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Fantastic KITCHENS Indianapolis See 250 Kitchens Now!
Spring 2009 / $5.00
See 250 Kitchens Now!
Enjoying Your New Kitchen
It’s All About the
Ownership Experience
In the five years we’ve published Fantastic Kitchens Magazine in nine midwest/mid-south cities, more than 250 fantastic kitchens have been showcased.
While doing so we’ve asked every family and every designer what they most like
about their new kitchen, how they plan to use it, and their advice to others about
to do the same.
But while no two kitchens have been alike, their comments to our questions
strike a similar refrain.
They say:
• That the kitchen is now the living room of the home. The days start and end
here because much improved kitchen design has allowed more freedom to move
about. The family can better enjoy each other’s company and even help in the food prep.
• That their new kitchen is more conducive to entertaining. Whether it be another couple, the neighborhood,
business acquaintances, or a fundraiser the kitchen is the place to hang out.
• That their appliances are the star performers in making it all work. Whether it be style, performance or
reliability, they want appliances up to the task of making their lives easier and more pleasing to the eye.
Of course, I’m always happy when appliances are so prominently mentioned. When I started my company
in 1986, it was becoming obvious where the kitchen was trending, and, to say it for the 1,000th time,
homeowners wanted more choices than avocado or harvest gold. Sub-Zero was at the head of this curve and
decided to choose my company as its distributor in the midwest. It has been a very good two decades and the
experience has been rewarding. But not only to me, but also to the many thousands of homeowners who
chose the brands I represent.
Which brings me to the Ownership Experience. Whatever you buy, especially larger ticket items such as
luxury cars or high-end appliances, you expect them to meet or exceed your expectations. You want a positive
experience as you have worked hard for your lifestyle and deserve to be treated respectfully.
When you read the articles in this issue of Fantastic Kitchens Magazine, it’s immediately obvious that we are
doing our part to provide our customers with an ownership experience second to none. Homeowners genuinely
share with us positive commentary while not asking for anything in return except that we keep doing what
we’re doing.
Sub-Zero, and now its cooking soul-mate, Wolf, will weather the change in our economy because they
won’t sacrifice standards. The ownership experience is what we’re all about and will continue to be in the
many years ahead.
Thank you for welcoming Fantastic Kitchens Magazine into your home for the 5th
consecutive year. If you would like to review past issues from your city, or those from
surrounding states, click on:
Here you can see 250 kitchens sorted by style, by color, by designer or by appliance.
John Tisdel
President, John Tisdel Fine Appliances
is published by John Tisdel Fine
Appliances, Cincinnati, Ohio
John Tisdel is the authorized Sub-Zero,
Wolf, ASKO and Faber appliance
distributor in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky,
Tennessee, western Pennsylvania and West
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See 250 Kitchens Now!
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Tips on Buying Top-Line Appliances:
Think Of It As An Investment
That Nobody Can Take Away
All consumers have had personal ownership
experiences with a host of products to include
homes, automobiles, electronics and appliances.
How have these experiences been? Most
consumers have experienced both good and bad.
Beyond the performance of the product, what
determines a good or bad experience? We believe
how well a company supports its products after
the sale greatly influences what kind of
experience a consumer actually has. Please
consider the following regarding appliances.
How often do consumers buy appliances?
It could be years or even decades between appliance
purchases. Most consumers assume all premium
built-in appliances are high quality products with
dependable post-sales service. That is not always the
case. A brief discussion about the warranty is often
all the information consumers receive about product
Even in good economic times, many high-end
appliance companies do not sufficiently invest in
their post-sales service support. In a tougher
economy, most manufacturers target this part of
their business for cost reductions which even further
erodes support provided consumers.
How do Sub-Zero and Wolf support their
To begin with, these products are built in state-ofthe art manufacturing facilities within the U.S.,
which provide the highest level of quality and
performance available in the industry. Should you
require service or simply have a question about your
new Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance, there are many
options available.
A three-pronged strategy is employed which provides
an unsurpassed Ownership Experience.
1. The Manufacturer – The standard warranties that
come with the products are the best in the industry.
A dependable, fully staffed Customer Service
Kitchen designed by Debbie Bracken, Cabinetry Ideas.
Department is also available to help consumers with
product issues when needed. Call 800-222-7820 for
Sub-Zero or 800-332-9513 for Wolf.
2. The Distributor – John Tisdel Fine Appliances
(JTFA) is the independent exclusive distribution
company that brings Sub-Zero and Wolf products
from the manufacturers to the local appliance
dealers. JTFA continually trains local service
companies to provide quick, accurate product
diagnosis and product repair. If necessary, one of the
highly trained JTFA Service Managers will make joint
home visits with local servicers to ensure the
consumer’s needs are quickly satisfied. No other
high-end appliance brands provide this level of
3. The Authorized Dealer – Sub-Zero and Wolf
products are available through local, independently
owned appliance dealers. This type of appliance
business, versus the “big box stores”, is best suited to
provide the kind of post-sales service and Ownership
Experience consumers expect.
