rabais
CDN—NDG sur les frais d'inscription. Tous les détails
sur le processus d'inscription sont
Isabelle Lord, disponibles
ns/. Après une semaine, déjà 16
équipes se sont déjà prévalues de cette
Le Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal
convie les citoyens à participer à La Grande
Montréal, 7 octobre 2012 – Dans le cadre
du Mois de la prévention des incendies et
de la sécurité civile de Montréal, le 9
octobre prochain, à 19 h, les citoyens de la
métropole vivront La Grande Évacuation.
Orchestré par le Service de sécurité
incendie de Montréal (SIM), en
collaboration avec le ministère de la
Sécurité publique (MSP), l’événement
sollicitera la participation des citoyens, en
particulier les familles, à mettre en pratique
leur plan d’évacuation, le même jour, au
même moment.
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
« En seulement une semaine, nous
avons presque égalé le nombre
d'équipe de l'an passé. Plusieurs
équipes reviennent pour une deuxième
Arrondissement de Montréal-Nord
The Canadian Press
Rue Jubinville, entre le boulevard Maurice- Published Tuesday, January 28,
Duplessis et la rue Pascal
MONTREAL -- A former union boss
insisted on Tuesday that he never
Ville de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
accepted any bribes while in charge of
Rues Cypihot et Aumais, autour du parc Quebec's largest labour federation.
Michel Arsenault, the former president of
Arrondissement de Verdun
the Quebec Federation of Labour, told
Rue Osborne, entre la rue de Verdun et Quebec's corruption inquiry repeatedly
l’avenue Bannantyne
during his second day of testimony that
he was not under the influence of
Arrondissement de Ville-Marie
organized crime.
Rues Cartier et Dorion, entre la rue Ontario
Est et l’avenue Malo
Ken Periera, an earlier star witness at the
inquiry, had testified that Arsenault had
À 19 h, le 9 octobre, les citoyens de la been offered $300,000 by the Mob in
métropole seront appelés à évacuer leur exchange for pushing ahead funding for
logis selon leur plan d’évacuation respectif. Carboneutre, a soil decontamination
Les résidants des secteurs participants company with links to organized crime.
vivront l’expérience en compagnie du
personnel du SIM. Il est à noter que ces Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ)
citoyens ont préalablement été informés president Michel Arsenault testifies at a
de la tenue de l’activité supervisée.
legislature committee on the dismantling
Pour en savoir davantage et se préparer en of nuclear power plant Gentilly II
prévision de cette activité, la population est Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at the
invitée à visiter les sites Internet du SIM et legislature in Quebec City. (Jacques
du MSP. La programmation du Mois de la Boissinot / THE CANADIAN PRESS)
prévention peut également être consultée
en ligne dans le site du Service de sécurité "I never, never, never received a kickback
incendie de Montréal.
offer in all my years as president of the
- 30 QFL," Arsenault said. "It would be easier
Renseignements :
for me, this morning, to say that I got an
Division des communications et des
offer and I refused it. It would be a lot
relations avec les médias
easier, but I won't lie in front of the
Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal
Ligne média : 514 872-7687, du lundi au
vendredi, entre 8 h et 17 h
He believes Periera might have
ou troisième édition, mais des nouvelles
équipes s'inscrivent aussi, et même de
l'extérieur du Québec. Il se passe
quelque chose, et on aime ça! »
organisateur et coordonnateur des
communications du Relais de la Tribu
Le Relais est la seule activité de levée de
fonds de DesÉquilibres dédié à
l’utilisation du sport comme outils
d’engagement social auprès des jeunes
notamment ceux qui rencontrent des
difficultés au Québec comme en France.
Pour faire un don, on peut visiter le
Le Relais de la Tribu salue ses
notamment Courseàpied.ca et la
Clinique du Coureur..
DesÉquilibres en bref
DesÉquilibres utilise le sport comme un
outil permettant notamment aux jeunes
vulnérables âgés de 15 à 25 ans, de
découvrir et développer leurs potentiels
physique, psychologique et social afin
qu’ils puissent s’engager socialement.
Tous les jeunes doivent savoir qu’ils
sont une réponse à nos enjeux de
Site Internet : www.desequilibres.org
- 30 Renseignements:
Frédéric Lalonde
Coordonnateur aux communications
DesÉquilibres - Relais de la Tribu 2014
514 495 2828# 101 ou 514 232 7296
[email protected]
misunderstood him. In the end,
Carboneutre never got any money from
the union's investment fund.
Arsenault expressed unhappiness that
Periera has become a media star. He
accused Periera of threatening him in
some angry messages left by Periera.
Arsenault accused Periera of having a
vendetta against the union and its
construction wing stemming from an
expense scandal involving Jocelyn
Dupuis, one of the wing's directors.
Dupuis quit the wing of his own accord
and was soon charged with racking up
tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent
expenses in the span of a few months.
The charges came after after Periera, who
had exposed the expense scandal, alerted
provincial police.
The former president said he didn't raise
any alarms about Dupuis because it
wasn't the place of the head of the
province's most powerful union to rat out
one of its own to police.
He argued that most private businesses
would deal with such issues internally and
that Dupuis' job loss was the ultimate
Arsenault insisted he didn't have any real
See Page 4
Former Union Boss
January 2014
Mga karapatan at responsibilidad
ng mamamahayag
Wil the rehabilitation of Yolanda victims’ life be a real
priority of the Philippine government?
Not too long ago, typhoon
Haiyan, known as Yolanda, hit the
Philippines and caused so much havoc
that the world responded with
overwhelming generosity.
amount raised by many countries may
be enough to rebuild and rehabilitate
the victims. However, it is not known if
they will truly receive enough and
timely assistance to make their lives
easier. Without a solid infrastructure, it
seems that the victims may have to
wait longer before they can go back to
Some news about poor
construction of houses for the victims
have raised fears that inherent
corruption in the government may
again be the ultimate spoiler of good
intentions of donors. from different
countries around the world.
Being so far away from this
place, and not seeing what is going on
without reading about it in the
newspapers and the internet, or
listening to radio news, we have that
uneasy feeling that the Yolanda victims
are so vulnerable to the corrupt
practices of bureaucrats and political
leaders. It is sad to say but we do not
often trust government bureaucrats.
What should concerned citizens do in
contemplating the prospect of massive
corruption that may occur in the
distribution of assistance to the
victims? How do we make sure that
the funds raised really benefit the
victims and not the relatives of
government officials?
One way we can prevent
corrupt officials from victimizing the
victims the second time is to find out
where the funds are going and how
they are being spent. Do you have a
relative directly affected by the storm?
5320-A Queen Mary Road
Montreal, Quebec H3X 1T7
Get the news from them and have them
report to you regularly on the progress
of the assistance being given to the
Another way to get information
is by keeping up with the news. Lately,
we came across a news report that the
government has deployed a plan to
make “techno-entrepreneurs” out of
the Yolanda victims. Approximately
100,000 people will be given
assistance in building a technology
based business, In another news
report, President Benigno Aquino III
vowed the government would not only
rebuild areas hit by disasters in 2013,
but make new structures more disaster
He stated that his
government is guided by one principle:
to build back better.
In spite of a common belief
that there is rampant corruption, and
that the assistance being given to the
Philippines might end up in the wrong
pockets, we are willing to give the
government the benefit of the doubt
but keep up the pressure by being
interested in the development of the
country, not only in the devastated
regions but also in other parts of the
country. For those who have lived
away from the country, it may be a
good idea to visit regularly and see
what can be done to improve the
situation there. Perhaps, seeing things
first hand will enlighten us and give us
an idea on how we can help our
relatives and those we care for in
getting a better deal from the
We are earnestly looking
forward to see the rehabilitation and
rebuilding efforts to be truly serious
and sincere. a
Tel.: 514-485-7861
E-Mail: [email protected]
Published by: Filcan Publications, Inc.
ni W. G. Quiambao
Kalimitan ay sinasabi ng ating
mga kababayan na sa isang
demokratikong bansa o lipunan ay
may Kalayaan ang Pamamahayag.
Tumpak sila. Subalit marami sa kanila
ang hindi nakaaalam
na may
limitasyon din ang mga kalayaang ito.
Kung wala itong limitasyon, madali
nating masisiraan ng puri ang ibang
tao sa pamamagitan ng pagsusulat.
At hindi lamang may mga
limitasyon ang mga karapatan ng
manunulat sa pamamahayag. Ang
ay may mga
responsibilidad din sa pag-uulat ng
balita sa publiko na dapat niyang
Ang papel na ginagampanan
ng mamamahayag ay mangalap ng
balita o impormasyon na tinatawang
na "of public interest" . Ito ay mga
balita o impormasyon na kailangan ng
publiko upang ipagpatuloy ang takbo
ng demokratikong buhay . Ang
konseptong "of public interest" ay
patuloy na umiikot na siyang dahilan
kung kaya mahirap ipaliwanag kung
ano talaga ang ibig sabihin nito.
Sa Quebec ay may ahensiya
ang pamahalaan na kung tawagin ay
Quebec Press Council, isang
independiyenteng organisasyon na
ang dalawang pangunahing layunin
ay protektahan ang mga kalayaan ng
pamamahayag at mga karapatan ng
mamamayan na makakuha ng mataas
na kalidad na balita.
Ang ilan sa mga Kalayaan ng
malaya sa pagkuha ng impormasyon
tungkol sa mga bagay at pangyayari
na walang balakid, pagbabanta.o
paghihiganti. Kung ano ang iuulat
niyang balita at paano niya ito
gagawin ay nasa pasiya ng patnugot
ng pahayagan. May kalayaan din ang
mamamahayag sa pagkuha ng balita
sa pamahalaan at institusyon.
Ang isang bansa ay nariyan upang
Chief Editor & Publisher
Al Abdon
Alberto Baens Santos
Michael Davantes
Sam Kevin
W.G. Quiambao
Community News
News & Layout Editor
Bert Abiera
mamamayan na nakasaad sa Àn Act
Respecting Access to Documents
Held by Public Bodies and the
Protection of Personal Informatioin) at
Ottawa (Access to Informatiion Act).
Ang mga balita, komentaryo,
opinyon, lalo na tungkol sa pulitika,
ay kailangang maging malaya sa
pagbabawal o sensura. Ang batas ay
pagbabawal sa kalayaang ito ng
mamamahayag na pulaan ang
Ang mga balitang nakukuha
ng publiko sa medya ay bunga ng
ibat-ibang tipo na pasya ng patnugot.
Ang impormasyon ay maaaring sa
komenntaryo o tampok na balita. . Ito
ay batay sa pasiya ng patnugot at
kagustunan ng mamamahayag.
Sa Quebec, may hangganan
ang pagsulat ng balita at opinyon.
Kailangan alam ng mamamahayag
ang pagkakaiba ng balita at opinyon.
Dapat ay iwasan niya ang personal
niyang opinyon at komentaryo sa
kaniyahng balita. May kalayaan ang
mamamahayag na sumulat ng
opinyon at komentqryo subalit
kailangang gamiltin niya ito sa
matalinong araan at gamitin niya ang
kaniyang disiplina. Ang kawalan ng
disiplina ang kalimitang pagkakamali
ng ilang mamamahayag.
At kung may mga kalayaan
ang mamamahayag ay mayroon din
silang mga responsiblidad. Ang isang
mamamahayag ay kailangang magulat ng tama at kumpletoing balita.
Hindi maaari ang pinaghabi-habi at
baluktot na alita. upang ito ay maging
sensesyonal. Ang uri ng balita na
ginagawa ng mamamahayag ay batay
sa kaniyang pagsasanay at disiplina. .
Ang paggamit ng Ayon sa
pinagmulan ko ng balita (According to
my source) ay iwasan. Ang kalimitan
pagggamit ng ganitong paraan ay
nagpapatunay sa kaburaraan at
katamaran ng mamamahayag. At
See Page 4
North American Filipino Star
Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
The North American Filipino Star
Bernardo Sarmiento
Opinion Editorial
The opinions expressed by the writers and columnists do not necessarily reflect that
of the management of the North American Filipino Star nor its editors.
Name: ________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
No. of issues ____ 12 = $30
____ 24 = $50
From Page 1
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
life dedicated to the pursuit of
excellence that has tangible effects on
Tuesday’s event recognized
the recipient of People Asia’s highest
honor, Mrs. Socorro C. Ramos, the
founder and general manager of
National Book Store.
For 14 years, People Asia
magazine has annually recognized
people who have inspired others by
exhibiting competence and excellence
in their chosen fields.
Whether in business, media
and entertainment, medicine, or the
many other sectors represented here
today, our awardees for 2014 have
indeed accomplished so much, and in
so doing, have brought honor to the
Philippines. To all of you: my sincerest
congratulations,” the President said of
the awardees.
Among this year’s People of
the Year are Miss World 2013 Megan
Young, actress and singer Nora Aunor,
Rizal Banking Commercial Corp. chair
Helen Yuchengco Dee, five-time PBA
coach of the year Chot Reyes, film
director Brillante Mendoza, actor Coco
Martin, Shell Philippines country chair
Edgar Chua, ABS-CBN channel head
Cory Vidanes, Cavite Gov. Jonvic
Remulla, pop divah Kuh Ledesma,
fashion designer Criselda Lontok,
prosthodontist Dr. Steve Mark Gan,
education advocate Fr. Gerard Deveza
and Australian hotelier Thomas Meyer
of Raffles and Fairmont Hotel.
Watch the Mabuhay
Montreal TV show every
Friday at 7 p.m. on ICI
TV, Videotron Channel 16
Bell Fibe Channel 1216
sent back to Mexico," said Dr. MarieMichelle Bellon, her treating physician. "...
based on my meetings with Ms.
