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Chrysalis - Velammal Vidhyashram
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An ideal
Education is the study of life, living,
surroundings, purpose, promise and
progress made thereof. Various skills
like different streams; subjects and
topics form the cocoon that provides the
nourishment called knowledge for the
mind to blossom into a learned being.
The sole ambition of establishing Velammal Vidhyashram,
a network of K-12 CBSE Schools, is to provide knowledge
that makes students strong, tenacious, multifaceted and
explorative. The school aims to produce academically strong
individuals with honesty, integrity, humility, a sense of
responsibility. The students of these institutions are taught to
be self-confident, self-analytical, socially sensitive, tolerant
and progressive in approach. The individualized and wellknitted programs help students gear up for global challenges
confidently and with compassion.
The Vision of Velammal Vidhyashram institutions spread across
Chennai is to provide world class education by imparting the study
skill & life skills to be a winner in global society and to face the
emerging challenges with leadership qualities including dedication
and human values.
Objectives of Velammal Vidhyashram:
Learning in the Environment: Teaching also happens in the midst of nature, so
that learning happens by absorption and observation.
Focus on Learning: Encourage each student to explore his or her maximum
potential, both academic and social.
People and Best Practices: Employ teachers and staff with the best training and
subject knowledge; who are passionate, committed and result-driven.
Global Citizens: Maintain an international culture in the school that is reflected
in its learning programs and global connections.
Infrastructure and Facilities: Provide the latest infrastructure and educational
practices appropriate to the intellectual needs of the students coming from
across the globe.
Collective Responsibility: Encourage students, teachers, administration and
parents to play an active role in promoting educational excellence.
Creating Partnerships: Associating with academicians, reputed h and
organisations from across the world to bring in the best in educational practices
through exchange programmes.
Future-Focused: Strive to be the leading and progressive school, firmly focused
on the future aspirations, while being strongly rooted in the rich heritage and
culture of our past.
Community Connections: Connect with our local community, in order to
make a relevant contribution by establishing and maintaining meaningful
The banyan spread its shoots
Velammal, today has emerged as one of the largest
and roots.
education groups in the country. The sheer number
of its alumni spread across the nook and corner of
the globe pursuing successful careers are a testimony
of its global presence and acceptance.
Smt. Velammal Avargal
1995 Velammal Engineering College, Surapet, Chennai.
A generation has passed through the portal of Velammal.
The grand old Lady’s motivating words have inspired
thousands of impressionable minds to set foot on the path
shown by the humble mother. It will continue doing so for
2008 Velammal Vidhyashram, Ambattur
2000 Velammal Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Surapet, Chennai.
generations to come!
2013Anuppanadi, Madurai.
2000 Velammal Vidhyashram, Surapet, Chennai.
2010 Velammal Vidyalaya, Anuppanadi, Madurai.
2012 Velammal IIT Surapet, Chennai
2014 Velammal Global School. Surapet, Chennai.
2013 Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute
2014 Velammal Global School, Mambakkam.
2014 Velammal Global School Padappai
The single most conspicuous advantage at Velammal
International programmes in schooling as well as
Mother, who believed that education with positive intentions to serve the society is the
2014 Velammal Vidhyashram, Mambakkam, Chennai.
2015 Velammal New-Gen School, Chennai.
professional UG and PG courses in Engineering,
Management and Medicine. The holistic approach
and the diverse curricula followed in Velammal
institutions across the state makes a preferred
destination for the aspiring students.
The mammoth juggernaut of Velammal laden with the treasure of knowledge began
its odyssey fuelled with an eternal powerful source of energy - the inspiring words of
Educational Network is that it has a bouquet of
courses from KG to PG viz., Matric, CBSE and
“... Little drops of water....
make a mighty ocean!”
noblest of deeds which will touch lives for generations to come.
The juggernaut moves on today, majestically and methodically. Even the dust thus
raised spreads knowledge. The humble and obscure village home and school belie the
2014 Velammal Vidhyashram, Padappai, Chennai.
birth of an engineer transformed into an educator and an administrator who moved
away from building structures and is now engrossed in building the future of the
Under the aegis of the Velammal
philosophy, we look forward to
nurturing generations here. We firmly
I welcome your child and you to a new experience in education,
believe that childhood is a memorable
for a new outlook on life. As a progressive, learning-centric, co-
period of life and this precious time
educational school, we commit to create a right platform for the
should be nurtured to grow leaps and
young minds in this evolving global environment. We commit to
bounds. Taking that forward, we are
provide effective framework for teaching - learning, value added
proud to take the onus of furthering
infrastructure and ideal socialising environment to maximize the
young minds to a future that will be an
students learning opportunities. Highly experienced faculty and
example in its own.
support staff have been selected to promote learning as a process
that is both challenging and responsible, all without compromising
on sound ethical values we believe in.
