April 26, 2016 - Second Baptist


April 26, 2016 - Second Baptist
V ol um e 5 8, I ssu e 2 0
A p ri l 2 6, 2 0 16
Worship This Week
2B Family Fun Festival
& Food Truck Expo!
May 1st 3:30-6:30 p.m.
May 1, 2016
8:30 & 10:45
Ryon Price
East Lawn and Parking Lot
Text: Acts:9-15,
John 14:23-29
Musical Entertainment: Band – Eight Second Ride
Food Trucks: Cheese Chicks, Chopped & Sliced
(BBQ), Marble Slab, and Crusty’s Pizza
Fun Activities: Gaga Pit, Spoil Me Rotten
Bounce House, Mahon Library – Story Time, Body Works – Spider Jumper,
Seed to Sprout Yoga – Kid Yoga Demo/Class, and much, much more!
Come get great info on super summer activities for you and your family!
Title: “When God Closes the
Our Beloved
Week Ending 4/27/16
Get Your Tickets TODAY to See
2016 Operating Needs
Freud’s Last
2016 Operating Budget
May 6th or 7th
7:30 p.m.
Worship Hall
Other Contributions
Royalties, registrations,
— a dramatic conversation
about life and faith
with C.S. Lewis &
Sigmund Freud, starring
our own
Marti Runnels
Total Receipts
Thank You!
We need a
crew of 12-15
able bodies to help us with
setting the stage for our
production of “Freud’s Last
Session” at noon on May
1st and then removing it
late on May 7th.
Cory Norman
General Admission Tickets
$15 only at Select-A-Seat
Special Guest! Stay after Saturday’s performance for a dialogue with PETER ROLLINS, a Northern Irish writer,
public speaker, philosopher, and theologian who is a prominent figure in Radical Theology.
Rollins’ interpretation of faith views it as a particular way of engaging with the world rather than as a set of
beliefs about the world. Come listen in ….
Many thanks!
Youth Camp
(Completed Grades K-6) Contact Sheryl Gallarneau to Register - 806.786.9024
June 12-17th
Early Bird
Special $300 if
paid by May 15th
$350 after that!
Called Church Conference
At the called meeting last
Sunday, the proposed structural
change to the Leadership Team
was approved unanimously by
those present. Two negative
absentee ballots were also
counted. The new executive
team will be composed of 6 atlarge members, a financial representative, the Diaconate
Chair, and the Senior Pastor.
The at-large members will be
nominated from the congregation and interviewed by a deacon task force before being
elected by the congregation.
Learn Something New on Wednesdays!
First Baptist Dallas Senior Adult Choir will sing at Wednesday supper, April 27th at 6 p.m.
Glen Foster with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship will speak about exciting mission
project opportunities in Western United States on April 27th.
Art and Dance Classes will resume May 4th and 11th.
Come hear our Children’s Choirs sing on May 18th, our last Wednesday night of the season!
Provocative Proposal #2: 2B Believes that mission is a way of life. We discover
and live out our personal missional calling.
Kara Darnell lives out her personal missional calling as a judge for the Foster
Care Court, a court she wishes would be renamed the Recovery Court, because
she sees her mission not as taking kids away from their parents, but as rehabilitating and healing families. “I’m there to help change lives,” she tells me, and I
see the humble truth of it in her eyes. Her greatest day on the job is when she
can give a child back to their biological parents with confidence. Kara serves God by serving
the vulnerable and the abused. “I don’t think it possible to do my job well without my faith,”
she concludes. I am moved by our conversation, and I walk away searching my life. How
am I living out my personal missional calling each day, I wonder?
