Notorious Cabernet Sauvignon


Notorious Cabernet Sauvignon
Notorious by Nice
Cabernet Sauvignon
About the Wine
Our Notorious Cabernet Sauvignon is harvested from the
amazing O'Shaughnessy Vineyards on Howell Mountain.
Our friend, winemaker Sean Capiaux, helped us get our
hands on this amazing fruit and craft a wine that will be
remembered as being truly … Notorious.
Big and bold dark cherry flavors are wrapped in aromas
of cedar, cigar-box, sandalwood, cocoa and vanilla. The
wine was aged in French Oak barrels, and then aged in
the bottle. In total, the wine has been aged for three years
making it luscious and velvety on the palate. Notorious
will benefit from 30 minutes of breathing or decanting to
allow the aromas to open more fully. Pair this bold wine
with heavy dishes like lamb, elk, or a well-marbled steak.
Only four barrels of this wine were made. Enjoy this rare
About Ryan and Ian
Certified Sommeliers, Wine Educators and Le Cordon
Bleu trained Chefs Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld are the
“foodie superduo” behind The Nice Winery. Their chefdriven wines have been featured in Wine Enthusiast, won
94 point ratings and gold medals, and are featured on top
wine lists.
When not making their hand-crafted wines, the chefs
teach about wine and food at their Houston winery and
tasting room.
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