Company Profile - Jalia Technologies


Company Profile - Jalia Technologies
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Be empowered
Company Profile
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1. General Information
Jalia Technologies is headquartered in
Pretoria, South Africa. The contact details
of the company are as follows:
Ground Floor
Lakeview Building
1277 Mike Crawford Avenue
Tel: 012 683 8893
Fax: 086 637 6671
[email protected]
Company Registration Number:
The company is actively trading and
any further information can be obtained
from Henkie Maritz (CEO) at the phone
number or email address listed above.
2. Company Details
2.1 Company Overview
Jalia Technologies was launched in
2012 to be a leading service provider
in the area of business technology.
Jalia Technologies is an empowerment
company with 50% black shareholding.
Company mission statement
We at Jalia Technologies strive to
empower our customers through the
innovative application of ICT. Our goal
is to be the preferred partner in the
provision of ICT services and products.
We aim to empower our employees
so they can provide dazzling service
and produce amazing products, thus
ultimately empowering our customers.
Company values
Jalia Technologies’ values are:
• Empowerment
• Integrity
• Simplicity
• Excellence.
Black Economic Empowerment
We are a certified BEE level 4 company.
General business technology consulting
Jalia Technologies provides business
technology consulting services where we
are able to meet with the leaders of an
organisation to formulate an effective ICT
strategy. This will allow the organisation to
maximise its return on investment in its ICT
Enterprise architecture consulting
With a defined ICT strategy, the enterprise
architecture can be elaborated on. We
have extensive experience in all areas
of enterprise architecture, including
business architecture, data architecture,
information architecture and technical
Software development services
We have development experience
in a wide range of technologies.
Jalia Technologies is able to design and
deliver a system to suit the customer’s
preference and fit in with existing
systems to realise the best value for
money. Jalia Technologies in particular
has very deep Java specialist skills, from
consumers facing web applications to
large-scale highly available enterprise
Project Management
Our extensive experience in ICT project
management gives us a competitive
edge. We are able to manage
and deliver all areas of the system
development lifecycle. Our experience
spans methodologies from the highly
structured Rational Unified Process to
agile methodologies such as Scrum.
Projects managed range from small
systems to very large-scale mission
critical systems.
Jalia Technologies’ customers include small
to large-sized private sector companies
and public sector organisations where
business technology plays a critical role
in improving efficiencies and enhancing
revenue creation.
Industries of focus include:
• Government administration
• Financial services
• Telecommunications
• Supply chain management
• Retail.
Jalia Technologies’ main locale for
doing business is South Africa; however,
engagements in other African countries
are actively pursued.
Company Capacity
Jalia Technologies was founded by Henkie
Maritz and Ntobeko Wakaba to be a
leading business technology services
provider. Both founders have equal
shareholding and extensive experience
in delivering mission-critical enterprise
projects and systems.
Jalia Technologies has formed strategic
partnerships with other independent
software vendors to enable confident
delivery of very large-scale projects. Jalia
Technologies has also partnered with
major first-tier software vendors to ensure
world-class support of project delivery.
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