Have you ever compromised on a
purchase based on price and regretted it
later? Does saving “some” money at the
time of purchase offset a poor Ownership
Cost savings could be considerable depending on the
nature of the purchase. However, whatever the
savings, history has proven its importance disappears
when the Ownership Experience is poor. The
excitement of the cost savings is a vague memory
when one is without a major appliance for an
extended period of time.
Sub-Zero and Wolf products in many cases will be
more expensive than their competitors. However,
please consider what that extra cost delivers in terms
of value. You will own the finest products the
appliance industry has to offer. They will also be
backed with the support you expect, providing
unsurpassed Ownership Experience.
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
If Only for the Cinnamon Bread,
this Kitchen Passes All the Tests
Story by Anne Keeling • Photography by Craig Thompson
About the Photos: The kitchen sits within a large gathering space that opens out to the inviting great room beyond. The unique shape of the island continues the angle line from
the wall and creates a clear definition between cooking and gathering space. Everything centers around the Wolf range creating a compact and efficient work space that is still a
part of family life and socializing. The custom cabinetry incorporates extensive detailing including rope posts, fluting, crown with Acanthus molding at ceiling height, and Enkeboll
corbels to give this kitchen distinct decorative impact. Wasting no available space, the rope posts at the range also combine as pull-out spice racks, right where they are needed.
Far right: This entertainment cabinet, like the island base is cherry wood painted black. A rub-through technique allows the beautiful cherry wood to show on the corners and
edges creating an aged effect. This cabinet was carefully designed to meet the very specific storage needs of large platters, cutlery, china and glassware for entertaining. A SubZero wine storage unit featuring an overlay panel in the same painted cherry wood is integrated into the cabinet side making an eye-catching and practical feature.
Continues on page 8 6
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
The design inspiration for the entire kitchen came from
the light shades. They were bought even before work on the kitchen began. “I
knew that was exactly the look I wanted,” says the homeowner who also had her range
backsplash designed to replicate the MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check pattern.
She also knew exactly what she wanted when it came to the major appliances. “I did
a lot of research in the early planning stages. It was well worth it because then I felt
confident that I was buying the very best. And they truly are! It’s the details like the
self-cleaning ovens and the amazing infra-red grill of the Wolf, the spaciousness and
total reliability of the Sub-Zero as well as the fact that it looks exactly like a nice piece
of furniture, and the great design and controlled temperature of the wine refrigerator.
They really are all superior to anything else on the market.”
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Continued from page 6.
fantastic facts
Young family of four: mom, dad and two young sons
Kitchen Renovation Completed
April 2008
Priorities for Our Kitchen Renovation
Entertaining for sure; we moved walls and added walls to make it easier for entertaining.
We needed the kitchen to function well and entertain with ease. That was a big deal for
Our Lifestyle
We have a busy family life with basketball, tennis, soccer and golf. We eat in about four
days a week. We love our home. It’s a traditional home on the Geist reservoir with great
water views and a boat dock. We always have friends over; mainly casual, very relaxed.
Small groups usually but at Christmas we’ve had up to 150 people. Whatever the number,
everyone hangs out in the kitchen. The more the merrier!
My Favorite Furnishings Store
John Kirk Furniture Galleries in Carmel. That’s where my kitchen table came from.
Our Favorite Restaurant
Ruth’s Chris Steak House
My Type of Cooking
I don’t cook regularly. I wish I could. I kind of wing it a lot of the time! I’d choose baking
any day over all other cooking. My specialties are carrot cake and cinnamon bread. My
cinnamon bread takes ten days from when I start mixing the yeast. I make eight loaves at
one time so my Wolf range is perfect for that. The baking is so quick and consistent with
the convection feature. Last Christmas I made 24 cinnamon loaves as gifts. You can’t get
a nicer gift than fresh baked bread right from the oven.
O u r F a v o r i t e Wi n e
We really enjoy wine. We keep a large stock in the basement but it’s a very nice treat
having the Sub-Zero wine refrigerator right here in the kitchen so that you know you’ve got
wine readily handy and at just the right temperature. Our favorites are Cakebread, Silver
Oak Cellars, and Santa Margarita.
Designer’s Thoughts
“When you move from a much larger kitchen you suddenly realize
the problems you have with storing everything you’ve accumulated.