Hernandez, I have no doubt that she
wanted above all to prioritize the
development of her son and believed that
the tension in the house was so
unbearable that it harmed the well-being of
her child."
“Essentially, a mother has had her child
removed from her custody, perhaps
permanently, due to her immigration
status," said Mary Foster from Solidarity
Across Borders. "Every aspect of this case
is disgusting and shocking. Ivonne should
not be in detention. Ivonne should have
status in Canada. Ivonne should have
protection from conjugal violence. And,
most importantly, Ivonne, a loving mother,
should not be separated from her son."
“It is always shocking to me as a human
rights lawyer, and quite contrary to my
sense of our common values in this
country, to see the Canada Border
Services Agency intervening to help an
abusive husband to get rid of his
From Page 1
Yollanda Victims
From Page 2
inconvenient wife. This situation is
profoundly troubling,” said Stewart
waters outside Butuan City in the north
kadalasan ay gawa-gawa lamang ng Istvanffy, Ms. Hernandez Segura's
of Mindanao island.
mamamahayag ang pinagmulan niya immigration lawyer.
"Thank God we are safe but we just lost ng balita. Ang isang magandang
our house," she told Reuters as she halimbawa ay nang iulat ng isang
mamamahyag na binayaran ang isang
wiped tears from her eyes.
kandidato upang tumakbo sa pagiging
A state of calamity has been declared konsehal. Nang imbestigahan siya ng
in Agusan del Norte and 15 other towns Commission on Election, hindi niya
in the Davao del Norte, Surigao del Sur masabi kung saan niya talaga nakuha
and Agusan del Sur areas of Mindanao ang
even as weather bureau lifted alert pagpapatunay na ang nasabing
levels as the storm weakened. ($1 = 45 mamamahayag ay iresponsable dahil
pesos) (Reporting By Manuel Mogato; gawa-gawa
Editing by Nick Macfie)
Topical news
Montreal, 23 January 2014 – Ivonne
Angelina Hernandez Segura, a survivor of
conjugal violence who has been living
without immigration status in Canada for a
year and a half, was arrested in a preplanned public ambush involving police
and border authorities at Berri-UQAM
metro station at approximately 4pm
yesterday. Ms Hernandez Segura was
arrested while she was picking up her oneyear old son, Vincenzo, from her expartner.
From Page 2
Former Union Boss
power to fire anyone despite heading
the province's largest union. The
power to hire and fire lay with the
individual unions -- such as the
construction wing -- while the
federation oversees the groups as a
Ms Hernandez Segura is at risk of
imminent deportation. If she is deported,
her son will be separated from her,
perhaps for life. She is currently being held
at Laval Immigration Detention Centre. She
will appear at a Detention Review hearing
tomorrow at 1:15pm before the
Immigration and Refugee Board, at 200
Réné Levesque West. A support rally will
take place at 12:30 in front of the IRB
On 11 December 2013, Ms Hernandez
Segura fled to a women's shelter with her
son to escape a situation of conjugal
violence. Her ex-partner promptly
denounced her to authorities.
In a shocking ruling on 10 January 2014, a
family court judge awarded custody of
Vincenzo to the father seemingly because
been the full-time care-giver for the child
since his birth. Ms Hernandez Segura and
Arsenault told the inquiry that he took
her son were allowed to see each other six
the Mob warning with a grain of salt
hours a week.
and never feared for his safety.
Ms Hernandez Segura came to Canada in
July 2009 to seek asylum. However, in
October 2011, she was refused refugee
status and, in July 2012, ordered
deported. Rather than return to the very
real danger she faced in Mexico, Ms.
Hernandez Segura joined the estimated
half a million people living without papers
in Canada, among the most vulnerable
and exploited members of our society.
"Médécins du monde followed Mme
Hernandez Seguera throughout her
pregnancy and after she gave birth. For
several months, staff noticed signs that led
them to believe that she was a victim of
conjugal violence. The threat of
deportation greatly threatens the motherchild relationship, primordial to the
development of the child. Médécins du
monde is convinced that, for their physical
and mental well-being, especially that of
the child, this mother and the child should
not be separated." said Dr. Marie Munoz,
volunteer doctor at the Médécins du
monde Canada migrant clinic. Canada has
an obligation under international law to
prioritize the best interests of the child,
including in its immigration policies.
“She told me … that her partner had
regularly threatened to denounce her to
immigration officials so that she would be
However, the Minister of Immigration has
the discretionary power - and the
obligation under international law - to
intervene in the file and regularize Ms.
Hernandez Segura's status.
Annie Lapalme, 514-606-7992
Solidarity Across Borders, 438 933 7654
Solidarity Across Borders
[email protected]
Under Canada's immigration system, there
Despite his insistence that organized
Non-status survivor of conjugal violence
crime played no role at the union, a
loses custody of son, arrested in pre-planned wiretapped conversation heard earlier
Tuesday suggested that Arsenault was
public ambush, facing imminent deportation
aware that organized crime was
Non-status survivor of conjugal violence of Ms Hernandez Segura's vulnerable plotting to take over the union's
loses custody of son, arrested in pre- immigration status, even though she has billion-dollar investment fund.
planned public ambush, facing imminent
are few opportunities for someone in Ms.
Hernandez Segura's situation – neither
wealthy nor well-connected - to regularize
her status in Canada. Although Mexico has
one of the highest rates of domestic
violence in the world, and has an extremely
high homicide rate, Canada has placed
Mexico on a list of “safe countries";
countries that Canada claims can protect
its citizens from violence. A request to reopen her application for permanent
residence on humanitarian grounds was
made in November because immigration
officials failed to take all of the evidence
into account but there has not yet been a
He says the notice came from
construction magnate Tony Accurso,
who told him about an attempt to
usurp his position at the helm of the
union and the investment fund
because he wasn't pushing their
Arsenault said he believes now that
organized crime tried to access the
fund through Jocelyn Dupuis, a former
construction wing boss who was
friendly with several people with
criminal ties.
The former union boss said organized
crime infiltrating the union's Solidarity
Fund is the worst thing that could
have happened.
But Arsenault said the push never
materialized and he believes the fund
is now insulated from organized
crime's reach after changes to the
structure and rules were made in
Arsenault held on to the presidency
right up until his retirement last
November and says in that time he
was never offered a bribe and never
accepted a kickback.
He said he didn't notify police when
he received word about the infiltration
attempt because he didn't feel his
personal security was threatened.
"I've never woken up in the morning to
check if there's a bomb underneath
my car," Arsenault said. "I was never
afraid, I took it all with a grain of salt."
Arsenault said he didn't believe in
calling news conferences on the
matter, wanting to save the image of
the union and the fund.
"I never felt pressure from organized
crime on me while QFL president,"
Arsenault said. "Otherwise, I would
have told the police."
Arsenault has repeatedly defended
the $9.7 billion fund, which he says
has been a great boon for the Quebec
Commission chair France
Charbonneau sought to reassure the
witness that no one thought
"Nobody here believes that the Fund
is not a good institution," she said.
Cabane à sucre
Join us on March 23rd,
and get plenty of fresh air
eat all you can
delicious brunch
the Quebecois way!
Hurry! Reserve your
tickets early
Call 514-485-7861
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
Tips for getting perfect fit tailored
suit for men
Be it for business purpose or
for a special occasion, every man
needs at least one high-quality suit that
is perfectly tailored that will help you
look smart and feel confident. So,
invest in the best quality
you can afford. However, if you’re on a
budget, the best advice is to buy offthe-rack suits in the best fit you can
get, and then take them to a tailor for
custom adjustments.
Here are the essential aspects
you should consider if you're thinking
about buying a perfect man's suit. Tips
for getting perfect fit tailored suit for
Displaying Tips for getting
perfect fit tailored suit for men.:
Manliness & Real Men Real Style)
You can bring your old cell phones to easily
accessible drop-off points. For the one closest
to you, go to recycleMYelectronics.ca/qc
For more information
on recycling, go to
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
and coasts, CMSP “identifies areas
most suitable for various types or
classes of activities in order to reduce
compatible uses and preserve critical
ecosystem services to meet economic,
environmental, security and social
E - The Environmental Magazine
Dear EarthTalk: I recently heard the
term “ocean sprawl,” which was a new
one on me. We all know “sprawl” as it
manifests itself above sea level. But in
the oceans? Can you enlighten?
-Bill Chadwick, Nantucket, MA
According to the non-profit Natural
Resources Defense Council (NRDC),
our oceans are already under siege
overfishing and acidification, and
increased industrial activity off-shore—
leading to so-called “ocean sprawl”—
will jeopardize the food, jobs and
recreation we have come to depend on
the oceans to provide. It’s hard to
believe, given how much planning
goes into various types of development
and human activity on land, that the
oceans are still like the Wild West—with
various entities staking claims on huge
stretches of open water for different
A promising approach to combat
ocean sprawl is called coastal and
marine spatial planning (CMSP), a form
of zoning for the seas to help define
who can do what and where. Says the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA), the federal
agency charged with predicting
changes in climate, weather, oceans
EarthTalk® is written and edited by
Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a
registered trademark of E - The
[email protected]
Dear EarthTalk: What is the Obama
administration’s America’s Great
Outdoors initiative and what does it
hope to accomplish?
-- Doug St.
James, New York, NY
“Marine planning places sound science
and the best available information at
the heart of decision-making and
brings federal, state, tribal and other
partners together to cooperatively
develop coastal and marine spatial
plans,” continues NOAA. “This process
is designed to decrease user conflict,
improve planning and regulatory
efficiencies, decrease associated costs President Obama signed a Presidential
affected Memorandum
communities and stakeholders, and establishing the America’s Great
Outdoors Initiative to promote and
support innovative community-level
efforts to conserve outdoor spaces and
reconnect Americans to the outdoors.
collaboration among the Departments
of Interior and Agriculture as well as the
Environmental Protection Agency and
the White House’s own Council on
Environmental Quality in leading the
initiative. Eight other federal agencies
play a supporting role—and literally
thousands of other partners from state,
local and tribal governments, nonprofits and the private sector are
involved as well. Getting young people,
especially city kids, into the outdoors
The next frontier in sprawl may be on the high seas, where the proliferation of fishing,
shipping, tourism, resource extraction, energy development, military exercises and other
human activity has begun to call into question just how vast our oceans really are. Pictured:
a fishing trawler on the high seas. Credit: Jon Anderson/Flickr
We are all familiar by now with “urban
sprawl”—the uncontrolled spread of
urban development into areas beyond
the city. But environmentalists warn that
the next frontier in sprawl is on the high
seas, where the proliferation of fishing,
shipping, tourism, resource extraction,
energy development, military exercises
and other human activity has begun to
call into question just how vast our
oceans really are.
NOAA Coastal & Marine Spatial
Planning, www.msp.noaa.gov; World
preserve critical ecosystem functions
and services.”
to experience our country’s unique
natural heritage is a top priority of
America’s Great Outdoors.
strategies, initiative leaders solicited
feedback from everyday Americans as
to what mattered most to them
regarding conservation and access to
the outdoors. Some 105,000 written
comments and many more spoken
ones from “listening sessions” held
coast to coast streamed in and were
crucial to the development of
programs. Public feedback continues
to shape the initiative’s agenda.
Some of the programs that fall under
the umbrella of America’s Great
Outdoors include: the Veterans Fire
Corps, which employs veterans in
forest fire management; the National
Administration’s program providing
opportunities for underserved youth in
habitat restoration and fisheries
monitoring; and the establishment of a
new network of “water trails” coast to
coast to increase everyone’s access to
the outdoors.
America’s Great Outdoors was in the
news recently when Interior Secretary
Sally Jewell announced the launch of
21st Century Conservation Service
Corps as part of the program.
“21CSC,” as Jewell calls it, aims to be
a modern incarnation of the Civilian
Kalman Samuels, Q.C.
& Associates, s.e.n.c.
President Obama’s 2010 National
Ocean Policy directs NOAA and other
federal agencies to work with ocean
communities on ways to implement
CMSP in America’s off-shore waters to
prevent ocean sprawl at home while
setting an example for other nations
around the world. Nine regional
planning bodies are currently tasked
with developing detailed plans for their
own regions by early 2015, at which
point federal policy makers will begin to
coordinate implementation.
In response to momentum on CMSP, a
coalition of industries including
offshore energy, shipping, fisheries,
recreation, mining and others formed
the World Ocean Council to have a say
in how and where marine spatial
planning is implemented. The group
organized a National Business Forum
on Marine Spatial Planning in 2011 and
will take part in a World Ocean Summit
in San Francisco in February 2014.
Those of us who appreciate the sea
certainly hope that CMSP and other
approaches will succeed in turning the
tide for oceans and not be undermined
by special interests only concerned
with bottom lines.
Stella Samuels
• Family Law • Litigation • Immigration
Tel. : 514-939-1200
5790 Cote des Neiges Rd Suite A-024
H3S 1Y9
CONTACTS: NRDC, www.nrdc.org;
PHONE: 514-340-8222 (4077)
E-Mail: [email protected]
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
While only some of them have the
capabilities of the Nest, those without
that feature also cost less. And merely
programming in a weekly schedule to
any smart thermostat will be the main
source of cost and energy savings.
People who were diligent about turning
their old thermostats up and down
throughout the day might not see any
substantial savings with a smart
thermostat, but most of us aren’t so
diligent—especially when it comes to
turning the heat down at night when we
are sleeping.
President Obama's America’s Great Outdoors Initiative seeks to promote and support
community efforts to conserve natural spaces and reconnect Americans to the outdoors.
