Anette Raichbart, Principal
September 1, 2015
801 Plymouth Ave. Fremont, CA 94539
T: 510-656-5242 F: 510-656-6026
Trudy Wentworth, School Secretary
Megan Parker, Attendance
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Welcome back to school! I hope each of you had a relaxing and
enjoyable summer break. It has been wonderful seeing all of your
children ready for the beginning of our 2015/2016 school year. I’d like
to give a special welcome to all of our new students. We are so happy
that you have joined our Chadbourne family!
Sept 1st - 6:00pm Student Site
Council Meeting – Room 1
We have some incredible new teachers joining our staff this year.
Please welcome 5th Grade teacher - Shelby Aldinger, Computer Prep
teacher - Shaina Khan, and Music Prep teacher - Sandy Shimkus.
Tonight at 7pm in Room 1 is our first CFFA (Chadbourne Family Faculty
Assoc.) meeting of the school year. CFFA is our parent teacher group –
similar to a PTA organization. As you know, highly rated schools have
involved parents. We are very lucky to have the active support of our
parents and it shows! Please come to our CFFA meeting tonight. We
look forward to your input and influence. Parents – PLEASE join us!
Chadbourne’s Back To School Night is Tuesday, September 15th
6:30pm - 6:45pm you will meet with me in the Multi-Use Room
for important updates and information about this school year.
From 6:45- 7:30 you will meet with your child’s teacher in their
classrooms. Your child’s teacher will share their expectations for your
child’s grade level, and give you important information regarding
curriculum, report cards/grading, testing, and class activities. You will
find out about various ways to be an active participant in your child’s
education at Chadbourne. Back to School Night is a very important
event at our school. This event is for parents only. Don’t miss it!
Are you interested in after school activities for your child? We have
MANY after school groups to choose from at Chadbourne. Activities will
begin towards the end of September/beginning of October. The
various after school groups will have tables set up outside of the multiuse room for you to visit at Back To School night so that you can learn
more about them and pick up a flyer for how to register with their
various programs. Their tables will be set up by 6PM that evening so
that you have time to check them out. They will stay set up after Back
To School night as well in case you need more time.
Sept 1st - 7:00pm CFFA Meeting
(This is our parent/teacher group.)
– Room 1
Meetings on the first Tuesday of
every month
Sept 11th – Patriot Day (School
Spirit Day)
Sept 15th – Back To School Night
6:30pm: Meet with Principal in
6:45pm-7:30pm: Meet with your
child’s teacher in their classroom
Sept 25th – Pioneer Day (School
Spirit Day)
Sept 29th – Fall School Pictures
Our first School Spirit Day is Patriot Day on September 11th. Students
please wear Red White and Blue. On Sept 25th our Student Council
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voted for Pioneer Day. Please wear Chadbourne colors and/or school
logo clothing on that day.
Our newsletter is available online at:
Keep informed! Join our Yahoo Group for ongoing school updates!
Happy September,
Anette Raichbart - Principal
We are pleased to announce that you can find our newsletter on line:
Volunteers at School
If you are interested in Volunteering in your child’s classroom or at the school, please log on to: for additional information. We really appreciate all of our volunteers! J
IMPORTANT: Parking in the Bus Zone and Staff Parking
Please do not park in the Yellow Zone in front of our school. This area is reserved for school
busses that transport Chadbourne student to and from school. The Fremont Police department
will be monitoring this area regularly.
Also, please do not park in parking slots that are labeled STAFF – even in the middle of the
school day. We have very limited parking here at Chadbourne and we need to make sure our
staff has a space to park. Often our teachers will leave for a meeting or lunch and return to find
no spaces available in our staff lots. The parking lots are for staff and disabled parking only.
Chadbourne Band
After School Band
Join the After School Band program this year and learn how to play a band instrument. (Woodwind, Brass, and
No experience is necessary. Classes meet once a week after school right here on campus. Registration is online.
Go to to register and for more information on the After School Band program.
Questions about Hopkins Band Program? Contact [email protected].
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1st Day of School IMPORTANT Policy Change – PLEASE READ
Change to BP/AR 5113.1 – Students Must Be Present the First Day of School All students must be in class on the first day of school, August 26, 2015. Students who are not in school on the first day of school will not be guaranteed a seat at their School and may have to be overloaded to another school effective the second day of school if classrooms at their School are filled. The only exception will be students who are absent due to illness. If a student is absent the first day due to illness, parents/guardians must notify the school every day the student is absent. Seats will NOT be held for students on extended vacations or other optional activities, whether or not the school is notified. FUSD on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube!! Stay up to date with all the news and happenings throughout the Fremont Unified School District. Visit and like FUSD's official Facebook page at Fremont Usd, follow the District on Twitter at @USDFremont, and subscribe for the latest videos on YouTube at Fremont Unified School District. Updated daily, FUSD's Social Media pages are the best resources for the latest information and photos from all 42 schools, District Departments -­‐ even news from around the Fremont community. From the District Office - Posting of Emergency Information
Reminder to families that information regarding Emergency situations around FUSD will be posted on the District website at From the homepage under 'Quick Links' or under the 'Resources & Contacts' tab, click 'Emergency Info.' Information will also be posted on the District Facebook page at Fremont USD and Twitter page at @USDFremont. Individual schools will also contact families via their respective communication systems as soon as it is safe to do so. FUSD Proposed Core Novels
The FREMONT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT announces a list of proposed core novels for use in
literature courses in grades 7-12 for the 2015-16 school year. These books are available for review by
the public in the district's Curriculum and Instruction office before becoming a part of the curriculum.