This was the problem here and it was a real challenge considering
the kitchen possessed only one perimeter wall including two 135degree angles! So we designed a uniquely shaped island which not
only enhances the overall floor plan of the kitchen, but provides a
huge amount of purpose-built storage too.” – Debbie Bracken,
AKBD, Cabinetry Ideas
The homeowner with kitchen designer, Debbie Bracken (left)
Who Did It?
Kitchen Designer: Debbie Bracken, AKBD, Cabinetry Ideas,
• Cabinetry: Custom black painted cherry with rub through on the island and
entertainment cabinet, custom painted and glazed maple on the perimeter cabinetry by
Fielitz Corp, Archbold, Ohio • Countertops: Gold Brown granite (island and entertainment
cabinetry), Antique Gold granite (perimeter) supplied by Marble Uniques • MacKenzieChilds pendant light shades and accessories from Zazu in Naples • Major Appliances:
Sub-Zero 42-inch side-by-side refrigerator/freezer with overlay panels. Sub-Zero
undercounter wine storage unit. Wolf 48-inch dual fuel range with griddle and 6 gas
burners. ASKO fully integrated dishwasher
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
“Why choose Carmel Kitchen
Specialists for your kitchen or
cabinetry project? I tell people
all the time, when we do a good
job for you, tell a thousand of
your friends. If you think we
didn’t, just tell us and we’ll
make it right. We feel very, very
passionate about doing you a
great job, using innovative and
fresh design, excellent products
and first class installations.”
– Jeff Reed, President,
Carmel Kitchen Specialists
Serving Carmel, Indianapolis and Central Indiana
In 1975 Jeff Reed had a choice following his graduation from IU. Live at home for awhile, or buy a year old company called Carmel Kitchen Specialists. He
was encouraged to do the latter, and now, more than 3,000 custom kitchens later, he feels he chose wisely.
Carmel Kitchen Specialists (CKS) has an excellent staff of designers (just ask our customers) and installation men second to none. Jan Richman, who joined
the company in 1981 as an installer and is now the company’s operations manager, works with Jeff to insure complete customer satisfaction. “Simply put, we
do it better. We really work hard at it – not just in the design phase, but all the way thru to the end of your project. It’s the entire team that makes us strong,”
says Jeff. Cabinetry lines include Quality Custom Cabinetry, Omega, Kitchen Craft, Quality Cabinets and Indiana-built Continental Kitchens. CKS works in all
rooms cabinetry can be built-in, including baths, wet bars, laundry rooms, libraries, entertainment centers and of course kitchens!
606 Station Drive • Carmel, Indiana 46032 • 317-844-3975
To see more of this kitchen, visit
Sub-Zero & Wolf Appliances
Leading the
way in form
and function
Indiana Kitchen Designers
Sound Off
Form or function? What takes precedence for a designer?
When it comes to Wolf and Sub-Zero it seems there is no
dilemma. “We recommend Wolf and Sub-Zero because of
the outstanding quality and design innovation they
“Right now it’s pure customization. Today’s homeowners are savvy
represent,” says Nancy Barbee of Cabinetry Ideas Inc. “Plus
enough and well traveled enough to be confident with their own
the integration capability of Sub-Zero is superior to any other
line,” she adds. Kristin Okeley of Kitchens by Design agrees:
“Sub-Zero is in a category on its own,” she says. “It has no
competition, I don’t specify anything else. It has the best allaround look, it’s so versatile, it integrates better than any
other brand, and its performance and functionality are
superb. As for Wolf, I have it in my own house and love it;
you really do get restaurant-quality results. The
temperatures are much more accurate than any other
product and they have the most current styling too.”
Kristin describes the majority of her customers as
sophisticated cooks who appreciate both the design
aesthetics and performance quality of their appliances.
“More and more people are allowing funds for Wolf and SubZero. They know these are name brands that have a very
good reputation but often have no preconceived ideas other
than that. So it’s up to me to show them the versatility,
styling options and performance features that stand Wolf
and Sub-Zero way ahead of everyone else.”
Scott Perry of The KitchenWright of Indiana couldn’t agree
more: “There are lots of features that give them exceptional
quality,” he says. “Such as the BTUs, low simmer, heat
coverage and ease of cleaning for the Wolf appliances, and
the design flexibility, capacity and preservation standards for
the Sub-Zeros. I am totally confident recommending Wolf
and Sub-Zero to my clients. I know they are the best and am
confident that they are meeting all the needs of homeowners
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
individual style; confident enough to not follow any trends.
Basically anyone can have whatever they want and Sub-Zero is
particularly good at being able to roll with these punches. Both
Sub-Zero and Wolf can be all things to all people providing total
flexibility with style and design without compromising at all on
the performance quality.”
