Kellam - Workshop!


Kellam - Workshop!
Floyd e. Kellam
High School
Floyd E. Kellam High School, opened in 1962, serves the largest geographical area of any school in the City of
Virginia Beach. The boundaries run from the highly populated General Booth corridor south to the North Carolina
line and from Landstown east to Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This uniqueness is also seen in the diverse
student population of Kellam High School.
The student population includes 83 percent Caucasian students, 9 percent African-American students, 4 percent
Hispanic, and 3 percent Asian/Pacific Islander students. Our current total population is 1,809 students. A new building
for Kellam High School on West Neck Road was officially opened in January of 2014. The total cost of the school
was estimated at about $102 million dollars. It is a two-story building that occupies 336,410 square feet.
Alma Mater
Kellam High School, ever faithful,
Noble, brave, and strong,
Glory, honor, truth, and beauty,
Echo in our song.
Bruce Biehl, Principal
Dr. Sherri Brooks, Assistant Principal
Dr. Christopher Jones, Assistant Principal
Carrie Pierce, Assistant Principal
And, with hearts of thankfulness,
We lift your praises high.
Kellam, lead us ever onward
As the years go by.
Richard Trumble, Assistant Principal
Jim Moxey, Student Activities Coordinator
Jo Blackmon, Assistant Student Activities
Did you know
Kellam High School was named in honor of
Floyd Eaton Kellam who was a lawyer and judge
a Princess Anne County.
The land was donated by the Kellam family.
The school opened in September of 1962.
Only grades 7-10 were the only ones attending
Class of 2016
Jo Blackman
President – Maggie Sullivan
Vice President – Sara Mejia
Secretary – Sarah Hornung
Treasurer – Shannon Mooney
at that time.
There were only 176 students in the first
graduation class (Class of 1963)
Kellam High School is the largest geographical
community of the 11 high schools in Virginia
Kellam High School held their first overnight
Leadership Workshop in the 2014-2015 school
year at Camp Silver Beach.
Mallory Apelis
Abbie McGee
President – Emily Rose
Vice President – Hannah Smith
Secretary – Autumn Guild
Treasurer – Dakota MacMillan
Historian – Courtney Owen
Class of 2017
Thalia Serino
Sara Shepperd
President - Jarrod Tanedo
Vice President – Tyler Starkey
Secretary – Jordan Benderoth
Treasurer – Justin Fernandes
Class of 2018
Anne Marzitello
President – Kaitlyn Ashcraft
Vice President – Naomi Reynolds
Secretary – Kyra Higgins

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