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Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Doug Price, CEO, Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Inc.
am proud to say that fiscal year 2014-15 marked
a period of significant growth and impact for
Rocky Mountain PBS. Yet, even in the face
of much change, our core objectives remained
paramount: to take advantage of all that technology
has to offer while simultaneously ensuring our
core values remain strong. This meant continued
commitment to education, arts, culture, heritage
and community. All of this while continuing
to deliver public service journalism, smart
programming and entertaining content – offered
across more platforms than ever before. We aired
seven hours of award-winning quality programming
for children every day and reached 99 percent of
Colorado homes the good old-fashioned way – TV!
And our online presence was more robust than ever.
Both Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO remained
a vital presence in the community, working with
early childhood organizations, universities,
public schools, libraries, and museums and arts
organizations across the state. Our public service
journalism arm, Rocky Mountain PBS News, also
continued to publish groundbreaking content,
both locally and nationally. The impact of these
stories became clear as legislative and social
change unfolded in their wake. A few examples:
The Colorado General Assembly passed
legislation in 2015 to make “rape kits” more
accessible to college students after Rocky
Mountain PBS News disclosed that the sex
assault investigative tool wasn’t available
anywhere near most of the state’s four-year
colleges or universities.
After lawmakers and civil rights advocates
expressed concern about potential abuses
in municipalities that rely heavily on traffic
tickets and fines as a major revenue source,
Rocky Mountain PBS News analyzed 270
municipal budgets in Colorado and found five
towns making at least 38 percent of their
budgets from enforcement. The high was 93
percent, while the state average was 4 percent.
our upcoming 60th anniversary, as well as
implementing exciting and innovative changes
that will carry us through the next 60 years!
There is no question in my mind that the credit
for this momentum can be placed directly upon
the shoulders of our employees – more than 100
around the state. They, along with you, are the
backbone of this organization. I could not be more
grateful. Thank you.
Chief Executive Officer
Douglas M. Price
These stories, and many more like them, were
regularly discussed on our weekly news and public
affair program, “Colorado State of Mind,” and
appeared on 9News, NPR, CPR, the PBS NewsHour,
the front page of USA Today and in many of
the state’s leading newspapers, through our
collaboration with the Colorado Press Association.
Beyond the newsroom, our flagship programs
gained momentum both in higher production
values and ratings. “Colorado Experience”
completed its third season and local segments
produced for “Arts District” saw increasing
national play. These efforts were recognized at
Emmy® time with 14 nominations and 3 wins!
All leading indicators were on the rise throughout
the year. We are on solid financial ground, our
membership is larger than ever, our events are
well attended and our content is enthusiastically
consumed – both on air and online. We are hard
at work planning celebrations commemorating
Jim Foster, Board Chair,
Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Inc.
iscal 2014-15 was a banner year for Rocky
Mountain Public Broadcasting Network.
Strong revenue and sound control of
expenses produced results within budget so there
was no need to tap reserves. In the not-for-profit
landscape, that’s always great news.
More than that, the groundwork was laid for
bold initiatives that will enable our public media
organization to meet the challenges of the digital
age and improve services to the entire state.
Those plans will advance our role in public service
media in the years ahead and secure our future.
Among noteworthy achievements, membership
between Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO
increased to more than 72,000. Production of
original programs featuring Colorado history, arts
and public affairs achieved new levels of success.
Our public service journalism unit continued its
in-depth coverage of news supplied to all Colorado
media and, through a grant from the Corporation
for Public Broadcasting, provided energy news
to public TV and radio stations nationwide. KUVO
spent its year continuing to be one of the best jazz
stations in the country while also celebrating its
30th anniversary in spectacular fashion!
Congratulations to CEO Doug Price and his entire
team for these stellar achievements. My thanks
also to outgoing board members Ramon Del
Castillo, Itha Gabriel, Susan Greenberg, Rich Hiller,
Tom Kenning, Ron Levine, George Sissel, Allen
Sparkman, John Temple, Brian Turner and Steve
Watson, whose collective insights helped move the
organization forward. Believe me, it is not every
year that such a positive portrait can be presented.
I am proud of the work and visionary foresight that
contributed to the resounding success of 20142015 and I predict with confidence that 2015-2016
is going to be another very good year!
On behalf of Rocky Mountain PBN, we thank you
for your ongoing support.
Chairman of the Board
James H. Foster
Chairman of the Board
James H. (Jim) Foster
Chief Executive Officer
Doug Price
Vice Chairmen
George A. Sissel
Chad Hollingsworth
Susan Greenberg
Hubert A. Farbes, Jr.
To enrich the lives of Coloradans
through engaging and essential
programs, services and community
partnerships that inform, enlighten
and entertain.
Rocky Mountain PBS will be the
premier public media resource for
all Coloradans. On-air, online and
in person, we will serve our diverse
communities as a convener of people,
ideas and perspectives.
Jim Chavez
Kwési T. Coleman
Dr. Ramon Del Castillo
Lesley Di Mare (ex-officio)
Tim Foster (ex-officio)
Itha Gabriel
Louis Garofano
Richard Gonzales
Allegra ‘Happy’ Haynes
Andrew Hudson
Thomas H. (Tom) Kenning
David Leonard
Ron Levine
Nancy Lewis
Richard Lewis
Pat Loewi
Terry Lopez
Terry Minger
Patty Pacey
Scott Reiman
Jeannie Ritter
Jesus Salazar
Allen Sparkman
Brian M. Turner
Niki Frangos Tuttle
Steve Watson
or the third consecutive year, readers of
Colorado Parent magazine voted Rocky
Mountain PBS their “family favorite”
television station. On a national level, PBS and
member stations were named number one in
public trust for the 12th consecutive year.
Our commitment to education also extends to
teachers. Rocky Mountain PBS Learning Media, a
free online digital library service for teachers and
students, recently topped a whopping 100,000
catalogued entries and more than 15,000 Colorado
teachers have signed up to utilize this resource.
