Mabalingwe Newsletter December 2014


Mabalingwe Newsletter December 2014
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stunning views...
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prime location...
W.P. Wessels dam...
Enjoy Mabalingwe...
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Dear Shareholder
Another year is drawing to an end and Mabalingwe has truly seen a great one.
Mabalingwe Nature Reserve again retained their GOLD GROWN status for 2014 from RCI and,
staying true to our commitment to exceptional service and a quality experience, the chalets and
facilities have been upgraded to meet the needs of our shareholders and to stay on par with
contemporary trends.
This year also saw the hosting of another highly successful Lion Man mountain biking event. The
race has a great history and has grown to be one of the most prominent and popular mountain
bike races in South Africa. Mountain bikers also toughed it up in the “Nedbank Save the Rhino - 3
day stage race” and got up-close and personal with some challenging terrain. The “Nedbank Save
the Rhino Trail Run” saw runners from all over South Africa show their support in aid of the crisis. We
would like to thank all participants for making the events such a great success this past year.
If you haven’t been to Mabalingwe this year, we hope to see you join us soon. Our friendly staff will
ensure that your holiday is filled with unforgettable memories and leave you feeling relaxed and
satisfied when you depart.
Going Green
The going Green programme is an ongoing project and implements an environmentally
friendly programme for the Resort.
The programme covers all environmental issues from energy conservation to all forms of purchases
to minimise the impact the Resort has on the environment. The implementation has started in
various departments and will be an ongoing project. A BEE project is operational to recycle paper,
grass clippings and other waste products.
LED lights have been installed in all units and have resulted in significant electricity savings.
Resort Refurbishment
Annual refurbishments were scheduled to ensure that resort facilities and services offered are of high quality.
Regular refurbishments are necessary to ensure your continued enjoyment of the high service standards you have come to expect at Mabalingwe.
Making your stay at the Resort enjoyable and restful.
Here are some of the accomplishments of the resort refurbishments thus far:
Refurbishment of old facilities: e.g. mini golf course, Phiri chalets refurbished, “plaas winkel,” swimming pools and the kiddies pool now has a nice
water feature for kiddies to enjoy.
The squash court was renovated, the newly installed floor and lights makes the game far more enjoyable.
Improvements and maintenance of building interiors were undertaken which include but not limited to showers, kitchen appliances, energy saving
fixtures and bedding.
The new solid front door with a 4 lever lock assures the necessary security.
The newly installed monkey proof window covers allow the guest to open windows without any unwanted guests.
A new reserve entrance area has been created off the R516 to welcome you after a long drive.
A new walkway now leads you up to the reception area that has recently had a major face lift. A modern new look was created with a warmer and
more welcoming feel where friendly, professional reception staff await your arrival.
to us
014 736 9000
[email protected]
012 492 1232
[email protected]
Uniquely Mabalingwe
Important Notices
At Mabalingwe we’re all about Nature, Family and Fun. Here are only a few of the things
that make us unique:
W.P. Wessels Dam
Checking in procedures: In the interest of safety,
security and ensuring that only confirmed guests are
allowed access to the resort, you will be required to
produce both the reservation confirmation / guest
certificate and your ID, and also to complete the
indemnity form when checking into the resort.
The famous “Kalahari Oasis” Bar, featured in the Castrol advertisements
Guest certificates: In the event that you are
Wide variety of activities
allowing a guest to occupy your timeshare week,
the guest must be in possession of a valid Guest
Certificate which is obtainable from Head Office
prior to the guest’s arrival.
Game viewing drives at night
More than 12 500 acres of the best nature has to offer
Nestled at the foot of the Waterberg Mountains
Levy payments: Levies must be paid in terms of
Lion Man MTB Race
the Use Agreement and no occupation or usage
of any form is allowable until the levies have been
paid. (This applies to usage, spacebanking, renting
etc. of the timeshare week.)
Nedbank Save the Rhino MTB Race and Trail Run
Spacebanking and rentals: Please note that
Thank You!
a request for spacebanking or rental, must be
submitted to Property Admin a minimum of five
months prior to the occupation date, to enable us
to process same. Please contact Property Admin at:
[email protected]
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders for their ongoing loyalty
and support.
Without you, Mabalingwe would not be the great success that it is. We appreciate all the feedback
you provide as we use this to better the Resort and it assists us in making your holiday as memorable
as possible. So, keep it coming!
Communication: To enable us to communicate
effectively, please ensure that you keep us updated
regarding your current contact details, and most
importantly, your email address.
Occupation dates: Please note that resort
calendars are linked to school holidays, and it is
therefore vital that you check the annual calendar
to ensure that you occupy the correct week. Please
refer to the 2015 calendar which was distributed in
October 2014, and which is also available on the
web page
We look forward to seeing you soon
We would like to urge our shareholders that have not visited the resort recently to do so.
Your Mabalingwe shareholding means that you are part-owner of something really special and
truly unique. Nothing would make us happier than having each shareholder here in person in the
coming year, enjoying the benefits of your holiday portfolio and reconnecting with everything
that makes Mabalingwe so extraordinary.
Instruction Letter:
In closing
As the year draws swiftly to a close, we would like to wish our shareholders a peaceful and
happy end to what we trust has been a rewarding year and an uplifting and inspiring start to
an exceptional new year.
Warm regards
Marjorie Forssman
Managing Director – VRS
to us
014 736 9000
[email protected]
012 492 1232
[email protected]
Enjoy Mabalingwe...

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