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Misha`s Cakery - Insight Valuation
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10 Tips for
Eggless Baking
1. Eggs in baking can be replicated by the following vegan
substitutes- mashed bananas, flax seeds, applesauce,
vinegar and baking soda.
2. Always preheat the oven and position the cake pan as
possible in the center of the oven for even baking.
3. NEVER overbeat the batter when not using eggs.
Cakes tend to sink in the middle when baked.
4. For The first 10 minutes, bake the cake at 350°F
degrees, then turn the oven temperature down to 200 °F
degrees to 225°F degrees and bake another 25 to 30
5. Never keep the batter too thick. The cake will turn out
hard and dry.
6. Allow the pan to cool for nearly 10 minutes, before
removing the cake from the pan and turn it out onto a
wired rack.
7. If using Ener-G egg replacer, follow instructions given
on the box BUT instead of just mixing with water, beat it
with an electric or a wire whisk like you would beat an
8. You can also use sour curd to the self-raising flour for
added rise to the baked cake.
9. Agar is a good substitute in recipes requiring 1 or 2 egg
whites (not for meringues and similar recipes). Dissolve 1tablespoon agar powder in 1-tablespoon warm water to
substitute for 1 egg. Whisk well, and then chill. Whisk
again and use.
10. Never substitute a microwave for an oven for baking.
Microwave attacks on the moisture and the cake will
always be dry and crumbly. Always use the oven for best
Tips can be downloaded from www.sikhcircle.com

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