M.V. Muthuramalingam
Velammal Educational Trust.
M.V. M. Velmurugan
The flag of
flutters on.
The growing need of the national curriculum,
CBSE, and the persistent demand from the
parent community have prompted Velammal
Vidhyashram to spread its quality initiative to
different parts of Chennai.
Velammal Vidhyashram was established in the year 2011 in
a vast area of land at Surapet, Chennai. Within a short span
of time, the school has emerged as one of the largest CBSE
K-12 institutions in the state. At Velammal Vidhyashram, the
ambience inspires inquisitiveness, facilities stimulate a positive
attitude, the infrastructure kindles the desire to explore and
experiment so as to satiate the hunger for knowledge.
gains more
The primary purpose of these institutions is
to acclimatize the students to the changing
educational environment for better adaptability
and productivity.
The new schools planned are highly accessible, are close to
the IT corridor and the rapidly developing residential zone of
Chennai. These campuses are futuristic in design, aesthetically
planned and precisely constructed to suit the contemporary
needs of children in this highly competitive educational
scenario. The unique advantage of joining the students at
Velammal Vidhyashram is the uniform and the holistic CBSE
curriculum followed by all the institutions in the network.
Talent is inborn, traits should
be imparted.
There are many aspects that complete a student’s personality.
These aspects eventually go on to combine to shape up the
individual. They become the basis for one’s learning, growth
Positive Abilities
for a successful
and the entire mental make-up. If a child is to grow up into
an achiever, certain traits are the key. And at Velammal
Vidhyashram, we focus on them.
Logical: Cultivate an essence to use logic to
tackle issues, tasks and challenges. Students
are actively involved in assignments that foster
logical aptitude in both independent and
collaborative tasks.
Adaptability: Using the scientifically designed
adaptive behaviour assessment process the
teachers gauge the students intellectual
and grasping ability. The teachers evaluate
students’ interest and address the grey areas
of learning.
Critical and Creative Thinking:
Students are encouraged to be creative,
innovative, risk-takers as well as use their
imagination. Put to use their range of skills
and strategies spontaneously in a myriad of
learning contexts.
Academic Honesty: Academic integrity is a
cornerstone of the students’ growth in the
process of acquisition of knowledge. The
school is committed to create a scholarly
community characterised by academic honesty
and freedom from discrimination of any kind.
Co-Operative: Students are taught to be
sharing, caring and challenging while engaging
in highly challenging programmes. To be
expressive with their peers and teachers
to present their thoughts emphatically and
Leadership: To provide the right platform for
students to exhibit their leadership qualities,
tolerance, analytical skills, positive outlook
and perseverance. The house leaders are
given duties to undertake which are exciting,
rewarding and challenging.
Communication Skills: Right from the initial
years, communication skills in the children
are developed for a healthy interpersonal
relationship, evaluate mediated messages, and
learn to present themselves in effective and
competent ways to others.
Analytical Skills: Students are not only honed
in being analytical during planned academic
sessions but are also motivated through
participation in several mind games. The
students are taught to make connections
between what they are learning and the
application to real life problems.
Intuitive: The basis of being investigative
begins with intuition. It is a positive trait that
is highly appreciated in the contemporary
society. The school provides the right kind of
grooming and an impetus to hone this quality
that can be used as a tool of advantage.
Physically Agile: Sports and games activities
ensure that every child is physically agile and
strong. The physical fitness programme is
an integral part of the daily schedule, which
is planned to cultivate sportsmanship and
mentally sharp with a positive attitude.
Tech Savvy: Technological development is a
constant process that brings many changes in
not only education but also in day-to-day life.
To direct its efforts the school has evolved with
an ICT education that allows students to gain a
gamut of skills.
Social & Moral: To drive home the importance
of human values and ethics by initiating social
and moral lessons right from the early years of
learning. The students are involved in various
outreach programmes.
Principled: The significance of being
responsible and taking initiatives is elucidated
in the students. It helps them to grow up to be
principled and a person of strong conviction,
willing to stand up and be counted.
Open Mindedness: The need to be receptive
to ideas and embrace new concepts is a sign of
quality learning. ‘An open umbrella protects us
from rain’. Similarly eagerness to accept fresh
thoughts and theories is a firm step towards a
determined growth.