Pictured: a "listening session" soliciting input from everyday Americans as to what mattered
most to them regarding conservation and access to the outdoors.Credit: Team St. Louis
Conservation Corps (CCC) that
President Franklin Roosevelt used to
help put Americans back to work
during the Great Depression. Jewell
envisions a 100,000 person strong
opportunities for thousands of young
Americans—6.7 million of whom are
currently unemployed or not in
school—and veterans transitioning
back to civilian life to serve their
country, feel proud of what they are
accomplishing and improve their own
lives and the lives of others around
Part of what makes America’s Great
Outdoors unique is that partners from
every sector of American society—not
just the federal government—are
encouraged to help. 21CSC is partially
funded by a $1 million dollar donation
from clothing retailer American Eagle
Outfitters, and Jewell is in search of
another $19 million from other private
sector partners to turn the program
into a potent force for reducing youth
and veteran unemployment while
giving our endangered lands and
Dear EarthTalk: Will I really be able to
save money and energy in the long run
by shelling out hundreds of dollars
now for a so-called “smart”
-- Bill Cone,
Aptos, CA
Spending $200 or more to replace that
older, still functioning thermostat with a
new whiz-bang “smart” variety might
seem like a waste of money, but it can
be one of the best small investments a
homeowner can make, given the
potential for energy and cost savings
down the line.
The coolest of the bunch of new smart
thermostats, the Nest, was created by
former Apple employees who had
been instrumental in designing the
original iPod and iPhone years earlier.
This simple looking round thermostat
thermostats that one would manually
adjust by turning the temperature dial.
But the auto-awake feature that turns
administration hasn’t been able to
greenhouse gas emissions cuts and
put sustainability concerns at the
forefront of the policymaking process,
but getting unprecedented numbers of
Americans involved in conservation
projects that protect the nation’s
treasured natural heritage is a worthy
conservation legacy in its own right.
The program is sure to positively
impact generations of Americans for
decades to come.
Many smart thermostat owners report
savings of between $10 and $30 per
month on their heating/cooling bills—
and research has shown that such an
upgrade can save upwards of 10
percent of the total energy consumed
by a given household. Smart
thermostats range in price from $50 to
$250, so upgrading could pay for itself
within a year or two at most, with longterm savings racking up month-bymonth after that.
Many utilities now offer free or
discounted smart thermostats to
customers. Getting in on such a
program is a great way to reduce
energy costs without the up-front
expense of installing a smart
thermostat independently. According
to the Database of State Incentives for
21CSC, www.doi.gov/21csc/.
EarthTalk® is written and edited by
Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a
registered trademark of E - The
[email protected]
on the bright blue digital display when
someone walks nearby gives the Nest
away as an ultra-modern piece of high
tech gadgetry.
The Nest’s software “learns” the habits
in a given space by logging when
inhabitants tend to be home and
awake and noting when they tend to
turn up or down the heat—and then
sets a heating/cooling schedule
accordingly. Owners can also program
the Nest, which connects to the
Internet via Wi-Fi, to heat up or cool
down the house at a set schedule or go
into “away” mode from any web
browser or smart phone.
While the Nest is likely the best known
smart thermostat available—especially
since Google acquired the company
behind it in early 2014—several other
manufacturers (including Honeywell,
ecobee, Hunter, Radio Thermostat,
Trane and Lux) have Wi-Fi-enabled
smart thermostats available now as
Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE),
incentives to install smart thermostats
are available through utilities in 45
states. New York’s Con Edison,
California’s PG&E and Texas’ CPS
Energy are just a few of the larger
utilities offering such incentives.
Those that do upgrade certainly won’t
be alone. Navigant Research reports
that the number of smart thermostats in
operation around the world will jump
from 1.4 million currently installed to
some 32 million by 2020. These kinds
of numbers will help utilities meet or
exceed energy efficiency goals
regardless of other upgrades on the
power plant side of their businesses.
Likewise, the efficiency boost also can
play a key role in reducing our reliance
on fossil fuels and our emissions of
greenhouse gases.
CONTACTS: Nest, www.nest.com;
DSIRE, www.dsireusa.org; Navigant,
EarthTalk® is written and edited by
Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a
registered trademark of E - The
[email protected]
"Manigong Bagong Taon sa lahat
ng mambabasa ng sulok na ito. Ayaw ko
pang abalahin ang paglalaro nina Pichu
Pechay at Peras pero may balitang dapat
malaman ang madla.... ang pagbabalik ng
Pasuguan ng Pilipinas (Consular Outreach
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
magdodonasyon lang ng $1.00 o
$2.00 ay mababayaran na ang lugar kung
ayaw gumasta ni Pangulong
4) Sadya bang wala nang magiting at
Sophie Toledo (right) conducts a raffle with NEI rep Beth Santiago (middle).unidentified raffle
winner (left)
Rizalista at umagaw ng pagkakataon sa
ibang tunay na kasapi.
Sa kabila ng lahat lahat, makulay
at buhay na buhay ang maikling paradang
ginanap sa loob ng bulwagan. Nagbigaysigla rin ang kababaihang Rizalista na
grupong umawit ng “Ang Bayan Ko.”
Binigyan ng pangaral na plake si Dra.
Gene Santander sa naging papel niya
pagtatatag ng samahang ito.
Natapos ang pagdiriwang sa
dating gawing sayawan.
Cabane à Sucre
Mission) sa kandila buhat sa bandila.
Ibabato ko sa inyo, tulirong
komunidad, ang mga tanong:
1) Bakit umalis ito sa FAMAS na higit na
karapat-dapat na honorary consul na
maaaring gumanap sa Montreal o ipit
talaga sa pananalapi ang ating bansa dahil
sa nata-Tacloban ng corruption?
Hayan! Tila nagluwag-luwag ang
Sugaring Off Party
Organized by Gilmore College
Sunday, March 23, 2014
Assembly time: 9:00 AM
Departure time: 9:30 AM
Return to Montreal: 3:30 PM
Meeting place: Plamondon Metro
(Van Horne Exit)
Destination: La Goudrelle, Mont St.
Gregoire, Quebec
Call 514-485-7861 for reservations
From left to right: Samson Kuk, Judith Gonzales of NEI, Mary Grace Aggabao, and Bert Santos
after the Panday Tinig concert, December 16, 2013 at the Segal Center, Montreal. (Photo
courtesy of Al Abdon./
ginhawang puntahan ng mamayan?
2) Bakit sa JIL (tabi-tabi po, Pastora Mercy)
o sa St. Kevin's na
luluklukan ng lalong nakakararaming
Pilipino na siyang
3) Bakit hindi sa 6767 Cote Des Neiges na
dibdib ko at naisiwalat ko sa inyo ito.
Natitiyak kong hindi ako nag-iisa sa aking
Dapat na ipagsaya ng sulok na ito
ang isang nagtalumpati sa ating
Wikang Pambansa pero maraming dumalo
ang hindi nakaunawa. Isa pang pula,
diumano, ang nagsalita sa entablado ay
hindi binasbasang
Need Money?
No Credit Checks!
No upfront fees!
Immediate response!
Call and Get Cash Now!!!
L-R Edith Fedalizo, Zenaida F. Kharroubi, Bert Santos and Minerva Santos after the Panday
Tinig Concert, December 21, 2013 at the Segal Center. (Photo by: Mary Grace Aggabao)
(514) 344-1499
January 2014
REPORT? – Hanggang sa ngayon, may
dalawang buwan na ang nakalipas, ay
wala pang inilalathala ang kasalukuyang
administrasyon ng FAMAS na listahan ng
mga nagbigay para sa mga biktima ng
super bagyong Yolanda at halaga ng
donasyon ng bawa’t isa. Bakit kaya nagaatubili silang malaman ng komunidad
kung magkano talaga ang kabuuang
halaga na kanilang nalikom? Ano na ang
nangyari sa kanilang ipinangakong
kandidato pa?
Does the government own St.
Kevin Catholic Church? No, it does not. Is
it owned by any public entity? No, it is not.
Actually, St. Kevin Catholic Church, which
is located on Cote des Neiges Road
between St. Kevin Avenue and Dupuis
Avenue in Montreal, is owned either by the
local community of believers or a church
organization. It means that it is a private
property. Since it is a private property, its
owner, or at least its administrator, has all
the rights in the world to decide or dictate
what a person may bring into its premises.
Whether it’s unfair or not to some people is
The publisher/editor-in-chief of a rival
newspaper claimed in his December 2013
article that the “community decries St.
Kevin Catholic Church’s decision to ban
copies of his publication from its grounds.”
Of course, he exaggerated again when he
called “very few people” [that includes his
wife and himself] “community” in his
ridiculous and futile attempt to demonize
the church’s administrator.
The same publisher/editor-in-chief even
needlessly quoted some people, whom he
claimed to be sympathetic to him, as
Dante Tabamo: “What is true to me should
be true to all. This country is a democracy."
It should have occurred to Mr. Tabamo that
it was exactly the democracy he referred
that allowed the administrator of St. Kevin
Catholic Church to stop placing of copies
of that particular newspaper in its
premises. Furthermore, Mr. Tabamo, if he
were smart, should have taken note that it
wasn’t the freedom of expression or the
press that said church wanted to stop, but
merely the distribution of copies of that
newspaper in its premises, and not
anywhere else. Paraphrasing Tabamo’s
own line: What is true to Tabamo should
also be true to St. Kevin Catholic Church.”
If I stop someone from smoking inside my
house or within my premises, I am not
necessarily curtailing his right to smoke,
am I? For all I care, he can smoke himself
to death if he wants to. I just don’t want him
to smoke inside my property because it is
hazardous to my health. St. Kevin Catholic
Church insiders most likely think that
copies of that newspaper are hazardous to
their health.
The North American Filipino Star
newspaper in question from being
distributed within St. Kevin Catholic
Church’s grounds is not a violation of
press freedom because it was not such
freedom itself that the church wanted to
stop but merely the distribution of copies in
its premises. And whether reporting the
wrongdoings of a priest is a criminal act or
not is irrelevant.
By the way, it is wrong and completely silly
to say that Manuel was prevented by the
COMELEC from assuming the FAMAS
presidency in 2011. Actually, the
COMELEC, in its decision, found Manuel
guilty of election rule violations and was
subsequently disqualified from assuming
office. That decision was later confirmed by
the Registraire des Enterprises to be well
within said committee’s mandate and
authority, and therefore, not an abuse of its
Hindi natin maiiwasan ang maghinala na
meron na namang nangyaring hokuspokus o milagro, lalo na kung sasagi sa
ating alaala ang mga di-kanaisnais na
alegasyon tungkol sa kanila.
Umuwi kamakailan sa Pilipinas ang isang
pangunahing balatkayong lider ng
komunidad. Kasama n’ya ang kanyang
sinisinta na napabalita na nabali ang
balakang nang mahulog s’ya sa hagdan
sinilangan. Grabe raw ang aksidente kaya
naospital doon nang kung ilang araw.
Kaagad nakarating sa Montreal ang
tungkol sa nasabing aksidente. May paisaisang nalulungkot, pero higit na mas
marami ang nagpapasalamat, natutuwa at
nagdiriwang. Karma raw sabi ng ilan. Bakit
daw hindi pa ‘yung “lalake” ang
naaksidente biro’t-totoong sambit naman
ng iba.
BOBO? – Ayon sa balitang kutsero (teka
muna, meron pa bang kutsero sa
panahong ito?), tinawag daw ng isang
mapagpanggap na lider na bobo ang mga,
o ilan sa mga, miembro ng kasalukuyang
Executive Board ng FAMAS. Kung bakit
hindi nagprotesta ang mga kinauukulan ay
maaaring dahil totoo na bobo talaga sila o
ayaw lamang nilang patulan ang isang
matagal nang may toyo sa ulo.
Kamakailan lamang ay tinawag din akong
bobo ng nasabing hipokritong lider sa
kanyang pitak. Nalimutan n’ya na s’ya ay
hamak na mas malaking bobo kesa akin o
kesa sinuman sa mga tinuran kong
miembro ng Executive Board.
Maraming taon na ang nakakaraan nang si
Miss Hypocrisy ay naging testigo sa isang
kaso na kinasangkutan ng isang dating
honorary consul sa Montreal. Testigo s’ya
para sa kalaban ng nasabing dating
honorary consul pero dahil sa kanyang
kabobohan ay nagmistulang kakampi s’ya
ng dating honorary consul. Gumagamit pa
s’ya ng kodigo para sa kanyang
testimomya. Napansin iyon ng hukom at
binawalan n’ya ang bobong testigo sa
paggamit ng kodigo na lalong ikinataranta
ng huli.
See Page
Beyond the Pale
Jimmy Aquino: " The Filipino Forum is a
community paper. As such it has the right
to be distributed at St. Kevin."
Mr. Aquino’s argument is fallacious, and
Mr. Editor-in-Chief is apparently ignorant
that it is. So what if it is a community
newspaper does not give any publication
any right to be distributed at a private place
like St. Kevin Catholic Church, or at any
other church, for that matter. Besides, it is
not a “right,” which is inalienable, but
merely a “privilege,” which is revocable.
Anyway, it’s high time that those people
knew the distinction between a right and a
Lilia Esguerra: “The church should be
open to everybody, including Muslims.”
I don’t think the issue here is preventing or
not preventing anyone from entering St.
Kevin Catholic Church. As far as my
knowledge is concerned, said church did
not, and still does not, bar anyone from
going to it at reasonable hours. So Ms.
Esguerra’s argument is a non sequitur.
