Mr. Bevil Wooding: Elements of a CARICOM Single ICT Space


Mr. Bevil Wooding: Elements of a CARICOM Single ICT Space
Elements of a
Single ICT Space
b y B ev i l Wo o d i n g
Chief Knowledge Officer
Congress WBN
February 2015
The CARCOM Single ICT Space
At the 34th Regular Meeting of the
Conference of Heads of Government of
CARICOM, Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr.
Keith Mitchell highlighted that a key
recommendation of the
Regional Digital Development
Strategy is the establishment
of a Single ICT space…
The CARCOM Single ICT Space
"In the absence of a clear concept of what
is being advocated…it is like having a song
with an enchanting melody but no lyrics".
Justified Pessimism
The Caribbean’s development
track is littered with the
corpses of bold ambitions and
broken promises.
The implementation capacity
of the Caribbean Community
(CARICOM) neither inspires
hope of instills confidence
Regional Environmental Assessment (2007)
Coherent, Harmonized
Integration Strategy
ICT Cross-Pollination
Statistical Data and
 Inadequate
Awareness &Adoption
 Constrained
Yet The Remains A Case for Optimism
In this new world order our
people become our most
valuable natural resource
We have entered a
world in which
technology has
transformed human
interactions and is now
the most immediate
context of life globally
A Case for Optimism
Creation of a Single ICT Space in CARICOM can
indeed to provide tremendous benefits, if the
region can muster the collective strength to
make it a reality.
• Across the region, the search is already on for areas that
will create new job opportunities, improve competitiveness
and drive innovation.
A Case for Optimism
The Time Is Now
“If ever there was a time
to use ICT to breath fresh
life into the region’s
economies, and fresh
hope into its societies, it is
Context: The Integration Imperative
“Integration is not just an
imperative for the survival of
the region, it is also an
imperative to consolidate our
identity, a sense of our place
in the world” - Norman Girvan
Our Opportunity
To define and articulate a clear set of actionable
priorities that can engage our key stakeholders
and spark a new era of innovation and excellence
in the delivery of justice.
These must be based on native strengths and
shaped to match our vision for development
“Making this all come to pass
point to one fundamental reality –
there will be no Single ICT
+ Space without first a
commitment to a single
Caribbean space.”
Committing to Change
Technology itself is never
the reason things
change…how PEOPLE
choose to apply
technology is the real
catalyst for development.
Key Catalyst…
PEOPLE… with the
conviction, vision and
harmonized, strategic
approach to translate
innovation potential into
innovation reality
for sustainable integration for ICT-enabled solutions investment in
technical systems must be matched by deliberate investment
in mentality shaping, human resource development
Institutional Goals
• Governance
• Performance
• Culture
Application Services
• Business Intelligence
• Knowledge Exchange
• Workflow Productivity
Data Management
• Content Repositories
• Access Controls
• Cataloging
Technology Infrastructure
• Hardware
• Security
• Networking
Framework for
Considering Technology
The CCJ has a unique responsibility to
contribute to the evolution of Caribbean
jurisprudence, building principles of law
based on the culture, history and lived
experiences of homegrown jurists.
The opportunity before it is to create
pioneering technology-enabled systems to
administer law and justice from a Caribbean
perspective for Caribbean societies.
The Collective Challenge
Build indigenous human resource capacity to enable and support the
region’s development agenda
Define and uphold a standards and policies for the regional technology
Provide leadership with an organized view of the increasingly complex and
evolving landscape of technologies and technology-enabled solutions
Help more readily identify opportunities for improved efficiency and cost
savings through the use of technology
Promote alignment of ICT initiatives with national and regional
development goals
Key Components
Local Digital Content
Stakeholder Engagement
Enabling Policies
Enabling Infrastructure
Defined Vision and Development Agenda
Supporting Elements
Leadership Engagement
Community Engagement and Participation
Institutional Strengthening
Education and Human Resource Development
Media and Public Awareness
Research and Measurement Frameworks
Areas of Coordinated Attention
Leadership Development
Experts Networking
• Facilitate Inter-Governmental
• Deliver Customized Leadership
Development Programs
• Network Special Interest Groups
• Harness the Diaspora
Community Empowerment
• Facilitate Strategic Development
• Support and leverage existing
regional ICT-based initiatives
• Pilot targeted ICT-based projects
• Collaboration with Regional Bodies
• Promote Effective Regional ICT
• Expand Centre of Excellence
Curriculum and Programmes
Single ICT Space Ecosystem
(Developers, Users, Innovators, Entrepreneurs,
Content Managers, etc.)
(Data and Apps)
Our Youth Have A Major Part to Play
Generating Local
Creating ValueAdded Services
• Multimedia content, moblie apps,
• VoIP, Broadcasting, eLearning, eGov
• eCommerce Facilitation, Order Fulfilment,
Transaction Support Rural broadband Access
Active Attention To…
Intensive regional
Targeted high-level
leadership education and
Streamlined activation of
special interest communities
Outstanding Questions
How to Secure Political Commitment?
How to Accelerate Needed Policy Transformation?
What’s the Best Implementation Model?
How to Synchronize Current Initiatives and Vehicles
How to Keep Key Actors Accountable?
Start with what We have
Encourage Innovation
Challenge the Status Quo
“The time has come to move forward fully,”
~Sir Dennis Byron
Share the Success Stories
Elements of a
Single ICT Space
“I pray that our deliberations will redound to the benefit of
those we serve, the people of our beloved Caribbean.”
Bevil Wooding
Chief Knowledge Officer
Congress WBN
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