KUVO, our local jazz radio station, celebrated its
30th anniversary with many wonderful events,
including a sold-out “Live at the Vineyards”
summer extravaganza and an online video initiative
called “30 Under 30,” showcasing Colorado’s
young, up-and-coming jazz musicians.
On Colorado Gives Day 2014, a 24-hour online
giving period in which all non-profits are invited
to participate, more than 1,400 people gave a
record-breaking $189,712 to Rocky Mountain PBS.
We consider that an affirmation of the work we
dedicate ourselves to every day.
Famed documentarian Ken Burns came to Denver
to preview his newest film, “The Roosevelts,”
and participated in a sold-out Q & A presented by
Rocky Mountain PBS and the University of Denver.
Our Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Lisa D. Olken
was selected by the American Film Showcase
and the U.S. State Department to debut her
documentary “Urban Rez,” about the relocation
in the 1950s-70s of Native Americans from
reservations to American cities, in several cities in
Kazakhstan, as well as teach film students there.
“Urban Rez” was the only public media film to be
selected for this international tour.
Our work with a number of early learning
organizations continues to make a difference
in the community. One example is our exciting
partnership with Bright by Three. After running
promotional spots on Rocky Mountain PBS
in support of this project, signups were up to
eight times higher than before, with numbers
consistently spiking in direct correlation to when
these spots aired.
Many of our other community outreach events
were also filled at or near capacity. Our annual
KIDS Fun Fest celebrations in Grand Junction,
Colorado Springs and Denver drew more than
15,000 Coloradans. Other family-friendly events
included game nights with the Colorado Avalanche
and the Denver Nuggets; Family Science Nights
in Grand Junction; and Thomas the Tank Engine
rides at the Colorado Railroad Museum. We also
facilitated numerous screenings, including a panel
discussion and screening of “Coming Home with
Wes Moore” for returning soldiers; Downton
Abbey Balls and preview screenings; candidate
forums with the Colorado Nonprofit Association
and other area non-profits; and free Indie Lens
Pop-Up Screenings throughout the state.
2014-2015 HIGHLIGHTS
As they have for 59 years, volunteers continued to
play a critical role at Rocky Mountain PBS. During
this fiscal year, over 700 volunteers donated
more than 12,000 hours at an economic value of
$240,000 to Rocky Mountain PBS statewide. To us,
the real tally is “priceless.”
YouTube subscribers broke the 1,000 mark! In the
mission of providing entertaining and educational
programs to all Coloradans, we are thrilled to offer
our programs to online audiences. Full episodes
of “Colorado Experience,” “Arts District” and
documentaries like “Urban Rez” are now available
on our YouTube channel. We continued our digital
initiatives by building our Facebook audience to
over 30,000 members.
Season 5 of “Downton Abbey” continued to draw
record ratings but, sadly, show creators announced
season 6, starting in January 2016, will be its last.
“Downton Abbey” has been PBS’ most successful
drama series ever, pulling in nearly 10 million
viewers per episode.
Photo credit: David Hutchings
We enjoyed continued success and impact with our
multi-year initiative, Women and Girls Lead, both
locally and nationally. Did you know the NewsHour
has the only national female co-anchor team on the
air and is the only network that can claim a woman
in the anchor chair 97 percent of the time? Our
own weekly news program, “Colorado State of
Mind,” is ably moderated by Cynthia Hessin.
schoolers called StoryMakers and, in southern
Colorado, “Homework Hotline.”
Our “Makers: Women in Space” screening at
Denver Museum of Nature & Science was a huge
hit! Speakers included Andrea Casias of United
Launch Alliance, Marleen Martinez of NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
Sara Wolitzky, a MAKERS producer, and Amelia
Rose Earhart, an aviatrix and the youngest woman
to fly around the world in a single-engine aircraft.
“Super School News” concluded its 35th year
on Rocky Mountain PBS! The award-winning
mini-television series is written and produced by
fifth and sixth grade students across Colorado
and presented on Rocky Mountain PBS. Other
locally produced educational programs included
“Matchwits,” a statewide Jeopardy-like contest
for high schoolers, a writing contest for middle
Next year, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary
of Rocky Mountain PBS. We are already hard at
work on exciting plans for the future and hope you
will stay tuned!
It’s true that all we do at Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO is thanks to the
generous financial support of individuals, foundations and businesses
that underwrite programming. In fact, more than 90% of our funding
comes from you. Whether you support us because of programming
and in-depth, investigative journalism through Rocky Mountain PBS or
unparalleled jazz on KUVO, we are grateful for all you do. Thank you.
The following names reflect gifts made to Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network
during Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015).