Josefa Nicolas: “It's utterly unfair. The
paper's competitor is displayed at the
church's exits. Why can't the Filipino Forum
also show its issue at their exits for
Cesar Manuel, in whose behalf the same
publisher/editor-in-chief keeps on harping
to be the legally elected FAMAS president
but was prevented by the COMELEC from
assuming his post in 2011, said "This is a
violation of press freedom. It's not a
criminal act to report the wrongdoings of a
I wonder if Ms. Nicolas would allow
copies of Filipino Star to be displayed at
her house’s exit if they carry articles
defaming her. I am absolutely sure that
she would not waste any time mulling
over whether or not she should throw
them into the nearest garbage bin. I’m
quite certain that she would just throw
them away as quickly as she could. And
she would most likely disagree with me if I
say, “It’s utterly unfair.”
No, Mr. Manuel, stopping copies of the
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The North American Filipino Star
January 2014
example True cinema 4k products might 2 0. Those options are also available in
also be able to now support true 24P, 4K, or even options for a full raw
where QFHD products are more likely to recording within 4K. But remember, with
support the 23.98 video standard. HFR 4K you already have 4x the pixel count
(high frame rate) beyond 60 fps might which means even a 4 2 0 a 4K signal can
also be supported in some cases, produce an excellent down converted 4 2
although as I’m sure you can appreciate 2 HD signal. In fact, 4K can produce a
processing and storing this type of better HD signal than can be natively
bandwidth is on the extreme side and so produced in HD itself.
is offered at quite a premium price point if
Most early adopters of HD in fact
at all.
were just looking for ways to improve
This level of “4K” or UHD video their SD deliverables (while sometimes
resolution when compared against say unknowingly also improving their archive
digital photo’s, means that we are footage) something that just as easily
actually capturing over an 8 megapixel applies today as the 4K era dawns, now
compatible HD displays do play 60P image per frame. Which is quite that the HD transition is essentially
images. 1920X1080 HD is about 6x the significant as an 8 megapixel image can complete, we are looking to delivering
pixels or spatial resolution of 640×480
which was the resolution of SD standard
definition NTSC television. Due to the
1280×720 or 1920×1080 pixel count, HD
signals are considered to be wide aspect,
defined as being natively 16×9 in aspect
ratio whether they are 720 or 1080 in
nature where SD was a 4×3 (more
square) aspect ratio. Since cinema
screens have wider aspect ratios than
televisions the 2K cinema DCP (Digital
cinema projection) standard identified an
aspect ratio of 17×9 or 2048 horizontal
pixels by 1080 vertical pixels. Since both
HD and true 2K have an horizontal pixel
count near 2,000 pixels they are often
generalized together as being 2K
encompass two standards: one for
Sony FDR-AX1 camera that uses 4K technology.
cinema and one for television. True
cinema 4K has horizontal resolution of actually produce a very good quality and preserving even higher quality
4096×2160 with a horizontal pixel count 8x12” print. So imagine the possibilities of images that can engage more viewers.
of just over 4,000 pixels hence the a still camera with a motor drive capable Much of this techie information, we
categorization as 4K and hat delivers a of capturing 60 frames per second. 4K should be bracing ourselves towards this
17×9 aspect ratio. The vast majority of video could in fact allow you to produce new format. First it is Standard Definition,
consumer and pro displays and cameras images for any medium print, web, video next is High Definition and now the Ultra
High Definition. I wonder what’s next?
cannot actually support this cinema 4K in a single pass.
Another thing to note is color
resolution. Instead they work at a
resolution that is 4x or quad HD also sampling. Just as in SD or HD you can Al Abdon
known as QFHD (quad full high reduce the amount of information you Hollywood Junkies Video Production
definition) at 3840×2160 pixels delivering want to store or transmit overall by (514) 264-8706
exactly 4x HD in spatial resolution, with reducing the color space from 4 2 2 to 4
the same 16×9 aspect ratio. So in
essence both can deliver the same image
resolution to a given part of the screen,
QFHD is simply slightly cropped from
17×9 to 16×9 image size the same as 2K
and HD.
6565 Côte-des-Neiges Road
5047 Henri Bourassa Est
Within cinema 4K or QFHD you (near Corner Appleton)
Montréal, QC H1G 2S1
can now also have the choice of varying
Tel.: (514) 322-3133, 322-3130
Montreal, QC
progressive (no longer interlace) frame
rates up to and even beyond 60P, for
Ask the
Video Guy
Al Abdon
What is 4K?
By Bryan Young
As you know digital cinema,
video and consumer electronics in
general are moving towards adopting the
much talked-about 4K or UHD (ultra high
definition) tech.
This year, almost everyone was
talking about 4K, showing off new TVs,
cameras, laptops, mobile devices,
streaming media services and more – all
containing 4K or UHD technology. UHD
(or ultra HD) is a ubiquitous term used to
describe image resolutions beyond Full
HD (>1920×1080).
Originally, there were two
specifications for HD images or HD
broadcast standards. One that had a
lower spatial resolution (pixel count) but
generally could provide a higher temporal
resolution (frame rate) of 1280×720
(pixels) up 60P (frames). Then there was
the broader adopted standard of Full HD
that had a higher spatial resolution, but
generally lower temporal resolution of
1920×1080 60i where the 60i stands for
interlaced fields, so the frame count was
professionals chose to shoot at 24fps (or
technically 23.98) to mimic film style
image judder while sacrificing temporal
resolution, which complicated matters.
Most of today’s HDTV’s and
cameras can accommodate up to
1920×1080 60P signals, but broadcast
cannot support that frame rate as it’d
require twice the available bandwidth. In
other words, two channels would be
required – not what providers or
subscribers want to hear in today’s
multichannel universe. However Blu-rays
and playback files are available in full
1920 x1080 60P via HDMI 1.4, so most
Ecole de Conduite
Certified by
Driving School
5871 Victoria, #219
Montreal H3W 2R7
514-731-8757 /514-961-0591
[email protected]
$699 tax included
More discounts for two or more persons who
register together.!!
•New Program (RSEP) 24 hrs theory •Free & Fast Road Test
booking appointment
& 15 hrs practical driving
•Have Filipino instructor
•Payment plan for new program
•Instructors w/more than 10 yrs
•Practical Driving Package
experience certified by AQTr
We emphasize quality of service and students’ satisfaction.
Bean Curd Seafood Soup
1/2 Crispy Chicken
Salt and Pepper Pork Loin
Stuffed Bean Curd with
Sauted Seasonal Vegetables
Steamed Rice
4 persons
Fish Maw Seafood Soup
Baked Lobster with Ginger
Seafood with Chinese
Salt and Pepper Cuttle Fish
Fried Sea Bass Fish
Steamed Rice
4 persons
Bean Curd Soup
1/2 Crispy Chicken
Shrimp Cake with Chinese
Sweet and Sour Pork
Seafood with Bean Curd in
Hot Pot
Salt and Pepper Squid
Fried Sea Bass Fish
Steamed Rice
6 persons
Fish maw seafood soup
2 Baked Lobsters with Ginger
Seafood with Eggplant
in Hot Pot
Stuffed Bean Curd with
Seafood with Chinese broccoli
Fried Sea Bass Fish
House Fried Rice
Special Fried Noodles
Minimum order of $10
Delivery hours:
11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
10 persons
For party menu, call Kenny
January 2014
From Page 9
Beyond the Pale
Hindi lamang iyon. Habang nasa
witness stand ang bobong testigo,
tinanong s’ya kung ano ang kanyang
edad. Bigla s’yang napipi at hindi
kaagad makasagot, at sa halip ay
bulung nang bulong habang pilit na
inaabot ang nakabiting mikropono.
Ikinainis na naman iyon ng hukom at
kanyang pinangaralan ang bobong
testigo na pabayaan na ang
mikropono dahil sapat na sapat na ang
layo nito para maging epektibo.
Inutusan ng hukom ang nasabing
testigo na magsalita nang malakas at
maliwanag at sagutin ang tanong
tungkol sa kanyang tunay na edad.
Nang malaon ay nalaman ng mga
nanood ng hearing na kaya pala hindi
masagutsagot ng bobong testigo ang
The North American Filipino Star
tanong tungkol sa kanyang edad ay
dahil sinabi pala n’ya sa kanyang mga
panauhin sa kanyang birthday party na
s’ya ay 60 years old lamang ganung
halos 70 na s’ya nang panahong iyon.
Kung sasabihin n’ya sa korte ang totoo
tungkol sa kanyang edad, malalaman
ng mga tao na matagal na n’yang
n’yang edad. Kung hindi naman n’ya
sasabihin ang totoo, malamang na
hatulan s’ya ng hukom ng contempt of
court for lying under oath at
sentensyahan s’ya ng ilang araw na
pagkabilanggo. Her stupidity finally
caught up with her, and it’s all
documented by a court of law.
Ngayon, sino ang tunay na bobo?
Hindi ba si Miss Hypocrisy? Dapat
sana’y tiningnan muna n’ya ang uling
sa kanyang mukha bago n’ya pintasan
Highlights of the of the NAFS news
By W. Quiambao
for 2013
The year 2013 was an
outstanding year for the North America
Filipino Star. It brought you interesting,
inspiring and intriguing news in the
community and around the world.
These were stories that you will
remember for a long time.
Following is the list of selected
stories published in the NAFS in 2013:
January -"Montreal Mayor
Michael Appllebaum refutes allegations
he has connections with the Mafia"
Montreal Interim Mayor Applebaum
says the fact he attended the event at a
restaurant that was once Popular with
members of the city's underworld
doesn't mean he had tie with the Mafia.
"I am not afraid of the Mafia. I don`t
hang out with the Mafia and I do not
know the Mafia," he said. He denied
newspaper reports that he was being
investigated for real-estate deals
conducted while he was mayor of
Montreal's largest borough.
February - "Pope Benedict XVI resigns"
Pope Benedict XVI, born
Joseph Ratziner, has announced that
he is to resign . He was elected as pope
in 2005, after the death of John Paul II.
In his statement, he said that he had
come to the certainty that `that my
strengths, due to an advanced age, are
no longer suited to an adequate
exercise of the Petrine ministry. Vatican
spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi
said Pope Benedict had the right and
potentially the duty to resign.`
March - "Pope Francis inauguration
2013 "
After a week marked by act of
simplicity and openness, Pope Francis
finally let his words to the talking as he
officially began his stewardship of the
Catholic Church on March 19.
He implored the tens of thousands ,
both poor and powerful gathered
outside St. Peter's Basilica, "Let us be,
protectors of creation, protectors of
God's plan inscribed in nature,
protectors of one another and of the
environment. "
"Former FAMAS Binibining Pilipinas
brain tumour scare enables her to re-
evaluate her life."|
On her 30th birthday, Mimi
Flores was diagnosed with brain
tumour. The news was like a
bomshell.For guidance, she turned to
her family and her deep faith in God.
She was hospitalized for surgery, then
given news that her cancer was benign.
During her ordeal, she learned to live
life to the fullest - laugh more and love
more. She learned to tell her family and
friends more often how much she loved
April - "Boston marathon bombing
suspect in custody
."The 19-year old suspect
wanted in connection with the Boston
Marathon bombings which killed tree
people and wounded more than 180
others is in custody after an extensive
manhunt involving thousands of law
enforcement. Dzhokhar's brother, 26year old Tamerian, who was also a
suspect in the bombing, died early
Friday morning after a gunfight and car
chase during which he and his younger
brother hurled explosives at police from
stolen car.
May - "Action Plan for Foster Family
Reunification on track to cut backlog in
New parent and grandparent
program re-opens January 2, 2014.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Grandparent (PGP) Program for new
applications on January 2, 2014 by
which time the backlogs and wait times
in the program are expected to have
been cut in half. Citizenship
Minister Jason Kenney said, "It is very
important that we continue to make
progress and not return to the old
broken system with wait times as long
as a decade that would be unfair to
ang uling sa palayok.
Sa kaiisip ko kung bakit bumalik sa JIL
(Jesus is Lord) Office sa Montreal ang
Philippine Embassy, napanaginipan ko
tuloy noong isang gabi kung bakit
umalis ang Embahada sa FAMAS
Community Center pagkatapos ng
dalawang taong pagbibigay ng
consular services doon.
Ayon sa aking panaginip, hiniling daw
nitong si Miss Hypocrisy kay Amba na
gawin s’yang honorary consul pero
tumanggi raw ang Embahada matapos
nilang malaman ang tungkol sa mga
nangangarap na maging diplomat.
Nagpupuyos daw sa galit si Miss
"FAMAS 50th anniversary a smashing
Zenaida F. Kharroubi , the
North American Filipino Star's chef
editor & publisher, and W. G.
Quiambao, community news editor,
were among the 50 community leaders
contributions to the community. The
event was held June 15 at the Hellenic
Community Center.
July - "Filipino-Greek boxer, another
Pacquiao in the making",.
Evagelos Frangos from NDG is
just 17 years old. Frangos, whose father
is Greek and mother is Filipino, is
ranked as the heavy weight Quebec
champion under 18 years old.-He is
aiming to qualify for the Olympics .
August - "FAMAS elects new Executive
Nida Quirapas was elected as
the FAMAS president. She received 343
votes while Al Abdon garnered 256, a
difference of 87 vote.
"ICI TV ready to launch in September"
A new local TV station named
ICI which mans International Channel
Canada International is set to broadcast
its ethnic programs next month. There
are 19 ethnic groups, including the
Filipino--Canadian community which
will have its prime time show for half an
hour every Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.
Zenaida Kharroubi signed on August 2,
2013 a one-year contract to buy air time
and operate a community show weekly.
