Frisk Brand Overview Front



Frisk Brand Overview Front
Alpine Valleys, Victoria
“ If the name of the region is not sufficiently evocative,
then Mount Beauty (snow-clad in winter) and Bright
should tell you how spectacularly beautiful the region is,
nestled in the northern foothills of the Victorian Alps.”
James Halliday, Wine Atlas of Australia
R E G I O N : Alpine Valleys, Victoria
H A R V E S T : Thru end April
V A R I E T A L : Riesling, Muscat Gordo
C L I M A T E : Cool to cold climate, highly continental. Peaks rise to over 2000 feet with vineyards snow
clad in the winter months.
A team of young gun Australian winemakers and growers couldn’t help but ponder the ‘Riesling Revolution’ as they worked
their magic with some of the finest fruit in the downright cold-climate of Victoria’s Alpine Valleys. Seeing friends slurp down
their juice almost any time of the day (brunch-time drinkers were indebted to its low 8% alcohol), alone or with one of their
damn hot Thai curries, piqued the thought that a few outside their little hamlet might be equally enamored with it. So, after
labeling up a few cases, they threw on their best duds, loaded the car and set forth for lands unknown - lucky for us here in
the US, one of their first ports of call was San Francisco. So that’s how it comes to pass that you now see Frisk popping up all
over the US.
Nestled into the Northern foothills of the Victorian Alps, the Alpine Valleys harbor a handful of dogged grape growers
whose ancestors arrived in the 1850s after a less-than-comfortable boat trip from Italy. With lofty slopes climbing to 2000 feet,
vineyards are snow clad in winter and punch through clouds to nab a slice of sunshine during summer. Four valleys are
created by the Ovens, Buffalo, Buckland and Kiewa rivers, whose ancient flows dumped granite-based loam that the vines
greedily nosh to produce flinty, minerally wines.
W E B S I T E :
Let’s face it – Riesling is hot. Not hot in the ‘piping hot scald your mouth’ kinda way,
but in the very tasty, ‘must have’ drink of the new decade. And it’s no wonder – which
other bevvy can scintillate the palate and give such insatiable pleasure? Or cause an
explosion of flavor in your mouth – from oh so sweet flavors of white nectarines to the
brisk, refreshing zip of limes and minerals? Not to mention the gentle prickle supplied
gratis by a natural spritz – you’d be one of few not to beg for more!
P R I C K LY R I E S L I N G :
It’s a mouth-revving Riesling with a bite that sings with mountain-stream purity. Its flavors
dart all over, quartz-like acidity coming right at you, bold and unapologetic. You may see
notes of lemon sorbet, bath salts and white lilies layered with spices from your favorite
childhood pie shop…guess that depends on your childhood. But you can’t deny its raciness
and versatility, sidling up suggestively to food that’s both sweet and spicy. Its intensity will slap
you in the face…the oodles of length will have you scrambling for more.
A N D A B O U T T H AT N A M E , F R I S K P R I C K LY ?
During harvest, a cellar hand wanted to taste the wines ‘blind’. Not being able to cover the
labels, he made a makeshift blindfold from a lab cloth and told his colleague to pour the
wines into a few glasses. Reaching for the wine glasses he inadvertently ‘frisked’ them to
make sure he had a firm grip, a point duly noted by his co-workers in snickering tones. He
then proceeded to tell all and sundry that he got a kick out of the ‘prickle’ of the wine as he
And so for a wine that is indeed fresh, frisky and just a touch prickly, it‘s quite an apt name.
Made by a team of maverick winemakers hailing from the far corners of Victoria’s cool-climate
regions, Frisk is crafted by seasoned hands. Harvested in the chilly eve and delivered to the
winery in pristine condition, prized free-run Riesling juice is fermented with canny yeasts that
ensure the wine is sporting plenty of aromatic verve along with a low 8% alcohol. And the
prickle? A gentle spritz produced by those clever yeasts, captured to deliver a tickle that will
rouse your palate. It’s downright Frisky.
Dormant vines surviving a chilly winter
Ripe Riesling grapes...ready for the chop!
Picturesque views for vineyard workers
High-altitude vineyards nestled at the base of the Victorian Alps