Making students
believe in
themselves to
be a life - long
The Vision of Velammal Vidhyashram
institutions spread across Chennai is to
provide a happy, caring and stimulus-rich
learning environment where every student
becomes a well-rounded individual and
make his or her best contribution to the
Conceptualized as a day school, it provides all the facilities
to keep their interest quotient alive and sustained day after
day throughout the year to pursue the course with undivided
attention. The school aims to captivate the imagination of
children right from the moment they board the school bus.
All the buses are provided with vigilant caretakers, who ensure
the safe and joyful journey to and from school. Elaborate
security arrangements are also made in the school premises.
The gathering of students for morning assembly signals the
beginning of the daylong academic activities.
The driving
force called
Velammal Vidhyashram Early Learning
Foundation Stage addresses the crucial areas
of learning viz., Knowledge & Understanding
of the World - Problem Solving, Reasoning
and Numeracy - Personal, Social and
Emotional Development - Communication,
Language and Literacy - Creative and
Physical Development.
Velammal has developed a scientific and strategic Early Years
Programme following the best teaching practices globally. The
course programme aims at helping children reach the highest
degree of independence and confidence. Formal lessons are
introduced in a guided way in the form of short periods with
well-defined exercises to develop concentration and learning
inquisitiveness. The Children learn to direct and develop their
mutual curiosity through creative work and play, with strong
emphasis on letter and number recognition. Children are cared for
individually, in an environment that is both stimulating and funfilled, without curbing their natural curiosity and freedom.
Starting early,
learning well,
for life.
The primary school years form an
important chapter in a child’s education.
The student-centric learning programme
imparted here sets the right foundation
for learning and development. During the
course, the prime focus of the teachers
is on nurturing and strengthening
independent learning in an thought
provoking environment .
The Primary Level curriculum aims to nurture:
Student-centric approach meeting all the requirements of
the next level
Communicate ideas and express creativity through action
Become well-balanced, confident and competent learners
Develop a strong relationship between staff and students
Life and study skills that support healthy personal
A love for learning and explorative attitudes
Have a fair and consistent approach to discipline
A platform for smooth transition from childhood to
adolescence learning
The joy of
Teachers work as a team, share their
experience and expertise, pool resources
and plan innovative programs to develop a
student’s intellectual, personal, emotional
and social skills to grow up in this rapidly
globalizing society.
The faculty of the school form the foundation for
accomplishment of the Velammal Vidhyashram vision. Teachers
with lot of patience guide and facilitate the learning of every
child to be independent. Whether in the classroom or during
the practical sessions, teachers foster integrated connections
with curriculum and develop interactive sessions based on
students’ interests and inquiries. Teachers also use top-of-theline resources and state-of-the-art ICT tools installed in the
classrooms to enhance inferences, retention and reflection.
Chalking out
a promising
The classroom programmes at Velammal
Vidhyashram are blended with real time
environment for better understanding
of subjects taught; to cultivate creative
thinking and practical applications.
Field trips and educational tours are an integral part of the
experiential programmes followed in the school. These exclusive
activity-based educational tours and camps are based on
the grasping abilities and age group of students. Field trips,
adventure camps and short span picnics conducted during the
academic plan are directly related to the unit being studied.
Predictions, observations and questions are incorporated into
classroom before and after field trips as they teach students
to face realistic challenges, tackle real-life situations and
then correlate them with textbook learning. Students, during
these trips, develop leadership qualities, inter-personal skills;
understand the value of sharing, caring, teamwork, collaboration
and co-ordination.
In the world
outside, to
know it better.
The focus of the unique primary
programme followed till Grade V is on
developing mental faculties of the student
while creating a relevant, engaging,
challenging environment that promotes
open mindedness, independence and
The comprehensive, thematic and creative Primary Programme
nurtures global mindedness with a clear process of learning and
with specific learning goals for every subject. The student-centric
learning programmes go beyond the four walls of a classroom,
to provide ample opportunities for the students to discover new
interests, learn new skills, build their character and develop new
friendships. The traditional academic subjects -Mathematics,
Science, Social Science and Language skills are taught in the
primary grades using planned activities, simplified projects
and inquiry-based sessions. Periodic parent-teacher meetings
are conducted to help parents understand the curriculum and
teaching methodology adopted by the school.
Getting to
the root of
the problem.
Velammal Vidhyashram aims to inculcate
the reading habit in children from the
initial years of schooling. It has allocated
sufficient time in the academic schedule
for the students to spend in its vast Library
Media Centre.
