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Biker Bits - Coast Riders
Biker Bits
Coast Riders Motorcycle Club
Monthly Bulletin for August 2008
Hotline: (604) 623-5169
Editor: Cathy Hughes
So, I am not perfect! I let my guard
down and ended up with a virus. I am
all formatted and up and running again.
July Monthly Meeting
So, I am not perfect! Frankly I can’t
remember what happened and I can’t
find my notes. I know I was there and
so were some other people. I know we
had a meeting and we talked about the
rally and other stuff.
August Monthly Meeting
Who rode tonight? – quite a few hands
made it into the air.
Guests – Lester brought his neighbours
Bob and Judy Woods AND Lester’s new
bike. Yep folks – Lester is 2-wheel
bound again. He picked up a 2002
Suzuki V-Strom 1000cc from Alberta.
Glad to see you back.
New Road Captains – Congratulations
to Art Long, Daryl Bergmann, Hans
Oosterman, Don Hughes and Dale
There still is a need for
someone to step forward as the Coordinator for the Road Captains.
Coast Riders Biker Bits
(604) 464-2437
[email protected]
Winthrop Rally 2008 – It was a huge
successes and everyone had a great
time with weather co-operating. It was
decided that the 2009 Rally would be
held again in Winthrop. Mark the dates
on your calendar – July 23, 24 and 25th
2009. We would like to get a good start
on a Rally Committee so if you want to
help out please let Chris or Dianne
know. KOA thought we were all such
nice people, that they did not charge us
a day use fee for the closing BBQ This
saved us about $150.00
This is a list of the generous dealers that
helped us by donating gifts and gift
Bob - G.A. Checkpoint
Janine - Daytona Motorsports
Graham - North Shore Suzuki
Mike and Tamara - Pacific Yamaha
Brian - Motorcycle World
Greg - Carter Motorsports
Wally - Holeshot
Heather - Richmond Motorsports
Roland - Western Powersports
They were fantastic, quick to respond
and generous. We should support the
dealers that support us.
Safety Report – Postponed as Mr.
Safety for this meeting, Dale Brewer,
found himself and his bus on the island.
August 2008
Ride Reports – A number of rides talked
about and Mike has highlighted a few
more roads on his map.
Upcoming Events
Marq’s Mystery Tour – Sunday August
24th. Start/Registration is from Western
Power Sports, 20552 Langley Bypass
10:00 – 11:00 a.m. ($10.00 for rider,
$15.00 for rider and passenger.)
Summer BBQ – 3:00 Saturday
September 6th at Chez Weatherston.
Members free and guests $10.00.
Please make sure your food order has
been placed. If you are able to bring an
appetizer, salad or desert, please also
let Rick know. [email protected]
Winthrop Rally
Harris Mills Show ‘N Shine – Sunday
September 7th. Leaving Bread Garden
at 10:00 a.m.
Fireball 2008 – Cancelled.
Next Club Meeting
Monday September 8th Eagle Creek
Restaurant, Burnaby.
Flag Ride 2008
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
Coast Riders Biker Bits
August 2008
Would you tell him your steak was
For more rally photos, please see
the following websites:
Wayne Corley
Art Long –
Trev Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition
Hello - thought you would be
interested in our extensive
photo gallery of
The Trev Deeley Motorcycle
Exhibition which just opened
last week in Vancouver:
Please feel free to use the
link in your website, but
please credit it to 24 hours
Keith (24 Hours)
Coast Riders Biker Bits
August 2008
Northern B.C., Robson Valley,
Yellowhead Highway
Good Morning,
Please allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Mark Webb. For the past
two years i have been building a small
Crescent Spur approx 160km East of
Prince George and 140km West of
Jasper National park.
We arrived in Cache Creek
desperate to jump into the pool, sit back
and sip a cold one and wait for the rest
of the gang to arrive.
Ray Pilon and Shannon, Brian and
Donna Chesney, Steve and Julie Cole,
Karle Joys, Zolton Torkos, Betty Van
Durme, Bethany Brooks, Al and Lonnie
Hartl, Paul and Simone De Bei and Dale
Brewer all rode the Duffy Lake Loop.
The Cabins are fully furnished with
need from a coffee maker, wireless
internet, LCD sattelite TV, BBQ and
laundry service. There are pictures of
the cabins and area in the Gallery
section of the website.
We are a great stop for your riders and
a rest-up on their travels along Hwy. 16,
the “Historic Yellowhead Highway'”.
Please would you be so kind as to
forward this to anyone you think this
may interest. Please do not hesitate to
call 1-250-553-2330 or email me
[email protected]
you have any questions.
We all took the opportunity to toast
John with a number of bottles of Port.
After a lengthy “taste test” it was
decided that Zolton’s home-made Port
was the best!
Sincerely, Mark Webb
John Moore Memorial
Cigar & Port Run
The weather co-operated for a
change (if you don’t mind riding in a
furnace). Saturday morning Rick and I
started out with our daughter Rhiannon
and her new boyfriend riding along. As
Rick’s shoulder is still not up to snuff we
chose to take the Fraser Canyon.
Sunday morning found everyone
heading home different directions. Rick
and I were taking the canyon again with
Rhiann and her boyfriend and we were
joined with Ray and Shannon and Paul
August 2008
Coast Riders Biker Bits
and Simone. Paul thought it was funny
that we were “slumming”. Rhiannon’s
ride was a Harley V-Rod, Paul and Ray,
of course, ride Harley’s and there we
were with our Venture.
At last….inner peace
I am passing this on to you because it
definitely worked for me and we all
could use more calm in our lives.
By following the simple advice I heard
on a Medical TV show, I have finally
found inner peace.
A Doctor proclaimed the way to achieve
inner peace is to finish all the things
you have started.
To add insult to injury, when we stopped
for lunch at Hope River guess what bike
needed to be worked on!
So I looked around my house to see
things I'd started and hadn't finished,
and, before leaving the house this
morning, I finished off:
a bottle of Merlot,
a bottle of shhardonay,
a bodle of Baileys,
a butle of vocka,
a pockage of
tha mainder of bot Prozic
and Valum scriptins,
the res of the
an a box a choclits.
Yu haf no idr who gud I fel. Peas sen
dis orn to dem yu fee AR in ned ov inr
Coast Riders Biker Bits
August 2008