Brett Family Foundation
Colorado Health Foundation
Colorado State Historical Fund
Irwin W. Copenhaver (Bequest)
The Daniels Fund
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism
Aline Fairbanks (Bequest)
Gates Family Foundation
Mr. Ralph E. Holder (Bequest)
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Walter F. Imhoff (Bequest)
Lloyd J. And Eleanor R. King Foundation
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Janet Mordecai
Douglas L. Morton & Marilyn Brown
Piton Foundation / Gary Community
Linda Beth Riegel (Bequest)
Rose Community Foundation
Andrea Singer Pollack Revocable Trust
Vision Maker Media
Colleen Abdoulah
Anschutz Family Foundation
Susan Bernstein
Colorado Creative Industries
Colorado Office of Film, Television
& Media
Caroline Crawford
Dea Family Foundation
The Denver Foundation
Alexandra Elliott
James H. Foster
Tom & Ginny Fowler
Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado
Joan & Bill Grier
Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation
Virginia W. Hill Foundation
Jerry W. & Jacqueline Kehle
Lucile Knaus (Bequest)
Kenneth D. & Joyce Luff
Pacific Mountain Network
Douglas Price & Hazel Stevens Price
Scott & Virginia Reiman
Hubert & Margot Schmidt
Joshua Max Simon Charitable Foundation
George A. & Mary Sissel
Dennis A. & Joyleen E. Swanson
Connie Burwell White & William White
James Cargill II
Mary Ellen Davidson (Bequest)
Walter Duncan
EOS Foundation
Marianne Gjelsteen (Bequest)
Robert Greer
Richard Gress
Duke & Pam Hartman
Harley G. & Lorraine Higbie
Jay Kenney
Patty Lane
Carole Q. Leight
Nancy E. Lewis
James Palenchar & Lizabeth Lynner
George (Jeep) Macnichol
Jo Manternach
MET Foundation, Inc
Richard & Susanna Nash
Patricia Pacey & Charles Neinas
George & Denise Peck
Craig & Ronda Reynolds
Tom Robb
Shenandoah Foundation
Laurene Thompson
Neil Tripp
Billie B. Gaskill Irrevocable Trust
Reed Vining
June G. Wood
Adelaide W. Zabriskie
Roger Enoka
Jim Fagans
Flowe Foundation
James Foster
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Sasha Galbraith
Mitchell J. & Victoria Gates
Allan & Gail Gerrish
Jo Ellen Graybill & Frank Guerra
Earl & Rhonda Hanna
Margaret Hansson
Kinsey Helffenstein
Georgia Hiesterman
Chad and Marisa Hollingsworth
Steve & Elizabeth Holtze
James & Betty Hurlbut
IBM International Foundation
Mark G. Jennings
Mike & Diana W. Kinsey
Richard & Barb Kloehn
Mark & Julie Laitos
David J. Leonard
Meng Lai Lim
John Trent Mannina
Jean McIntyre
Neil & Evelyn McLagan
Louis & Dorothy Meister Foundation
Pamela Merrill
Larned A. Waterman, Jr. & Paul S. Mesard
Valerie Munger
John Nanney
Gerald H. Nostrand
Midge Korczak & Hal Osteen
Daniel K. & Susan A. Paulien
Larry Pensold
Marie Pierce
Raydean Acevedo
Herbert L. & Laura May Bacon
Debra Perry & Jeff Baldwin
Udi Baron
Richard & Barbara Battersby
Alfred Metzger & Esther Beynon
Bonnie Orkow & Bruce Blodgett
Michael R. Altenberg & Libby Bortz
L. P. Brown Foundation
James Buckley
Jim C. & Janice K. Campbell
Gazette Charities
Anne Cooke
Diane Croce
Grand Junction Commission on Arts
and Culture
M.A. Deen
Peter & Ellen Durst
Marilyn & Charlie Elmquist
Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Barry P. Berlin & Mary S. Reisher
Sarah Roach
Jesus Salazar
Allen & Carolyn Schanot
Beverly Kahn & Ron Schmiermund
Shamos Family Foundation
J. Douglas Shand
Trish & Steve Shapiro
Patricia R. Somerville
Southern Colorado Community
Tom & Jean Sutherland
Dennis & Joanna Trescott
Burk Vickery
Anne D. Warhover
Steve & Lenna Watson
Ana Williams
Janet Wilson
Jon & Diana Wood
Benson Foundation
George C. Berryman
Neil E. & Joyce Best
LaFawn Biddle
Nancy Black
Henry & Darlene Blazek
Linda Bliss
Dennis & Lynn Blum
BNSF Railway Foundation
Michael Bock
Catherine Boggs
Pat & Brian Bollacker
Paul & Judith Bortz
Thomas E. & Ginny Boschen
Susan Bottner
Joe Bowden
Margaret C. Bozarth
John Braaksma
Nancee L. Braan
Richard C. & Dorothy H. Bradley
Carolyn Bradley
Lucy A. Bradley-Springer
Gayle Brocksmith
Lester & Sarah Brokke
Hugh & Joyce Brown
Arnold & Darlene Brown
Elaine & John Brush
Richard & Edith Bryan
Barbara D. & Art P. Bryant
William & Maureen Buchholz
William Bulis
Patricia A. Butler
Barbara P. & Charles Byerly
Eileen Byrne
Laird S. Campbell
Amy Carder
Betty I. Carey
Daria Carter
Caulkins Family Foundation
Hugh A. Grant & Merle C. Chambers
Sheila Kowal & Blake Chambliss
Michael Chappue
Robert & Judy Charles
Montgomery Cleworth
Sheila Cleworth
Toni Cohig
Kwesi T. Coleman
Maurice Collins
Kinney Oil Company
Kyri Comyn
Tom & Noel Congdon
Bob and Jackie Conley
Bruce & Rebecca Connors
Jacquelyn Wonder & Jerry Conover
Brian & Sue Counterman
Jenna Craft
Lori Crystal
Margaret H. Cunningham
George & Marion Curtis
Charles & Martha Dahlen
Richard Dalessandro (Bequest)
Robert & Lenore Damrauer
Yan Damron
Lawrence & Carol Davila
Martha Davis
Richard & Tami Davis
Thomas & Robin Davis
Jane S. Day
Deane Family Fund
Deedee & Peter Decker
Bruce & Donna Dickinson
Katharine B. & Mark A. Dickson
Sally Dieterich
Mark Duvall / Oceans First Divers
James L. Dorrough
Susan Dorsey
Bruce & Jaren Ducker
Nancy Martin & Susan Dukes
Sandra Dunn
D. Thomas Dunton
Lammot duPont