Trends As We See Them
“People are gravitating more towards color in their kitchens; introducing a lot more natural
colors on walls and on cabinets, particularly yellows and greens. Texture too. They are picking out
more interesting textures within the kitchen like slate, stone and more natural, organic options.
There is a much greater focus on natural elements. Today I think the number one appliance is the
refrigerator and it is being used in more and more unique and versatile ways to meet the specific
needs of the family. Sub-Zero is the best example of this on the market.”
See 250 Kitchens Now!
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Fort Wayne
Hard to Beat: A Pool Lodge,
A BBQ, A Wedding, and
a Sweet Shop
Story by Anne Keeling • Photography by Craig Thompson
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
About the Photos: The built-in Wolf Grill with its custom
ventilation hood and tin ceiling is the focal point in the
kitchen. Combined with the 2-burner Wolf cooktop and the
Wolf warming drawer below it makes an efficient and
impressive barbecuing center. The custom-made maple
cabinetry has been glazed and distressed with detailing such
as the posts and bun feet, added to give it a rustic look.
Cabinetry panels have been added to the Sub-Zero
refrigerator, ice machine and dishwasher to keep the focus
entirely on the old-world charm of the lodge kitchen. This is
enhanced by the 8-foot-long custom-made plank-top tablestyle island that provides all the space that Brenda and
Daryle need for barbecue preparation and buffets. Note the
open-end shelving, central drawers and plank floor all in
painted maple with a rub-through treatment giving the island
the old lodge character it needs. The floor is actually vinyl
flooring using a distressed wood-look design providing a
practical, safe solution for poolside functionality.
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fantastic facts
Brenda and Daryle Doden
5 adult children and 8 grandchildren
Pool Lodge Completed
End of summer 2008
Our Priorities for the Pool Lodge Kitchen
Once we’d decided on a lodge for our new pool, we knew that in it we should have a kitchen for outdoor
entertaining and easy grilling. We wanted it to be warm and inviting and very accessible for pool-side
What Inspired Us?
Our designer Brad Conway. We’ve worked with Brad for 20 years and he was the one who said that a
poolhouse would architecturally ground our property. We have a very
spacious back yard and visually the pool needed something. He was so
right. Brad was the one who inspired the natural lodge style and Dutch
Made continued the fabulous look inside.
This 15" Integrated Wolf gas cooktop
allows the Dodens to complete any
meal in their outdoor kitchen.
Why We Love it
It’s so easy to entertain here! At the end of the kitchen are big sliding
doors that open up to the pool – you can really bring the outdoors in. We
love the architectural beauty too. It’s so natural with lots of stone and
wood and there’s a real sense of warmth. Everyone comments about the
ceiling and the barbecue, and at night the pretty lighting in and around
the cabinets gives lots of ambiance. Putting together the Wolf grill, the
little cooktop, and warming drawer has given us everything we need for
great barbecuing.
Our Best Party
It was July 6th last year, our 40th wedding anniversary and our daughter
Kara’s wedding. We had it here in the back yard with the lodge. Daryle and
I had dated in a sweet shop so we had a sweet shop going with ice creams
and all sorts of toppings! It was a wonderful day. The lodge wasn’t quite
finished so we had to go back to completing it after the big party!
Our Favorite Restaurant
When we’re not dining and socializing at home our favorite place to eat
is Cork’n Cleaver in Fort Wayne. It’s a fabulous local restaurant.
Designer’s Thoughts
“The integrated Wolf grill required some major ventilation which ended up with a
custom-made, commercial-grade system that is extremely effective. The hood is
painted metal which gives a patina effect and blends into a tin ceiling. The
brickwork and metallic stone tile backsplash give the barbecue area a real rustic
look. There was enough room at either end of the barbecue for some cabinets to
help pull the whole kitchen together. All-in-all it makes a great focal point.”
– Don Prichard, Dutch Made, Inc.
Don Prichard, Dutch Made, Inc. (left) and Brad Conway, Conway Designs (right).
Who Did It?
Kitchen Designer: Don Prichard, Dutch Made, Inc. • Lodge Designer: Brad Conway,
Conway Designs • Building Engineer: Steve Johnson, Design Consultants • Contractor: Mike Ley,
Signature Construction • Painter: Chuck Knox, Knox Decorative Painting • Cabinetry: Custom distressed
and glazed maple wood by Dutch Made, Inc. • Countertops: Slate copper Daltile supplied by Contract
Interiors, Inc. • Flooring: Amtico vinyl plank supplied by Contract Interiors, Inc. • Major Appliances:
Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator with overlay panel. Sub-Zero ice machine with overlay panel. Wolf 48inch built-in grill. Wolf 15-inch cooktop. Wolf warming drawer. ASKO dishwasher with overlay panel.
