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Illinois Heartland Newsletter
2012-2013 Tastings Schedule
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2012 Tastings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Day/Month Hosts/ Location
09 January
Kay and Scott Fischer,
11 February
Willett’s Winery
10 March
Marcus & Melisssa Rohlfs
14 April
Stonehill Winery, Hermann MO
05 May
Mark Berhow & Renee Wagner
16 June
Frank Shaw
14 July
Naldo & Sherry Coelho
11 August
J.L. & MaryAnn Willett
08 September Vintage Illinois Festival
13 October
Todd & Patty Sage
17 November Jim Webb
15 December Tracy & Buzz Daugherty
Please note the change of week and date!!
Pinot Noirs
Willett’s Wines / Valentine’s Day Dinner
California Cabernets & Gourmet Burgers
Norton Vertical Tasting
Non-Oaked Chardonnays
AWS National Tasting: Pinot Noirs
Illinois Wines
Sangiovese / Chianti and Italian Dinner
Sparkling Wines
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2013 Tastings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Day/Month Hosts/ Location
12 January
M Berhow & R Wagner
Wine Flavor and AromaTesting
Please note the changes in time −2-5 pm− and venue − Mackinaw Winery
09 February Kay & Scott Fisher
Willett's Winery Valentine Dinner
09 March
Todd & Patty Sage
13 April
Stone Hill Winery
Vertical Norton Tasting
8th Circuit Court Counter-Tasting?
11 May
Renee Wagner/ Mark Berhow
Spanish Red Wines & Tapas
(or National Tasting)
12 June
Kay & Scott Fisher
13 July
Sherry & Naldo Coelho
10 August
Frank & Meral Savas-Shaw
Door County Wineries
14 September Vintage Illinois
Judging: AWS Illinois Heartland Wine Award
12 October
09 November open
14 December open
Other Upcoming Events
UFS, Peoria, IL, private scotch tasting, Thursday, December 6, 5:30-8 pm $30 tasting fee.
UFS, Peoria, IL, Cabernet tasting, Friday, December 7, 4-7:30 pm, $10 tasting fee.
Hometown Wine and Spirits, Delavan, IL, wine and spirits tasting, Saturday, December 8, 4-8 pm,
complimentary {Delavan is due south of Peoria on SR 122}.
Dec 2012
Volume 3
Issue 12
Spanning the Eight Court Circuit where Abraham Lincoln Practiced
Illinois Heartland Newsletter
Minutes of the November Wine Tasting, Saturday, November 16, 2012
Host: Jim Webb - Bloomington, IL
Theme: Sangiovese, Chianti and Italian Dinner
Attendees: Frank Shaw, Scott & Kay Fisher, Renee Wagner & Mark Berhow, Maryann & JL
Willett, Patty & Todd Sage, Naldo & Sherry Coelho, Jim Webb (Chef Extraordinaire)
Guests - Lauri e and Steve Provancal (Sous-Chefs), John & Mindy Baur, Brian & Sarah Brennan
5:15 - 6:00 Meet and Greet
Minutes: of the Business Meeting:
1) Renee discussed wine club officers for 2013 –
accepting volunteers or nominatons. Term is January - December.
Jim will continue as Sommelier in 2013.
2) Mark spoke on attending the National meeting, in Portland, OR
− Wine tours, Wine tastings, and Cognac tastings.
− Next year’s national conference will be held in Sandusky, Ohio.
3) If you want to become a wine judge - there is a 3-year AWS program available.
4) Frank suggested having a summer wine tasting in Door County this summer.
Several hotel rooms are available near his cabin.
Everyone thought it was a great idea...More information to follow.
Dues Reminder:
2013 Membership Dues for AWS National and Chapter Membership are approaching.
Chapter dues are $10.00 per person. Payable to Mark Berhow.
AWS Memberships (http://www.americanwinesociety.org):
AWS Memberships include attending all activities and hosting Wine tastings,
and offers liability coverage for the hosts.
Associate memberships are available for persons who want to participate, but cannot
attend regularly or host Wine tastings.
• Individual membership is $49.00
• Household membership (2 people with same address) is $62.00
Upcoming Wine Tasting Events:
December 15 – Tracy & Buzz Daugherty - Sparkling Wines and Ham (note: 3rd Weekend)
January 12, 2013 – Mackinaw Winery Tasting and Scents
February 16, 2013 – Willett’s Winery Valentine dinner
March, 2013 – Open
April, 2013 – Hermann, MO – Norton Vertical Tasting
May, 2013 - Open
June, 2013 - Kay and Scott Fischer
July, 2013 - Sherry and Naldo Coelho
August, 2013 - Open
Dec 2012
Volume 3
Issue 12
Spanning the Eight Court Circuit where Abraham Lincoln Practiced

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