February 2013 - Al Muntada Primary School


February 2013 - Al Muntada Primary School
Volume II/12-13
School Office:
020 7471 8283
Rabi’ Ath-Thani
Management Messages
Assalam Alaikom Dear Parents/ Guardians,
We are pleased to be sending out this second newsletter to you and hope you are finding this a useful means of communication with you. We will still be sending out our half term newsletter as usual and this will reach you the last week before we
break Insha’ Allah.
New Appointments:
We are very sorry to have lost a wonderful member
We are happy to announce that we have a new Year 2 teacher,
of our staff, Year 2 T.A. Ms. Linda but she has moved
Ms. Summayeh and a new Year 3 teacher, Ms. Rashida. We welon to new pastures and we wish her success in her
come them to Al Muntada and Insha’ Allah they will bring many
new venture. She had been planning to leave
when we had appointed a new Teacher and so we
benefits to both children and staff.
all said a sad farewell. Jazakum Allah Khairan Ms.
Linda. This obviously leaves a vacancy for a Year 2
Tuck Shop:
T.A. but we have a very skilled and able Sister who
Once again we are running a tuck shop on Friday mornings for the
will be starting with us shortly and is already a partchildren who enjoy it very much. The proceeds from this will go
time member of our team.
towards the school fundraising. As you know the last cake sale was
very successful and raised over two hundred pounds
Alhamdulillah. Many thanks go the P.T.A. for their help in both of
these projects as without them it would not be possible.
Half Term Holidays: 15/2/13
Giant Fundraising in June:
We hope to hold a really massive fundraising in June in one of the local parks
involving the local community. Any Parents who can help either before or on the
day please communicate with Ms. Farzanah. It is vital we receive your full support
in this as this will benefit the children by buying them vital resources. A short
reminder: we have our regular fundraising event this Friday 15th Feb. 2013
We thank you for your continued support . Our school is your school.
Yr.4 “Space”
Term Start:
Assessment Weeks: 4-15/3/13
2nd Term Ends: 27/3/13
Parents Open Day: 28/3/2013
3rd Term Starts: 16/4/13
This half term Year 3’s
topic is space. They have
been researching this
using the internet and
books. They have learnt
to take notes and then
turn their notes into full
sentences. Furthermore,
they have created some
amazing posters.
Year 4 topic work this term is
“space”, which includes literacy, numeracy science & art..
Year 4 are enjoying this topic
and hope to present an assembly on this soon insha’ Allah!
Medication Policy
Yr.3 “Planets”
Poster by: Rinad Hassan
It is the policy of Al Muntada School that medications will NOT
be administered to any child, unless prescribed by a doctor.
Your child should be kept at home if there is any serious illness.
This is for your child’s & all other children’s & staff safety.
Parents should not be sending medicine with their children.
Do hand the medicine yourself to the teacher of your child or
First Aider, and fully inform them about your child’s condition
in writing.
Parents should inform the school of any injury occurring to
their child out of school hours, especially if there is a mark or
obvious injury seen.
Please view our website for regular updates
You can now follow us on facebook—Al Muntada Primary School
You can now follow us on Facebook—Al Muntada Primary School
Yr.6 “Elocution Competition”
May I thank all the parents who attended the Year Six assembly on Wednesday the 16th January 2013. Your presence definitely boosts their confidence. I was confident that
they would take you by surprise. And indeed, they did by
performing poetry of their choice with expression showing
their skills and talents.
Their performance was marked by judges and Alhamdulillah certificates were given to
the top four performers for their Voice, Memory, Acting and Elocution. It was a tough
competition so we had to choose four best performers Masha’Allah.
1st – Mahnoor Nasir 2nd – Yusuf Omar and Isa Khan 3rd Shaima Al Ghadie
Scetched by: Imtihal Ali
For ‘Quran Week’ last term Year 6
drew an old picture of Qa’bah
from 1911.
Yr.5 “A Reminder for Believers“
The children of Year 5, seen here after their outstanding presentation at Assembly on Wednesday 30 January, reminded us all of our duty to our Lord, Allah ‫سبحانه وتعاىل‬.
The presentation with the theme, ‘A Reminder for Believers’ served the purpose of reminding us
that we must adhere to Allah’s commands. It was also a reminder of our duty to follow the wonderful examples we have in our beloved Prophet Muhammad ‫صلى اهلل عليه وسلم‬, through his actions
and sayings. With beautiful recitations and clear translations, the children’s presentation modelled the link between the Qur’anic injunctions and the teachings of the Prophet ‫صلى اهلل عليه وسلم‬.
The basis of the presentation was a narration of the Prophet ‫صلى اهلل عليه وسلم‬reported on the
authority of Abu Hurayrah ‫ رضي اهلل عنه‬that the Messenger of Allah ‫ صلى اهلل عليه وسلم‬said: ‘Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the greatest
lie. Do not be inquisitive about one another, nor spy on one another. Do not outbid one another in order to raise the price. Do
not be envious and do not hold grudges. Do not backbite, but be slaves of Allah and (be like) brothers. (Narrated by Bukhari and
Muslim). In establishing the link between this hadith and what we were warned by Allah, related ayahs were recited. There are, of
course, several ayahs in which warnings of these vices are expounded. However, you can
remind yourself of what Allah ‫ سبحانه وتعاىل‬says in connection with this hadith by reading or
reciting the ayahs the class did during the Assembly: 49:12; 3:102, 104; 5:101-102; 83:1-6;
77:16-19; 55:41; 4:142-144; 58:14-16; 2:10 and 2:204-208.
Ms Taahira Rahmaan
Reception “Fire Station Visit”
"Reception class had a great time visiting
the fire station on Tuesday 4th February
2013, they all learnt so much and absolutely enjoyed going in the fire engine and
experiencing the water hose. A big thank
you to all the parents who came with us;
your help was much appreciated."
"Finally, we would like to welcome Nermin Malin to reception class as
she started her journey this term."
"Everyone in reception class brought in something for 'show and tell'. They all enjoyed sharing
their toys and their thoughts, it was a great activity for the whole class, well done everyone."
Yr.1 & Syria Appeal
Year 1 made a wonderful
poster for the Syrian Appeal to
help Al Muntada campaign
for 2013 to collect £600,000
in aid of the Syrian refugees. A
convoy will be leaving on the
1st March 2013 to Zaatari
refugee camp on the SyrianJordanian boarders. We urge
all parents to help our organisation reach their target for
this appeal.

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