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Superior Fit,
Finish and Performance
at a Great Value!
The most demanding homeowners count on Faber. Proper kitchen ventilation, while always a must, is becoming more important than ever in today's
more sophisticated kitchen designs. That's why Faber is the leader for those who want the best in styling, performance, and energy savings. In essence,
Faber fits. Faber understands what you want and what will complement your kitchen's other high-end, brand name appliances such as Wolf.
Ventilation comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes the primary focus of the kitchen when it's a
decorative hood, or sometimes nearly hidden – such as the professional insert system shown in this
midwest kitchen. To see Faber's more than 25 different ventilation systems – from designer fashion
hoods to integrated ventilation inserts – visit Faber's authorized dealer list on page 17 of this issue of
Fantastic Kitchens Magazine, or visit our website:
Hidden Secrets of a
Home-A-Rama Kitchen
Story by Anne Keeling • Photography by Craig Thompson
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
About the Photos: Fully integrating all the appliances except
the Wolf range creates a seamless look. The customdesigned barrel ventilation hood introduces a soft line and
draws attention to the range as the focal point. Also grabbing
attention is the acid washed Italian Cream marble island top.
This is one single piece of marble. Acid washing takes off
the high polish finish giving texture and a buttery patina. The
marble is then sealed with a 15-year warranty seal providing
a solution for enjoying both its beauty and its function.
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Continued from page 19.
Builder and Designer
Wendy and Jeff Langston. Jeff is the President of Heartwood Custom Homes and Wendy
is the VP and interior designer.
Our Work
We build homes that are usually $500,000 plus in the Northside area of Indianapolis.
We work together, designing from scratch with the support of a great team. We’ve been
doing this for the last ten years and we’re still talking and still married!
The Home
Built for the Fall 2008 Luxury Home-A-Rama in Zionsville. It’s a $2.2 million shinglestyle house, with just under 10,000 square-feet.
Our Priorities for the Kitchen
We were really looking for function first and then aesthetics. But the overall look was
important because the kitchen area opens onto a formal great room and a hearth room.
For this reason we wanted to conceal as many appliances as possible.
Why Wolf and Sub-Zero Appliances?
Being in this very high price point we had to be conscious of the brands we selected for
the kitchen. This is a top-end kitchen in a top-end home and so all the appliances had
to be top-end too. Wolf and Sub-Zero were the only choice. They are terrific quality with
incredible capability and go above and beyond the functionality, the style and the
versatility of any other appliances.
The Reaction at Home-A-Rama
People were actually criticizing the fact that there wasn’t a refrigerator in here. That is,
until I opened the door to show them! Then I’d show them the refrigerator drawers in the
beverage cabinet too. Many visitors were amazed that they all blended into the cabinets
so well. It really is incredible the way the Sub-Zeros can be completely integrated, literally
anywhere you want to put them.
Buying for My Home
I believe that if you find something you love, the chances are you’ll love it forever. So buy
it! You will always regret that brass bed you saw and fell in love with and didn’t buy. And
you’ll never forget it! When something speaks to you, it’ll speak to you for a long time.
Cabinet Designer’s Thoughts
“The almond white painted cabinetry gives this kitchen a nice fresh
look that contrasts really well with the knotty alder wood of the
island and the stained oak hardwood floor. We chose a Sub-Zero
All-Refrigerator and a Sub-Zero All-Freezer and positioned them
either side of the Wolf range to give the kitchen area a sense of
symmetry. Combined, they provide a huge amount of accessible
chilled storage without visually dominating the space.”
– Julie Braunecker, Shamrock Cabinets
This is the lower level bar which is made from stained hardrock maple
wood. Built into the bar is a Sub-Zero ice machine, an ASKO
dishwasher and a Sub-Zero wine storage unit. The wine storage has
two independently controlled zones keeping both red and white wines
at just the right temperature and humidity.
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Wh o D i d I t ?
Designers: Julie Braunecker, Shamrock Cabinets, and Wendy
Langston, Heartwood Custom Homes • Cabinetry: Custom
painted hardrock maple wood and custom stained knotty alder wood (island) by Shamrock
Cabinets • Countertops: Acid washed Italian Cream marble (island) and Golden Caramel
granite supplied by Marble Uniques • Wall paint: Spanish Moss by Porter Paints
• Backsplash: Bamboo matchstick combination mosaic by ICC Floors • Pendant Lights:
Hudson Valley Pendants from Westfield Lighting • Major Appliances: Sub-Zero fully
integrated 27-inch All-Refrigerator. Sub-Zero fully integrated 27-inch All-Freezer. SubZero refrigerator drawers with overlay panels. Wolf 48-inch dual fuel range with 6 gas
burners and griddle. ASKO fully integrated dishwasher.