The Library with attached digital section forms the backbone of
the academic and research activities at Velammal Vidhyashram.
Library Media Centre ignites the joy of reading and a spirit of
exploration for the student community and faculty. The fully
air-conditioned Library Media Centre acts as the knowledge
hub for students of different age groups. Students can seek the
desired information on any functional area of learning and
communication, arts etc., right from fiction to specialized
subject encyclopaedias. The library is automated, fully classified
and catalogued to facilitate the users to search and gather
information on their own. For the benefit of the student
community the library will be subscribing to several databases
for online research.
Adding a lot
more than just
knowledge to
Velammal Vidhyashram believes
that technology and technological
developments have given rise to profound
changes in society, transforming how
we access and process information, how
we communicate with others and how
we work and solve problems. The school
has the latest ICT lab, where the focus is
on building the students’ experience and
comfort with integrated technology.
The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Program will:
Enable them to use and apply ICT effectively as a means to access, process and communicate information.
Challenge students to independently apply practical and resourceful thinking skills using technology.
Encourage students to explore the role of information technology in both historical and modern-day contexts.
Raise students’ awareness of their responsibilities as global citizens when making decisions and taking action on technological issues.
Motivate the students to appreciate the significance of technology in life, society and the ecosystem.
Velammal Vidhyashram has designed an
Integrated Foundation Programme (IIT/
Medical) from Grade VI onwards that
provides customized benefits for students
to enhance their knowledge and creative
abilities to crack future competitive
examinations positively.
The school is empathetic and responsive to the changing
societal needs in the prevailing educational system. The focused
Integrated Foundation Programme (IIT/Medical) is aimed to
strengthen the academic standards of the student and make
him ready for the future challenges. The faculty, with a deep
understanding of early adolescent development, triggers
a passion in the students to develop their core expressive,
analytical and logical skills; science and mathematics
knowledge to meet individual challenges to extend their areas
of strength. The academic program emphasises on developing
critical thinking and problem-solving strategies, while meeting
the needs of the evolving competitive environment.
grows with
During middle school experience teachers
following the simplified Integrated
Foundation Programme strengthen the
fundamental academic standards of the
students through interactive and practical
orientated learning.
Velammal Vidhyashram is a new generation technology
integrated school to support its interactive -oriented research
programmes. The teachers with lot of patience use the ultramodern facilities, foster integral connections with curriculum
and develop interactive presentations based on students’
interests and inquiries. The state-of-the-art facilities in Botany,
Zoology, Chemistry and Physics lab created here provide the
right ambience for the students to explore and apply their
knowledge. To improve and inculcate scientific temper in the
students, superior instruction is provided in specialised areas
such as Space, Research, Robotics and Nanotechnology.
with science.
The teaching methodology adopted in the
higher sections is proactive and ensures
active participation of every student in
the class. The students are divided in
groups based on their overall skills and are
groomed for better results.
To deliver better results the entire curriculum for the year is
well planned and implemented in three semesters. The process
of learning includes discussions, case studies, investigations,
problem solving, project works, periodic tests and other
interactive activities. The scientifically devised assessment
systems followed here help the teachers to analyse academic
performance of the students at micro level and take corrective
measures at the earliest. To make the students face the challenges
of the future confidently, they are encouraged to appear for
NTSE, Science and Mathematics Olympiads to test their subject
knowledge, logical and analytical skills.
The real test is
in the outside
At Velammal Vidhyashram, the approach is novel,
student-specific and result oriented. Adequate
emphasis is laid on two vital factors that guide their
learning: short-term goals and long-term goals.
Whereas making the student understand his/her skills
and setting a goal is the immediate purpose, long term
plan of the faculty is to put in all the efforts to make the
student succeed in achieving their goal in first attempt.
To manifest in students the best academic traits in pursuit of excellence.
To impart innovative and well researched integrated
To promote student-centric programmes to explore the latent talents in the students.
To analyse and adopt the best teaching - learning practices followed globally.
To promote interactive teaching using latest innovations in technology.
To emphasise on experiential and project-based learning.
To encourage students to participate in research, case studies, presentations and GD.
To groom students as academically strong individuals to face any competition confidently.
To support talent pool with customized integrated programmes to achieve their goals.
To help students develop sense of camaraderie and teamwork.
To be community consciousness with high standards of self-
with knowledge,
with experience.
Right words of motivation from the right
quarters go a long way in motivating
students. To focus on future goals from
the beginning, stalwarts and eminent
personalities from all walks of life are
invited to guide and motivate the students.
