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Bong Packaging Systems
Machines, materials and products to pack products
efficiently for e-commerce, industrial, warehousing
and internal shipment purposes
Bong Packaging Systems delivers Your brand promise every time!
Bong Packaging Systems is part of Bong Packaging Solutions; the
packaging division within the Bong Group – Europe’s largest supplier of
envelopes and specialty packaging products. We offer distribution and
packaging of information, through direct marketing and other services.
With the fast, efficient, and automated e-fulfillment offer of Bong
Packaging Systems, using ColdSeal® technology, we focus on:
Overview of ColdSeal® Materials:
Our automated packaging equipment wraps and seals using the ColdSeal®
process. ColdSeal® materials have a specially designed latex coating on
the inside. This allows the material to stick to itself and not the contents.
It’s quick, simple, and highly effective. There’s no heat, and no glue. The
material comes pre-prepared for wrapping around products of all sizes up
to 6 metres long.
Because the ColdSeal® material comes on a continuous roll, there’s very
little wastage. The process improves your environmental performance at
the same time as it cuts your costs.
We have the equipment, the materials and the know-how for You to
deliver at a constant high quality level to Your customers, every time.
Choose an e-fulfilment system that you can trust
With ColdSeal automatic packaging systems, supplied by Bong
Packaging Systems, You will provide faultless e-fulfillment day after day.
We are a one-stop-shop for the complete solution; machinery, the
materials, and the expertise, which will keep Your fulfillment line flowing.
It is also a perfect solution for industrial use where, for example large
series of spare parts need to be packed in a secure way.
The Result
The result is a custom-made protective package that fits snugly to pack
contents, avoiding slippage or movement of goods during transit.
Why ColdSeal® Automatic Packaging Systems?
CD’s, Books, Shoes, Clothing, Golf clubs,
Umbrellas, DVD’s, Games, Cameras,
Mobile Phones, Sim cards, Cosmetics,
Novelty gifts, Oven doors, Pharmaceutical goods, Venetian blinds, Fishing
rods, Workwear, Hand tools, Sports
items, Jewellery, Stationary, Coins,
Magazines, Medals, Toys, Spare parts,
Boots, and Electrical components.
Corrugated Board
The equipment is ideal for busy e-fulfilment houses and industrial use
It wraps, seals, and labels up to 35 packages a minute in a continuous
process that needs just one operator.
increasing output
reducing costs
increasing efficiency
improving reliability
With Bong Packaging Systems You have just
one point of contact for the entire packaging
process and for Your solution!
ColdSeal® Materials
Our systems can cater for small and long items, which can be up to 6
meters in length
Touch Screens assist in simplifying set up and configuration
No heat is used by these machines to seal the packages, making them
economical to run
Ideally suited for On-Line Distribution Centers, Pick and Pack Operations,
Mail Order Clothing and Shoe Distributors, Fulfillment and Direct Mail
Companies. It is also a prefect solution for industrial use where, for
example large series of spare parts need to be packed in a secure way
Major reduction in staff costs
On average 1500 items packaged per hour
Christmas dispatch deadline extended by 7 days
A Sortation System can be added to meet Postal and Carrier discount
More ’RIGHT FIRST TIME’ as human error reduced
The ColdSeal® Material does not adhere to the contents of the package or leave a residue
behind. So your customer receives their goods in perfect condition
The Corrugated material can be purchased by the roll or in sheets. These can be bespoke
to your individual requirements
Materials provide ideal postage packaging for small order dispatch, including Books, CD’s,
Hardware, Spare parts, Mechanical parts and other general mail order items
Materials provide excellent protection during storage and special inhibitors can be included
to protect items against rust
ColdSeal® can help reduce costs and carbon footprint by minimizing individual package size
All materials can be printed to showcase Your brand and company!
At Bong Packaging Systems we offer You a complete packaging
solution which is also beneficial for the environment. We believe
that with the efficiency of our packaging systems You will not
only gain a more economical solution for packing Your products
- but also a solution which can help to cut down on energy
consumption and minimize the amount of scrap material.
The packaging material - a variety of ColdSeal® products – is a
vital part of our offer and solution. All paperbased ColdSeal®
materials are 100% recyclable and thus You will find our Green
Heart* highlighting the environmental friendly aspects of
choosing one, or several, of our ColdSeal® packaging materials
*NOTE! The Green Heart should not be confused or mistaken for any official environmental
symbol or certificate – as this is just an icon created by Bong Packaging Systems to highlight
the positive environmentally friendly points regarding our various packaging systems and
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