ASKO: From Our Family to Yours!
Hidden is Golden
The UltraCare™ Laundry System by ASKO is
completely reinventing the laundry room. No longer
are your washer and dryer put in a corner or down in
the dark and musty basement.
ASKO fully integrated laundry is perfect for your
master suite, an upstairs closet, the kitchen – and yes,
the laundry room. With the introduction of ASKO
fully integrated laundry, ASKO becomes the first
and only manufacturer to produce completely fully
integrated laundry – washing machines and dryers.
The W6903FI washer and T793FI dryer are the
world’s most coordinated laundry appliances.
Washers & Dryers Where It Makes Sense
Think about it. Why carry your dirty laundry from
one room to the next – it isn’t necessarily logical,
and it isn’t efficient. ASKO fully integrated laundry
is designed to be installed where it suits you.
ASKO fully integrated laundry is designed to be
concealed, resulting in a more pleasant and stylish
Style & Sophistication
The fully integrated ASKO W6903FI washer and
T793FI dryer can be installed with optional TouchProof™ stainless steel, white or black with T-bar or
A-bar handles, or customer supplied wood panel.
The washer uses sophisticated wash technology
to offer revolutionary wash programs.
Bigger is Better
ASKO can handle it all. All of your laundry, that is.
No matter what the type, size, or mixture of load you have, there is an ASKO washer and dryer that is perfect
for the job you have in mind. With the addition of the UltraCareXXL washers and dryers to its popular and wellaccessorized laundry lineup, ASKO becomes the only manufacturer that offers this variety of options.
The UltraCareXXL washer, WL6511, and the UltraCareXXL dryer, TL751, are now available at authorized
ASKO dealers throughout the U.S.
The washer – with an IEC capacity rating of 3.8 cu. ft. – has an 1150 RPM spin speed and offers a gentle wash
system, consistent with the rest of the ASKO UltraCare™ washing machines.
The 7.3 cu. ft. capacity dryer is available in electric as well as gas models. Features include an electronic
moisture control system and easy to use electronic controls.
XXL rebate Now until June 30, 2009!
$ 100 back on White XXL set • $ 200 back on color XXL set
Not only is ASKO the only
manufacturer to offer its laundry
as an integrated option, but
it’s also the only laundry and
dishwasher manufacturer with
a full 3 year bumper-to-bumper
warranty on its products.
See inside this issue of Fantastic
Kitchens Magazine for a complete
list of where to buy ASKO.
Colorado Style Gives
Kitchen Rustic Warmth
Story by Anne Keeling • Photography by Bookwalter Photography
About the Photos: There is a natural, organic, aged feel to this kitchen enhanced by the soapstone countertops and choice of Eucalyptus wood for the cabinetry which has been
kept natural except for a very light glaze. The soft green paint on the walls and the island base complement the pale green Rookwood-style backsplash. Simplicity is a key
characteristic of this kitchen allowing the Eucalyptus wood and the Kaya Mahogany island top to catch the eye. A large Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer is integrated behind cabinetry
wood panels and the stainless steel of the undercounter wine storage blends well with the stainless steel of the Wolf range.
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Empty nesters with four children; twins away at
school and an older son and daughter. Still at home
are two cats, Jeeves and Scooter.
Kitchen Renovation Completed
Priorities for Our Kitchen Renovation
It all started because we needed new countertops! But it seemed silly to put gorgeous
new countertops onto 23-year-old cabinets, especially as the kitchen is where we
spend all of our time. We wanted it to be warm and inviting for people to feel
comfortable and relaxed, and we wanted better use of space so that when there’s
several people, there’s enough room to be able to move and not get in each other’s way.
Family Time
Thanksgiving. It’s always everybody’s favorite. The kids are all getting pretty good at
cooking now so they like to join in. They’ll be making the hors d’oeuvres and helping
out and it’s a great atmosphere. I cook two turkeys at Thanksgiving to feed everyone
and I love that I can easily get them both into my Wolf range at the same time; no more
getting up at 4 a.m.
Formal or casual entertaining?
Oh, rarely is it formal. This kitchen is ideal for casual meals with family and friends.
I love that they can be here chatting while I’m cooking. There’s space for everyone and
no one gets in my way. I love that I can be cooking and not feel left out of the
Dinner with a Celebrity. Who Would it Be?
I would have loved to have had dinner with Julia Child. She was so funny and I would
have loved to have helped her cook – she thought everything was so easy!
Why Wolf and Sub-Zero?
My best friend who lives next door had just purchased a Wolf. She’s a real detailed
person and had done lots of research. Not only that but she was delighted with it. So
am I! Its got everything that I needed and wanted and has a great look too. I love the
extreme heats of the gas burners and the whole thing is so functional and the
temperatures are so accurate.
