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Gusher Joins The Hydraulic Institute
Gusher Pumps is now a member of
the prestigious Hydraulic Institute,
the authoritative resource for the
North American Pump Industry for
information on emerging industry
trends and market data. Hydraulic
Institute members are among the
most thoroughly informed and
successful in the pump industry.
Setting Industry Standards
Opening Day
With Gusher at the Southeastern Career Center...
Gary Smith sends photos of opening day at The
Southeastern Career Center in Versailles, Indiana
where an engine dyno was equipped with a new
Gusher Horizontal Pump and a Fulflo Relief valve in the
center’s Auto Service Technology area.
The Southeastern Career Center provides students
with technical skills integrated with academic
knowledge while promoting work ethics, citizenship,
and self-esteem to prepare them for careers in
business and industry.
Ribbon cutting at the new facility.
The Gusher model 11032 CIH Pump (25 Hp at 3450 RPM) and 3” Fulflo “A” Series Relief Valve
are an integral part of the performance of Engine Dyno System at the Career Center.
Great Show with an Impressive new booth
The Ruthman Family of Manufacturers was on hand at this year’s WEFTEC® Show in Chicago,
the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference...the biggest
meeting of its kind in North America with thousands of water quality professionals from
around the world. Also recognized as the world’s largest annual water quality exhibition,
WEFTEC’s massive show floor provided unparalleled access to the field’s most cutting-edge
technologies and services.
Gary Smith delivered with a prime central location and an impressive new “Tower” display booth.
Some of the Ruthman road crew, working the booth.
A corner lot....Prime Real Estate on the WEFTEC floor.
More Photos...
New cutaway pumps were featured in Chicago, including a Deming Vertical Turbine, hand
crafted by Gary Smith.
Nagle Releases New Product
Nagle Builds Another Innovation...
Nagle Pumps recently released new item, the Nagle Oil Skimmer Pump. The first unit is now
in service at Continental Resources in Oklahoma where it has solved a problem with the
disposal of floating oil on their pond, This product was initially developed for Steel Mills,
but this could also solve many other pond problems with scum, algae build up, so Nagle
plans to have it available in single phase for commercial use. Motors will be standard TEFC
or TEXP for refinery services.
New Heights
Some Pretty Good Sized Immersion Pumps from Ruthmann Pumpen...
Christoph sends this photo of a recent Ruthmann Pumpen order consisting of 2 vertical
immersion multistage pumps (24m³/[email protected] with a 5,5Kw motor), 2 Vertical multistage
pumps (24m³/[email protected],6bar with a 22,0Kw motor) and 1 Vertical multistage pump (12m³/[email protected],
0bar with a 15,0Kw motor). The Customer is a German company who is using them for parts
Ruthman Pumpen Welder, Dimitrie, demonstrates the impressive scale of these pumps!
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