Velammal does not believe in preparing students merely from
the examination point of view. Emphasis is laid on shaping the
students into individuals, with strong integrity, smart personality
and as confident individuals. The school has tie-ups with reputed
organisations to provide value added certification programmes
for both faculty and students to enhance their knowledge and
presentation skills. The students are constantly updated about
the various career options available all successfully completing
their K-12 education. Periodical counselling is offered by the
psychologist in house to help students of different age groups
to stay focused and overcome their problems, which could be
personal, studies related, peer pressure or for career guidance.
The students are also encouraged to participate in several
state and national level events to overcome their shyness and
communicate effectively, emphatically and clearly.
A word of
motivation goes
a long way
The co-curricular and extracurricular
activities of Velammal Vidhyashram
provide perfect relaxation and a welcome
break from academic routines. These are
directed towards the mental, physical,
social and spiritual development of the
Velammal Vidhyashram desires to be recognised not only as
a centre for academic excellence, but also for its vibrant and
diverse range of clubs and societies that engage students and give
them the opportunity to discover new passion and pursue what
interests them. Under the guidance of experts , ample time is
allocated in the school schedule for students to pursue activities
of clubs and societies. The clubs and societies in the school
include Arts & Crafts Club, Literary Arts Society, Music and
Dramatic Club, Life Skills Club, Adventure Club, Sports Club,
Science Club, Robotics Club, Math Club and Home Science
Club. The school is divided into four houses and several interhouse competitions are conducted.
Clubbing talent
with practice and
The well-structured PE programme from
early learning years to high school is
anticipated to cultivate positive qualities in
the students like good sportsmanship,
co-operation, punctuality and team/
school spirit.
Early Years: The initial years’ PE programme consists of an
array of fun-filled learning activities to strengthen basic skills of
mental coordination and gross motor skills. The toddler’s play
area includes swings and slides and various other equipment to
improve co-ordination skills and overall health improvement.
Primary School: The programme aggregates a variety of
activities to strengthen both physical and mental faculties in
the students at this stage. Students are exposed to life-saving
skills like Swimming and Martial Arts as well as Athletics, Yoga,
Meditation and so on.
Middle School: The physical development facilities and
extensive range of games and sports excite students' interest and
encourage maximum participation. Players are encouraged to
develop a long-standing affinity for competitive sports. Highly
skilled teachers and trainers develop specific sports-related skills
that come handy in real game situations.
High School: Students are tuned to demonstrate personal
responsibility and commitment on the field. Teachers encourage
them to develop leadership skills, emotional toughness and serve
as role models to the younger students.
Sweating it
out to win.
The school life at Velammal Vidhyashram
provides countless opportunities to take
part in a wide range of sports on a daily
basis. These activities form an ideal
avenue to channalise their emotions
constructively, while inculcating in them a
positive attitude.
The indoor and outdoor sports complex at Velammal
Vidhyashram houses a vast playground, dedicated tennis,
basketball and volley ball courts, running track and a skating
rink which encourages team spirit and healthy competitiveness
among the students. The impressively designed vast play
ground with well designed athletic track is a great asset for
overall physical development activities. Experienced instructors
in Football, Cricket and Hockey, give the students training.
Physical exercises, Aerobics and Gymnastics practised by the
students help to keep their body well toned, mind agile and
For instilling that
feeling of
Confidence and
Education is a guiding light. It can show us
the way, but we have to walk the distance.
It can teach us to be tolerant, but we
should learn to love. It can tell us about
values, but the kindness should flow from
All the campuses of Velammal Vidhyashram with excellent
landscapes and eco-friendly plantations captivate the mood of
the children. The students are taught the 3Rs of eco-friendly
living: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; practically adopting the habits to
be in tune with preserving the pristine surroundings bestowed
on us by nature. The children are given projects, which will
make them understand the harm in using non-biodegradable
ware in their daily life and the responsibility to preserve nature
for future generations. Community services like keeping the
environment clean and green, planting trees, helping to make
the surroundings pollution-free are undertaken to inculcate in
the young minds to “go green” and to save the planet.
Socially conscious
with a social
Velammal Vidhyashram is the catalyst that initiates
that process of formal learning in every child that
step into the premises. At every step the child finds
the ambience motivating, activities educating and the
facilities stimulating quality learning. The years that
the child spends will be measured not by what the
child learnt or how much the child learnt but how
well he or she has evolved as an individual from this
Let your child spread its wings of knowledge into a
dazzle of colours called skills.
A little bit of
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