"FAMAS 2011-2013 Executive
Board declared legal by the Regis des
After nearly two years, the
Registraire des Enterprises announced
on July 30 the COMEEC;s decision to
recogbze the Mabuhay Team candidate
, not the Samahang Makabayan
candidates, as the duly elected board
for 2011-2013. o
September - "Mabuhay Montreal TV to
showcase Filipino community in ICI
Zenaida Kharroubi is now the
Executive Producer of Mabuhay
Montreal TV under the corporate name
of Filcan TV Productions. Inc. which
was incorporated on Aug. 1, 2013 .The
June - "Montreal Mayor Michael
Applebaum quits after fraud arrest "
Applebaum came into office vowing to
clean up government. He resigned day
after his arrest on fraud charges.
AppoLebaum denied the accusations.
Hypocrisy sa pagtanggi ng Embahada
pinagbawalan n’ya ang Embahada sa
pagbibigay ng consular services sa JP
Memorial Center (formerly FAMAS
Community Center).
Ayon pa rin sa aking paniginip, ang
ipinagtataka raw ng komunidad ay
kung bakit pumapayag ang Executive
Board na maghari si Miss Hypocrisy sa
FAMAS gayong hindi naman s’ya ang
ibinoto ng mga tao noong nakaraang
eleksyon. Ganoon na bang kasubservient kay Miss Hypocrisy ang
kasalukuyang presidente ng FAMAS at
hindi n’ya makuhang igiit at
ipagtanggol ang kanyang pagiging
presidente? Ganoon na bang kahina ang
buong EB at palagi na silang pumapayag
na masapawan ni JP (Just Patronizing)
tungkol sa mga desisyon na dapat sana ay
sila ang gumagawa?
focus of the program will be focused
not only on entertainment value but
also for its educational contents.
"Lawyer asks Magallanes to retract
story about Sarmiento"
Magallanes still claims not defamatory,
appeared on the July 16 to August
issue of the FIlipino Forum. It read"
They had a valid excuse but they were
disqualified because it's in that stupid
Comelec rule written by Bernardo
Sarmiento, who was caught stealing
garbage bags from a Montreal Hospital
October - "Bohol quake created long
"spectacular rocky wall'"
The powerful earthquake that
struck Bohol, Cebu and other cities and
provinces in Visayas and Mindanao has
created a spectacular rocky wall that
stretches for kilometres through
farmlands. A ground rupture pushed up
a stretch of ground by up to three
meters, creating a wall of rock above
the epicentre.
November - "Most violent storm hits
Last November 8, the strongest
typhoon of the year, Yolanda, hit
Eastern Visayas - with winds 3.5 times
stronger than that of Hurricane Katrina.
Thousands were killed, 11 million lives
were affected. Almost a week after the
event, the dead still lie on the streets.
Many residents were driven to
desperation with food and clean water
in short supply. .
December - "The greatest tribute to
Nelson Mandela is the emulation of his
Nelson Mandela, who spent 27
years in prison and yet he was willing to
forgive his jailers, died on December 5.
He said that if he did not forgive them,
he would still seem to be in prison. One
of the questions he asked, "How many
of us get involved in joining a
movement to change things that need
to be changed?"
The North American Filipino Star
January 2014
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
The North American
Filipino Star Photo Gallery
Tenne Rose Dayandante holding her baby Rafael Xavier poses with some of her guests during
the baptismal party held at the Holiday Inn on Cote de Liesse Road, January 4, 2014.
SVPM Chief, Marc Parent (4th from right) poses with the members of the Vigie
Asiatique at the annual year end appreciation party held on Nov. 26, 2013.
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This workshop will help you develop a personal
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Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi,
Editor & Publisher, The North American
Filipino Star
Director-General, Gilmore College
Exec. Producer, Mabuhay Montreal TV
The North American Filipino Star
January 2014
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
Philippine Cuisine
Favorite Food
Compiled by Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
Empanada (Stuffed Bread with meat)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
1 1/2 pounds ground beef
1 pinch salt
2 tablespoons paprika
1 tablespoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 cup raisins
Original recipe makes 2 dozen
Change Servings
4 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 cup shortening
1 1/4 cups water, or as needed
1 tablespoon white vinegar
2 hard-cooked eggs, peeled and
1 quart oil for frying, or as needed
Check All Add to Shopping List
In a medium bowl, stir
together the flour and salt. Cut in
shortening using a pastry blender, or
pinching into small pieces using your
fingers, until the mixture resembles
coarse crumbs. Use a fork to stir in
water a few tablespoons at a time,
until the mixture forms a ball. Pat into
a ball, and flatten slightly. Wrap in
plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.
Heat the oil in a large skillet
over medium heat. Add the onion and
cook until tender. Crumble in the beef,
and season with salt, paprika, cumin
and black pepper. Cook, stirring
frequently, until beef is browned. Drain
excess grease, and stir in the raisins
and vinegar. Refrigerate until chilled,
then stir in the hard-cooked eggs.
Form the dough into 2 inch
balls. On a floured surface, roll each
ball out into a thin circle. Spoon some
of the meat mixture onto the center,
then fold into half-moon shapes. Seal
edges by pressing with your fingers.
Heat oil in a deep-fryer to 365
degrees F (180 degrees C). Place one
or two pies into the fryer at a time.
Cook for about 5 minutes, turning
2 lbs Spaghetti
1 big bottle banana ketchup
1 big can Tomato sauce (approximately
4 cups)
½ cup Tomato Paste
1 tsp Garlic, minced
1 ½ lbs Ground Meat (pork or beef)
4 pcs Hotdogs, sliced
Brown Sugar
1 medium sized Onion, diced
Cheddar Cheese
2 tbsp Salt
36 ounces Water (about 1 liter)
4 tbsp Cooking Oil
Cooking Procedure
In a large pot, pour the water in and
bring to a boil
Put-in the salt and oil
Add the Spaghetti Noodles and cook
until tender (see package for cooking time)
then set aside
Using a separate pan, saute the garlic
and onions
Put-in the round meat and let cook for
5 minutes
Add the hotdogs and cook for 2
Put-in the tomato sauce, banana
catsup, tomato paste, and brown sugar
then simmer for 15 to 20 minutes
Place the sauce on top of the cooked
noodles and add some cheese
Serve hot. Share and Enjoy!
Number of servings (yield): 6
Mon. Tue. Wed.
Thu. Fri.
Boneless Pork shoulder $2.89 lb
Frozen pork blood
Fresh liver
Pork skin
on order
short ribs
Regular smoked bacon
Ground Beef
3.19 lb
Home smoked
Fresh Pork Belly
with skin
Kitchen-Friendly View
Bone-in shoulder chops
Fresh Pork Leg
once to brown on both sides. Drain on
paper towels, and serve hot.
Half or Whole pork
Cut & Wrapped
Ground Pork
Special 2.59/lb
Over 20 lbs 4.29 lb
St.Chrysostome St. Remi St. Edouard
n Road
Exit No.6
Covey Hill Road
Boucherie Viau Inc.
Nilagang baka (Beef soup)
Picnic Ham w/bone
Blade steak
Pork loin
15 lbs
8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
U. S. A.
83 Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0
Tel.: (450) 247- 2130 or (450) 247- 3561
PREP 1 hr
COOK 20 mins
READY IN 2 hrs 20 mins
We have determined the nutritional
value of oil for frying based on a
retention value of 10% after cooking.
The exact amount may vary
depending on cook time and
temperature, ingredient density, and
the specific type of oil used.
Pinoy Spaghetti or Filipino Spaghetti is the
Filipino version of the ever popular pasta
that is of Italian origin. This version of
Spaghetti requires the use of sugar,
hotdogs, and banana ketchup. It might
some peculiar to some but these
ingredients brings up a whole new flavor
that is totally Filipino.
Being loved mostly by the young ones,
every kiddie party won’t be complete
without this dish. Ginormous Fast Food
chains such as Jollibee and Mc Donald’s
even have their own Pinoy Spaghetti
version (mostly included in their kid’s meal
or kiddie meal).
Filipino Spaghetti Recipe
1kg Beef Bones, with marrow inside
1kg Beef Brisket, cut into chunky cubes
7-8 whole black peppercorns
1 tspn coarse table salt
3-4 bunches of petchay (pak choy),
trimmed and rinsed
3 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into
chunky cubes
20 string beans, trimmed and rinsed
1/4 cabbage, trimmed and cut roughly into
big pieces
1 large onion, peeled and cut into large
Enough water for the cooking
your Beef Bones well with cold
water and at the same time with a small
knife, scrape the end bits to get rid of the
boney paste. Place your Beef Bones
inside a large pot and cover with cold
water (water level should be just above the
bones). Bring to boil and lower the heat so
that the liquid is just simmering.
Skim the scum/dirt off the top
occasionally and dispose. Simmer the
Beef Bones for about 1 hour and then add
in your Beef Brisket. Bring to boil and let it
simmer down, and don’t forget to skim the
dirt off the top once again. IMPORTANT:
Skim the scum/dirt as much as possible
while simmering. a
The North American Filipino Star
January 2014
Jennylyn, Mark and Kristoffer: Kapuso stars at Dinagyang
No time for love
Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, Kristoffer Martin
Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras
and Kristoffer Martin are so busy with
their respective careers that they have
time for little else – not even for matters
of the heart. So, don’t expect any of
these single lady and gentlemen to
rekindle anything with their exes
anytime soon.
Jennylyn Mercado, the female lead
of GMA 7′s latest suspense-thriller
series entitled “Rhodora X,” said she
doesn’t want any complications in her
life following her breakup with Luis
Since her ex is rumored to have
gotten back with ex-girlfriend Angel
Locsin, Jennylyn said she wants to
move on as well.
However, Jennylyn stressed that
she will not be entertaining any suitors
yet as she would rather focus on work,
especially with her new series
“Rhodora X.”
“What’s important to me right now
is my work, my kid, my family and
friends who are always there for me,”
she said.
She admitted that she’s a woman
who doesn’t fall out of love easily so
she knows the challenges ahead.
“Kapag na-in-love ako ibinibigay
ko lahat. Pero ’yung biglang mawawala
ang love, never ko ginagawa,” she
Still, she’s never gotten back with a
former partner. “Wala pa akong
binabalikang ex,” she insisted.
The principle holds true even with
Mark Herras, among her former
boyfriends, and currently her co-star in
“Rhodora X.”
“Ang daming nagtatanong sa akin
kung babalikan ko ba. Kasi ‘di ba sa
isang relationship hindi natin masasabi
kung ano ang mangyayari. Kung kayo
ba talaga or hindi. ’Pag friendship,
forever ‘yan. Gusto ko lang sabihin na
special ang friendship namin ni Mark at
ayaw ko lang mawala ’yun. Kasi
special sa akin si Mark and special ang
friendship namin, gusto ko hanggang
forever ’yan. Ayaw kong mawala kung
anuman ang meron kami,” Jennylyn
Mark agrees with Jennylyn saying
he doesn’t want any complications in
their working relationship. He is not
closing his doors on the possibility,
Nevertheless, the actor is hurt over
accusations in social media circuit that
he’s only “using” Jennylyn for his
career’s sake, especially in line with his
alleged renewed relationship with Ynna
“Hindi kami nagkabalikan… we’re
good friends,” he insisted of the latter.
“Naging super close ako sa family
ni Ynna so kung gusto kong pumunta
doon ng Christmas, New Year, or kahit
walang okasyon gagawin ko. Hindi ko
naman kailangang pagbawalan ang
sarili kong makipagkaibigan kasi
sobrang mahal ko rin sila,” Mark
On the other hand, matinee idol
Kristoffer Martin, who is starring
alongside Kim Rodriguez in the
afternoon soap opera “Paraiso Ko’y
Ikaw,” is also not planning to reconcile
with ex-GF Joyce Ching at the
“For me, if it’s destined to happen,
hindi ko haharangin ang dapat
mangyari. I’m open to possibilities and
ayaw ko namang sabihing hindi, ayaw
ko namang sabihing oo kasi malay
natin kasi baka kainin namin mga
sinabi namin eventually,” explained
He added that he is also still
recovering from their breakup. He
admitted that he simply couldn’t
dismiss the three years they spent
together. He is glad though that as
together on “Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw,” they
get along well professionally.
“Ayaw naman naming maging
pabigat sa production at sa GMA-7.
Bilang mga artista nila gagawin namin
na maayos ang trabaho namin. At
kung alam naman naming sa
ikagaganda ng show wala kaming
karapatang tumanggi. Wala kaming
ilangan at nag-uusap kami kasi okay
na kami,” expressed Kristoffer. a
Dingdong Dantes at the jampacked Robinsons Iloilo. Right: With a fan.
Kapuso Network recently spread
cheers at Iloilo City’s Dinagyang
Festival. GMA Regional TV invited
some of the brightest Kapuso stars.
The festival commemorates the
Christianization of the natives and is in
honor of the Holy Child Jesus (Señor
Sto. Nino). Dinagyang Festival was
voted the Best Tourism Event among
the country’s festivals for 2006, 2007
and 2008 by the Philippine
Association of Tourism.
that he is still the “Bad Boy of the
Dance Floor.”
The Ilonggos’ warm welcome was
reserved for Genesis star Dingdong
Dantes who serenaded the crowd with
the song Adik Sa Yo and Don’t Know
What To Do Don’t Know What To Say.
Dingdong was excited about his
second movie with director Erik Matti.
