Quick Vetkoek Recipe (Baking Powder Batter)



Quick Vetkoek Recipe (Baking Powder Batter)
Quick Vetkoek Recipe
(Baking Powder Batter)
Makes about 16 vetkoek
750 ml (420 g) self-raising flour
5 ml salt
1 extra-large egg
350 ml Clover Danone Inkomazi
sunflower oil, for deep-fat frying
1. Sift the flour and salt together.
2.Whisk the egg and Inkomazi together and gradually add to the dry ingredients until a
smooth batter is formed.
3.Heat the oil in a deep, heavy-based saucepan. Place spoonfuls of batter in the hot
oil and fry until golden in colour.
4. Drain on kitchen paper and serve warm with cheese and butter.
If self-raising flour is not available, replace with 750 ml cake flour and 15 ml baking powder.
Chilli-Bite Vetkoek
Add 5 ml whole cumin seeds, 5 ml chilli powder or crushed, dried chillies, 30 ml fresh
chopped coriander, 5 chopped spring onions or 1 small chopped onion and 5 ml grated
lemon rind (optional) to the dry ingredients. Mix through and add the Inkomazi and egg.
Fry as per instructions.
Sweetcorn Vetkoek
Add 1 x 420 g can drained whole-kernel corn with the egg to the dry ingredients, add
Cheese Vetkoek
Add 250 ml grated Clover Cheddar Cheese to the dry ingredients before adding the
Cheese and Onion Vetkoek
Add 250 ml Clover Cheddar Cheese, 125 ml roughly chopped corned beef, 250 ml
chopped spring onion or 1 chopped onion and 50 ml chopped salted peanuts. Mix into
the dry ingredients before adding the liquid.