Payment Procedure, Enter to the Campus Virtual and Password


Payment Procedure, Enter to the Campus Virtual and Password
Payment Procedure, Enter to the Campus Virtual and Password Reset Guide
I) Payment Procedure
At first, the participants must fill the information required in the payment link such as first name,
middle name, last name, date of birth, and email. This will be used as your user name and contact
email address for your account. Then click on “Continuar”.
You will be registered as a new user in the Campus Virtual and the following window will appear with the
You will receive an email from [email protected], follow the link enclosed in the mail in order
to confirm your email address.
Therefore, you will confirm your information with a “Usuario/correo electrónico” that is your email
address and “Contraseña Nueva” which is your new password. Click on “Ingresar” to complete the
The following window will appear with the confirmation of your registration. Then you could click on enlace
in order to enter to Campus Virtual.
You could access to the Campus Virtual with the email address “Usuario” and the password
Note: If you do not remember your password, click on ¿Olvidó su contraseña?, Check the next section:
Reset your Password.
Once logged in, you must complete your registration. Bold fields are required.
In the next page, choose the event (ICBPMM Academicians/Practitioners or ICBPMM Student),
payment form (only Visa or Master Card are accepted) and the receipt (only Boleta). Then click on
The payment is by Visa or Master Card, the system will show the respective links so you can register
for Verified by Visa or Master Card SecureCode. Also, the receipt will be only “Boleta”. After that click
on “Grabar”.
The payment link will open as a new window so you can make the transaction with the credit card.
The system will ask for your approval, if you are in agreement click on “Aceptar”.
If you have select VISA, the system will ask for the card number (16 digits without spaces or dashes), the
expiry date (month/year), cardholder name, and verification code. Then check the information displayed in
the payment platform, and if you are in agreement select “Pagar/Pay”. Follow the instructions and wait to
complete the transaction.
If you have select Master Card the following window will appear, where you must enter the card
information to process the transaction. Then check the information displayed in the payment platform and
if you are in agreement select “Procesar Transacción”.
To complete the registration click on “Terminar” buttom in the window of Campus Virtual show
Note: If had any questions or concerns, send a mail directly to [email protected] or
[email protected] or call directly to 3132400 ext. 7017 the PUCP Treasury in Lima.
II) Enter to the Campus Virtual
Type your email address in “Usuario” and your password in “Contraseña”.
The following window will appear with your information.
If you want to complete your inscription you must click on “Inscripciones” then “Inscripciones vigentes”.
After that you will find that your inscription is not complete in Registro Incompleto in order to complete it
click on the activity.
Then, the following window will be appear with your information and click on “Continuar” to complete
your inscription.
The registration payment will finish when you click on enlace and follow the same method described in the
first section.
If you want to close the current session click on “CERRAR SESIÓN” and the confirmation will appear in this
III) Reset your Password
You can change or reset your password by providing some information only click on “¿Olvidó su
In the following window enter your user name (email address) to get started and the click on “Enviar”.
To access your information, we will send a mail to the rescue email address of you.
When you receive an email from [email protected] with your sign in information, follow the
directions in the mail to reset your password.
The link will open a new window that will ask for a new password. The new password will not be same as
the user name, two digits and two words must be contained at least, must be different in 3 characters from
the old password, and it is not allowed three consecutive characters. After that, click on “Aceptar”.
The following window will appear when your change was successful.
You will receive a mail with the change confirmation. After that you could get into the Campus Virtual with
your new password.

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