“Wala pang casting, pero nag memeeting na kami ni direk Erik, target
din namin na maisama ang movie sa
Rhodora X stars (from left) Yasmien Kurdi, Jenny Mercado and Mark Herras pose for
The Kapuso Day in Dinagyang
drew thousands of screaming fans
last Jan. 24 at the Robinsons Mall
Mercado, Yasmien Kurdi and Mark
Herras, the lead stars of the newest
GMA 7’s primetime series Rhodora X.
Yasmien performed her original
song titled I Know and Kisap Mata.
Locals and tourists alike sang and
danced along with Jennylyn as she
did a couple of cover songs When I
Was Your Man and Clarity, while
Mark’s body-shaking dance proved
international festivals,” he said.
The event was also graced by AVP
of GMA Regional TV Oliver Amoroso.
Parlor games gave Kapuso Ilonggos a
chance to join the affair. Kapuso local
talent John Arceo hosted the event.
The following day, The Borrowed
Wife stars Camille Prats, Rafael Rosell
and TJ Trinidad took part in the
Kasadyahan Parade. The event
featured colorful parade of floats and
tribes as Ilonggos and tourists
grooved to the beat of the drums. a
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
Gretchen wants ‘old Claudine’ back
After their controversial word
war last year, Gretchen Barretto is now
singing a different tune about her
younger sister, Claudine Barretto.
In an emotional interview on “Buzz
Ng Bayan,” Gretchen explained her
appearance in court with Claudine’s
estranged husband Raymart Santiago
last Dec. 19 amid the couple’s court
Gretchen clarified that she’s not
testifying against Claudine, but
instead they went because “we were
forced to come out and do the affidavit
against Claudine to defend ourselves.
I was summoned by the court.”
She admitted being “desperate”
to save Claudine’s two children if their
father goes to jail.
“We need to save the children.
Kung mali sa tingin ng tao ’yung
ginawa ko, I’m sorry pero ’yun talaga
’yung desperate move namin na
magkakapatid,” she added.
The actress was brought to tears
upon expressing concern for her
sister. Despite some disagreements,
she noted that she never had ill
feelings towards her, whom she
described as “the most generous,
loving and kind person.”
“I don’t hate my sister, I hate what
she’s doing,” she said.
She continued, “I want the
Claudine back, the old Claudine back.
(Si) Claudine, bunso namin ’yan. She
was a doll.”
On coming out with this muchpublicized family feud, Gretchen
claimed that their family life has been
full of “turmoil, noise, shouting,
cursing and belittling” since she was a
“The nastiness that everyone’s
witnessing is nothing compared to the
actual harm done to me and to my
siblings,” she said.
While admitting that the brouhaha
is difficult to accept, she admitted that
she has embraced the feeling of “deep
pain and shame because it’s true.” a
Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto
Deniece Cornejo files rape case vs Vhong Navarro
The camp of 22-year-old model
Deniece Cornejo filed yesterday
afternoon a rape case against actor
and television host Vhong Navarro
before the office of Taguig City
Prosecutor Archimedes Manabat.
Cornejo was accompanied by her
lawyers Howard Calleja and Maria
Concepcion Aquino in filing her 10page complaint against the 37-year-old
host of the popular noontime show “It’s
Assistant Prosecutor Laarni Fabella
received the copy of the complaint that
narrated what happened during the
night of January 22 when Navarro
(Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro in real life)
allegedly raped her inside her
condominium unit at Forbeswood
Heights Condominium in Global City,
Wearing a black blazer, polo shirt,
and black jeans, Cornejo arrived at the
Taguig City Prosecutor’s Office with her
lawyers shortly before 4 p.m.
Aquino, one of Cornejo’s counsels,
said they are filing a case against
Navarro because the model was the
victim in this whole incident. She said
the filing of the case is also meant to
give justice to her client as she
expressed confidence the case “will
A Moral Issue
“Moralidad ang issue dito (This is a
moral issue). We have already filed our
action with the public prosecutor here
in Taguig and we leave it to the
investigating body to ascertain the
crime that we have filed,” Aquino said.
Calleja, in a separate interview,
clarified that they never said that what
happened on the night of January 22
was an attempted rape on the part of
“Let me just clear that, we never
said attempted rape. We never said
anything to that effect. As I said,
whatever facts were presented to us,
whatever they said before was an
interpretation of a layman, not a lawyer.
What was presented to us as lawyers
clearly constituted a crime of rape,”
Calleja said.
Calleja also said that Navarro was
lying when he claimed earlier that Lee
Condominium before he arrived in the
“If you see the statements of Mr.
Navarro, it is very clear that he said that
when he entered the condominium, Mr.
Cedric Lee was already in the
condominium. But the CCTV (footage)
clearly shows that Mr. Vhong Navarro
was ahead of Mr. Cedric Lee. Clearly,
makikita natin kung sino nagsasabi ng
totoo at hindi,” he said.
Despite this, Calleja believes that
the CCTV does not tell the whole story.
“The CCTV can only show you part
of the story. We’re not even sure if it is
clear or not tampered. The true victim
in this case is Deniece Cornejo,” he
Not Escaping
Calleja, meanwhile, assured that
Cornejo and Cedric Lee will not leave
the country despite the cases filed
against them by Navarro’s camp.
“Let me just make things clear…
Our clients will face the charges in a
court of law. We will not fight this in a
court of public opinion and the court of
law will prevail,” he said.
“Hindi po sila tatakas, hindi po
tatakas at kampante po (sila) na kaya
nilang labanan ang anim na kaso.
Hindi po ito paramihan ng kaso. Kahit
ilang dosena pa ang kaso, ang
katotohanan ay ang nangyari noong
January 22 na may hinalay na babae,”
he said. (They will not flee as they are
confident of facing the six charges filed
against them. This is not about the
number of cases but what happened
on January 22 when a woman was
raped). a
Vhong Navarro
recovering from
brutal attack
Showtime” host, Vhong Navarro is
currently in critical condition after a
group of men attacked him inside a
condominium unit in Fort Bonifacio.
Navarro was invited by a female
friend in the said place where
attackers put a blind folded him, tiedup, and beaten black and blue.
Chito Roño, Navarro’s manager,
confirmed what happened to one of
his talented guy. “It’s Showtime” host
suffered severe injuries and might
undergo surgery, Roño said in a
statement given to Navarro’s mother
network ABS-CBN.
Roño added that Navarro was
also threatened and was a victim of
extortion. The attackers also asked for
money from the victim. The real
motive on the attack is still
questionable and will be investigated.
Meanwhile, Vhong Navarro will
temporarily be out of the spot light as
he may undergo surgery and recover
from the injuries he had. This includes
“It’s Showtime”, which airs weekdays
and Saturday, and other television
commitment. a
More Showbiz Gossip
The North American Filipino Star
Showbiz Gossip
January 2014
Jericho-Kim wedding May 1
Ai Ai withdraws physical abuse in Boracay
Continued from p.17
charges against ex-hubby
Ai Ai delas Alas is no longer
pursuing the physical abuse case she
filed May of last year against exhusband, businessman Jed Salang.
The comedienne revealed that she
has withdrawn the case as part of their
divorce agreement, which was granted
recently by a Las Vegas court.
“Tapos na ‘yun (case) noon pa.
Kaya lang hindi puwede i-discuss
unless tapos na ‘yung divorce,” she
said in a taped interview on “Startalk.”
She clarified that it was Jed who
sought for the divorce and that her
withdrawal of the physical abuse case
is “’Yun ang kapalit nun…”
Despite the “closure,” the 49-yearold mother of three admitted that she
still has “mixed emotions” about being
single again.
“Siyempre masaya ako kasi
parang ito na ‘yung closure ng pagaasawa ko pero… may certain sadness
din sa puso ko. Siyempre wala
namang babaeng gusto na (maging)
deborsyada. Siyempre lahat ng
babaeng nag-asawa, ang goal niyan
ay matagal ang magiging pagsasama
nila,” she explained.
Adding to that, she pointed out,“In
my heart, yes (I’m willing to forgive),
pero hindi pa ako ready na makipagusap or makipag heart-t0-heart talk.
Ai Ai now willing to forgive ex-husband
Siguro sa sarili ko, in my heart, kaya
kong magpatawad para sa peace of
mind ko.”
Notwithstanding the breakup, Ai Ai
shared that she has maintained good
relations with Jed’s father, disclosing
that it was the latter who relayed news
about the Las Vegas court decision.
She shared that the older Salang
even sent his condolences during the
death of her biological mom recently.
“Ever since naman my father-in-law is a
very decent man. I think, isa ‘yun sa
dahilan (kung) bakit tinuloy ko pa o
bakit ako nakisama kay Jed, nagtiis
ako kasi mabait ‘yung father-in-law ko
sa akin,” she said. a
Sunshine granted full custody of kids
Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones during
an exclusive interview with The STAR in
August last year: Jackpot!
Jericho Rosales and his girlfriend
Kim Jones are getting married on May
1, Labor Day, in Boracay, just as
Jericho hinted at in an exclusive
interview with The STAR in August last
year, saying he wanted the event to be
solemnized on a beach.
Both Jericho and Kim, a Fil-Brit
model/TV host, are Born-Again
Christian, members of New Life
Christian Center. He proposed to Kim
during a Sunday worship which had
Jesus is…Unli Love as theme on Aug.
4, 2013, which happened to be Kim’s
birthday. After the worship, Jericho
asked Pastor Jeric Soriano, who was
officiating, if he could go onstage to
express his message of love and he
started by saying that he could never
explain why Jesus would choose to die
for a sinner like him. “Why me?”
Jericho asked aloud.
Then he sprang a big surprise
when he turned to Kim and asked her,
“Will you marry me?” Breaking into a
big smile, a hint of tears in her eyes,
Kim said yes. Then she announced on
her Twitter account how Jericho had
made her the happiest lady on earth,
Jericho, on his own Twitter account,
“God is amazing! Yeeeeehaaaa!”
Kim was born in England to a
British father and a half-Filipina (who is
part-Spanish/part-Chinese) and grew
up in Adelaide, Australia where she
studied Architecture (undergraduate).
She came in 2010 for a five-week “looksee” and then came back (“On a oneway ticket,” she told The STAR) and
promptly ventured into modeling and
The sweethearts met at a dinner in
Rockwell hosted by a make-up artist
who is their mutual friend.
“It was Kim’s eyes that first
attracted me,” recalled Jericho.
“Actually, before that meeting, I saved
on my iPad her photos which my friend
had sent me. Yes, those eyes. They are
very caring. Aside from her eyes, what
I love about Kim is her being very
caring and nurturing. Magaan siyang
kasama. Even at first meeting, you feel
comfortable with her.”
Asked how he felt having Kim as
lifetime partner, Jericho blurted out,
“Jackpot!”. a
Jennylyn’s jellyfish trouble
Jennylyn added, “Sobrang sakit
pala nito.”
She didn’t mention when and
where she encountered the jellyfish
Several celebrity friends including
Maxene Magalona and Carla Abellana,
as with a number of sympathetic fans,
were quick to react on the matter.
Maxene disclosed how she was
once stung by a jellyfish, advising
Jennylyn to rinse the affected area with
“OMG AKO RIN!!! Sa paa!
Sobrang sakit at makati put suka!!!
Lots of it!” she said.
Sunshine Cruz and her 3 daughters (Cruz’s Instagram)
Actress Sunshine Cruz got the nod
of the courts to have sole custody of
her three daughters with estranged
husband Cesar Montano.
Cruz on Thursday, took to
Instagram to share the news.
She posted: “full custody awarded
to me. :) Thank God.”
In a separate post on Facebook
she added: “…Masaya ako, kami ng
kids. Finally awarded ako sa full
custody ng kids. This is what they
really want naman talaga noon pa. The
father can visit at pwede silang
In her exclusive interview with PEP
published Saturday, Cruz maintained
that it was the children themselves who
finally helped decide the matter, telling
the judge whom they prefer to be with.
Cruz made clear that “it’s not a
matter of who they love more. Pareho
naman kaming mahal ng kids.”
But she added that “It was their
choice. That has always been their
Asked if Montano was present
during the hearing of the case, Cruz
said, “He was there.”
As for the status of her relationship
with the awarded actor, Cruz remains
“Sa ngayon, I’m not ready. We are
both not ready.
“I’m hoping that in time, puwede
maging civil, because we have three
kids naman.”
Montano is still mum on the matter
as of this writing. a
Jennylyn Mercado
Jennylyn Mercado was stung by a
The Kapuso actress shared this bit
of news to her followers on Thursday
via Instagram, posting a photo of her
arm which showed red marks marring
her skin.
She captioned the post thus:
“Sinong nabiktima ng jelly fish!? Hooh!
Anyare??? Gusto niya sa kilikili banda
The 26-year-old then was worried
the attack might leave a permanent
“Magpepeklat ba to? Sobrang
maga eh. Tsaka nakabukol,” she
OUCH! Jennylyn shows followers marks
left by the jellyfish attack (Instagram)
Several studies suggest that
vinegar can counter the effects of the
venomous nematocysts that a jellyfish
releases during an attack. a
January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
Luis and Angel ‘kissing’ photo goes viral
Have Angel Locsin and Luis
Manzano rekindled the flame? Some
of their followers are assuming so,
based on several now-viral Instagram
photos that both have posted
In a photo posted by Luis
(luckymanzano) on Saturday, Jan. 25,
he is seen giving a smiling Angel a
peck on the cheek, with the caption,
“Kulet and Kiti headed back to Manila
:) .” The photo has garnered over
19,300 likes and almost 1,200
comments as of this writing.
Another photo posted by Luis
showed him and Angel standing
together near what looked like a
stage. It now has over 20,800 likes
and 1,200 comments.