As for my Sub-Zero, some people say that they are expensive but I think my Sub-Zero
was worth every dollar. It’s laid out so well; there’s absolutely no wasted space. Food
stays very fresh for a long time and the seal on the freezer is great. I love that we were
able to put wooden panels on the front. If it had been all stainless steel that would
have been too much. This way it blends really nicely into the look of the whole kitchen.
Designer’s Thoughts
“This was a small kitchen in a dark corner of the house with a lot
of door openings so it was quite a challenge. We created as concise
a work triangle as possible and designated one wall to the cooking
tasks which ensured that the majority of the traffic flow was away
from that area. We used natural woods, soapstone and soft greens
to give the kitchen a Colorado lodge feel that helps it to blend in
with the rest of the home.”
– Kristin Okeley, Kitchens By Design, ASID, CKD
Who Did It?
Designer: Kristin Okeley, ASID, CKD Kitchens By Design
• Cabinetry: Custom Eucalyptus wood with light glaze, and painted on the island by
Custom Cupboards • Countertops: Blue Soapstone by Santarossa, Kaya Mahogany
wood top on island by Acorn Woodworks • Backsplash Tiles: Bevelled brick with metal
inserts in pale green supplied by Kitchens by Design • Pendant Lights by Murray Feiss
• Major Appliances: Sub-Zero 48-inch side-by-side refrigerator/freezer with overlay.
Sub-Zero undercounter wine storage unit. Wolf 36-inch dual fuel range with 6 gas
burners. Wolf custom hood insert.
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
What We All Want
in Our Dishwasher
• X-Tra Big Capacity
• Peace and Quiet
• To Get the Load
Completely Dry
• Energy / Water
• Great Design
• Great Value
Always the leader in giving the customer what they want, ASKO introduces it’s new XXL UltraCare
Dishwasher, the World’s Largest in total height capacity. And if that weren’t enough by itself, how about
its four level rack system with up to 7 baskets. Larger loads, more place settings than ever before.
Turbo Fan Drying:
ASKO’s fan-dry system gets the load completely dry. After the
final rinse, the moist air in the dishwasher is mixed with dry air
from outside, and the machine dries completely.
Flexible Four Level Rack System:
A unique new flexible and easy to use rack system with up
to 7 different baskets. Features include:
• Upper rack allows for five rows of glasses.
• New middle rack divides into two
removable baskets: one for larger
utensils, and one for bowls and
• Lower rack allows for multiple
options with foldable divisible
tine rows and two cutlery baskets.
Practical and Time Saving:
• Time Program allows you to set the length of the wash, then the
dishwasher determines the best possible wash for that allotted
• With Auto Wash, the dishwasher detects how soiled the dishes
are and adjusts time, water consumption and temperature
10 Spray Zones, 3 Power Zones:
ASKO’s spray system consists of up to 10 highly
effective spray zones which ensure a totally clean wash.
Visit, or visit ASKO’s authorized
dealers listed in this issue.
Lake James
Spacious French
Country Comfort
Story by Anne Keeling • Photography by Craig Thompson
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
The original kitchen in Mark and Dawn
Christman’s Lake James getaway home
was very small and contemporary.
“It was about the size of a closet and the style just wasn’t right for
relaxing getaways,” says Dawn. So they took the old kitchen and
old family room and turned it into one spacious French Country
kitchen that’s perfect for easy, enjoyable family times together.
“We’ve worked on the whole house to make it a more traditional
country-style inside and out,” continues Dawn. “It’s given it a
Martha’s Vineyard feel that’s just wonderful to escape to.”
Dawn admits she bought every kitchen design magazine available
to find the look she and Mark wanted. “We just went through and
pulled out all the pictures we liked and gave them to the architect
and designer. They did a great job of interpreting what we wanted.”
About the Photos: The expansive curved island defines the cooking
space in this kitchen, following the flow of the built-in arches which
house all the appliances. Integrated behind the custom cabinetry is a
Sub-Zero refrigerator and a Sub-Zero ice machine. Built seamlessly in
are a Wolf convection microwave, a single oven, and a Wolf rangetop
with its elegant ventilation hood and mantle. The corbels supporting
the mantle and the huge turned posts at the corners of the island help
to give a sense of scale within such a voluminous space. The curvedout mullion glass doors in the cabinetry add a decorative touch.
Continues on page 28 See 250 Kitchens Now!
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Continued from page 27.