Loyal & Bernice Durand
Theodore C. & Margaret Eickhoff
Diane Carter & John Elmblad
Susan E. Elmore
Dean R. & Judy Ericson
Frances B. Evans
Charles S. Farver
Natalie Feldt
Robert H. & Elizabeth Fergus
Lois S. Ferguson
Jean Feriancek
Karen Feste
Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Trust
k You
Paul Abbott
Heman & Patricia Adams
Robert Aiken
William & Julia Allen
Evan & Elizabeth Anderman
Mary Anderson
David B. & Carol Anderson
Beverly & Judy Armstrong
John Arnold
Richard & Marty Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gregory Austin
Rosalie Avila
Elizabeth Bardsley
Michael S. & Joyce Barish
Paul & Jane Barru
Nathaniel Bates & Cornelia Greaves
Janice Baucum
Margaret Beardall
John & Judy Bearden
Pam Beardsley
Sharon Beckett
George & Phee Belsey
Barbara Benedict
Martha Bennett
Jim Flanders
Betty A. Flaten
Kendall Fligg
Bruce & Marsha Fogarty
Lloyd D. & Phyllis Fosdick
Tad S. & Melissa C. Foster
Trudy & Wayne Fowler
Norm & Lisa Franke
Molly French
Brian P. & Doris Frey
Donald Gudmundson & Fumiko Fukuta
Elaine Gardner
Chantal & Jeau Garnand
Louis & Tiffany Garofano
Daniel Brogan & Lannie Garrett
Elvira T. Gart
Sally S. Gart
Christina Erteszek & Fritz Geisler
Gus & Betty Gendler
Gerald & Anita Gershten
J. Thomas & Patrice Gilmore
Mary Laird & Gary Glatzmaier
Michael & Mimi Glode
Alexander Goetz
Jeremiah Goldsmith
Burton P. & Lee Golub
Robert Gore
Terri Gorman
Peter & Rhondda Grant
Morris Gray
Joseph A. Graziano
K. Brent Green
David & Chris Greenaway
Jean M. & Leon Greos
Andrew Britton & David Grey
Mary F. Griffith
William J. & Jean Griswold
Lawrence Grocki
Dennis C. Groeger
Tim & Mary Haddon Foundation
Shona Halberstadt
Gary L. & Mary Halcomb
Terry Haling
Randal Martines & Jeanie Hall
Samuel F. & Mary Alice Hall
Charles Cairns & Deborah Hamilton
Charles & Linda Hamlin
William T. Hankinson
Judith & William Hardardt
Jeff Harding
David & Sara Harper
Ann Hasenbalg
Doris E. Hass
Marilyn & Gary Hay
Joan M. Hay
Charles R. & Luanne Hazelrigg
Ben Heath
Rollie & Josie Heath
Royal D. & Charlene Heins
Joe & Bobbie Heit
John A. Helfrich
Rob Herder
Robert K. & Ann T. Herrall
Lenore Hessner
Ann Lederer & Robert Hickler
Richard G. Hicks
Richard & Susan Hiller
Ann Hinkins
Mary Hoagland
Peggy Hoffman
Larry Holdren
Julie Kay Hollenbeck
Chad & Marissa Hollingsworth
Graham Hollis & Cathy Hollis
Joy M. & John F. Horan
Gregory & Patricia Hueni
Phillip Hunger
Scott & Kimberly Hunt
Richard S. Hutte
Pat Hynes
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
John Iwanicki
Charles Jellings
Karen M. Jennison
Edeltraud R. Johnson
Donald D. & Joan Johnson
Kirk Johnston
James Mohle & J.M. Jones
Loree Kaleth
Louise Kauffman
Marjorie L. Keely
Julia Keilman
Vicki Kelley
Joseph M. & Francine Kelso
Thomas H. & Tammy Kenning
Kesselman Family Foundation
Sally & Jim Kile
Gretchen King
Holly A. & Jeremy F. Kinney
Richard E. & Marianne Kipper
Gregory Kirchhof
Richard A. Kirk
Pete Palmer & Janet Klemperer
Rebecca Knight
Donna C. Kornfeld
Laura Kramer
Christopher Kraus
Guy Kuehn
Frank A. & Monty Kugeler
Andrew Kuhn
Albert Kulisan
James & Katherine Kurtz
Debra S. & Kenneth D. Kurz
Robert & Susan Ladenburger
David & Antoinette Lamoreaux
R. Kent Landmark
Ken & Nancy Larner
Terry L. & Melinda Larrington
Edith J. Wilson & Christi Larsen
Thomas H. Larson
Wendy King & George Lasnier
Patricia Laverty
Katherine K. Lawrence
Linda Lay
Bernard & Frieda Leason
Laura Frank & Jeff Legwold
Susanne Leininger
Rita Lewis
Richard T. Lewis
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Kathleen & Kirk Lines
Pat Livingston
Pat Loewi
David & Lorna Lohmann
John & Mary Lohre
Carolyn Longmire
Janet Loring
Linda D. Lung
Lizabeth Lynner
Harley & Gail Lyons
Bill Watson & Anne Lystbaek
James F. & Bette MacDonald
Marjorie MacLachlan
Susan Mammel
Awilda Marquez
Stephen Marsters
Carla & Colin M. Matheson
Robert Matschulat (Bequest)
Kathleen Mauser
Megan B. McClard
David G. McComb
Alison McCormack
James R. & Carole McCotter
Donald P. & Purnee McCourt
Stephanie McCoy
Tracey McCullough
Scott McIntosh
Patty McReynolds
Mary G. Medearis
Medtronic Inc
Steven H. & Anne Meyer
Patrick Meyers
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Terrell & Judy Minger
David Mitchell
Arturo Montanez
C. J. Moore
Edward J. Morrison
Jane Moss
Amanda Mountain
Jean Muirhead
Linda L. Mulka
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Cathy Murphy
Donald Musselman
Marcia & Rodney Muth
Fenekansi Muwanga
Genevieve Nachtman
Robert & Jane Nagel
Cynthia F. Nagel
Richard E. Nailor
Anne J. & David Necker
Pete Nelson
Verna M. Nelson
Carol G. & Richard E. Neslund
Hans & Peggy Neville
Diane Matt & Carl Norbeck
Joel S. Cohen & Kathryn Oberdorfer
Peggy E. Obrien
Madeline O’Brien
S. C. OConnell
Lorrie Odom
Bill Ohs
Brian H. & Joyce Olson
Gary Osburn
Hugh R. & Angela Overy
John C. & Susan M. Paige
Gladys M. Parsons
Bruce C. & Patricia Paton
Rachel K. Paull
Scott Pearson
Babs Peck
George and Denise Peck
Jim & Diane Peiker
Perry & Virginia Peine
Shawn Penne
Nancy D. Petry
Lu & Joanna Picher
Alita D. Pirkopf
Keith & Mimi Pockross
Carl Polhemus
Ann Pontius
John C. Pounden
Terry & Charlotte Quarton
David A. Rainey, Jr.
