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Phenix Technologies employees make an impressive appearance in
Pumpkin Chucking Competition
Phenix Technologies’ employees receive 1st place once again in the
pumpkin chucking competition that occurs during the area’s Autumn Glory
Festival. The challenge of the pumpkin chucking competition is to construct
a device to throw an 8-10 pound pumpkin at a target 275 yards away.
Participants are judged on accuracy and distance. In 2011, the team of 6
PHENIX employees along with the support of coworkers designed and
built a very impressive air cannon which actually could launch pumpkins as
far as 500 yards. In 2010, the team built a trebuchet-type chucker which
utilized the energy of a raised counterweight of 3,000 lbs to catapult
pumpkins. The Autumn Glory Festival takes place every October in Garrett
County Maryland when visitors travel to the area to see the colorful fall
leaves along the mountains.
2011 Team
2010 Team

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