Travel Guide - Ginger Brook Hollow



Travel Guide - Ginger Brook Hollow
Welcome to Ginger Brook Hollow
The Ginger Brook Hollow® website has many things to offer a visitor. It can be easy to
overlook some of these things or become confused about where to find them if you do not
know the site well. This is a guide to help you find what you are looking for when you
visit our web site. You can either come back to home page to reference it as needed, or
print it out and keep it nearby as a guide book. We hope that you will enjoy your visit
Online shop – This is the place to find our main product line which contains the stories
about Ginger Brook Hollow and the characters as dolls. Click on that shop link to find the
• Collectable dolls
• Doll clothes
• Accessories
• Books (stories, cookbooks, paper dolls, printed patterns, little specialty books
about Ginger Brook Hollow)
In Town – There are things to buy in the town if you are registered as a “friend and
neighbor”. The town runs on a separate shopping cart system designed for small
purchases. The town takes a lot of time to upkeep. We are able to keep all the elements of
the town functioning by charging a small amount for some things. Purchases in town
require you to set up a credit account with our bank so that you do not have to charge
your credit card to make a small purchase each time you want something. You can add as
little to your account as $10.00 at a time and then spend it over a few weeks. Things you
can buy in town include:
• Patterns and ideas – Orphanage & Grandma’s House
• Monthly newsletter – Newspaper office
• Recipes (those archived after being posted for two weeks) – Grandma’s House
• Limited doll and gift items or craft supplies – General Store
• Back Sections of the original journal – If you would like to buy the back
sections of April’s journal and download them as ebooks you can do so at the
orphanage. We hope to have these published as actual hard cover books soon.
Free Fun and Informative Features
Tour of our old fashioned town – For educational information about a Victorian town
during “the gay nineties”, download and print a guide book free from the opening town
page of the city hall. It will give you details about many of the buildings that would have
been common in a small Middle American town during the late 1800’s.
Articles and extra information – Visit our blogs.
• Ginger Sundae contains fun and light content that pertains to our day more than a
century later than the stories of Ginger Brook Hollow.
• Ginger Brook Backstage This is a blog for those who want to know all the extra
things about Ginger Brook Hollow and especially about dolls.
Sign up for our email list or for regular mailed promotions – You can either do this by
registering in the town landing page or clicking the link for request information in the
black tool bar.
(The features below are offered in exchange for your contact information, so that
we can updatev you on all we have to offer and limit misuse of our site.)
April’s Journal – Keep up on all the happenings of the town through our orphans’ eyes.
You can read segments of April’s Journal to find out what is happening currently in the
town and with the orphan girls and Grandma Sunday.
Directory – As you get to know the girls through the journal, you will also come in
contact with other characters of the town. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of them
all, so we provide a town directory.
Ideas – Sometimes it is fun to duplicate what the girls at the orphanage are doing, or to
make extra clothes and accessories for the Ginger Brook Hollow dolls. We offer ideas and
patterns so that you can do this through our orphanage. Most of the time these things
will cost, but we do occasionally offer ideas and patterns that are free. *Check the price
to see what ones show $0.00.
Extra educational trivia- We post information and trivia about the Ginger Brook Hollow
time period, the characters, and other things about every two weeks in the school.
Quizzes – Test yourself just for fun by taking a quiz at the school.
Contests – We offer different contests throughout the year for those registered in the
town. You can find details about the current or upcoming contest at the school.
Grandma’s House
Recipes –We offer the recipe for Grandma Sunday’s ginger snaps and at least two or three
other recipes a week free to our visitors. If you take the time to print them once a week
they can be yours to keep and share for no charge. If you want access to back recipes we
do charge a minimal fee.
Ideas and activities to do with children – Although Ginger Brook Hollow was designed for
those over 12 years old, and registration is not for minor children without parent consent,
we encourage sharing the town and what we have with children. Such sharing can be a fun
way to develop and enhance relationships. Some activities will cost if they require
patterns and other things. Some you will see the cost as $0.00
Post Office
E-cards – We offer you the chance to send a greeting or card to a friend in our post office.
Town directory – You can read about and become familiar with the other story people
from Ginger Brook Hollow and neighboring town of Amber Fields by reading the town
directory. It is either available in the post office or the orphanage where April keeps her
Bulletins – Quick updated of new things or happenings with Ginger Brook Hollow
Check mail – This will contain a copy of the latest email message that was sent to our list
just in case you happen to delete yours.
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