Cosme Ramirez
Beth Link & Jim Ramos
Alice & Rudy Ramsey
Brann Johnson & Leslie C. Randolph
Harland & MaryAnn Ranney
Barbe Ratcliffe
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Catherine G. Reedy
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Jan & Betty Rietdijk
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Darra Robertson
David & Janet E. Robertson
Karen Robinson
Chloe & Eric Rode
Beth Roome
Jeanne & Chris Root
Bruce W. Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Byron Rose
Anne H. Ross
Gail P Ruffin
Scott & Kristin Russell
Barbara K. Sable
Ann Safford
Salesforce Foundation
Norman Broad & Carol Saloman
Buzz & Laura K. Sampson
Jo Ann & Richard J. Sanders
Peter Schmidt
Denise Schoengold
Herbert & Carlene Schumacher
William C. Schumacher
Paul Scott
Michael R. & Rachella Seeley
Dr. William Self
Bob & Carol Serkowski
Jim and Sharon
Bill Shenkin
Ruth S. Silver
Kenneth & Judith Simon
Enid W. Slack
Richard Slobe
Ralph L. Smith Foundation
Clinton Smith
Richard & Pamela Smith
Robert E. & Anne T. Sneed Family
John Carter & Virginia Snow
Nancy C. Maron & Larry Soll
Patricia Somerville
Kathleen & Thomas A. Speed
F. E. & Margaret Spindler
Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
Steve B. Stansfield
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Peter Stevenson
Joyce S. Stockley
The Stone Family Foundation
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Pat Stryker
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Jim & Sue Swanson
Natae Swanson
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Joseph & Irene Szyliowicz
Beverly J. Tally
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John Tarr
Marilyn E. & Peter Taylor
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Mary Ann L. Thompson
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Chrissy Thorpe
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Andrzej Triebling
Stephanie Trusz
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Paul R. and Anna Lee White Family
Chairtable Trust
David C. Wilhelm, Sr.
David Wilhelm
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Linda D. Campbell Fund
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Lynda Goldstein
Julia & Jonathan Gordon
Robert S. Graham
Melanie Grant
Susan & Philip Greenberg
Cissy Guenther
Jayne Hackworth
Margaret Hainey
Sam & Kathy Hallett
Martin & Julie Harrington
Jeff Holmes & Peggy Harrison-Holmes
Susan & Russell Haskell
Bettie & Hill Hastings
Deborah L. Hauserman
The Deborah Hayes & James L. Martin
Fred & Roxann Haynes
Sandra Hays
David C. & Melinda Wilson & Eileen
Donald R. & Carol Hembre
Cynthia Herndon
Samuel N. Hicks, III
Dona Hildebrand
Marley Hogsdon
Mary Holleman
Richard & Janet Holman
Michael Holmes
Thomas Hoshiko
Tom & Verna Howard
Bill Howe
Flower Hund
Innovest Portfolio Solutions LLC
Louise Jackson
Sally Janich
Joel Javer
Grafton & Sue Jhung
Jennifer Johnson
David R. & Karen Johnson
Jean B. Johnston
James Johnston
Jan & Don Jorgensen
Donald L. June
Gerald Kelley
Jennifer Kemp
Eleanor Kennedy
Robert Franken & Nancy Kinney
William M. & Kathy K. Kreidler
Denise Kumm
Jeffrey W. Kusulas
Matthew Lane
Gary Laplante
Douglas Lee
Ron Levine
Bernard W. & Lory Levinger
Peter Schmid & Nancy Levinger
Melony and Adam Lewis Advised Fund
Peggy Lichter
Martha Long
Kathy Loo
H. John Lyke
John & Diana Macy
George F. and Virginia B. Markham
Foundation, Inc.
Anne Marquis
Janina Martin
Eleanor Martling
Samuel & LuLeta Maslak
Kathlien Massey
Rev. Sara Maypole
Laurie P. & John McBride
Bruce & Taffy McLaughlin
Thomas Meier
Thomas & Jean Merrick
DCP Midstream
Roberta & Mike Miller
Rhea J. Miller
Bonnie Monger
Marie & James Monroe, III
Lorraine Monthei
Carole Moritz
Mitchell & Maggie Morrissey
Katherine Morton
Philip & Beth Nicholson
Peggy A. Notarianni
Sheila O’Brien
Paula Lutomirski & Prentice O’Leary
Alex Paul
Gary & Terri Paul
Nathan W. & Kerry Pearlman
Leslie Penvose
Lori Potter & Eric Perryman
Ben C. & Pam Peternell
Pierson Foundation
Mark A. & Fay Plummer
Rebecca Podore
Victor & Natalie Pollak
John & Brenda Price
Kenneth L. Kipp and Terrie Ray
Stephen Rector
John & Ann Reichhardt
Gay A. Roane
Paul Romano
Elfie Rosin
Richard Ross
Robert & Frances Rye
Robert K. Schader
The Schlessman Family Foundation
C. Frederick Schoen
Cece Carsky-Schroeder & Wade
Nancy Schulein
John C. Schuster
Elizabeth Schwartzkopf
Serendipity Gift Fund
Virginia Sheldon
Anna & John Sie
Jay Kenney & Emily Sinclair
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Robert & Lucille Snyder
Joseph L. & Gretchen Sprague
William Stanfill
John B. Wasserman & Esther S. Starrels
Phillip Sterritt
Curt & Fleur Strand
Marcia D. Strickland
Marilouise Sullivan
Lee Sybrant
Terry Temescu
Catherine Ten-Barge
Jacque & Ken Thaxton
Hayden Thompson
Philip Townsend
Zobel / Poore Family Trust
Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable
Bev & Kyle H. Turner, Jr.