Dawn and Mark Christman
Three adult children, one grandchild and three dogs: Lala and Bear, both English
Bulldogs and Marley a Yorkshire Terrier
Priorities for Our New Kitchen
This is the kitchen of our lake house that we use for weekends and getaways with our
children. We wanted a kitchen for easy entertaining and easy maintenance that was a
part of the rest of the house so that everyone could be together.
New Kitchen Completed
January 2009
What We See From Our New Kitch en
Standing in the kitchen you really feel like you’re part of the whole home and beyond.
There’s a perfect view of the lake through a wall of windows, there’s the beautiful
fireplace, and there’s room for everyone to congregate while the cooking’s going on.
Cooking for Relaxing Getaways
Everything we cook here is very casual – homemade spaghetti and meatballs, pizzas. In
the summer we grill outside a lot, plenty of salads. We do enjoy cooking together. It’s so
nice to have appliances that make the cooking easy. We’ve never had Wolf cooking
appliances before and we are loving them. They do everything so well and so accurately.
They’re very easy to clean which is very important and they’re all very appealing to look
at. The rangetop looks like a piece of furniture. We’ve had Sub-Zeros several times before
and absolutely knew that’s what we wanted. They’re totally reliable; absolutely the best,
and we love how they can be hidden behind the wood of our cabinets.
How We Enjoy Our Time Here
Family and friends join us and, of course, the dogs; it’s a real community feel. We’ve got
a speed boat – you have to have one! And a punting boat and kayaks and lots of different
lake toys which make it great fun when the weather is good. We like to fish,
play golf, enjoy the outdoors, and in the winter it’s wonderful in a different
way just reading around the fireplace, cooking and watching movies together.
Favorite Furnishings Store
Hutchison Fine Furniture in Findlay, Ohio
Designer’s Thoughts
“With its open mezzanine, this kitchen was ideal for
creating arches and then building the cabinetry and
appliances into those arches. As a result, when looking
down from above, you can’t see any cabinetry or
appliance tops. The built-in arches copy the same arch
design of the existing stone fireplace and some of the
exterior windows of the house, so you’d think they’d
always been there.”
– Steven Clark, Clark Millworks
Who Did It?
Designer: Steven Clark, Clark Millworks, • Cabinetry:
Custom painted and glazed cherry wood cabinetry with rub-through by Clark
Millworks • Countertops: Black Pearl granite supplied by Classic Marble and
Stone • Major Appliances: Sub-Zero 36-inch fully integrated refrigerator. SubZero ice maker with overlay panel. Wolf 36-inch gas rangetop with 6 gas
burners. Wolf 36-inch single wall oven. Wolf convection microwave.
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Frequently Asked
Questions About Sub-Zero
Question: It’s one thing to have a great looking refrigerator. But I
want it to function in the best way possible by helping me keep
foods fresher longer and reducing wastes. How does a Sub-Zero fit
my requirements?
Answer: Sub-Zero is the most recognizable high-end appliance brand in the United States. Outside, our
styles are legendary so we’ll always look best in your kitchen. Inside, we continue to deliver technology
second to none, including our top-rated refrigeration systems – one to regulate the freezer, one to regulate
the refrigerator. And in our newest models, our crisper / deli drawers keep their contents 2-3 degrees lower.
This enables vegetables, fruits and meats to be stored at precisely the temperature these foods like best, just
above 32 degrees.
Summary: A Sub-Zero keeps fresh foods fresher longer, up to twice as long as competitive products. So while other
Americans waste an average of $728 year in spoiled food – or 21 million grocery bags worth if you put it all
together, Sub-Zero owners can be happy knowing that this is one statistic they won’t be a part of.
Question: Don’t refrigerators use a lot of
energy? How can I save on energy costs?
Answer: Do what Dad always said: Keep the door closed when not using – plan, don’t browse. But for those
who don’t want to follow some of the best advice ever, and even for those who do, we advise the purchase of
a Sub-Zero. Our selections include Energy Star rated appliances, packed with the newest in energy saving
technology, insulation, and two refrigeration systems which mean the most efficient use of cold air. Even our
largest unit can operate on pennies per day, or less power than a 100-watt light bulb. Now that’s savings!
Fantastic Kitchens Spring 2009
Cincinnati, OH
Permit No. 2922
Style, quality and performance defines Wolf cooking equipment. And with nearly a
century of experience inside, the same words can now be used on our grills as well.
Handcrafted in the U.S.A. and engineered for many
years of daily use, the Wolf professional outdoor
kitchen is an investment that will add value to
your home in addition to providing years of
priceless entertainment.
5 Great Reasons to Buy a Wolf Grill:
1 Pre-heats faster to reach
higher temperatures.
2 Heat is distributed more evenly.
3 Heat can be independently
controlled from one area to
4 Less gas is needed.
5 Built-in lighting for nighttime

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