Please take the time to review the video and comment on the vimeo link. Medicine for Students
If your student is required to take medications at school, you must complete the Medications At
School FORM D. You may find this form on the FUSD website. Departments - Student Support Services - Misc. Forms - medication at school.
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Join the Chadbourne Yahoo! Group
In an effort to communicate with the Chadbourne community as efficiently as possible, you can
now join the Chadbourne Group at Yahoo. Please join! This is one of the best methods for our
parents to stay informed about what is happening at school. Membership is open to all and is
used by the Chadbourne Office and CFFA to communicate with parents. More information may
be found at the website which is:
Cell Phone Agreement Forms
If your child brings a cell phone to school, you will need to have a Cell Phone Agreement form
signed on file in the office. Forms are available in the office.
Please note: This agreement must be renewed every year.
Visitors on Campus
A volunteer on campus is an individual who is here to help a teacher or a program on
our campus. When you come on campus, ALL volunteers must check in at the office
and sign-in. There you will receive a sticker admitting you on campus. Our staff is
diligent about the safety of our students. If you see someone without a sticker, send
him or her to the office or contact a staff member immediately. This is for your
student’s safety!
No visitors are allowed on campus during the school day. Please drop students off in
the front of the school.
Daily school attendance is very important to assure your child’s maximum progress in school.
If your child is absent, please call the school office at 510-656-5242 that morning. Megan, our
school attendance clerk, will clear your child’s absence. The office must verify all absences. Your
cooperation is greatly appreciated. All homework requests must be made before 10am.
Please remember that if your student is tardy it becomes a part of their attendance record. To
avoid having your child marked as Tardy – always make certain that your student arrives to
school in time to be sitting in his/her seat by the final bell. Tardy students are required to
obtain a Tardy Pass from the school office before they go to their classrooms.
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School Lunch
Checks for school lunches must be made out to Chadbourne CNS and contain the name of the
child and the child's room number. Lunches may be prepaid in the following amounts:
1 week: $15.00
2 weeks: $30.00
3 weeks: $45.00
4 weeks: $60.00
Cost: $3.00 (which includes milk) Milk only: 50¢
The check may be sent to the office in advance and placed in the Child Nutrition Services basket
on the front counter.
Information About After School Activities at Chadbourne
The office is continually receiving information on community activities and other
programs/information you may find useful.
Different organizations also provide us with printed information, and we are happy to make them
available to you. We do this as a public service, not as an endorsement of any program.
On September 15, 2015, before and after Back To School Night, our scheduled after school
groups will be passing out flyers about their various programs. These will have information
tables set up near the Multi Use Room that evening. Please visit their tables before (6pm –
6:30pm) or after (7:30pm -8:00pm) you meet with our Principal and your child’s teacher that
Bay Area Debate Club
Invent-a-bot Learning Center
Bricks 4 Kidz
Boy Scouts
Cub Scouts
Euro School of Tennis
Math & Science Olympiad
Hindi Language Class
Mad Science
Girl Scouts
Science Matters Foundation
Speak Debate
Success Chess School
Challenge Island
French Language Class
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Mommy and Me Classes at Fremont Adult School
The Parent Education Department at Fremont Adult School offers classes for parents to attend
with their toddlers and/or preschoolers. Each parent will participate with his/her child in
activities provided in a preschool setting to help children develop skills in the following areas:
creative art, pre-math, reading readiness, science and sensory exploration, circle time story and
songs. Classes are offered Monday-Thursdays. For registration information please call
510793-6465 or
*Annual passes can be paid for on a 10-month payment plan using a debit or credit card.
Annual Round Trip = $67.00 per month
Annual One Way =
$39.00 per month
FUSD bus passes for the 2015-2016 School Year will be sold at the Transportation Department beginning:
Transportation Department Office
43770 S Grimmer Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 657-1450
Monday through Friday
7:30 AM and 4:00 PM
General information for 2015-2016 FUSD bus passes is posted on the FUSD website under
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~ SEPT 2015 ~
◄ Apr 2015
6:00pm SSC Meeting
7:00pm CFFA Meeting
Labor Day
Holiday (No
Patriot Day
Back to School
6:30 - 6:45 – MUR
meet with
6:45 – 7:30 Meet
with your child’s
teacher in
6- 6:30 & 7:30 – 8
Chadbourne After
School Groups
passing out flyers
Pioneer Day
Fall Picture
Fremont Unified School District
Special Education Department
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Do you know a child with special needs?
We want to be sure that every child who has a disability receives the help he or she needs. We want to be sure that no
child is overlooked.
Everyone in the community who is concerned with the welfare of children may participate in the Child Find Process.
The district actively seeks out and accepts referrals to assess children who may have a disability. This assessment is
provided at no cost to the parent.
A referral to Child Find may be made by a parent or by any person concerned about a child. Parent involvement and
agreement is obtained prior to any further action. Information is confidential and the privacy of child and parents is
If you know of a child who has one or more of the following disabilities (or you suspect a child has a disability), please let
us know. We're here to help.
Blindness or vision impairment
Deafness or hearing impairment
Developmental disability (Intellectual Disability)
Learning disability
Physical or orthopedic disability
Speech/Language difficulties or delays
For more information or to let us know about the student, please
see the recommended contacts.
For Children Ages Birth to Five:
Contact the Glankler Early Learning Center at
For Students in K-12 Programs:
Contact the administrator at the school your
child attends
For students attending Private Schools in Fremont, please contact the Special Education
Department of the Fremont Unified School District Office directly at (510) 657-2569.
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