Evan Williams & Sara Vacco
Jim & Lisa VanDeWege
Charles Vasilius
Richard & Kathy Wagner
Dwayne & Lori L. Walker
Roy T. Wardell
Tami Paumier & Glen Warren
John Weil
Teri J. Whelan
Williams Family Foundation
Mary Q. Wingate
Vivian Bradford
Bayard Breeding
Bob & Constance Brown
Hugh & Joyce Brown
Bil & Cathy Buhler
Will Burt
Charlene Butler
Radford & Carol Byerly
Amy Carder
Shauna Carpenter
Wayne L. Carpenter
Laurent A. Carrier
Candis Cebula
Thomas & Patricia Cisneros
Steven St. Clair
H. William Clarke
Amy Collie
Judith Hilmer Connelly & Robert Connelly
William Hallie Cook, Jr. & Dorothy Cook
Patricia & Peter Cooper
Dan & Christy Copeland
Barbara Becker & Ben Cordova
A.M. Coren
John & Kathy Crandall
Charlene E. Cunningham
Heidi Cywinski
Stephen L. Dailey
Michael D. Daniels
William H. Darken
Allen M. Derman
Bruce & Donna Dickinson
Mary K. Dobbs
Kenneth Dobrovolny
Doña Dodson
Bill & Connie Dotson
James Duca
Garrettson Dulin, Jr.
Robert D. Duncan
Walter Duncan
D. Thomas Dunton
John Dwyer
Jared Eikenberg
Julie Ellis
Leonard Ellis
Louis Engleberg
Garth Englund
Dean R. & Judy Ericson
Legacy Donors
Susan & Richard Abernethy
Raydean Acevedo
Madelon Affeld
Carolyn M. Allabashi
Jeanine Anderson
John & Lorraine Aslakson
Beverly B. Babb
Clarence & Robin Baer
Pearl L. Bailey
Beverly Baker
Nancy F. Bane
Paul Barrett
Jane Barru
Kathleen Bartle
Barbara L. Bates
Gary Bates
Dick Marin & Susan Bauer
Robert Baumann
Klare M. Black
Bonnie Orkow & Bruce Blodgett
Margo J. Boodakian
Dorothy & Jim Borland
Barbara Bouche
Carol & Richard J. Bowman
Margaret C. Bozarth
Diane Fay
Margaret Fields
Lisa Foxwell & Paul Finley
James H. Foster
Carol Friend
James Fudge
Gus & Betty Gendler
Mary Laird & Gary Glatzmaier
Tim Gognat
Peter & Rhondda Grant
Henry & Diana Graski
Jody Distad & Keith Greene
Roberta I. Greenlee
Monte & Rosamond Greinetz
Kent D. Grimsley
Laurie Hafey
Charles G. Hall
Earl & Rhonda Hanna
Jeff Harding
Alan Harley
Susan & Russell Haskell
Paula Hein
Charles Hendershott
Susan M. Henry
Carolyn Herndon
Gerald & Doree Hickman
Kathy Hixson
Sheila Hoben
Thayer R. Hubbard (Mrs.)
Bill Hubbard
Michelle Iturrate
Linda Jeschofnig
Phyllis Johnson
Lisa Judd
Beverly Kahn & Ron Schmiermund
Lucille Kaiser
Mary Kalmes
June Kane
Joan Kasparian
Gary Keefer
Michael Kempkes
Joellyn V. Keranen
Sheila Kowal & Blake Chambliss
Raj Krishnamoorthy & Jeeks Rajagopal
Carol H. Krismann
Pat K. Kuehl
Eric & Sue Kuhn
Robin G Ladebue
Lorna Lang
Jan A. & Alice Larson
Paul & Joan Lavell
Patricia Laverty
Robert E. Lepic
Mary Ann Levy
Joan Loken
Harley & Gail Lyons
Kim Lysobey
Thomas M. MacDonald
Daniel A. Madonna
Sharon Malloy
Cynthia Mancinelli
Mary M. Martens
Henry H. & Emma Kraus McVey
Educational Fund
Mary G. Medearis
Frank Merrem
Michael Messoline
Debbie Metzger
Norman Meyer
Wayne & Sue Middleton
Linda and Bob Miller
Mary Mitchell
Thomas & Donna Moore
William E. Moore
Edward J. Morrison
Jean Muirhead
Paul & Lola Nafziger
Howard L. Nielsen
Gisela Northrop
Lorrie Odom
Bruce & Sandra Ogin
Joanne Olcott
Barney Oldfield
Gary Osburn
Iva M. Osburn
Hugh R. & Angela Overy
Thomas & Margaret Pearce
Sharon L. Jubb & Frank L. Petersen
Marsha D. Pfenning
Marilyn Pikas
Shirley Beer Powell
Carol S. Prescott
Terry & Charlotte Quarton
Lois & W. Gerald Rainer
Richard C. Ramsey
Audrey Van Rensburg
Albert Richey
Thomas Ridenour
Barbara A. Roach
Debra Roberts
Yvette Roberts
Chris Rohrer
Nina Routh
George Sato
Julie Sauter
Stephen M. & Susan R. Scruggs
Debra L. Sedgeley
Maggie Shearon
Mary W. Sheda
Susan Sheridan
Sam & Loya Sirkin
Steve Soich
Harvey E. Solomon
Gayle L. Stallings
Gordon & Jennifer Steuck
Bob and Jill Stoecker
Margaret J. Stookesberry
Carol M. Strini
Floyd & Edythe Sunshine
Prema Sweezey
Barbara Telander
Sheila Trader
Jessie W. Tramutolo
Stephanie Trusz
Christine Tuthill
Rod Tuttle
Marilyn Tyler
Luis Uribe
Diane Vliem
Claire Walter
Sylvia L. & Edward C. Warsaw
Tom & Linda Watkins
Frank & Eda Weale
Arthur & Helen Weeks
Robert Weiss
Linda Whitacre
Lawrence Wild
Tawney Willett
Deborah G. Williams
Jackie Williams
Joanne Williams
k You
Paul & Lisa Williams
Patricia A. Wilson
Susan Wise
William Withers
William Woodman
Annie Worley
Janet Zeyen & Ellen Maresh
Zsuzsanna S. Zborovszky
Zobel / Poore Family Trust
Eugenia Zuber
Robert Zupkus
Underwriters and
Program Sponsors
3T Karate
Absolute Dance
ACE Community Challenge School
Adrenaline Gymnastics Academy
AEG Live Rocky Mountains
All Pro Moving and Storage
Allen Unique Autos
Alpine Bank
Altitude Steel
American College of Nurse Midwives
American Family Insurance Direct
Analog Sons / Champagne House Media
Andrew Hudsons Job List
Anythink Libraries
Applied Trust Engineering, Inc.
Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council
Arbonne International - Candy Carpenter
Art Center / Western Colorado Center for
the Arts
Art of Sound Healing
Arts & Venues Denver
Arvada Center for the Performing Arts
Atlas Preparatory School
Atomic Workers
Augustana Arts
Aurora Cultural Arts District
Back to Health Wellness Center
Balfour Senior Living
Barnhart Communications
Baur’s Listening Lounge
Bechtel Corporation
Bennington Johnson LLC
Bentley Baths Contractor
Bestway Disposal
Bin 707 Foodbar
Black & Read
Black American West Museum &
Heritage Center
Black Hills Energy
Blue Skies Exploration Academy
Blue Star Recyclers
BLW Spiritual Voices
Bonfils-Stanton Foundation
Boulder Theater
Brazilian Capoeira LLC.
Breckenridge Music Festival
Bright Beginnings USA
Brighton Blues Blast
Broomfield Cultural Affairs Division
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLC
Cahoots Communications
Care and Share Food Bank for Southern
Center for the Arts Evergreen
Central City Cultural Economic Development Association
Central City Opera
Centura Health
Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & Co., PC
Chalat Hatten Koupal & Banker PC
Chartwells Dining
Chefs Outlet Store
Chevron Corporation
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
Children’s Hospital Colorado
City of Denver Office of Children’s Affairs
City of Denver Public Works
City of Fort Collins - Lincoln Center
City of Golden
City of Grand Junction, Parks and
Recreation Dept.
City of Greeley
City of Loveland - Rialto Theater
City of Montrose
CJ Electric
Classic Pianos
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance
CM Dance
Cobb & Associates
Colleen Fanning - Public Art & Fine Art
Color Me Mine
Colorado Ballet
Colorado Bathrooms
Colorado Brazil Fest
Colorado Children’s Chorale
Colorado Connections Academy
Colorado Education Association
Colorado Gerontological Society
Colorado Humanities
Colorado Mesa University
Colorado Mountain College
Colorado Music Festival
Colorado NonProfit Association
Colorado Office of Economic Development
& International Trade
Colorado Parent
Colorado Potters Guild
Colorado Seminary / Lamont School of
Colorado Space Coalition
Colorado Springs Catering
Colorado Springs Downtown Development
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
Colorado Springs Health Partners
Colorado Springs Independent
Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
Colorado Springs School District 11
Colorado Springs Utilities
Colorado State Library
Colorado State University
Colorado Symphony
Colorado’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
Comcast Marketing
Community Hospital
Community Partnership for Child
CONO - Council of Neighbors and
Cool Mountain Kids Pediatric Dentistry
Creative Needle
Crescendo Fine Audio
Crime Stoppers of Mesa County
Crow Canyon Archeological Center
CSU-Pueblo Mass Communications
CU-Denver College of Nursing
CU Presents
Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region
Curtis Club
Custom Travel Limited
Daily Sentinel
Dalby, Wendland & Co., PC
Davis Graham & Stubbs
Davis Partnership Architects
Dazzle Jazz
Deleon Brothers Productions
Delta Dental Foundation
Denver Arthritis Clinic
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Center for Estate Planning &
Elder Law
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Denver Community Federal Credit Union
Denver Film Society
Denver Health Medical Plan
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Denver Preschool Program
Denver Public Library
Denver Rescue Mission
Denver Water
Dependable Cleaners
Dicken’s Alley
Dinosaur Ridge
Dion’s Pizza
Donor Alliance
Douglas County Libraries
Dr. Andy Sweet
Drum City Guitarland
Early Connections Learning Center
eBricks Outlet
Eldorado Natural Spring Water
Encana Oil & Gas
Energy Outreach Colorado
Enstrom Candies, Inc.
Essence Laser & Wellness Med Spa
Evergreen Jazz Festival
Evergreen Music Festival
Evolution Communications Agency
Explore Communications
Falling Rock Tap House
Family Health West
Family Tree
Fine Arts Foundation
First Bank
First Choice Emergency Room
Flesher-Hinton Music Co
Forney Museum of Transportation
Gastroenterology Associates of Western
Gates Family Foundation
Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado
Get Air at the Silo
Gift of Jazz
Girl Scouts of Colorado (Colorado Springs)
Glen Eyrie Conference Center
Global Village Academy
Gourmet Fine Catering
Grand Events and Party Rentals
Grand Junction Downtown Partnership
Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra
Grande River Vineyards
Greeley Blues Jam
Growing Home
Hammersmith Management, Inc.