— Jakob Topper
Deacons on Call - Hospital Visits
Howard Darwin
James Fergerson
Hugh Wilson
Janis Sessums
Scott Sharp
Jim Hill
Jim Powell
May 4th Fellowship Meal Servers
4:15 - Vicki Nichols Polk, Joyce Purkeypile, Kitti Poage
4:45 - Bobbie Wilson, Mike Chapman, Brenda Olden
May 11th Fellowship Meal Servers
4:15 - Judy Stocks, Rance Nymeyer, Gayle Settle
4:45 - Ashley Ebeling, Naomi Fleming, Renée Abraham
May 1st
Offertory Prayer
8:30 Mark McBrayer
10:45 Lucy Landusky
Shepherding Deacons & Visitor Center Hosts
8:30 Betty Warren, Brent Guinn
10:45 Kim Flenniken, Patti Darwin, Jean Mallory
May 8th
Offertory Prayer
8:30 Bob Howell
10:45 Kathleen Campbell
Shepherding Deacons & Visitor Center Hosts
8:30 Jim Smith & Terrell Hutchens
10:45 Paul Nash, Jackie Hampton, Gayle Settle
Security Team - May 1st
Team 6 - Steve Corley, Joey Bruington, Bobby George, Bill Brannan
Security Team - May 8th
Team 7 - Dick Baker, Rance Nymeyer, Rick Elliott
The next Deacon Executive Committee meeting will be Sunday, June 12 th at noon. The next
Deacons’ meeting will be Monday, June 20 th at 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday Fellowship Meal - May 4th
~ Reservations are Requested~
$7 Adult - Cinco de Mayo Salad Bar, Chicken & Beef Fajitas, Carne Asada, Chicken Enchilada w/ Sour Cream
Sauce, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, Nacho & Taco Bar, Robert’s Hot Sauce & Chips, Sopapillas,
Aqua Frescas!
$7 Vegetarian - Same Menu
$4 Kid - Same Menu
6109 Chicago Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79424
Phone: 806-783-0202
Stephanie Nash, Editor
Non-Profit Org.
US Postage Paid
Lubbock, TX
Permit No. 276
Address Service Requested
To receive this publication by
email, please call the church office.
Sunday, May 1 Communion
8:30 Early Worship Service
9:30 Sunday School
10:45 Late Worship Service, Worship Hall
3:30 Family Fun Festival, East Lawn & Parking Lot
6:00 Second Chance Al-Anon, Room 128
Monday, May 2
10:30 Staff Meeting, Conference Center
Tuesday, May 3
6:30 Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast, Red Zone
10:00 B & B at 2nd B, Room 101
7:00 DRR Meeting, Conference Center
Wednesday, May 4
12:00 Men’s Luncheon, Cast Iron Grill, 620 19th St.
Fun Fest Committee for Evaluation, Conference Center
5:00 Fellowship Meal, Grand Hall
6:00 Orchestra Rehearsal, Choral Suite
Announcements & Prayer Time, Worship Hall
Nursery Opens , Rooms 202, 207, 110
6:30 Children’s Choir Sings
Windows Classes, Art & Dance lessons resume
Youth Activities, Youth Room
6:45 Second Voices Rehearsal, Choral Suite
Thursday, May 5
6:45 Jesus & Grits, Red Zone, 3602 Slide Rd. #1
10:30 Thursday Morning Bible Study, Conference Center
5:15 Discipleship Implementation Meeting, Room 124
Friday, May 6
6:30 Kids Night Out
7:30 Freud's Last Session, Worship Hall
Saturday, May 7
7:30 Freud's Last Session, Worship Hall
Come join us EVERY week.
Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Conference
Play Bell! Members of Bells Gloria are planning
to join other handbell ringers from Texas and
Oklahoma in ringing the national anthem at the
start of the Texas Rangers game at 7 pm on
August 13th in Arlington. Come support them and
see the game! Please contact Dellinda Ebeling at [email protected] or 777-0435 for more information!
Become a
Stephen Minister
Application Deadline:
This Sunday, May 1st
Contact Stephanie Nash for
more information.
Thank you!
Blood Drive
Wed. May 11
3:00-6:15 p.m.
Call Judie Darnell for an
appointment (781-6402)or
register online at

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