Brachetto d`Acqui DOCG



Brachetto d`Acqui DOCG
no ascorbic acid - no tartaric acid
[Brachetto d’Acqui D.O.C.G.
Grapes: Brachetto d’Acqui
Production area: the Uareine region of the St. Andrea hamlet in the parish of Cassine,
province of Alessandria, Piedmont.
Height of vineyards: 200- 250 metres above sea level
Soil type: average density terrain with calcareous and sand/ gravel strata
Average age of producing vines: 20-25 years
Yield per hectare: 70 hl
Winemaking: Grape picking takes place late using small crates and at different times
depending on maturity. After careful grape selection and gentle de-stemming, the
skins are allowed to remain in contact with the must for around seven days, with
continuous mechanical stirring to ensure good contact with the skins. This is followed
by gentle pressing and racking into temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks where
the wine remains for about a month. The temperature is controlled to ensure that no
further fermentation takes place and that the natural cold filtration process occurs.
The wine is then racked a second time and the temperature is raised and more
fermenting must with carefully selected yeast is added. Fermentation takes place in
temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks under constant pressure until the correct
measure of alcohol is reached.
Bottling: The wine is bottled during the first few months of the year after harvest
without the use of preservatives like ascorbic acid and tartaric acid because of our
special working practices and 100% bottling line sterility. A period of four to five years
of bottle ageing will further enhance the delicacy and balance of this fine wine.
Alcohol by volume: 6 - 7 %
Colour: red tending to pale garnet with an orange rim.
Aroma: woodland fruits, plums, raspberries and roses.
Palate: delicately spicy with hints of maraschino cherries, green pepper leaves, mint
and red berries.
Serving temperature: 10 / 11 °C
Food match: when young with woodland fruits, peaches, apples, strawberries and
puddings. Also an excellent aperitif because of its freshness and purity.]
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