I~IThe Gl Gampo Wine Glub


I~IThe Gl Gampo Wine Glub
I~IThe Gl Gampo Wine
The El Campo Wine Club held a
wine tasting July 30th, 2009.
Social time began with Empanada
hors d'oeuvres with several cheese
and cracker platters, and a
Monterrey Crescent cheese pie .
The Wine Tasting was a Varietal
Semi-Sweet/Dry white varietals
and ending with a sample of a
medium bodied red.
The first
wine tasted was a 2006 World
Market Brand Chardonnay from
Pepperwood Grove Yiognier (CA),
followed by a 2008 Loredonna
Riesling (Monterrey CA). Next, a
20th Anniversary 2006 GruYe
from the Gruner Yeltliner grape
produced by Jurtschitsch Sonnhof
of Austria, followed by a 2007
Johann Falkenburg Riesling from
Germany. The tasting ended with
a 2007 Gnarly Head Old Vine
Zinfandel (Lodi, CA).
30, 2009
Tasters were mostly looking to
educate their palates past the
sweetness of the much appreciated
White Zinfandels, to the next level
of Semi-Sweet/Dry whites.
As usual, the Riesling Yarietals were
found to be very pleasant, while the
somewhat drier Gru Ye and
Yiognier Yarietals would take a little
more getting used to.
Tasters were even treated to a
homemade Riesling produced by
EC's own Drew Tidmore whom
humbly accepted the nice comments
that it was given.
To satisfy some of the normally
"red drinkers" and one "red wine
virgin", the tasters opened the
Gnarly Head Zinfandel (the red
grape from which the White
Zinfandels are actually made),
finding it very pleasing and
Thanks go to John Macha for the
donation of the wines, and to
Martin Strarup for the Falkenburg.
Thanks again to the Macha family
for hosting the event and to all that
brought sacks.
The EC Wine Club continues to
grow and enjoys the chance to meet
new people and explore the vast
world of wines.
-Drew Tidmore