Harmony: A Colorado Chorale
Heinrich Marketing
Herb’s Bar
Heritage Square
High Desert Martial Arts-Martial Arts
Research Systems
High Desert Opera
Hilary Depolo Art Consultation
Hilltop Community Resources
Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo
History Colorado
Hog Heaven Pit Bar-B-Queue
Holiday Vacations
Home Loan & Investment
House of Kabob
In The Mood
Independent Film Society of Colorado
Infinite Aegis / Rocky Mountain Urgent
Inside the Orchestra
ISU Insurance
iT’Z Family Food & Fun
Jax Fish House
Jazz Aspen Snowmass Festival
Jefferson County Public Library
Jewish Family Service
John McConnell Math & Science Center
Jolley Smiles
Joy Wine and Spirits
Junior League of Colorado Springs
Junior League of Denver
K12 Online Schools
KAFM 88.1 - Public Radio
Kaiser Permanente Colorado Springs
Kannah Creek Brewing Company
KEW Realty
Key Bank Foundation
Kids Choice Dental Vision Braces
Kohl’s Department Store
Kolorado Resources
KRCC-FM / Radio Colorado College
Kroenke Sports Entertainment
La Casita Tamales
La Patisserie Francaise
Lakewood Cultural Center
Lamar’s Donuts
Landmark Baptist School
Landmark Christian Preschool
Larimer Catering
Latin Nights DJ Service
Launch High School
Law Offices of Mardi Moore PC
Le Bakery Sensual
Le Central
Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad
Levitt Pavilion Denver
Life Care Center of Pueblo
Listen Up
Little India
Little Man Ice Cream
Little Monkey Bizness
Lockheed Martin
Lone Tree Arts Center
Longmont Jazz Association
Los Latineerz Productions
Lou’s Food Bar
Lucero Small Business Services
Mizel Center for Arts and Culture
Mad Greens
Mad Science of Colorado
Marcel Antoinette Productions
Marillac Clinic
McDonald’s (Pueblo)
Mercury Cafe
Mesa County Libraries
Mesa Orthodontics
Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Mike Shaw Subaru
Mile High Montessori
Montgomery and Steward Funeral
Motown The Musical / It Is Done
Mount Vernon Country Club
Mountain States Employers Council
Museo De Las Americas
Museum of Western Colorado
Music in the Mountains
Myers Sewing Machine Company
Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo
Neural Activity
Newman Center for the Performing Arts
Nocturne Jazz & Super Club
Noosa Yoghurt
North Coast Brewing Company, Inc.
NPM - National Public Media
Opera Colorado
Oriental Theater
Oster Jewelers
Oswego Creative Inc.
Outlets at Castle Rock
Oxford Hotel
Pablo’s Pizza (Fruita)
Palisade Bluegrass and Roots Festival
Parallel 17
Parenting Matters of El Paso County
Parkview Medical Center
PBS KIDS Promotion & Partnerships
Peczuh Printing
Pediatric Dental Specialists
Picnic Basket Catering Co.
Pikes Peak Center
Pikes Peak Library District
Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo
Powderhorn Mountain Resort
Public Service Credit Union
Pueblo Community College
Pueblo Convention Center
Pueblo Union Depot
Pueblo Zoo
Quality Custom Woodwork, Inc.
RAQC / Regional Air Quality Council
Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation
Republic Services
Ridge Runner Electric
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Rocky Mountain SER Head Start
Rocky Mountain Sewing & Vacuum LLC
Rodizio Grill
Roman Family Chiropractic
Safe Splash Swim School
Sam Mayfield Band
Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center
Shalom Cares
Shaw Construction
Soccer Buddies
Soiled Dove Underground
Sparkfun Electronics
Special Kids Special Families
Spin City
St. Mary’s Hospital
St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation
State Farm Insurance Denver
Sterling Rice Group
Stonebridge Condos
Sturm Family Foundation
Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts
Sue Hansen Speaks!
Summit Jazz Foundation
Summit Public Radio
Sunrise Pediatric Dentistry
Swallow Hill Music
Talon Wine Brands
Tattered Cover Inc
Telluride Jazz Festival
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Tennyson Center for Children
Thayer Media
The Colorado Springs Chorale
The Denver Foundation
The Fort / Tesoro Foundation
The Gazette / Freedom Colorado
Information, Inc.
k You
The Nature Conservancy
The Resource Exchange
The Wildflower Floral
The Wildlife Experience
Tony P’s Restaurant
Treppeda’s Italian Ristorante
Treppeda’s Jazz on 2nd Ave
Tryba Architects
Twist and Shout Records
UNC / Greeley
Unite for Literacy
United Way of Mesa County
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Northern Colorado
University of the Rockies
University Park Care Center
Vail Jazz Festival
Vic’s Coffee Shops
Visit Estes Park c/o Backbone Media
Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets Inc.
Waddell & Reed
Walter’s Pizzeria
Weekend of Jazz
Wells Fargo Private Bank
Western Colorado Suicide Prevention
Western Dairy Association
Western Rockies Federal Credit Union
Western Slope Center For Children
Westminster Jazz & Art Festival
William Storms Allergy Clinic
Willow Creek Restaurant
Winter Park Fraser Valley Chamber
Woodrow Media
Working Man Music
YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios
Zocalo Community Development
While we make every effort to list donors
accurately and completely, there may
be inaccuracies and omissions. We
sincerely apologize for any errors.
Revenues & Support
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from Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
Other Grants
Programming & Production
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Service Fees & Rental
Contributions from Individuals
In-kind Donations
Total Revenues and Support
Contributions from Individuals
Underwriting Contracts
Operating Expenses
CSG from CPB
Public Information
Other Grants
Supporting Services
In-kind Donations
Service Fees & Rental
Total Operating Expenses
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Excess (Deficit) of Revenue & Support
over Operating Expenses
Non-Operating Sources (Expense)
Depreciation & Amortization
and Loss on Asset Disposal
Net Gain/(Loss) on Investments
Change in Net Assets
Components of Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted
Permanently Restricted
Total Net Assets
Represents audited consolidated financial statements
Programming, Production
& Broadcasting........
General & Administrative
Public Information
Metro Denver &
Northern CO (KRMA)
Southern Colorado
1089 Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80204
2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001
Tim Gill Center For
Public Media
315 E. Costilla St.
Colorado Springs, CO
Western Colorado
890 Hall Ave.
Grand Junction, CO
KUVO 89.3FM,
89.7FM & KVJZ
2900 Welton Street,
Suite 200
Denver, CO 80205
Nondiscrimination Policy – This policy states Rocky Mountain PBS’ position on discrimination and applies to all Rocky Mountain PBS employees, volunteers, members, clients, and contractors. Rocky Mountain
PBS follows an equal opportunity employment policy and employs personnel without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or
mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status or any other status protected by law. This policy also applies to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations,
outside vendors, organization members and customers, service clients, use of contractors and consultants, and dealings with the general public.

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