3D Paper Pumpkins Preparation Materials Notes



3D Paper Pumpkins Preparation Materials Notes
3D Paper Pumpkins
*The paper lantern pictured above left is
featured on a previous post called “Paper
Pumpkin Lanterns”
Design your own pumpkin-inspired
centrepiece or hanging decoration.
This project requires medium cutting
These pumpkins are created by
simply folding, cutting and sticking
coloured papers together.
To make a large pumpkin, use
heavier craft card, rather than paper.
ACARA Reference.
2.1, 2.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 4.6, 6.1, 6.2,
6.4, 6.6.
To hang the pumpkins, punch holes
into the top of the pumpkins and tie
string to the holes.
orange paper or card
green paper or card
glue stick
string (if you wish to hang the
1. Choose a range of papers in a variety
of patterns and tones.
2. Fold the sheets in half with the
patterns on the inside of the fold.
3. Draw ½ a pumpkin shape onto a piece
of card and cut it out. Line the centre of
the pumpkin stencil along the fold and
trace the shape.
4. Cut out the pumpkin half from the
folded sheet of paper. (If you have sharp
scissors, you may be able to cut several
sheets at once.)
5. Rub the glue stick on half of one of the
pumpkin shapes.
6. Stick another pumpkin half onto the
first. Leave the second pumpkin shape
folded and rub glue onto the back.
7. Continue attaching pumpkin halves in
the same manner.
8. Cut a long, thin strip of green paper
into a stem shape and insert it between
one of the folds.
9. For the final pumpkin piece, glue both
sides to the stack.
10. Use a pen to curl the stems.
11. To make a pop-out pumpkin card,
glue 2 sides to the inside of a card – along
the centre fold line.
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