McVeighs Pumpkin Patch


McVeighs Pumpkin Patch
McVeighs Pumpkin Patch
Rick and Debbie McVeigh
Hamilton, IL
Located in rural Hancock County, IL
Brother and I grow corn/soybeans/hay
Growing pumpkins/gourds, etc. for 27 years
5 acres pumpkins, 65 varieties
• Originally planted just a few varieties of
pumpkins by hand
• Graduated to 2 row planter, then 4 row, then 2
• Now use one row JD7000
Planting Method
Sow cereal rye in fall
Pumpkin rotated with field corn on 2 year rotation
Spray roundup early in spring in 20” band
Follow up when rye is past flowering with sickle bar
• Usually take one pass through band w/out seed to
open up row, then plant on 2nd pass
• Row width will range from 9’ to 12’ depending upon
variety/size- will leave drive row every 4-5 rows for
• 60-70 different types
• Pumpkins and gourds
Weed control
Disease control
Insect control
Drip irrigation
We pick pumpkin from the field
and haul to front yard in flare
box wagons
Corn Maze
• 5 acre corn maze
• Custom designed
• High school operates “haunted maze” one
weekend as money making venture
• Stacked by size/price in yard
• Customers allowed to go into field to pick
• In the yard we have:
– Gazebo
– Koi pond
– Picture taking opportunities