Angel posted a solo photo of Luis
on her own Instagram account
(therealangellocsin), which was
The two call themselves ‘Kulet’ and ‘Kiti’ (Instagram)
seemingly taken inside a plane, and
captioned thus: “Maraming salamat
po sa mga nanuod ng asap live dito
sa dubai! Pabalik na ngayon ng pinas
kasama netong seatmate ko simulan
na ang masarap na usapan.” The
upload has garnered over 17,300 likes
and over 1,000 comments as of this
Apparently, the photos were taken
during a recent trip to Dubai, where
Luis and Angel joined several other
ABS-CBN talents for a live taping of an
episode of the Sunday variety show
During a press conference for the
show held Thursday, Luis shared to
media his feelings for Angel, saying, “I
love her.”
His statement came only a week
after the actress, herself, admitted that
she still loves her ex-boyfriend. a
No more shortcuts for Iza
Whenever she looks at old photos
showing a heavier version of herself,
Iza Calzado can’t help but feel a
mixture of happiness and pride over
the progress she has made in dealing
with her weight issues.
The actress, who wouldn’t know
that she tipped the scales at 220 lbs.
had she not met an accident as a
teenager, is now in such fine form at
130 lbs. And like any hard-earned
achievement, it hasn’t been without
“It’s no joke to maintain it after all
these years,” Iza told The STAR and
other reporters in an interview. “It’s a
daily, weekly, monthly, yearly battle. It’s
a constant battle that you have to face.
You have to accept that it will be part of
your life because once you let go of
that, you will also let go of your
commitment to stay fit and healthy.”
Iza said that it took her “30 years”
to get to where she is now, and it came
not just with a change in lifestyle, but
also in mindset. “I’m already 31 and
yes, I am more confident now… I’m
very proud of my whole body. It’s far
from perfect but I’m so proud of it. I’ve
come to terms with my imperfections.”
But she does have her “weak
moments” amidst the pressure of
being in an industry obsessed with
perfection. “Sometimes, I feel bad and
I say, why I’m not perfect like them,
then I remind myself that nobody’s
perfect. Second, this is who I am and
every battle scar that I have is part of
my journey, and I have to embrace that
because the first person that has to
accept and love that is myself.”
Iza added, “I will always go back to
where I came from and remind myself
that I’ve worked so hard to (reach)
where I am today. I have to be grateful
for what I have.”
One thing is for sure: There will be
no more shortcuts for Iza, and that
she’s in for the long haul through
healthy eating and exercising.
Apart from resorting to unhealthy
practices such as starving and crash
diets in the past, she also candidly
admitted that “…I won’t lie and I’ve
also mentioned this in past interviews,
sometimes, even about like, their
father. I can relate and empathize with
them, of course, with their weight
issues, but it’s not only (because of)
As a prelude to Biggest Loser
Pinoy Edition (Doubles), you can also
catch part of her story in the Feb. 1
episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya. “(It tells
about my) journey and struggles ko
kung bakit ako naging malaki. At
times, the physical (aspect) is only a
reflection of what you’re going through
inside. There was a reason why I kept
on eating. It’s a story of change and
I’m a work-in-progress, so change is
something I continue to work on.”
Asked for tips for those who want
to finally make that crucial change in
their health and fitness, Iza advised,
Iza Calzado, host of ABS-CBN’s The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition (Doubles): ‘I won’t
lie that I had some cosmetic surgeries, but I’m proud to say that I’ve long passed
that stage in my life because I had to make a decision that there should be no more
I had some cosmetic surgeries and
proud na proud naman po ako na
matagal ko ng nalampasan yung stage
(na yun) ng buhay ko because I had to
make a decision that there should be
no more shortcuts like that.”
Right now, Iza is keeping off the
extra pounds and looking to downsize,
five pounds more, to get to her
“optimal weight” (not stick-thin, take
note) through gym time, swimming,
some yoga, crossfit every now and
then, and via running again soon.
“After work, workout is really my next
priority. I really have to make time for it.
Sometimes, if it’s possible, I would
request for an adjustment in my call
time so I could work out.”
As for her diet (in her case, she
said, it has to go hand-in-hand with her
workout), she cuts back on carbs and
practices portion controls. “I really love
food, but I’ve learned to control my
appetite. I no longer eat as much as I
used to. There are food items that I
have taken out completely from my
diet, then there are stuff that I still eat
Iza will be sharing more of her
weight-loss success story as the new
host of ABS-CBN’s Biggest Loser
Pinoy Edition (Doubles), which
premieres on Feb. 3. As a host, she’s
having her fill of lessons since this is
her first reality-TV program and her first
show of this scale, but as an individual
— because of the interaction she has
had with the 14 pairs of overweight
contestants (she gets to see them
twice-a-week) — she has learned to
become a more “listening person.”
Iza said, “I really empathize with
them. Iyak din ako ng iyak dito that it’s
like I’m also doing a teleserye because
sometimes, they suddenly say things
that touch you, and you really
understand where they come from,
sometimes it’s about their weight, or
“You have to make the decision... like
anything in life, that decision has to
come from you because no matter
how many people try to encourage
you or even dictate on you, it doesn’t
work because it has to come from a
“Then you set goals. Maybe you
want to lose five or 10 lbs. or you want
to do a 5K run, or it could be healthrelated or fitness-related or beautyrelated, it’s up to you — set goals.
Even lovelife or heartbreak (can be a
motivation)! Before when I was
heartbroken, I got into crossfit. It really
depends on you. Whatever works for
you, that’s good.
“That’s what I’ve learned, if I don’t
have goals, I tend to relax on whatever
I set myself to do. But the minute you
set goals, you will have the
motivation.” a
More Showbiz Gossip
The North American Filipino Star
January 2014
Panday Tinig stirs nostalgia for Philippine
Christmas traditions at concert 2013
By Edith Fedalizo, Coordinator, Panday
Tinig Choral Ensemble
“At magbuhat ngayon, kahit
hindi Pasko ay magbi-gayan…”
echoed by the Panday Tinig for their
final number at their Christmas
concert, Paskong Pinoy Sa Montreal,
held on Saturday, December 21, 2013
chorus followed with the singing of
Jingle All The Way, a song describing
gift-shopping, gift-wrapping, cardwriting and mailing, things that we do
to prepare for Christmas. The evolution
of the Philippine Christmas carol was
featured, beginning with Kasadya ‘Ning
Takna-a (Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit)
Paul Imperial conducting the Panday Choral Ensemble (Photo by Peter Annett)
said, “I had goose-bumps on our way
to Montreal. But here, inside this
theater, I still had goose-bumps
because of the songs. This concert
reminded us of our history and of our
traditions.” In spite of the freezing rain
outside the Segal theatre, it was all
warm and cozy in the lobby as friends,
colleagues, and family members
shared food and conversation. “Thank
you for gracing our Christmas concert.”
Minister Raitt responds to Transportation Safety
Board recommendations following Lac-Mégantic
The Panday Tinig Choral Ensemble at their concert, Paskong Pinoy Sa Montreal,
December 21, 2013, Segal Theatre (Photo by: Peter Annett)
Reaffirms commitment to maintaining and
enhancing the safety of Canada's rail
January 23, 2014 – Ottawa – Transport
The Honourable Lisa Raitt,
Minister of Transport, issued this statement
today in response to the Transportation
Safety Board’s three recommendations
related to the ongoing investigation into
the July 2013 train accident in LacMégantic, Quebec.
“The safety of Canadians remains
Transport Canada’s priority. Transport
Canada officials are reviewing the
recommendations. The department is
committed to doing all it can to maintain
and enhance the safety of Canada's rail
“Following the accident in LacMégantic, Transport Canada took
immediate action to improve rail safety and
the transportation of dangerous goods by
All railway operators to further
enhance the safety of existing railway
operations and the security of railway
Railway companies to develop
rules in this regard for the longer term.
Any person who imports or offers
for transport crude oil to conduct
classification testing if the current tests had
not been performed prior to July 7, 2013.
Railway companies to share
information with municipalities, which will
further support municipal emergency
planners and first responders.
“In addition, the Government of
Canada has committed a combined $155
million in federal support to Lac-Mégantic
for response and recovery and additional
decontamination and clean-up efforts.
“The Government of Canada has
taken several other measures to
strengthen railway safety:
Between April 1, 2012 and March
Consul General Eric Gerardo E. Tamayo (front), Minister and Consul General and Alternate
Transport Canada conducted
Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), gave the closing
remarks. (Photo by: Peter Annett)
Invested more than $100 million
Santa Claus as the awaited gift-giver Hallelujah Chorus). The Embassy of in our railway safety system.
during Christmas. Be A Santa by the the
chorus represented by Eric Gerardo E. inspectors.
Increased fines for companies
demonstrated this Santa Claus Tamayo, Minister and Consul General.
concept. The Panday Tinig women’s “On a cold wintry night like tonight,” he found to break our regulations.
at the Segal Theater, 5170 Côte SteCathérine,
Canada.Paskong Pinoy Sa Montreal is
a musical time scale of the events in
Philippine history that had influenced
the evolution of our Christmas
traditions. Pasko Sa Aming Nayon, the
concert opener, described how
Christmas is traditionally celebrated in
a village where Ninang at Ninong take
charge of giving gifts to the children,
where there is litson at pritong manok
to eat, where there is singing and
dancing as both young and old
Three songs demonstrated the
liturgical type of music during the
Spanish era. In a Monastery Garden
was sung in English and in Latin for the
Kyrie. This was followed by Esta Noche
Tan Hermosa and Ave Maria.
The Americans introduced
followed by Payapang Daigdig/Himig
Ng Pasko, and Pasko Na Sinta Ko.
The two Christmas traditions that were
Simbanggabi and Noche Buena. The
song Paskong Pinoy Sa Montreal
(Filipino Christmas in Montreal), words
by Editha Fedalizo, Panday Tinig
pianist, and music composed by Paul
Imperial, Panday Tinig director, was
sung by a sixtette, to tell the story of
how Filipinos in our community had
brought along with them their
cherished traditions – Simbanggabi
and Noche Buena – and how they had
traditions in our multicultural city of
For the last part, the Panday
Tinig sang two choruses from Handel’s
Messiah – And The Glory and the
Alleluia Coro (Tagalog translation of the
Set the groundwork for creating
whistleblower protection for employees
who raise safety concerns.
Will require each railway to have
an executive legally responsible for safety.
“On January 10, 2014, Transport Canada
proposed tough new standards for the
DOT-111 tank cars, including thicker steel
requirements as well as the addition of top
fitting and head shield protection for the
tank car. New cars will be built to the new,
enhanced safety requirements.
“Transport Canada continues to work with
all its stakeholders, including officials in the
United States, as we look together to what
additional requirements may be needed for
the North American fleet. This includes
exploring the retirement, retrofit or
repurposing of older DOT-111 tank cars. As
these tank cars regularly cross Canadian
and American borders, a North American
solution is required.
“In addition, I asked the Standing
Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and
Communities (SCOTIC) to review safety
management systems for railways and the
transport of dangerous goods program.
Transport Canada has also launched three
(Classification, Emergency Response, and
Means of Containment) to provide
recommendations by the end of January
on short term and long term safety actions
and enhancements that could be made to
the DOT-111 tank cars.
“We recognize that there is still a lot of
work to do. The department remains
committed to working with the rail
industry, all levels of government, the
Federation of Canadian Municipalities,
international partners and others to
continuously improve the safety of the
railway system in Canada.”
Ashley Kelahear
Director of Communications
Office of the Honourable Lisa Raitt
Minister of Transport, Ottawa
January 2014
Wine-Tasting Workout: Train Yourself to be a Better
Wine Taster
By Megan Krigbaum
When wine pros evaluate a bottle,
they focus on six key things. Here, F&W’s
Megan Krigbaum collects exercises from a
trio of experts to help even a wine knownothing become a smarter, happier, more
insightful taster.
What Defines Body In Wine?
“Body is the sense of weight or
richness or heaviness, and even the feeling
of viscosity that a wine leaves in your
mouth,” says Master Sommelier Andrea
Robinson, author of Great Wine Made
Simple. Generally, the more alcohol in a
wine, the more body it will have, which
means that wines from warmer climates
(which produce grapes with more sugar to
be converted into alcohol) tend to have
more heft. Sugar, oak and the overall
concentration of flavors in a wine can also
add body.
How Does Body Affect Pairing?
“A key principle for pairing is to
match body with body, so that the wine’s
not too heavy or light for the dish, and vice
versa,” says Robinson.
“Wines have different weights and
richnesses, mostly due to alcohol. Milk can
vary in the same way, but of course that’s
due to fat,” says Robinson.
Wine-Tasting Workout: Body
2. California Pinot Noir: 2010 Dutton
Goldfield Azaya Ranch Vineyard
3. Chianti Classico: 2009 La Maialina
4. Zinfandel: 2010 Ridge East Bench
What are Tannins?
Tannins are compounds in grape
skins, seeds and stems that contribute to
wine’s structure, complexity, texture and
ageability—especially red wine. Tannins
create a drying and slightly bitter sensation
in the mouth, usually toward the back of the
tongue. Tannic wines pair especially well
with rich foods and substantial meat dishes
because they cut through fat; fat also
softens the perception of tannin, making
the wines more approachable.
almost a stinging sensation or taste sour.
How Does Acidity Affect Pairing?
Acidity makes your mouth water, cuts
through the fat in rich foods and refreshes
the palate.
Wine-Tasting Workout: Acidity
Five 4 ounce glasses of water
1 orange
1 grapefruit
1 lemon
1 lime
Set aside the first glass of water.
Squeeze the juice of 1/4 orange
into the second glass; into the third,
squeeze the juice of 1/4 grapefruit; into the
Wine-Tasting Workout: Tannins
fourth, squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon; into
the fifth, squeeze the juice of 1/2 lime.
Taste in that order, starting with a
3 mugs
sip of plain water, to experience increasing
3 black tea bags
levels of acidity. Experiment by adding
Hot water
more juice to each glass to see how the
acidity increases. Notice the point at which
Pour 8 ounces of hot water into the juice becomes too sour.
each of the mugs. Place one tea bag in Wines to Try from Least to Most Acidic
each of the mugs and start a timer. After 2
minutes, remove the bag from the first 1. Marsanne: 2011 Qupé
mug; after 4 minutes, remove the bag from 2. Sauvignon Blanc: 2011 Brander Santa
the second mug; and after 8 minutes, Ynez Valley
remove the final tea bag. Let the tea cool.
3. Muscadet: 2011 Michel Delhommeau
Taste the teas in increasing steep- Cuvée St. Vincent
time order, swishing the liquid around in
your mouth before swallowing. Notice how What is Sweetness in Wine, and Why Does
4 glasses
1/4 cup each of skim milk, 2% milk, whole the teas are perceptibly more astringent as
the steeping time increases.
milk and heavy cream
Wines to Try From Least to Most Tannic
Taste the milk in ascending order
of richness, beginning with skim and
ending with heavy cream, considering the
texture of each and the sensation in your
mouth. The skim milk should dissipate very
quickly; the cream will coat your tongue.
Wines to Try From Lightest to Most FullBodied
1. Northern Italian Pinot Grigio: 2011
2. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: 2011
Kim Crawford Marlborough
3. White Burgundy: 2010 Domaine Faiveley
Bourgogne Blanc
4. Barrel-fermented Chardonnay: 2010
Rodney Strong Sonoma County
1. Valpolicella: 2011 Tedeschi Lucchine
The North American Filipino Star
it Matter?
Sweetness in wine is measured by the
amount of residual sugar (RS) in the liquid
after fermentation. “Sweetness can only
come from one thing in wine, and that’s
sugar content,” says Master Sommelier
Shayn Bjornholm. Acidity can mask some
of the sweetness in wines by balancing out
the sugar, as in German or Alsatian
Riesling. Sugar can also contribute to a
wine’s body and texture.
16 ounce glass with 8 ounces of water
2 lemons
1 cup of sugar
Squeeze the juice of the lemons into the
water and stir.
Taste the mixture; it will be very tart.
Stir in sugar 1 teaspoon at a time,
tasting after each addition. You should
notice when the juice achieves the right
level of sweetness and balances the acidity
of the lemon.
Rieslings to Try from Driest to Sweetest
1. Dry Riesling: 2010 Robert Weil Kiedrich
Turmberg Trocken
2. Off-dry Riesling: 2011 Hexamer Kabinett
3. Sweet Riesling: 2010 Kerpen Wehlener
Sonnenuhr Auslese
See Page 23
Wine Tasting Exercise
1. Beaujolais: 2010 Potel Aviron Côte de
2. California Merlot: 2009 Simi Sonoma
County Merlot
3. Bordeaux: 2010 Château Bellevue
Bordeaux Supérieur
What is Acidity in Wine?
Acidity in wine comes from the
natural acids (tartaric, malic, etc.) in the
grapes themselves, or acids that are added
during the the winemaking process. The
acidity in grapes varies greatly depending
on the variety, as well as sun exposure,
climate and the soil in the vineyard; grapes
grown in cooler areas tend to have higher
acidity. When drinking a wine, you’ll feel the
effects of acidity mostly on the sides of your
tongue. Overly acidic wines will cause
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January 2014
The North American Filipino Star
Showbiz Gossip Continued from p.19
Megan credits new-found ‘maturity’
to Miss World experience
Heart Evangelista details
latest encounter with Mom
Heart Evangelista
Megan Young
Megan Young acknowledges she
is now a “woman” thanks to the
training she had in competing for the
Miss World 2013 title.
“In the process of training,
talagang nag-mature ako. Hindi na
ako ‘yung teenager, ‘yung pre-teen,
‘yung young adult na katulad dati,”
Megan said in a recent interview on
She confidently declared, “I can
say that I am a woman, I finally act like
a woman.”
ako kasi kelangan ng balance in
walking. ‘Yung hosting workshop, it
helped me with my nerves. I get to
speak in front of other people, and it
helped kasi I don’t get nervous
anymore,” said the “StarStruck”
Despite her new-found maturity,
the 23-year-old beauty queen pointed
out that she can still “be silly at times.”
“Kahit na sabihin mo na I act like a
woman (now), importante pa rin sa
akin yung I can be silly at times, I can
Miss World 2013 Megan Young during People Asia's People of the Year Awards
Night on Tuesday, January 21.
The actress-model confessed that
she didn’t expect the preparation for
Miss World to be “really tough.”
“It isn’t (what I imagined). People
have expectations. They see the glitz
and the glamor, they see what’s on
camera, in pictures. They don’t see the
As hard as it was, Megan admitted
that the many workshops she attended
prior, as part of her efforts to carve a
career in show business, helped her.
“Buti na lang nag-dance worshop
still play with my brother and sister,
enjoy each other’s company, we play
video games together, stuff like that.”
Until now, Megan still can’t believe
that she won the crown at the 63rd
edition of the Miss World pageant held
in Indonesia.
“I’m doing my duties, of course,
but when I’m at home, when I’m just
regular Megan with the family,
sometimes hindi pa rin talaga ako
makapaniwala.” a
Heart Evangelista has confirmed
talk that her mother Cecilia Ongpauco
rebuffed her when they bumped into
each other at a restaurant in Makati
last December.
The actress claimed she initially
just waved at her mother who
acknowledged it with a nod. Deeming
the reaction as a good sign, Heart said
she approach her.
“Sabi ko sa friend ko, I should go
up to her, right?… kahit ano man ‘yung
nangyari… So, lapit ako, ‘Hi mom.’”
But supposedly, when the actress
was about kiss her, the matriarch
allegedly raised her hands as if to ward
her off.
Although embarrassed by what
happened, Heart said she kept her
“I didn’t want to appear so
(affected) ’di talaga ako umiyak
(noon)… ang daming tao.”
She only broke down when she
got to her car.
“I just felt upset, I also have my
sentiments about certain things but I
swallowed that, so that was a bitter pill
to swallow but I did coz’ it is Christmas
season (then)… At least I did my part.”
The misunderstanding between
mother and daughter started with the
actress entering into a romantic
relationship with Sen. Francis “Chiz”
Escudero. Cecilia has publicly
expressed disapproval of the senator
for her daughter.
Heart sees no immediate end to
the conflict, citing that even having
Chiz’s baby might not even be enough
for reconciliation.
“My mom is very tough…” said
After all that’s happened, the
“Startalk” host maintains she respects
and understands her parents’ stand
saying, “Mahal naman nila ako kaya
nila ginagawa.”
Wedding Day
Although not yet engaged to Chiz,
the actress is resigned to walk the aisle
someday even without her parents
“I’ve accepted that a long time
ago,” she said.
“I think on my wedding day, I owe
it to myself and to the person I’m going
to be with, to be happy without
thinking about (kung) masama ang
loob ng taong andun, so okay lang
sakin (na wala ang parents ko).”
She feels lucky having Chiz,
Heart Evangelista with her mother and
manager Cecilia Ongpauco
describing him as the best boyfriend
she’s ever had, even if their
relationship is proving itself quite
“Kasi may isang area na nagsuffer,” Heart said. “I guess that’s my
family side so, there’s always a certain
balance in your life.”
Although open to the idea of
marriage, Heart clarified that she and
Chiz are not yet living under one roof.
“Household niya (Chiz) is set
without me there although we live in
the same area.”
Double Celebration
After the last taping of “Magkano
Ba Ang Pag-ibig?” on which Heart
plays Eloisa and with the series airing
its finale on Feb. 14, the actress is set
to take a short vacation with Chiz.
The couple plans to go abroad
with a couple of their closest friends, to
celebrate the actress’ birthday which
happens to fall on the same date.
somewhere in Asia lang,” she said.
“Siguro kasi nabugbog lang talaga ako
sa trabaho. That’s always a good thing
naman but parang nice lang the idea
na makakapag-relax ng slight.” a
January 2014
From Page 21
Wine Tasting Exercise
What Accounts for a Wine’s Aromas and
A wine’s flavors come from the
grape variety, as well as the climate and
the amount of sun exposure and type of
soil in the vineyard. Different winemaking
techniques will extract various flavors, too.
What’s The Best Way to Describe a Wine’s
Flavors and Aromas?
The truth is, everyone smells and
tastes different aromas and flavors in wine.
It’s a very subjective judgement. That said,
the more tasting experiences you have,
the more easily you’ll be able to pick out
those flavors. Having your own flavor
vocabulary can come in handy when
ordering wine from a sommelier or talking
with a salesperson at a wine shop—and,
most importantly, when pairing wines with
Wine-Tasting Workout: Flavor
Pencil Shavings
Lime Zest
Orange Blossom Water
Put on the blindfold and have
someone set out the aromatic items in
front of you in any order.
Smell each item. “Aroma
The North American Filipino Star
accounts for the majority of our taste,
anyway,” says Bjornholm. Not only will this
exercise give you a better idea of what
you like, but it will also increase your
Rolodex of flavors to have on hand when
Wines to Try from Herbal to Savory
1. Loire Cabernet Franc: 2011 Chais St.
Laurent Chinon (sage)
2. Moscato d’Asti: 2011 Bera (orangeblossom water)
3. Australian Riesling: 2011 Rolf Binder
Highness Riesling (lime zest)
4. Gewürztraminer: 2010 Lucien Albrecht
Réserve (lychee)
5. Zinfandel: 2010 Foxglove (raspberry)
6. California Cabernet blend: 2009 Justin
Isosceles (cassis)
7. Red Burgundy: 2009 Pierre Morey
Monthelie (mushroom)
8. Côte Rôtie: 2007 E. Guigal Brune et
Blonde de Guigal (bacon)
9. German Riesling: 2011 Christoffel
Erdener Treppchen Kabinett (rock)
10. Left Bank Bordeaux: 2008 Château
Malartic-Lagravière (pencil shavings)
Wine-Tasting Exercises: Oak
Wine Tasting Workout: Oak
Illustration by Julia Rothman.
What does it mean for a wine to be
Oak barrels used in winemaking
develop their toasty, caramelly, vanilla
flavors from being fire-charred. The barrels
can be toasted to different levels,
depending on the winemaker’s
preference; those barrels can hold wine
while it ferments or while it ages. Some
producers favor old oak over new oak
because its effect on a wine’s flavor,
tannins and structure is more subtle.
Wine-Tasting Workout: Oak
Box of Cheerios
Crush up Cheerios and smell them.
According to Joshua Wesson, the toasty,
wheaty notes of the cereal are very similar
to those in oaked white wine.
Skewer a marshmallow and roast
it over a flame on a gas stove until it’s
charred. “In red wines, oak leaves the
impression of campfire smoke or the smell
of a burnt marshmallow,” Wesson says.
Chardonnays to try from unoaked to oaky
1. Chablis: 2011 Jean-Marc Brocard
Domaine Sainte Claire
2. White Burgundy: 2010 Joseph Drouhin
3. California Chardonnay: 2010 La Crema
Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
Red wines to try from unoaked to oaky
1. Sicilian Frappato: 2011 Tami
2. Chianti Classico: 2009 Rocca delle
3. Napa Cabernet Sauvignon: 2009 Groth
Canada’s New Asylum
System a Success
Total savings already over
$600 million
January 22, 2014 — Toronto — In the
year since comprehensive reforms to Canada’s
asylum system took effect, the number of new
asylum claims from safe countries has
decreased to historic lows, ensuring that
genuine refugees – truly vulnerable people from
some of the world's most volatile areas – receive
faster and fairer protection, Canada’s Citizenship
and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander
announced today.
Asylum claims from countries that
historically produced high numbers of
unfounded claims have dropped by a dramatic
87 per cent. The overall reduction in asylum
claims has already resulted in greater than
anticipated savings to Canadian taxpayers of
more than $600 million in provincial and federal
government welfare, education and health-care
costs. Overall savings are projected to be more
than $1.6 billion over five years.
Quick Facts
In 2011, there were approximately 6,300
asylum claims from EU countries – more than
from Africa or Asia.
Under the new rules, annual asylum claims
from Hungary – an EU country and the top
source country for asylum claims in Canada over
the past three years with already high withdrawal
and abandonment rates- have declined by an
overwhelming 97 per cent.
Asylum claims from the United States have
also dropped significantly - down by roughly 80
per cent from the year before.
Countries in distress, such as Afghanistan,
Congo, Egypt, Somalia and Syria, now rank
among the top 10 source countries for asylum
claims in Canada.
Grocery Specials
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January 2014
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Montreal, QC H3X 1T7
(Between Coolbrook & Decarie Boulevard)
Telephone: 514-485-7861
Accounting Technician
Office Assistant
Education lowers the barriers to a
rewarding career.
Filipino Canadians and Cambodians studying French together
Students studying French as a second language on Monday evenings shown with
their teacher, Zenaida Kharroubi checking homework assignments
PAB/PSW students pose with their teachers seated from left: Clarice Mackay, Nina
Schiff, and the director-general, Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
• Early Childhood Education
• Personal Support Worker
• Office Systems Technology
- Accounting
- Secetarial
• Seminars - Writers Helping Writers
Small Business Management
Cooperative Education
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